How to connect Meise to a computer: detailed instructions

To consume content from a smartphone screen, the Internet often comes to the rescue. Through the global network, the user has the ability to download files to a mobile device. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to connect a smartphone to a computer in order to copy photos there or to load information into the memory of a portable gadget. No matter how simple the task of connecting a smartphone to a computer may seem, users often have various kinds of problems that prevent them from doing this. In the specified material, all the ways of how to connect Meise to a computer via USB or other methods to exchange data will be analyzed.

Connecting to a computer via USB

If both devices that are planned to be synchronized are in good working order, then the process of connecting Meise to a PC will not take much time.

USB connection

Usually U20, MX3, MX4, and MX5 can be connected in no time. This also applies to other devices of the company.

  • If possible, take the supplied cable and insert it with the USB-A connector into the computer, and the MicroUSB or USB Type-C (depending on the model) into the smartphone. If the gadget is connected to a PC using a non-native cord, then there is a high probability that the computer simply will not see the phone. Similar issues occur with Meizu M3, M5, M5s, M6 and other issues. However, the presence of a third-party cable does not put an end to the connection of the smartphone to the PC. It is recommended to check the serviceability of the USB connector on the computer in advance by inserting a USB flash drive into it.
  • On your smartphone, slide the status bar down. Click on the "Media Device" notification and select "USB Transfer". Otherwise, Meizu will only be charged from the PC, and no action can be taken with it.
  • When connecting for the first time, a notification about the need to install the driver should be displayed on the computer screen. It needs to be installed for synchronization to be successful.
  • After that, anyone who was looking for a way to throw a photo with Meizu on a computer will be able to perform any action to exchange files. Open File Explorer on your computer and select the connected device. If the synchronization of the Meizu smartphone with the computer was successful, then there should be no problems.

What if the computer does not see the smartphone?

This problem most often worries users who are trying to figure out how to connect Meizu phone to computer via USB cable. There are many reasons for the appearance of this problem.

Perhaps the Meizu U10, M5 Note, MX4, MX5, or any other smartphone was connected using an unofficial cord.

You can take care of purchasing a cable from Meizu, but in any case, there is a way out, and you should try to perform a proven algorithm of actions, which in most cases solves the indicated problem.

  • Check the cable operation again. Connect your smartphone through it, for example, to a TV. If the TV receiver can see the phone, then the computer should. Otherwise, you will need to replace the cord, since it is not expensive at all.
  • Try connecting your smartphone to a different USB port on your computer. If a stationary PC is used, then the most efficient port is located on the back of the system unit, where the motherboard is usually hidden.
  • If the previous two methods did not help, and you are sure that the connectors are working, then the problem lies in the phone's settings. Check again which PC connection type has been selected. Slide down the status bar and make sure the USB Transfer option is checked. On Meizu M3, M3s, M5, M5s, MX6 and some other models, this item may be called "Media Transfer". If the item is selected correctly, then the computer or laptop should see the smartphone.
  • Another reason that the computer refuses to see the smartphone can be outdated software. Perhaps the PC simply does not see the need to install a driver. In this case, you will have to act in manual mode. Open the "Device Manager" on your computer, find the connected Meizu M5c, U10, M3 mini, M5 Note in it, depending on which model of the gadget is used. Click on the name of the smartphone with the right mouse button and select the item "Update driver". In most cases, after this, the problem is solved, and the user has the opportunity to transfer music to his Meizu M3s or M5c in order to listen to it, for example, through the EP51 headphones.
  • If even the fourth way to solve the problem did not help, then the problem is definitely in Meise himself. The gadget's drive may be faulty. It is recommended to reset the smartphone settings. This method is radical, so it should be done as a last resort. If this is the case, then it is recommended to take care of creating a backup copy so as not to lose information.

Be that as it may, one of the above methods should solve the problem that has arisen. As a rule, all difficulties arise from scratch, and the cable turns out to be faulty.

File transfer

Or, for example, the user in the status bar of the smartphone did not change the value "Only charge" to "Transfer via USB".

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If none of the above methods came up, you can turn to the use of third-party applications to synchronize Meizu with a PC.

Connecting to a computer via Wi-Fi

When the USB cable doesn't work, wireless technologies like Wi-Fi come to the rescue. This method allows you to create remote access to your smartphone via a PC by creating a dedicated FTP server. There are several options for connecting in this way.

In this case, you will not need a third-party program for Meizu on your computer. To connect in this way, you need to open the "Network" tab, located in the explorer of the smartphone.

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The device will independently create a server and provide a link to it. It must be inserted into the address bar in one of the browsers on the PC. So it will be possible to transfer the necessary information from one device to another.

The program can be downloaded from the Google app store for Android and can also be synchronized using Wi-Fi.

AirDroid program

When the application is launched on the smartphone, it will provide the user with a link to the dedicated server. It must be inserted into the address bar of any browser on a PC.

Another sync app, but it works in a different way. It will also help you upload files from PC to smartphone and vice versa.

Its advantage is the adapted Russian language so that everyone can figure it out.

However, a short plan of action is worth highlighting. First you need to download the program to Meise via the Play Market. You will also need this program for Meise's smartphone and on a PC. You can download it on the official website of the application

MyPhoneExplorer program

After starting the program will ask you to come up with a password on your smartphone, which must be re-entered on your computer. If everything is done correctly, then you can safely connect Meise to a PC and transfer any files.


You may need to connect your smartphone to a PC at any time, so you should not regularly check the quality of the USB cable you are using. If it turns out to be faulty, you will have to look for a new one. It is likely that the problem with connecting Meise to the computer will occur for another reason. So you need to carefully review the status bar and select the "Transfer via USB" item.

Otherwise, the smartphone will simply charge, and you will not be able to transfer a photo or video. If after that it is not possible to set up the connection, then a program for synchronizing with a PC will help the Meizu smartphone. Another option is to create a dedicated FTP server via the smartphone itself. When Meise still manages to connect to the computer, then it will be possible to manage files: copy, move or delete.

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