How to write a name on Odnoklassniki in beautiful letters?

Odnoklassniki has many ways to draw attention to your account and surprise your friends. One of them is the opportunity to write your name in beautiful letters and decorate it with original pictures, as a result of which the influx of questions from your friends, how you did it, is 100% guaranteed to you!

So, there are several ways to write a name on Odnoklassniki in beautiful letters:

  1. Using the built-in MS Windows character table;
  2. By means of the MS Word symbol table;
  3. Using the numeric keypad.

Before proceeding to consider all these methods, we will open a page in our account on Odnoklassniki where we can change personal data. To do this, click on the avatar button in the upper right corner of the screen and select the first item with your name.


The second option is to click on the "More" button and select "Change" in the "Personal data" line.


In the window that appears, we will edit the data.

Now let's move on directly to adding special characters.

Using MS Windows Symbol Table

To open the Windows symbol table, click the "Start" button and find the line "Symbol tables" in the list of programs by selecting the "Standard" menu item (depending on the Windows version, the "Symbol tables" will be either directly in this submenu, or in the "System Tools ").


A window with a list of symbols will open. In the list with fonts, select the font you like and click on the symbol we need, then click the "Select" button. This symbol will appear at the bottom, in the "To copy" field.


After compiling the desired sequence of characters in this window, press the "Copy" button, open the personal data window on Odnoklassniki, delete the previous information in the "Name" field and insert new ones by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl and V keys. Then we repeat the same operation for the "Last name" field.


After clicking on the "Save" button, we get a beautiful and original spelling of the first and last name.

Using MS Word Symbol Table

If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, open the Word text editor, go to the "Insert" tab and click on the "Symbol" button, and then - "Other Symbols".


A window similar to the Windows Symbol Table will open. Similarly, we select symbols, after each selection, pressing the "Insert" button, while they will appear in the working Word document.


After typing all the necessary characters, close the "Symbol" window, select the entire resulting sequence of characters in the document, copy and paste into Odnoklassniki.

Using the numeric keypad

This method is suitable if you have a separate block of numeric keys on your keyboard on the right. Regular number keys above letters will not work when typing the appropriate character codes.

Before using the keyboard shortcuts below, you need to make sure the optional numeric keypad is turned on - in this case, the first “Num Lock” light should be on. If it is off, press the Num Lock key of the same name.

In order to type a special character, place the cursor in the "Name" field on Odnoklassniki, hold down the Alt key and, without releasing it, type the digital code in accordance with the table below. For example, to get a black smiley, press Alt + 2; upward triangle - Alt + 30.


"Write beautifully "- online generator of beautiful letters for nicknames, decorations in the form of frames or" wings "on the sides. The generator uses a random selection of letters or special sets assembled by one type. You can also choose case conversion and separation by parentheses, periods, and so on.

Ready beautiful nicknames

If you want ready-made nicknames decorated with beautiful symbols and letters, follow the following links.

For self-registration of nicknames, use the form of the jewelry generator - "Write beautifully".

Result - Nice nickname

clear the list

Nice result))

To get a beautiful phrase, fill in

Form Above


TOP-20 beautifully designed nicknames

How to write beautifully a name, nickname, text or status

We present to your attention an online service for replacing ordinary Russian and English letters with beautiful analogs, similar in spelling.

Use an automated service "Write nice text" very simply in the text field enter any text phrase, name, status, nickname for games and click decorate. Below you will get a text or nickname with automatically decorated with beautiful letters. Each click on the "Decorate" button gives you another option with unusual symbols for the entered phrase.

To write text with certain characters, you need to put down the appropriate settings in the form.

The length of the text is currently limited to 256 characters. Therefore, if required write beautifully longer phrase, divide it into parts.

Nice to write and copy

To copy the resulting beautiful phrase, click on it with the mouse cursor. The "Copied" pop-up message appears.

Nice to write and copy

If the first option does not work for you, you need to select the text with the mouse cursor and press Ctrl + C on the keyboard and paste Ctrl + V. You can also use the context menu by right-clicking on the selected text.

How to copy a beautiful phrase

Write beautifully - photo examples

Below are photo examples from our VK group, created by visitors to the site You can also write beautifully text, your name, login for your account or nickname, you can use our automatic jewelry generator here

Write a nice nickname to the girl Write nicely names Write nicely automatically Registration of nicknames online

On the social network Odnoklassniki, there are many options for how to surprise friends and draw attention to your account. One of the available ways is to make the name on Odnoklassniki in beautiful letters, as well as by decorating it with interesting pictures. You will see, after that the result is guaranteed, and many of your friends will ask you how, you can do it!

There are three options for how you can replace the usual version of your name in Odnoklassniki with the original one:

  • Thanks to the built-in symbol table - MS Windows;
  • Through the MS Word symbol table;
  • By means of a numeric keypad.

Before analyzing each of the available options in more detail, you need to launch a page in your Odnoklassniki account, where you can change your personal data. Click on the button with your avatar, which is in the upper right corner of the screen, select the first item - where your name is written. oneOption two - click on the "More" button, and then "Personal data" and click "Change". 2In the window that has opened, you need to edit the data.

Now let's get down to the question of how to add special characters

1. Application of a special character table - MS Windows To start the Windows symbol table, you need to go to the "Start" button, find in the general list of programs - "Symbol tables", click on the "Standard" menu (depending on which version of Windows you have, "Symbol tables" can be located either directly in this submenu , or in a separate section "Service"). 3A window with a complete list of symbols is launched. So, in the list with various fonts, you can select any font you like, click on the desired symbol, and then click the "Select" button. After this manipulation, the symbol will appear at the bottom, in a separate field "For copying". fourAs soon as you have compiled the necessary sequence of characters in this window, press the "Copy" button, launch the personal data window in Odnoklassniki, remove your old data in the "Name" column and add new ones by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl + V key combination. After that, by If desired, the same scheme of actions is repeated for the "Surname" column. fiveWhen you click the "Save" button, you will get a very special and unforgettable spelling of your first and last name.

2. Application of a special character table - MS Word In the event that the Microsoft Office package is installed on your PC, you can start the Word text editor, go to the "Insert" tab, click on the "Symbol" button, and then - "Other Symbols". 6This will launch a window very similar to the Windows symbol table. So you select the necessary symbols yourself, and after each choice you make, click on the "Insert" button, in parallel with this, the symbols will alternately appear in the Word working document. 7When the set of all the necessary characters is complete, you need to close the "Symbol" window, select the resulting sequence of characters in a text document, copy and then paste into Odnoklassniki.

3. Using the numeric keypad This option is suitable when you have a separate numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard. Ordinary keys with numbers that are above letters will not work while typing certain character codes.

Before using the key combination that is presented below, it is important to make sure that this additional numeric keypad is active - the "Num Lock" light should be on. When it is off, you should immediately press the Num Lock key.

To make a set of special characters, you need to put the cursor in the "Name" column in Odnoklassniki, hold down the Alt key, and then, while holding it, type the digital code corresponding to the table below. For example, to get a black emoticon, you need to press Alt + 2; for a triangle that is directed upwards - the Alt + 30 key combination. 8

How to write a name in Odnoklassniki with beautiful letters and symbols

Hello, friends! Each person is unique, and when communicating with people in real life, you can easily notice this. You can also show your individuality on a social network. I think they noticed on the pages of friends, and not only, various nicknames for Odnoklassniki, written in beautiful letters.

We have already talked about how to set a theme in Odnoklassniki, how to change the name and surname in Odnoklassniki. Now we will figure out how, using symbols and letters, you can write a beautiful name in Odnoklassniki.

If you want me to write a nice name for you, then leave in the comments: what you need to write and your ELECTRONIC ADDRESS (for example, [email protected])! Do not worry, as soon as I see, I will delete your mail from the comments. Why is this needed? Beautiful characters, as in the picture below, are not displayed in the comments, but you can add them to the Name and Surname fields in Odnoklassniki.

An example of beautiful letters as a name

Where to look for symbols for nicknames in Odnoklassniki

It is clear that you will not see interesting letters on the keyboard. In order to write beautiful letters and insert various characters, you need to use a special table that is in Windows. There are two ways to open it.

Since it will not be possible to use all the symbols that are in the table, I wrote an article to help: beautiful letters and symbols for Odnoklassniki. It contains unusual symbols corresponding to the letters of the Russian alphabet, and other interesting icons. Just select the character you like and paste it into the required field in OK (to change the name, create a note, status or personal message).

On the start menu

Click on the "Start" button, then go to "All Programs" - "Standard" - "Utilities" - "Symbol Table".

Windows character table

The required window will open. Here you will see Latin letters, Chinese characters, various crosses, circles, flowers, hearts, arrows, chess pieces and more.

Symbol table window

In Microsoft Word

Another way is to use a text editor Word. Open it and go to the "Insert" tab. Click on the "Symbols" button at the top right and select "Other". A window will open in which you will see various icons and letters.

MS Word Symbols window

How to write a nice nickname

You already know where the letters we need are located. Now let's figure out how they can be used to write a beautiful name on the Odnoklassniki social network.

Go to your OK page, in the feed view mode, and in the menu, under the avatar, click on the "More" button. Select "About me" from the drop-down list.

Page menu in Odnoklassniki

To go to change the name, click on the link "Edit personal data" (you may have written something else there).

The site has a separate article on how to change personal data in Odnoklassniki. If you are interested, read it in more detail by clicking on the link.

Go to editing personal information

The window "Personal data changes" will open. In it you will see the fields "First name" and "Last name". Now on the toolbar, click on the previously opened "Table of symbols" (via Start).

Change of personal data

In order to change the name to symbols in the social network, select the appropriate one in the table, left-click on it and, without releasing it, drag it into one of the two fields.

Write the name in characters in Odnoklassniki

When done, click Save. I wrote it as shown in the picture below and added stars and crowns.

Write a nice name in Odnoklassniki

If you have opened a symbol table in Word, then select the one you need and click "Insert".

Write the name in symbols

When you write beautifully necessary words, select them and copy - the combination Ctrl + C.

Copy the name from the Word

Go back to your page in Odnoklassniki, put italics in the required field and paste the typed one - the combination Ctrl + V. Remember to save.

Editing first and last name

There are a lot of options for how you can write a beautiful name or nickname in Odnoklassniki using symbols. You can combine them to create interesting letters. You can add various symbols such as hearts, dots, and more. In general, experiment and you will succeed.

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