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Read, How to download secure Windows mode . Consider standard methods using a recovery disk or using a specific key combination. If the operating system does not load or runs incorrectly one of the many possible causes, sometimes to return its performance and access its data is to download the computer in secure mode and correct errors with it.

Secure Windows 10 Mode

If you have already happened to use Windows 10 for some time, then you probably noticed that old ways to load a computer in Safe mode No longer work. Those. By pressing the F8 or SHIFT + F8 keys during system boot, you will no longer be able to download the operating system in safe mode. But this does not mean that there is no more in Windows 10 Safe mode . Just to download it, you need to go through other procedures. Let's consider them more detailed.

When you enter into a secure Windows 10 mode, the operating system loads the minimum interface and only the most necessary services and drivers that are necessary for system functioning.

Method 1: Use the system configuration tool (msconfig.exe)

The easiest way to boot into Safe mode Windows 10, this is using the tool system configuration . Many users know it by executable name: msconfig.exe. .

To start this tool, you need to open the window "Run" (Keyboard shortcut Windows + R) and enter in it msconfig .

4 ways to download windows 10 in safe mode

Also, System configuration You can start using the search window near the menu button. Start . Just enter in it "System configuration" .

4 ways to download windows 10 in safe mode

In the opened tool window system configuration Click the tab Downloads and in the section Download options Choose Safe mode .

4 ways to download windows 10 in safe mode

After that, the system will offer to restart the computer for the entry into force of the changes. You can continue to work on the computer without rebooting or restarting it, after which it will automatically boot into Safe mode .

Method 2: Reload Your Computer with Pressing the Shift key (SHIFT + Reload)

Another way with which you can run Safe mode Windows 10, it restart your computer while holding down the SHIFT key. To do this, open the menu Start Click the button Shutdown and hold down the shift key, select Reboot .

4 ways to download windows 10 in safe mode

Also, this combination can be used from the lock screen.

4 ways to download windows 10 in safe mode

After that, Windows 10 will restart and prompt to choose one of the menu items. Choose Troubleshooting / Extra options .

4 ways to download windows 10 in safe mode

In the window Additional parameters Choose Download options

4 ways to download windows 10 in safe mode

Windows 10 will notify the user that the system can be restarted to start additional parameters, one of which is Safe mode . Press the button Reboot .

4 ways to download windows 10 in safe mode

After the system restarts, select the system with what parameters. To load the system in Safe mode There are three options (F4 - F6).

4 ways to download windows 10 in safe mode

Method 3: Loading with a recovery disk

Windows 10 has a tool for creating recovery discs.

4 ways to download windows 10 in safe mode

Download Windows 10 using created in this way Recovery disk . After that, the system will propose to select the keyboard layout, and then select Menu Troubleshooting / Extra options . Further actions coincide with those described in the previous section.

4 ways to download windows 10 in safe mode

Method 4: Special download options

Despite the existence of several ways to download Windows 10 in Safe mode This method will be the most correct - provided that the operating system is loaded in Safe mode Fully efficient.

Make it pretty simple:

  • Open Options
  • Go to Update and security / Restoration
  • In section Special download options Press the key Reload now
  • After that, Windows 10 will restart and prompt to choose one of the menu items. Choose Troubleshooting / Extra options .
  • Next, follow the actions that are described in the method 2
4 ways to download windows 10 in safe mode

Described methods for loading the operating system in Safe mode Actual for both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. Starting with Windows versions Safe mode It has ceased to be a function that only IT specialists use in their work. Now it's just another of the operating system functions that is available to each user, and with which the user without much effort can Restore system performance и return access to your data .

How to enable input to the secure mode key F8 in Windows 10

4 ways to boot into safe Windows 10 mode

Many things we connected to Windows slowly disappear over the years, as technology develops, and we form new habits to adapt. For example, I remember the days when to download to the safe mode it was necessary to simply press F8 repeatedly.

It was such a little secret - something like Lifehak, which you could teach a friend at the right moment on the phone. Those times have long passed, however, even if the input to the safe mode has become more confusing, it is also a distinctive sign of progress in the Windows system load sequence.

Secure Windows 10 Mode

In safe mode, Windows automatically eliminates some programs and drivers that are not necessary for downloading and normal operation of Windows. And only takes the most necessary in the minimum quantity. Thus, the download process will be rapid and secure.

In Windows 10, the computer load in safe mode is slightly different from previous versions of Windows. Starting with Verce 8 and 8.1, Microsoft has changed the usual way to get into a safe mode.

If earlier we simply used the F8 keys or a combination of SHIFT + F8 to go to a secure mode, then in Windows 10 these old methods are rarely triggered. But this does not mean that you do not have another way to go to the safe mode in Windows 10. In this post, I will show you 4 ways to download the computer on Windows 10 in safe mode. Let's take a look.

# 1 F8 or F8 + SHIFT

In this case, the oldest method is not the best. Multiple pressing F8 or F8 + SHIFT during boot can return memories of your first Windows 95 or XP. But the truth is that the key combination of keys will rarely work in Windows 10.

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft managed to significantly reduce the download time and therefore a large percentage of modern computers is too fast to register the press on these keys. Even if the method is still technically supported by the operating system, the system simply cannot react quickly.

Of course, first of all you should try to use this easiest way. If everything went successfully, you will be sent to the optional download options menu, where you can select and run a secure mode.

Note: You must quickly press the key until the boot logo appears. The boot logo will look like a picture that, each user can be different, depending on the manufacturer of the equipment.

# 2 special download options

The menu with special download options was presented in Windows 8.1 and it provides a wide range of options for users who have problems with a computer. It also gave tolerance to additional download options that we need. Below are several ways to go to the menu with special download options:

  • One of the simplest ways to boot in the menu with special download options is the SHIFT combination and the reboot button. To do this, clamp the button Shift. and press Restart button . This can be done in Start menu , in login menu и Other places where there is a reboot button.
  • Another way is to connect Recovery disk. Immediately after connecting the disk, start the system. You will be prompted to select the keyboard layout, after which you will be transferred to the menu with special download options. Create recovery disk is very easy. Just enter the "recovery disk" in the search field, connect the USB flash drive and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Finally, you can boot in the menu with special download options, through Parameters> Update and Security> Restoration . There, click the "Restart Now" button under the head of special download options, and your computer will be rebooted.

All these three methods will lead you to one menu. There, select Diagnostics> Advanced Settings> Download Options . Then press the reboot button, after which various download options will appear on the screen. Pressing F4, F5 or F6 to upload one of the available secure mode options.

# 3 system configuration

The "System Configuration" menu provides the fastest method at least when you are already in Windows. Open the search field, register msconfig.exe. And press ENTER. Then, in the tab Loading Check in the "Safe Mode" window. If you want to go to secure mode with advanced parameters, select the option. Other shell , not minimal. Click OK and you will be offered to restart the system immediately.

If you need to do something before rebooting, simply select the "Exit without reboot" option and you can restart your PC after.

# 4 launch interrupt

The last method is a bit tough, but necessary in some cases. For example, if you cannot boot into the desktop, then from all options that I described above, only one guaranteed to work on Windows 10 is a recovery disk. Pressing F8 or F8 + SHIFT simply will not work on most modern computers, and if you do not have a recovery disk, it seems there are no ways to get into a secure mode.

If you have this situation, then I want to delight you, you can still get into a safe mode. Do you remember that your computer has repeatedly failed and then a message is displayed notifying that Windows operation has been completed incorrectly, or the launch was interrupted (like a screenshot below)?

You can do with your computer the same. Just run the computer and interrupt the launch before or during the appearance of the Windows logo. Do it three times and then allow your PC to start normally. Instead of downloading to the desktop, your PC will ask you how to start the system, there will be safe mode among the available options.

How to enable F8 in Windows 10 and 8 to download in safe mode

In Windows 8, as well as in Windows 10, a new operating system boot is used, which is designed to reduce the computer load time. Unfortunately, one of the cons of this bootloader is that it disables quick access to the menu. Additional download options which in previous versions of Windows was called when the computer was started with the F8 key.

This menu allows you to easily download the computer in a variety of diagnostic modes, such as Safe mode , Safe Mode with Network Driver Download , Safe Mode with Command Line Support . As well as run a special procedure Computer troubleshooting . Instead of simply pressing one F8 key, you need to perform many additional actions, one of which is Windows loading in standard mode. In the event of a computer failure or computer infection, the virus is exactly what is becoming a stumbling block.

In my opinion, access to the possibility of using the F8 key to download the computer in a secure mode is much more important than the winning of a few seconds when loading. Since it is this diagnostic mode that allows you to cure a computer from viruses and trojans, delete or reinstall a variety of drivers, delete various programs painlessly. In addition, turning on the use of the F8 key to download the computer in a secure mode. You will receive an additional bonus, easy selection of the downloaded operating system if several are installed on your computer.

How to enable F8 in Windows 8 and Windows 10 to boot a computer in safe mode

1. Open the administrator's command prompt.

To change the Windows boot settings, you must first open the administrator's command line. To do this, click on the keyboard simultaneously the Windows keys (

) And the x key (h).

In the menu that opens, select item Command Line (Administrator) . Control of user accounts will ask you for any permission, select Yes.

After that, the command line window will open in front of you, its difference from the ordinary is that all the programs run from it will be performed in with administrator rights.

2. Configure Windows bootloader.

In the command line that opens, enter the following command:

BCDEDIT / SET. BootMenupolicy Legacy.

Be careful! After check, press ENTER. The result of a successful execution of the program and turn on the F8 key to start the computer in secure mode will be a message: The operation has been successfully completed .

3. Test the result, load Windows in safe mode.

Now you have only to take advantage of your work outcomes, check the Windows load in safe mode when you press the F8 key.

Restart your computer. After your computer gives a short beep, press the F8 key.

If your computer does not give a beep, try to press the F8 key until the Windows logo appears. The menu will appear in front of you: Additional download options .

The keys up and down on the keyboard, select the mode you want and press ENTER. For example, when choosing an item Safe mode Your computer will be loaded in this diagnostic mode, as shown on the screen copies below.

I want to recall that in safe mode, Windows only downloads basic drivers and services. Use this mode if you need to cure your computer from viruses, trojans, malicious, spyware and promotional programs, as well as in the case when Windows is not loaded as usual.

My name Valery. I am a certified specialist in computer security, identifying sources of threats in IT infrastructure and risk analysis with experience more than 15 years. I am glad to share with you your knowledge and experience.


Valery, and how to enable F8 not through the command line, but through the registry! What and where you need to register there.

Directly in the registry editor cannot be accessed to this configuration, as it is stored on a separate hidden partition from the user, the so-called Boot section. There is a BCD file, it needs to be opened in the registry editor and edit. But it is not recommended to do so, as it can bring to blocking the OS load.

Nothing succeeded. The nameplate with the choice to log in with CD / DVD or HDD.

Irina, perhaps F8 is too early to click.

I did everything as shown on the above, but all exactly nothing happened ... And as the keyboard turned off.

Evgeny, step 2 performed successfully? That is, Windows confirmed the success of the command? Try to temporarily disable antivirus temporarily before performing the second step, it may block the downloads of the boot record.

I did not understand the appointment of the window with the image of the chain ... I liked the article !! thank…

The article liked. thank ! But questions arose: 1 - how to cancel this setting? 2 - Which teams can still change the BIOS settings and how to find out (including their cancellation) .... ...

To delete an entry that turned on the F8 button, you need to use the DELETEVALUE key. Details about the BCDEDIT program here

All would be good, but I do not work on Windows 10. -------------------- PS C: WindowsSystem32> BCDEDITIT / SET BootMenupolicy Legacy Invalid installation team. To get a reference, enter on the command line "BCDEDIT /?" The parameter is defined incorrectly.

Just checked the team "BCDEDIT / SET bootmenupolicy legacy »on Windows 10. Result:" The operation is successfully completed. " If in your case the BCDedit does not work, then try the following: 1. Make sure that you run the BCDedit command from the console with administrator rights 2. Carefully enter the command, maybe you somewhere missed the space or other character somewhere.

Sergey, BCDedit works without errors?

How to get into this menu If it is not possible to go to Windows (not loaded) there is a way out of Windows?

Alexander, just use the boot disk.

Alexander, if you break the Windows load sequence three times (for example, if you press Reset), the system will offer the choice of further loading. Somewhere there, the choice "additionally ..." can be booting in safe mode ... 🙁

Does not work with GPT with disks M.2 (2280) I think with SSD too

How to enable the F8 key in Windows 10 to download to a secure mode.

Windows 8/10 work very quickly, as a result, you may have to find that the F8 key does not work. For this there is a reason. Microsoft has reduced the timing of the F2 and F8 and almost set almost zero intervals - less than 200 milliseconds - less than 200 milliseconds, if you want to know, as a result, the chances of finding the F8 key turned into almost zero and the users can not work in time The F8 key to call the boot menu, and then log in to the secure mode in Windows.

Safe mode in Windows 10/8

Although we know how to download Windows in a secure mode using the MSConfig tool program, we have seen how to make Windows show additional download options and use them to download in safe mode. We also saw how we can display the download settings to boot in safe mode in Windows 8. In this article, we will show you how you can turn on the F8 key so that we can boot in Windows 8/10 to the safe mode, using This key, as we did it in Windows 7.

To do this, you will have to turn on boot politics. Note when you do it, Windows will start after a few seconds. When you enable this policy in a double-boot system, you can also select the operating system you want to download. You will no longer need to perform the following actions.

F8 key does not work

To enable the F8 key so that we can use it to start Windows 10/8 in safe mode, open the command line window with increased rights. Enter the following command and press ENTER:

BCDEDIT / SET. BootMenupolicy Legacy.

You will see a message: the operation is completed successfully.

You will see that the key in Windows 8 F8 key, which has not worked, now works! You may have to restart the computer to task starting to work.

If you want to change the settings, enter the following command and press ENTER:

BCDEDIT / SET. Bootmenupolicy Standard.

You will see a message again: the operation is successfully completed. Settings will be restored back to Windows 8 by default.

If you need to often load in safe mode or access the diagnostic and troubleshoot utility, you may need to enable the F8 key; But, as mentioned above, your Windows 8/10 can start booting after a few seconds and slower, and therefore you must be ready to lose these few seconds.

Part 2: How to enter safe mode in the Windows 10 system

If you just need to log in to the safe mode and you still need a quick start system, here we offer you 2 light ways to enter the secure mode in Windows 10.

Solution 1: Enter Secure Mode in Windows 10 Advanced Run

Open Windows 10 application settings, click on the "Update and Security" option. Here you need to choose "Restore" in the left pane and click the Restart Now button in the "Special Download options". The computer will be rebooted with advanced features.

Select Diagnostics> Advanced Settings> Download Options> Reload, you will see the Download Options window, press the F4 key to select "Enable Safe Mode", the computer automatically switches to the secure mode in Windows 10.

Note: If you have forgotten for Windows 10 login password and cannot log in, please, on your computer on the login screen, you need to click on "SHIFT" and click the "Restart-Restart" button, as a result, the computer will be loaded in the "Parameters" Run. "

Solution 2: Enter Secure Mode through Windows 10 Configuration

Click "Win" + "R" and here you will need to enter the command "msconfig" to open the Configuration dialog box, and then click on the Download-Boot tab.

Then you need to check the "Safe Load" checkbox and select "Minimum".

The Windows 10 will then say that you need to restart the computer so that the changes you can enter into force, click the "Restart-Restart" button, now you can quietly enter the safe mode after rebooting the system.

In Windows 10, many strategies apply to speed up the system and for better user experience. To save the launch of your Windows 10 computer faster, we recommend that you have no need to continuously support the F8 key to log in to the secure mode in Windows 10 and in the download menu, you can manually log in to the safe mode when you really need it .

How to go and run secure mode in Windows 10

If you have problems with a Windows computer, one of the first troubleshooting steps is to download and run to the secure Windows mode. Safe mode is a simple, trimmed version of the operating system, download only the most important files and drivers. In safe mode, you can fix a number of errors with drivers, cure a computer from viruses that do not allow steadily to start the system. If earlier to the usual Windows 7, it was possible to enter using the F8 button when the computer starts, then Windows 10, 8 this feature is no longer there, but there is a trick that will help return the F8 button to go to the secure mode when the computer is turned on with Windows 10 . In this manual we will analyze how to go and run the secure mode in Windows 10 from the desktop and refund the usual F8 button to go through it all the time, and consider how to disable secure mode to avoid cyclic download.

Light ways are at the bottom, provided you can boot on your desktop.

How to start secure mode when booting Windows 10

If the Windows 10 system is not loaded to the initial screen and you need to go or run the secure mode when Windows 10 is turned on through the BIOS, as for example, in Windows 7, the F8 key, then you need the installation flash drive with Windows 10 or get other methods in Wednesday Recovery Windows 10, which are described slightly below. It can be created on another work computer or when yours still worked.

If you can boot to the desktop, then run the command line on behalf of the administrator and start 3.

Step 1 . When you started from the installation flash drive, then get to the installation point and click on the link " System Restore ".

Step 2. . You will reinforce you in advanced Windows 10 options. Next, go to Troubleshooting> Advanced Settings> Command line .

Step 3. . In the command line, enter the following code (you can copy the entire command, you can set each command via ENTER):


BCDEDIT / SET. BootMenupolicy Legacy.


Step 4. . Now you can run in safe mode using the key F8 in Windows 10 , Press the button F8 continuously when loading the system until the menu appears with loading methods. If you want to return back, as it was, then enter instead of Legacy> Standard. . There will be the following type of team BCDEDIT / SET. Bootmenupolicy Standard. .

These methods will help you invoke additional Windows 10 menu options and provoke a recovery environment without an installation flash drive:

  1. Press Many times in a row the reboot button on the computer in order to provoke an error and call the process diagnostic menu.
  2. Turn on the computer, wait until it boot as much as possible. Next, press and hold the power button on the computer for complete shutdown. Repeat the procedure 3 times, 4 times you must have the recovery menu.
  3. If you have nothing happened, then follow Step 1. .

How to add secure mode in the OS download selection menu

In Windows 10 now there are additional startup parameters. It will look just like if there are several versions of the OS on your computer. If you often use a secure mode, then the menu setting when the OS is selected very excellent and convenient. In the picture below, I set up some parameters for myself. Let's analyze this method.

Before performing this method, read it first to the end, and you will understand the meaning.

Step 1 . There will be three commands for the three menu created. Maybe you don't need three and not, but you only need one menu with a safe mode. Run the command prompt on the administrator name and enter the following commands to choose from.

  1. BCDEDIT / COPY. / D "Safe Mode" - Create a secure mode download.
  2. BCDEDIT / COPY. / D "BP with a network" - Create the download of the secure network with the network (Internet access).
  3. BCDEDIT / COPY. / D "bp cmd" - Create a secure mode loading with a command line.

Step 2. . Next Press the button combination Win + R. and enter msconfig .

Step 3. . You will find a system configuration, go to the masonry " Loading ". We will see the list that is set via the command line above. Let's configure each menu.

one) . Select "Safe Mode" from the list at the top and click on the bottom on the check mark and select " Mining ". Next, put a tick " Make these download parameters permanent "And click Apply. You can set another menu timer, for example, after 10 seconds it will automatically download simply Windows 10. Thus, the download menu appears in safe mode.

2) . Select from the list "BP with the Network" and then select "Network" and check the box " Make these download parameters permanent ". Click apply and so we can download safe mode with the network, i.e. With the possibility of accessing the Internet.

3) . Highlight "CMD BP", below Select " Other shell "And check the box" Make these download parameters permanent ". Click apply and OK.

How to log in to the secure mode of Windows 10

Step 1 . Hold off the buttons Windows + X. , Select Reboot and hold the left button Shift. Before entering diagnostic parameters.

Step 2. . You will fall on Windows 10 Recovery Wednesday. In this environment, you can reset the settings, restore the system and much more. In the Recovery Environment, click on Troubleshooting .

Next, select Extra options .

Download options.

Press the button Reboot .

Click on the keyboard F4. To start the Windows 10 system startup procedure in safe mode.

How to go to the safe mode of Windows 7

Method 1 . Windows 7 starts when you press the button F8. . Once you have turned on or rebooted the computer, press the F8 button with an interval of 1 second. The method is suitable for both Windows XP. Once called the additional settings menu, select the download option.

Safe mode in windows 10

Many problems, such as cleaning a PC from malicious software, correcting errors after installing drivers, starting the system recovery, password reset and activation of accounts are solved using a secure mode.

Entry procedure in safe mode in Windows 10

Safe mode or Safe Mode is a special diagnostic mode in Windows 10 OS and other operating systems in which you can run the system without turning on the drivers, unnecessary Windows components. It is used, as a rule, to identify and troubleshoot. Consider how you can get to Safe Mode in Windows 10.

Method 1: System Configuration Utility

The most popular way to enter the secure mode in Windows 10 is the use of the configuration utility, the standard system tool. Below are the steps that you need to go through to go to SAFE MODE in this way.

  1. Press the combination "Win + R" And in the execution window, enter msconfig , then click "OK" or ENTER .
  2. Running configuration utility

  3. In the window "System configuration" Transfer to the tab "Loading" .
  4. Next, put a mark in front of the item "Safe mode" . Here you can select the parameters for the secure mode:
    • (Minimum is a parameter that will allow the system to boot with the minimum necessary set of services, drivers and work desk;
    • Another shell is the entire list from the minimum set + command line;
    • Recovery Active Directory contains all to restore AD;
    • Network - Starting Safe Mode with network support module).

    Configuration of safe mode

  5. Press the button "Apply" and restart the PC.

Method 2: Download Options

Also enter the Safe Mode from the downloaded system through the download parameters.

  1. Open "Center notifications" .
  2. Center notifications

  3. Click on Element "All parameters" or just click the key combination "Win + I" .
  4. Next, select item "Update and Security" .
  5. Update and security

  6. After that "Restoration" .
  7. Element Restoration

  8. Find section "Special download options" and click on the button "Reload now" .
  9. Special download options

  10. After restarting the PC in the window "Selection of action" Click on it "Troubleshooting" " .
  11. Troubleshooting

  12. Further "Extra options" .
  13. Select item "Download options" .
  14. Download options

  15. Click "Reload" .
  16. System boot options

  17. Using keys from 4 to 6 (or F4-F6), select a more suitable system loading mode.
  18. Enabling secure mode

Method 3: Command Line

Many users are used to to go to SAFE MODE when rebooting, if you hold the F8 key. But, by default, in Windows 10, this feature is not available, as it slows down the system start. Correct this effect and enable forming a secure mode by pressing F8 by using the command line.

  1. Run on behalf of the administrator command line. This can be done on the right click on the menu. "Start" and the choice of the corresponding item.
  2. Enter the string BCDEDIT / SET {DEFAULT} BootMenupolicy Legacy
  3. Reboot and use this feature.
  4. Enable the ability to go to safe mode when rebooting

Method 4: installation media

In the event that your system is not loaded at all, you can use the installation flash drive or disk. It looks like the entry procedure in the safe mode in this way as follows.

  1. Load the system from a previously created setting media.
  2. Press the key combination "SHIFT + F10" which runs the command line.
  3. Enter the following line (command) to start a secure mode with a minimum set of components BCDEDIT / SET {DEFAULT} Safeboot Minimal or string BCDEDIT / SET {DEFAULT} Safeboot Network To run with network support.

In such ways, you can go to SAFE MODE in Windows Windows 10 and diagnose your PC with regular system tools.

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Note: If you encrypted your device, you will need a BitLocker key to run in safe mode.

Before entering the secure mode, you must log in to Windows Recovery Wednesday. To do this, you will periodically include your device, and then:

  1. Press the power button on the device and hold it down for 10 seconds to turn off the device.

  2. Press the power button again to turn on the device.

  3. After the first feature of Windows startup appears (for example, on some devices, the manufacturer's logo is displayed when restarted) hold down the power button for 10 seconds to disable the device.

  4. Press the power button again to turn on the device.

  5. After rebooting Windows, hold the power button on the device pressed for 10 seconds to turn off the device.

  6. Press the power button again to turn on the device.

  7. Allow me to completely restart the device. Windows restoration environment will be activated.

In WinRre, follow these steps to go to secure mode.

  1. On the screen Selection of action Choose Diagnostics  > Extra options  > Download options  > Reboot .

    Screen "Select a parameter" in Windows Recovery Environment.

    Troubleshooting screen in Windows Recovery Environment.

    The "Advanced Settings" screen in Windows Recovery Environment.

    Screen Download Options in Windows Recovery Environment.

  2. After restarting the device, you will see a list of parameters. Select a parameter 5In the list or press the key F5 To start secure mode with network connection.

If you need more information about the black or empty screen, learn the section Trigger Type "Black" or "Empty" screen.

If you have already been using Windows 10 for a long time, you could notice that keystrokes F8. or SHIFT + F8. It does not work on the keyboard to enter the safe mode (it can work when the older "iron" is used), as it was in Windows 7. This method stopped working, because the Windows 10 startup procedure has become faster than in the "seven". However, this does not mean that in Windows 10 there is no secure mode. Just to get to it, you must use other methods.

When you are loading in safe mode in Windows 10, the operating system loads the minimum user interface containing only the main services and drivers required for its operation. This mode simplifies troubleshooting because it does not download additional services that can lead to a Windows failure. The following will be listed on all solutions that can be used to run Windows 10 in safe mode, read this manual to the end and select the most suitable for yourself.

Run secure mode using the Windows 10 application application

If your system begins to hang or fail in its work on it for incomprehensible reasons, but you can enter an account, then use this method. application Options Allows you to easily enter the secure mode, to perform this task, follow the following procedure:

  1. Sharely press hot key Win + I. to start the application Options .
  2. In the window that opens, click Update and security and then select on the left pane Restoration .
  3. Switch to the right panel and click Reload now in section Special download options .

    Windows 10 Options window

  4. When the computer reboots, the screen will appear. Selection of action , Select Troubleshooting . If the computer rebooted and the login screen opened, then repeat the steps 1-3.

    Windows 10 Selection Screen

  5. Next on the screen Diagnostics click Extra options .

    Windows 10 diagnostics

  6. When the screen opens Extra options Choose Download options .

    Advanced Windows 10 options

  7. Now to run the secure Windows mode 10, click Reboot .

  8. After restarting the computer, select the desired startup parameter from the list, for this, click the desired function key on the keyboard, for example, to start a secure mode, press 4 or F4 to start a secure mode with downloading network drivers 5 or F5 to download secure support mode Command line 6 or F6.

    Windows 10 boot options and select the safe mode option

Use the SHIFT key on the login screen in Windows 10

  1. If you can not enter Windows 10, but the operating system is fitted to the input screen, hold the key Shift. On the keyboard, press the power button on the login screen, then select item. Reboot .

    How to start secure Windows 10 mode from login screen

  2. Windows 10 will restart and suggest you several options for further action, select Troubleshooting .

    Troubleshooting Windows 10

  3. In the window Diagnostics Select Extra options .

    Access to additional options for troubleshooting Windows 10

  4. On the screen Extra options Choose Download options . Depending on the Windows 10 assembly installed on your computer, you may first not see this option, then click on the link View other recovery options .

    Windows 10 boot options

  5. Page will appear on the screen Download options It will also be reported that you can restart the device to change the advanced boot options, including to enable secure mode. Click Reboot .

  6. After Windows 10 reboots again, you can choose which download parameters you want to enable. To enter the safe mode, you have three different options:
    • Standard Safe Mode - Press the 4 or F4 key on the keyboard to run it.
    • Safe Mode with Network Driver Download - Press 5 or F5
    • Safe Mode with Command Line - Press 6 or F6.

    How to start windows 10 in safe mode

  7. Enter the safe mode of Windows 10 with a user account with an administrator and make the necessary changes.

    We launched Windows 10 in safe mode

Will interrupt the normal Windows 10 boot process several times in a row

  1. If Windows 10 is two or three times not loaded normally, then after that it enters the automatic recovery mode by default. Using this mode, you can boot in safe mode. To start the automatic recovery mode, you must interrupt a normal download process several times: use the button Reboot or button Food On the system block of your computer. If you use a button Food You may have to keep it pressed at least 4 seconds to turn off the power. When Windows 10 goes into an automatic recovery mode, the first thing you see is a screen that tells you that the operating system is in a state Preparation of automatic recovery .

    Preparation of Windows 10 automatic recovery to start a secure mode

  2. Then you may be asked to select an account to continue. Select an account with an administrator and enter its password. If you do not ask about this information, go to the next step.
  3. Wait until Windows 10 tries to automatically diagnose your computer.

    Diagnostics of your PC with Windows 10

  4. On the screen Automatic recovery Press the button Extra options .

    Access to enhanced troubleshooting parameters

  5. Then select Troubleshooting .


  6. From this point on, the steps that you must take, the same as those we have shown in the first method of this manual. Follow the points Extra options -> Launch parameters -> Reboot . Then press the 4 or F4 key on the keyboard to download Standard safe mode , press 5 or F5 to boot into secure mode with downloading network drivers , or press 6 or F6 to go to Safe Mode with Command Line .

Use the Windows 10 installation disk and the command line

  1. If you have an installation DVD disk with Windows 10 or a USB drive or you can create it right now, you can use it to download your broken PC with Windows 10 in safe mode. So, boot from the installation disk or bootable USB drive from Windows 10 and wait for the installation environment. Select your preferred language and keyboard layout and click Further .

    Installing Windows 10.

  2. Click link System Restore In the lower left corner of the screen.

    Restoring Windows 10 System

  3. When you are asked what option you prefer, select Troubleshooting .

    Troubleshooting when downloading from installation disk

  4. On the screen Extra options click Command line (command line can be applied to enhanced troubleshooting) .

    Run the command line in the advanced Windows 10 parameters

  5. After that, you will have an account selection window on the screen, select the one that has administrator rights, then enter the password from it and click Proceed .

    Select an account with administrator rights in Windows 10

    Password input window to run the command line in Windows 10

  6. After Windows 10 command line opens, enter the command:
    BCDEDIT / SET {DEFAULT} Safeboot Minimal
    Click ENTER on the keyboard, and after a moment a message will appear The operation has been successfully completed .

    Enabling secure mode from the command line

  7. Close the command prompt and select Proceed In the next window.

    Select the output and use of Windows 10

  8. After rebooting the Windows 10 computer will go to secure mode. Log in with the user account with administrator rights and make the changes you need.

Warning! An important item of this method is that after the procedures above Windows 10 will automatically go to the safe mode each time you run it until you cancel it. To disable this feature and again return Windows 10 to normal startup mode, repeat the same procedure again and enter the command to the command prompt: BCDEDIT / DELETEVALUE {DEFAULT} SAFEBOOT

Load from a USB drive to restore Windows 10

In Windows 10, you can create a USB drive to restore the system. Since your computer may not work, create this USB recovery drive on another computer with Windows 10. To do this in the Windows 10 search string, enter Disk recovery And follow the further instructions on the screen. Creating a Windows 10 recovery disk

  1. By creating a USB drive to restore, use it to download a PC or device with Windows 10 and when you are asked to download its contents, do it. On the first screen you will be asked to choose the keyboard layout. Select the one you want to use, or if you do not see it in the list, click View other keyboard layouts To display a full list of available layouts.

    Select the keyboard layout for recovery disk

  2. After you have chosen the keyboard layout that you want to use on the screen Selection of action Go to section Troubleshooting .

    Troubleshooting Windows 10

  3. Now repeat the steps that you performed earlier, or rather: Extra options -> Launch parameters -> Reboot . Then press on the keyboard 4 or F4 key to start in standard safe mode, press the 5 or F5 keys to start the computer in secure mode with downloading network drivers , or press the 6 or F6 keys to load the PC in safe mode with a command line .

Use the system setup tool (msconfig.exe) to enable secure mode

If you can enter Windows 10, one of the easiest ways to download in safe mode is to use the tool system configuration . Many users know this tool by file name: msconfig.exe.

  1. Simultaneously press buttons Win + R. to open the dialog box Perform .
  2. Enter in an empty area msconfig and press OK. to open the window system configuration .
  3. Now go to the tab Loading then check the box Safe mode and click OK. .

    Enabling the secure mode through the Windows 10 system configuration

  4. After that, a window will appear with a proposal to restart the computer, click Reboot .

Warning! After the steps 10 of Windows 10 will be constantly loaded in safe mode to return the operating system to normal operation mode, uncheck the checkbox Safe mode On the tab Loading .

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