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For many, this topic may seem too commonplace and absolutely not worthy of attention. However, let me remind you that the introduction of a member into the vagina is, in fact, the first thing with which sex itself begins. And it is extremely important to do it right, so that at least not to hurt the girl, but as much as possible to make her get aroused even more. As they say, as you start and go. So why not start so that the girl irresistibly wants to go further with you?))

In this article we will analyze in great detail and to the smallest detail how to properly insert a member into the vagina ... Many will say: Does it really take a lot of mind to insert a member of a girl between her legs? I will say that in order to just insert perhaps a lot of mind is not necessary, but in order to insert so that she moans with pleasure, you still need to know something. Don't forget the little things are where the craftsmanship is. And a good lover differs from an ordinary man in just that. It is about these little things that we will talk about in this article.

Of course, the material presented here is mostly intended for completely inexperienced young guys who have never had sex in their lives. However, given the low level of sexual literacy among the majority of already experienced men, this article will be useful to absolutely everyone, as everyone can learn something new and useful from it.

Brief outline of the article:

  1. First Penetration Pose. The pose that works best for the first experience.
  2. Where is the vagina. How are the external genitals of a girl arranged, what, where and how they are located.
  3. Where exactly you need to enter the member.
  4. 2 penis insertion techniques
  5. 3 golden rules for the best lovers

First Penetration Position

In order to explain how to insert a member into the vagina, we will use one of the variants of the classic missionary position, which, like no other position, is better suited for these purposes. The fact is that this position, firstly, allows the man to see everything, and secondly, it leaves his hands free, which gives him the opportunity to guide the penis with his hand.

How to insert a member into the vagina correctly in missionary position

The girl lies on her back with her legs apart and pulled up to her, bending them at the knees. You can also place a small pillow under her buttocks to lift her pelvis and make her genitals even more accessible. You kneel in front of her so that you can lean on one hand and direct the member with the other.

Of course, after you gain some experience in sex, you can easily insert a member of a girl in absolutely any position. But in the meantime, you are just learning, we will use the most convenient and simple way to explain.

Where is the vagina

For many, this question may seem stupid and elementary, because, you say, even a primary school student knows the answer to it. However, due to lack of knowledge of elementary terms, many probably do not quite correctly understand the question. Most men call the vagina what they see between the girl's legs. But in fact, what they see is called the vulva (Latin vulva - shell, cover), these are the external female genital organs, which include: the pubis, large and small labia, clitoris, as well as the vestibule of the vagina (this is not the vagina yet). And the vagina itself, the cervix, uterus, ovaries and their appendages belong to the internal genital organs and are not visible externally. The vagina can only be seen if the labia minora and the labia majora are pushed apart with the fingers. (see photo below). It is essentially a tube that connects the external and internal genital organs of a woman. View of the vagina, if you move apart the labia majora and minoraThe photo shows the vulva with the labia minora and labia majora apart. This view allows you to see the vestibule and the vagina itself.

This is important to know because it is necessary to enter the penis into the vagina (into this tube), and for this you need to know and understand exactly where it is located. When an inexperienced guy looks at the vulva for the first time, he knows that he needs to go there with his penis, and he starts to shove it there. It is to shove because he does not know exactly how and where to direct him so that he entered easily and gently. Well, if the girl there is already well wet and she is not the first time under the guy, she knows how to relax, then there will be no problems, he will slip by himself. But if the girl is not excited enough, and the guy starts poking in the wrong place, it will be at least unpleasant for her, and maybe even painful. Therefore, for inexperienced guys, it is important to know exactly where the entrance is located and how to insert the penis into the vagina correctly.

In the previous photo, you saw what her vulva looks like if you spread the labia minora and majora. However, it is unlikely that you will do this every time you need to enter it. Therefore, now we will consider her vulva in the normal state in which she will appear before you. We look at the photo. External genital organs of a woman. Where is the vaginaThe photo on the left shows the appearance of the vulva, and on the right, how it looks under the skin.

Where to enter the member

Between the labia majora lie the labia minora and the clitoris. If we conditionally divide the entire length of the vulva (or the length of the labia majora) in half, it turns out that the clitoris lies in the upper half, and the labia minora in the lower half, which unite with their upper edges and go under the clitoris. Read more about where the clitoris is located and what are the features of its structure. So in the lower half of the vulva (between the labia minora) is the vagina. It and the anus are separated by the perineum, which is the circular muscle of the anus (sphincter) and a kind of septum between these two cavities.

In order to introduce a member into the vagina, you need to visually divide the vulva in half (across its length) and direct the member to its lower half. It should be noted that this should be counted on provided that the girl is lying on her back. Accordingly, in the pose of cancer or when she lies on her stomach, the penis is directed to the upper half. In any case, it is always inserted as close to the perineum as possible. See the next photo.

Where exactly to direct the penis to insert into the vagina

I will say right away that what you see in the photo may not correspond to what will happen in your case. I mean, the appearance of a woman's genitals will be different. There is not a single pair of girls in which they would be exactly the same. They are, of course, similar in appearance in general, but they have certain differences. For a better understanding of what I'm talking about, visit page 40 vagina photos - what kind of vaginas are in shape. The main thing that you need to remember and keep in mind is that you need to insert the penis into the half that lies closer to the perineum).

Insertion angle

Another important point, especially for those who have sex for the first time. The girl's vagina is located inside, not along the body, but at an angle. That is, if a girl is lying on her back, her vaginal tube will not be located horizontally (parallel to the floor or bed), but will go down at an angle. See the next photo.

The angle at which the penis should enter the vagina

Therefore, the term must also be inserted at a downward angle (as shown in the animation below). Nevertheless, this does not mean at all that the woman's vagina has a rigidly fixed position. In fact, it is capable of taking different positions and the penis can move in it at different angles, but it is better to insert the penis at the angle at which the vaginal tube is initially located. This will allow you to easily penetrate the girl gently.

Technique introduction of a member in the vagina

And so we figured out the structure of the external genital organs of the girl and found out where exactly a member should be introduced at what angle. Now let's figure it out how to do it and how to direct it. To do this, we have prepared 2 main techniques for you.

1. Sliding technique

Penis insertion into the vagina - technique 1Its essence lies in the fact that you first put the head of the member in the upper point of its vulva (where big sex lips are closed) or on her clit. Holding the penis for the base, you slightly pressed them on it, going down the head down between the big sexual lips until you feel like it looked like a little bit and went down to something elastic. The head fails because the pubic bone passes on which the clit is lying and slides under it to the place where the entrance is in the vagina. Something elastic bottom, to which the head will fall this crotch. When you do this piece of the head will be at the entrance to the vagina. Now, the head remains on the spot, and you raise a little that the member is not in parallel, but a little at an angle down as shown on the animation on the left. So it is necessary because the vagina is in the state of rest originally and is located inside (a little at an angle of down) the girl is lying on his back. Only now you can smoothly move inside. During penetration, do not forget about 3 gold rules about which it will be just below.

It is convenient to use this technique when dusted lighting when you do not have the ability to clearly see her genitals and you cannot initially correctly send the head in the right direction. Now let's talk about the following technique.

2. Direct technique

Penis insertion into the vagina - technique 2This technique of introducing a member in the vagina lies in the fact that you immediately put the head between its large sex lips into the lower half (as shown in the figure above) above the place where big lips are closed below. In other words, you just put the head on the crotch so that it is slightly deepened between big lips. Then, as in the previous technique, you raise a bit to send a little down and after it starts slowly penetrating inside. This technique is convenient to use with good lighting, when you can see and initially correctly arrange the penis.

3 golden rules for the best lovers

You learned 2 basic ways to enter a member in the vagina, but before using them you should know and follow the 3 gold rules that will make you special in the eyes of any woman.

  • 1) Do not enter dry. Perhaps the most important rule of all. Before you start entering a member, make sure the girl is already quite excited. You can define it gently putting my palm on her pubis (fingers to the vagina) and one of the fingers gently deepen between small sexual lips. When the girl excites the gland of its vagina, they begin to actively allocate the liquid, which is a transparent a little dense substance, which practically does not have any odor (if a girl is healthy). It is a lubricant that moisturizes the walls inside and makes penetration with sliding and soft. Someone from the girls stands out a lot of someone else. Your task is to bring it to such a state so that it flows well, that is, it has a sufficient amount of this lubricant. Kiss her, hug, caress until it fell down enough. Please note that it can be dry, but if you penetrate the vagina a little finger, then there will also be all the wet. In this case, you penetrate the same finger deeper, gently rotating them along the walls (as if collecting lubricant), and then rotating slowly out the finger, lubricating the entrance to the vagina and small sexual lips. It is very important that its small sex lips and entrance are lubricated, because even if everything is wet, penetration will be rude, as it will pull these dry parts when the member penetrates. You can also achieve moisture with your saliva. Moisten one or 2 fingers with your saliva and gently lubricate her small lips and entrance. Now when you are sure that it is all ready for penetration to moisten a little his penis saliva, namely his head. When she is lubricated and you are moisturized, then the dick enters the vagina as oil.
  • 2) Enter slowly. Despite the fact that you have created all the conditions for soft penetration, you should not enter the penis quickly. I understand that by this time you will most likely be so excited that you can hardly restrain yourself from the thought of sticking in as quickly and as deeply as possible. However, take your time. Her vagina is a kind of muscle that gradually relaxes, so no sudden movements during the introduction, especially if the girl has recently begun to have sex. If a girl is completely virgin, the rules change significantly, read more about this in the article How to take a girl's virginity. You should feel your partner as your member, her condition inside. If you feel that the member enters freely, then move boldly, if not, take your time, enter as she relaxes.
  • 3) Learn to tease. This advice is more likely for more sophisticated and experienced lovers, as it involves a kind of teasing game. The longer you keep the girl on the edge, in a state of waiting, in a state of feeling that you are about to enter, the more the girl becomes aroused and the more pleasure she will get when you finally do it. Of course, for this game you need to be able to insert a penis into the vagina without hands. Having wetted her and yourself, you lie between her legs on top of her, just not with all your weight, but leaning on your elbows and start kissing her lips. At the same time, straining your penis, you try to get your head into her vagina. When you feel that you have rested where you need to go, enter 1 cm, but no more. Tease her with small movements back and forth. By this time, the girl will have to be very excited and perhaps wriggle all over with desire. Then go a little deeper and go back for a second, then go deeper and go back, then go deeper, and so on. When you see that the girl is already trembling with desire and with all the movements of her body to strive to meet you, enter her fully in one smooth but confident movement. Sometimes such teasers lead to the fact that several full frictions are enough to bring the girl to orgasm. But this happens only when, before penetration, the girl receives a long and high-quality foreplay. So learn to kiss and caress a woman's body and devote as much time as possible to it. And then you will have everything just fine.

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