Vblizi D.Sharapovo - where is this?

The package from China goes, on Aliexpress bought one thing.

Vblizi d.sharapovo is written in tracking.

Is it in Russia at all? How to decipher?

Marina Vologda [209K]

4 years ago

Those who order parcel with Aliexpress will not rarely notice when tracking the place - VBlizi D.Sharapovo, Left The Place of International Exchange.

This means that your parcel is already in Russia, or rather close to the village of Sharapovo, or rather:

After this point, the parcel comes after 1-2 weeks.

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Tanyetta. [241K]

4 years ago

Indeed, we also often order something on the little things on Aliexpress and sometimes when tracking along the track number is issued such information as VBlizi D.Sharapovo. Pay attention that this inscription can be read by Russian, that is, it is written by English letters, and the words are Russian.

We read so - near D. (villages) Sharapova, therefore the parcel arrived already to Russia, and will arrive at the destination within one or two weeks.

Waiting for the parcel from China is always nice, although sometimes it is necessary to wait from a month to three, but then the joy of order and from saved cash for the order.

USSR [511K]

4 years ago

Many, of those who use the services of the Chinese "Posletorga" on different forums ask such a question. And the question is not worth it. D is just a village.

The name of the village is Sharapovo. And vblizi - ordinary "close to", translite written.

Near the village of Sharapovo. Customs Vnukovo (Vnukovo Airport) there is located near.

In Russia, the goods already ordered, now for the Russian Post of Russia, our valiant business.


[1.6K]  Worst of all wait and catching up, today I first received a notice that my departure in Sharapovo, for the first time in many years, the order for eBay did, which is characteristic, until today at all I did not follow the order although the track was, I want to say that delivery orders from Ali It became terrible many parcels go to 3-4 months, then they throw in Peru, then on Fiji, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, I already got the time for my tactics, sew buyers?

3 years ago Amazing near

4 years ago


The Chinese, of course, are well done, looking for ways to make money, including in Russia. Nowadays, it is customary to track the preparedness stage of ordering and traveling parcels, especially this is relevant when the package moves from the PRC in the Russian Federation - the gigger distances. The Chinese besides the hieroglyphic letters also have Pinin - writing the letters of the Latin alphabet, so they decided that if they are able to understand such a tonic stress, then the Russians will also understand Translite

in Russian. "Near the village of Sharapovo" - Vblizi D. Sharapovo - that is, very close to the airport Vnukovo (Moscow), where there is a huge such warehouse - the terminal for which the parcels ordered to Aliexpress from China to Russia arrive. This means that the cherished package is already on the territory of Russia and if the famous Russian bears will not postpon their balalaiks and do not pounce on employees of Russian mail, it is very soon ordered by the recipient. lens

4 years ago


Those who have long been familiar with the Chinese delivery service to Aliexpress are not hampered when they meet Russian words written by translite.

The first time, without sobering, also rushed to the translator until it reached that it was just a Russian explanation written by English letters.

The recent changes on Aliexpress regarding free shipping are frustrating for many, but it is also unclear whether a number of products will be "free", or whether it will forever become a thing of the past. But here's some encouraging news that will delight many Russians who have become fans of Chinese goods and delivery service. So hopefully

"near the village of Sharapovo" will soon appear again our selected products with free shipping. Tangram

4 years ago


In my opinion, even those who are not used to constantly dealing with transliteration read easily and simply: "near the village of Sharapovo". Next, you should pick up a map and find out where this one is on the way from China to its destination. One of several villages near Moscow with this name is found near the Vnukovo airport. It can be assumed that the parcel is there, customs is cleared. And you can sort out all the other villages of Sharapovo in the country and suspect any of the fact that somewhere around it your package is straying. You can also look at the map of the United States - since Moscow finds it there, and more than once, why shouldn't the villages of Sharapovo be there? But it's better not to bother with all these searches, but just wait another week or two - and the package is yours.

4 years ago

Ekaterina Mutalapova


Oh, those Chinese! Do not cease to confuse Russian buyers. If you order goods from Aliexpress, it would be nice, of course, to know the basics of the English language, otherwise, oh, how difficult it will be.

4 years ago

But for ease of use, the Chinese have come up with a system for tracking goods on the way to the buyer. Naturally, tracking points are written in English. Everything is simple, your phrase is translated as Near the village of Sharapovo. Sharapovo is a village in Russia, located near the Vnukovo airport. Those. most likely, your parcel is at customs / or has already passed customs. It won't be long to wait, you will receive the package soon. Vladimir09854 .


Those people who order goods on Aliexpress, while waiting for their parcel, track it on the website. When tracking, the approximate location of the parcel is indicated. Because the parcel does not stand still, but is constantly in motion, and with every minute it is getting closer to its buyer, then it is about the place that is written. So in your case - the approximate location of the parcel is written, namely: Vblizi D. Sharapovo It is written in English letters in Russian, i.e. transliteration.

So, if you translate this location into human Russian, it will be like this:

4 years ago

Vladimir09854 near the village of Sharapovo

... Sharapovo is a Russian village, therefore, the package is already in Russia. So wait, it will be soon.



- in principle, means that the parcel crossed the border and was accepted at the Russian postal terminal of Vnukovo airport, which is located near the village of Sharapovo.

After passing through customs, the goods are already sent further, using the Russian post, for example, by rail or other ways, depending on the recipient's address.



2 years ago

in no way is it in Moscow, but far from Moscow. near Moscow is a village, not a village.

and this is where the village of Sharapovo itself is -

https://yandex.ru/maps/-/CBau7Gc9cD  Vishek


4 years ago

3 years ago

here we have the famous Sharapovo, where all postal items coming from China and the other side stay.

Andres Ibanez


#in this Sharapova three rustic courtyards)) there even add all the junk sent from China, not where Andres Ibanez

More than a year ago

Master Key 111.

  • [74.1k]
  • The inscription vblizi d.sharapovo. It is translated as near the village of Sharapovo, in fact, many regular clients of the Aliexpress store face such a record, or rather VBlizi is written almost always, but the remaining items are changing, for example, VBlizi Stavropol, I.T.P., This is just the designation that is written When the parcel from China arrives in Russia.
  • Do you know the answer?
  • Aliexpress Customs near Village Sharapovo
  • Updated: February 2 2021

Business with China

Customs near Sharapovo.

Sorting Center Sharapovo is known to many customers who were looking for their parcels from Aliexpres. About why this is how it is going to look for your package and where to look for the village of Sharapovo - find out from our article.

Village Sharapovo on the map

  1. Customs Control Problems
  2. Customs duty on Aliexpress in 2021

Customs and Aliexpress in 2021

How much can be ordered to aliexpress without customs

All goods ordered on Aliexpress are separate mailings, self-packed and sent by sellers through delivery services.

Of course, they undergo custom testing and design. The specifics of the Russian logistics is such that most streams agree on the Moscow region. A special place in the chain of events constituting in the aggregate process of delivery is occupied by the village of Sharapovo, where the largest postal customs terminal is located. About him and go a story.

Village Sharapovo on the map

The question of which customs comes with Aliexpress, has at least a few answers, and in the application to the Moscow region will be correct. The first address of delivery is the village of Childkovo Chekhovsky district. Here is stationed by the warehouse of parcels and parcels coming from Aliexpress

The second option is the Vnuków Customs, as clearly from the name, located near the international airport. And the third item is Sharapovo village, marked on parcel stickers like Sharapovo. A variety of addresses is explained simply - all three points are located very close, and organizations placed in them represent a single customs-postal unit through which most of the goods sent from China (80%).

For the work of mail and customs from customers AlExpress, there are many complaints about the timing of processing and maintenance of goods, but this topic deserves a separate story. The employees themselves and the heads of the hub claim that the whole thing is in an irrational logistics, due to which too, a powerful stream is forced to process exactly they.

The item is equipped with the most advanced sorting and control equipment of Italian production, in automatic mode that performs the content check (x-ray) and determining the direction of the further movement of each package. The sorting center near Sharapovo processes from 400 to 600 thousand parcels per day. For technical difficulties, the Russian clients of Aliexpress to some extent are accustomed to some extent and in their most patiently waiting for the arrival of affairs paid by them, but there are other difficulties that have an exceptionally customs nature. Some goods do not reach the addressee, not because they are lost or someone stolen. The cause is more serious.

  • Problems with passing customs control
  • Easy to find
  • a list of goods, the postal import of which into Russia is prohibited
  • ... It includes positions ranging from spy gadgets to explosives and weapons to natural diamonds. However, this list also includes objects that at first glance seem harmless.

Special scanners check the contents of parcels and parcels. After passing this check, users see the status of Vblizi D.Sharapovo. Where exactly this is on the map, we learned above in the article. Shipments are sorted carefully enough. If the addressee is near the sorting center, they are directed to the post office. All other letters are sent to the following centers (find out what St. Petersburg DTI is).

The forums discuss the reasons why customs are deploying Xiaomi phones purchased on Aliexpress. Previously little-known village, it received the gloomy nickname "black hole". There, parcels from China are delayed and disappear for a long time. By the way, the same situations arise at the Orenburg customs, and probably other similar points.

  1. The generality of the situation is due to similar reasons. Problems began with customs in 2017, after it was fully operational
  2. chapter of Article 328 of the Customs Code of the CU
  3. protecting intellectual property rights. Buyers who find that the parcel is stuck and, having found out exactly where this happened, turn to the FCS with inquiries, to which they receive answers, the meaning of which in an abbreviated form is to clarify legal issues. In particular:

It is clearly explained which goods from Aliexpress do not pass customs on the basis of paragraph 1 of Art. 313 TC TC.

Since the customs, which detained the parcel "pending clarification", does not itself determine the counterfeit origin of the goods being sent, it turns to the representative of the owner of the Xiaomi brand in the Russian Federation (Xiaomi Beijing Xiaomi Technology), who objected to the possibility of delivering this product to the territory Russia.

The return of the parcel will be made to the sender at his expense.

If you have additional questions, then you should contact the representative of the owner of the trademark in Russia, whose legal address in Moscow is indicated in the letter.

Contacts of the sorting center Sharapovo

One can only guess about the reasons for this unpleasant situation. The most likely of them are the following: These phones are in fact counterfeit, manufactured by an unknown manufacturer who supplied a well-known trademark on them. The policy of the Xiaomi brand is to preferentially distribute products officially exported to Russia, sold by the RDC Group. Of course, the representative of the company will not officially voice such considerations, but it is possible that he still received the relevant informal orders to prevent, as far as possible, the delivery of the goods purchased through AliExpress.

The representative of Xiaomi simply did not delve into the intricacies and, just in case, recognized the phone as "pirate". In order to call it such, expertise is needed, which means that the device must be sent from Orenburg (for example) to Moscow.

Customs duty on Aliexpress in 2021 The effect of the norms for the imposition of duties on cargo will obviously remain unchanged, and they are known to everyone who has experience of acquiring things abroad.

  • There are no customs duties on purchases of goods worth less than five hundred euros per month with a total weight of up to 31 kg. The collection is regulated by the "Customs rules for the import of goods into the territory of the Russian Federation", and you can familiarize yourself with them in more detail on the website of the "Russian Post" or in any of its branches.
  • If these norms are exceeded, fiscal obligations arise (30% of the cost, but not less than 4 € / kg of the excess weight), and the buyer extinguishes them, while the seller assumes the costs of brokerage registration.
  • In order to control the flow of goods, Aliexpress asks for passport data for customs,
  • as they must be submitted as accompanying documents.
  • Within the specified parameters, you should pay attention to the range of things ordered in one package. Customs officers will undoubtedly pay attention to a batch of the same type of product, which clearly indicates the prospects for its commercial resale (several phones or dozens of sneakers), even if the cost is less than the specified limits.
  • Customs and Aliexpress in 2021
  • The AliExpress trading platform is interested in the conflict-free customs clearance of goods purchased on the site. This goal can only be achieved through good faith cooperation with the FCS. Buyers, in turn, are also advisable to pay attention to the list of goods prohibited for import into the Russian Federation. The duty-free limits have already been mentioned above, but you should also remember that
  • there is no chance of crossing the border for such goods:
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • tobacco products;
  • live plants and seeds;
  • weapons (any), ammunition, components and consumables for them;
  • explosives;
  • perishable goods (food);
  • animals;
  • radioactive substances;
  • biological products;
  • chemical components;
  • precious stones and natural diamonds;
  • medicines, dietary supplements and sports nutrition;
  • spy gadgets, hidden video cameras and eavesdropping devices;

narcotic drugs; cultural values;

If your parcel or letter is delayed, you can contact the sorting center by mobile phone number: +7 495 500 50 22. Sharapovo indexes may also come in handy - 102978, 102976. The first index refers to the Moscow post office, to which the sorting center belongs. The second is the index of the Sharapovo shop.

batteries and accumulators (although in this case the batteries of mobile devices for some reason successfully pass the border, at least for now);

laser pointers (power over 1 W);

#in this Sharapova three rustic courtyards)) there even add all the junk sent from China, not where Problems with shipments at D.Sharapovo #in this Sharapova three rustic courtyards)) there even add all the junk sent from China, not where Parcels and parcels are subject to a law that restricts a number of goods for import or shipment on the territory of the Russian Federation. It contains gadgets that relate to spy equipment, quickly perishable goods (food), accessories for firearms, the weapon itself, and others. But at first glance, quite harmless objects fall into this list, for example, the seeds of some plants.

honey; Before ordering anything from Chinese stores, check the entire list of prohibited items to be sure that the package arrives at you. In this regard, your parcel may be delayed in the village of Sharapovo. There are a number of other factors that can affect the delay in a package. In this case, you can see during tracking for a long time the status that the goods are in a warehouse near Sharapovo. We already know where Vblizi D.Sharapovo is on the map.

cosmetics over 0.5 kg;


valuable furs. The village of Sharapovo received the nickname "Black Hole" on forums and sites in discussions of dispatches and sorting centers. All this is due to the fact that a large number of parcels and letters stop at this point for a long time. There were cases of missing parcels. Parcels and letters can be delayed for technical reasons up to 1 week. After this period, you can contact technical support for clarification. If your status has not changed for a long time Vblizi D.Sharapovo, look on the map where he is now. Perhaps you can get to the sorting center yourself and find out the reasons for the delay in the parcel.It is desirable that the contents of the parcel clearly indicate the purchase for personal use. VIDEOOtherwise, questions are possible, as are problems. Attempting to violate these guidelines will incur additional return shipping costs incurred by the purchaser.

How much can you order from Aliexpress without customs Sorting Center Sharapovo is known to many customers who were looking for their parcels from Aliexpres. About why this is how it is going to look for your package and where to look for the village of Sharapovo - find out from our article.

Ways to avoid paying duties when goods cross the border are mainly of concern to buyers who purchase expensive things or who want to order a lot of them. The limits set in the Russian Federation (€ 500 per month) are quite broad by AliExpress's standards. For example, this limit in value terms in Belarus is 22 €, and in Ukraine - 150 €. It is impossible to circumvent the limit norms. If you still need to buy more, then all that remains is to break the order in parts and carefully monitor the amount of the monthly purchase.

Chinese goods have recently become very popular in the markets of the CIS countries. This demand was influenced by the popular online stores Pandao, AliExpress and others. The only drawback of such a purchase is the long waiting time for parcels from China. When tracking parcels, users are faced with the status - Vblizi D.Sharapovo. Where it is located on the map, you will find out by reading this article.

What is this Vblizi D.Sharapovo status?

Customs returns Xiaomi phones

To track parcels from China or registered letters, users often use special services. It's easy to do, you only need the track code, which is indicated on the website in the store's personal account. If we are talking about registered letters, then you will need the track number, which is located under the barcode in the letter notification.

For letters, the service https://pochta.ru is more suitable.

Here on the main page there is a line where you need to enter your code from the notification. Below you will see all the points and sorting centers to which the letter came. For parcels, the service https://track24.ru is often used.

To track you need to do the same as on the Russian Post website. Enter your track in the tracking line and click the "Track parcel" button. The next page will display information on your parcel.

In both cases, you can get such a status, written using transliteration - Vblizi Sharapovo (near the village of Sharapovo). He indicates that your parcel or letter is at the sorting center of the village of Sharapovo, which is located forty kilometers from the center of Moscow. The exact location of the Vblizi D.Sharapovo center can be seen on the map below.

What you need to know about the Sharapovo sorting center

Customs in Russia

The sorting center is an automated workshop where letters and parcels are processed (examples: Stolbische, Lviv, Podolsk "Russian Post"). In the village of Sharapovo, such a center sorts out most of the correspondence from the entire region, including registered letters from Sharapovo DTI. More than 1.5 thousand people are employed here, more than 350 employees come out every day. Most of the emails are corporate correspondence. With the help of registered letters, state institutions notify citizens about the payment of fines, taxes (traffic police and the Federal Tax Service), and attendance at the nearest service departments, etc.

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