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90 needlework idea for home do it yourself
90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Creating things with your own hands, you always provide yourself with exclusive decor elements.

Today we will prove to you what to do the most interesting needlework for the house with your own hands is much easier than it seems to be inexperienced lovers of Hand Maid. To comprehend it with the basics, it will be necessary to minimize my friend, skills and time. At the same time, you will receive original products that will no longer meet anywhere in addition to your own interior.

The most pleasant in needlework for home and giving do it yourself is that all the necessary tools and materials can be found at hand. There is no need to spend money on ready-made expensive products to make a note in the interior of home comfort, warmth and soulfulness, if you can make them yourself!

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

The original thing always will emphasize the style and individuality of the house and its owners.

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Cold porcelain gives a huge space for creativity

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Embroidery in all sorts of technology allows you to create such bright masterpieces

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Fabulously wonderful pear combined several techniques

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Painting on stones - very entertaining, creative occupation, which gives a stunningly beautiful result

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Beautiful Paper Panel will be a bright accent in the interior

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Embroidery with beads and other fittings looks very beautiful and effectively

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

No needlewomen will cost the decor of jars and bottles, because of them you can create real masterpieces!

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Detailed handmade masterpieces look very realistic

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Dream catcher made with her own hands - this is a great home decor and a wonderful idea for a gift

How to learn how to make mats

Outdoor rugs that have been undeserved oblivion a few years ago, come out again at the interior benchmark. They will find a place in children's rooms, hallways, bathrooms, near the bed in the bedroom or in front of the sofa in the living room. Small round or rectangular mats with an interesting texture (shaggy, fluffy, with long elongated loops, and so on) are especially popular. Let's look at two simple master class, having mastered that, you can perform this beautiful needlework for home with your own hands.

How to make a floor rug: master class for knitting amateurs

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Fig. one

You will need the following:

  • Thick knitting hook (suite number 10);
  • Fat yarn (you can use yarn of different colors, then the finished product will be brighter and original);
  • scissors.
Tip! Instead of yarn in its traditional understanding, you can use old knitwear - T-shirts, Longsliva, T-shirts. You will not only find the use of old things, but also get a soft and pleasant to touch the yarn, work with which is solid pleasure.
  • Tie a chain of 16 loops by columns without Nakid.
  • Combine the first and last loops to get a ring.
  • Tie two loops for lifting to the second row.
  • Perform the second circular row by the columns with the Nakud. To do this, use the yarn of another color.
  • Tie two lifting loops and go to the third row.
While working with the third next to increase the number of loops. Instead of knitting in the holes of the previous row, use the gaps between the loops. This will help the rug expand as knitting. Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. four
While working with the third next to increase the number of loops. Instead of knitting in the holes of the previous row, use the gaps between the loops. This will help the rug expand as knitting. Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. four
Alternate yarn to get a striped product, and knit it to the desired size. Fig. 5 Fig. 6.
Alternate yarn to get a striped product, and knit it to the desired size. Fig. 5 Fig. 6.
Take the finished mat with decorative homemade lace. To do this, skipping one loop of the previous row, you need to make two lifting loops, two air and columns without an inlet. Fig. 6 Fig. 7 Fig. 8
Take the finished mat with decorative homemade lace. To do this, skipping one loop of the previous row, you need to make two lifting loops, two air and columns without an inlet. Fig. 6 Fig. 7 Fig. 8
Complete the knitting one near the loops of the columns without Nakid. Fig. nine
Complete the knitting one near the loops of the columns without Nakid. Fig. nine
  • The ends of the thread hide from the inside, fasten and cut the tails. It is desirable not to just fasten the ends using the traditional end of crochet, as because of the thickness of the thread, the product may dismiss during the subsequent styrices. Instead, it is recommended to make several durable nodes.
90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Wonderful, cozy panda mat

There are also many interesting ideas of rugs that can be weave, tie with knitting or crochet.

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

"Babushkina" mats are very popular in modern homes

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Unusual idea of ​​rug with LEDs

Fluffy grass rug with hook

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

You will come in handy:

  • Five machines yarn of different shades of green;
  • Very fat hook №14;
  • scissors.
90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Fig. one

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Fig. 2.

Tip! Carefully attribute to the choice of threads. If you take an acrylic or any other synthetic yarn, the finished product may turn out slippery and electrical. If you use woolen threads, the likelihood that the rug will "pinch" you for bosy feet. The ideal option is a half-walled yarn.
  • Separate the tips of the threads from all sweating and combine them into one improvised thread.
  • Check this national jiggedting chain of 20 air loops. This amount will be enough to get a product of 40 cm long. If you want to make a rug of a different size, simply vary the amount of the original loops.
Make a row from the columns without a nakid, fastening the loop. ATTENTION: Be sure to pull them out so that the canvas was not even, and shaggy! Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. five
Make a row from the columns without a nakid, fastening the loop. ATTENTION: Be sure to pull them out so that the canvas was not even, and shaggy! Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. five
  • Make a square or rectangular fabric you need, tissing every new row of the previous hinges (from each loop should be received new, that is, without openwork pass and additions).
  • When the rug will have the desired size, secure the thread of sturdy nodules.
Scissors cut the elongated previously loops.
Scissors cut the elongated previously loops.

Fig. 6.

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Fig. 7.

In such a simple way, you can create an original mat for the house. Consider, perhaps in your apartment there will be materials that are suitable for creating a real masterpiece?

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Bright, beautiful ribbon ribbon fabric

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Original rug created by hand

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Gentle and nice pompon rug will like your crumb

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Delicate, beautiful fabric carpet

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Multicolored carpet from pumps will always raise the mood

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Soft puzzle rug in nursery

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Such a carpet will delight and kid and adult

Needlework made of fabric for home

Fabric decor enjoys well-deserved popularity. It helps to bring the home comfort, warmth and soulful in the interior. Especially well fabric decor looks in rooms decorated in almost all style directions. We invite you to get acquainted with the very simple ways of making original fabric paintings.

How to make eco-paintings from fabric and natural materials with your own hands?

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Fig. one

Prepare the following:

  • Burlap or other natural textiles with a pronounced coarse textile;
  • Any natural materials (for example, coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, badyana stars, dried flowers, natural moss and so on);
  • Decorative elements (ribbons, wooden or bone buttons, lace);
  • frame;
  • Cardboard for the base;
  • glue pistol;
  • scissors;
  • Simple pencil.
Idea! Similar patterns perfectly fit into such styles as country, eco, bungalows. Best of all, they look in the kitchen decoration.
  • Prepare a cardboard and fabric base. To do this, attach both to the frame, make a pencil mark and cut out.
  • Stick fabric to the cardboard, insert into the frame.
  • Natural materials put the desired drawing on the fabric and lock the glue gun.
  • Complete the resulting pattern with decor (buttons, lace or any other).
Give the picture to dry. Fig. 2.
Give the picture to dry. Fig. 2.

And from the fabric you can create a huge lot of interesting things.

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Colorful, Beautiful Puffy, made in Patchwork technique

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Elegant felt garland will decorate your home and garden

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Cute felt hearts bring the atmosphere of romance to your home

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Original boots for Christmas, made with their own hands

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Uminifying felt hares

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Beautiful pillows with fabric appliqués

Picture of fabric in a children's room

We offer to decorate your baby's room a very interesting needlework for the house - a picture of a foam-based fabric.

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

What do you need for this?

  • Colored patchwork;
  • foam base;
  • wallpaper for transfer;
  • pencil;
  • copy paper;
  • glue;
  • nail scissors;
  • Any flat sharp object for patching drawing (for example, a spatula for a patchwork is suitable for this purpose);
  • Spindlers.
Tip! The breakout (like a spatula) can be replaced by other suitable in the form and thickness, which are under hand. For example, it can be a stupid knife for oil.
  • From all sides of the foam blank, retreat 1.5-2.5 cm for the future frame. Produce the resulting rectangle with a spatula.
Selected image transfer with a copy paper to a foam base.
Selected image transfer with a copy paper to a foam base.
Production contour drawing with a spatula.
Production contour drawing with a spatula.
Clear the zone that is going to cover with flap.
Clear the zone that is going to cover with flap.
The selected piece of fabric attach to the lubricated glue of the area and press it on the previously sold circuit on the contour.
The selected piece of fabric attach to the lubricated glue of the area and press it on the previously sold circuit on the contour.
The remaining flap tails hide the sparkper inside.
The remaining flap tails hide the sparkper inside.
Treat the whole picture.
Treat the whole picture.
Make a frame from the fabric.
Make a frame from the fabric.

Look at what other wonderful paintings can be created with your own hands from threads, fabrics and various decorative elements.

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Original painting of colored threads on cloves

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Bright picture of colored flaps fabric

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Painting of fabric painted with paints

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Wonderful Christmas Picture of Threads and Nails

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Stylish picture of metal elements

90 needlework idea for home do it yourself

Original painting from beads of different colors and sizes

What is the result?

Hand-Maid is a great art of creating real works of art from the most common materials. A little imagination and our ideas - and you will undoubtedly be able to create an original element of the decor on the joy of yourself and relatives!

To make the house stylish and cozy it is worth showing a fantasy and pay attention to details. I present to your attention a selection of ideas for the decor of the house and apartments that can be made with your own hands. The usual wallpapers are suitable for us not only to puncture walls, but also furniture.

17 ideas for stylish home decor, photo № 1

17 ideas for stylish home decor, photo № 2

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 3

2. Dried flowers and leaves are placed in a glass or wooden frame and hang on the wall.

17 ideas for stylish house decoration, photo № 4

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo number 5

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 6

3. Create stylish panels and paintings from fabric and paper. The easiest option is chipboarding chipboard.

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 7

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo number 8

17 ideas for stylish decor of the house, photo № 9

4. Praying the wall, fridge or door. Now it is convenient to make records and change your mood.

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo number 10

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 11

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 12

5. Decorating cardboard boxes.

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 13

6. From glass cans and bottles we create stylish candlesticks, vases and other decor elements.

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 14

17 ideas for stylish home decor, photo № 15

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 16

7. We make the shelf on bracket or ropes.

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 17

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 18

8. Decorating ordinary plastic flower pots with appliant materials.

17 ideas for stylish home decor, photo № 19

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 20

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo number 21

9. Repaint wooden boxes and make comfortable and beautiful storage systems.

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 22

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 23

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 24

10. Lovers of the ECodecore will be useful to spins trees.

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 25

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 26

11. The old suitcase will fit the lovers of retro-style.

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 27

12. Knit from thick yarn of the otfiki and the rug. From the remains of yarn make pumps for sidewas on the chair.

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 28

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 29

13. We stick to the seashells mirror, sticks, beads, buttons (everything that is at hand) and make it cravored, stylish, creative.

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo number 30

17 ideas for stylish home decor, photo № 31

17 ideas for stylish home decor, photo № 32

14. Do not throw out old magazines, make the deputies from them.

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo number 33

15. Vinyl stickers easily convert interior doors.

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo number 34

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo № 35

16. Curtains from Beads are transforming a room.

17 ideas for stylish home decor, photo № 36

17 ideas for stylish decor of the house, photo № 37

17. Cut together with the children a bunch of butterflies or flowers and glued onto the wall. The boring wall comes to life.

17 ideas for stylish decoration of the house, photo number 38

Inspire and take on weapons, experiment and create your own unique style at home so that it has a cozy and comfortable family member.

Always yours Lyubava.

If you have accumulated a lot of unnecessary things and useless items, you do not need to hurry to throw them into trash. From such a "hlama" you can make many design interior design objects. All about how to make a craft for home, in this review.

Brief content of the article:

Homemade from banks

Banks and jars of different shapes and sizes are perfect material for organizing a system for storing various finely hygienic focus. Similar crafts for home with their own hands are especially relevant in the interior of the bathroom or bedroom.

The container itself may be the same type or not - depends on your preferences. The main nuance is the handles from the furniture that the covers are equipped.

From glass bottles

Do not rush to get rid of alcohol bottles. They can be turned into exquisite flower vases. You will need paper for decoli (translating) with a transparent film. First of all, you need to paint the container into the selected tone.

Step second - decoration. It is necessary to pick up an image suitable for the design of your interior. Then it must be transferred to the surface of the bottle.

For this, the drawing must be printed on a decal sheet, cut and omit in water capacity. It will almost instantly compare the picture from the lower layer of paper.

Separated image should be accurately placed on the decorated surface and smooth out. Dry the drawing is allowed using a hair dryer or a brass.

Step Three - Finishing Finish. It includes a lacquer coating. Such crafts for the interior of the house are not afraid of water. Best of all, they will look at the setting of the kitchen or living room.

Knitted napkins

Among the many different crafts for the house, it is necessary to separately allocate openwork, knitted crochet, napkins. They can be used to decorate the chest, coffee table, bedside table.

One of the interesting ideas - napkins for serving the dining table. In this case, the status status is shown.

From paper vine

Such creativity practically does not require financial costs. Every day, advertising brochures and leaflets throw advertising brochures.

Oddly enough, the newspapers are quite durable and plastic material. Wicker from paper tubes baskets, boxes and caskets will suit many stylists.

From cord

As can be seen in the photo of the crafts for the house, one of the most popular are products made in the technique of weaving from the cord. These may be organizers, kashpo, etc. Things. And the cord is perfectly combined with other materials, such as leather, braid.

From fabric

As for the crafts from the fabric for the house, the leading positions occupy mats. For the manufacture of such a thing, the material needs to cut on ribbons, link the resulting strips between themselves and twist in the ball. Next - knitting on the selected scheme. As a result, you will have a colorful palace, which you can decorate the loggia or kitchen.

Another useful thing that can be sewed from fabric is a tack. It is best to use patchwork technique. The product will be bright and picturesque.

Of course, it is impossible not to mention the sofa pillows and bedspreads. As decoration can be used braid, fringe, ribbons, beads. Speaking of material, then a combination of different textures is welcomed. Such crafts look most effectively.

Holders for books

Such homemade is very easy to perform. It is enough to take a stone suitable size and paint it.

The topics of painting can be any. It all depends on your desire and, of course, from the stylistry of the situation. So, it can be flowers, images of animals, funny little men, etc.

Panel from Puzzles

Quoted puzzles from different boxes accumulate quite often. Disassemble which of them to what image are, it is simply impossible. In this case, you can make a beautiful, bright panel for children's decoration.

Pictures from buttons

This is already a classic. Each hostess, for sure, there is a lot of buttons from old clothes. If they are missing, you can buy new in the store.

Different colors, shapes, sizes - paintings are optimal to create paintings in modern style. If you gain experience, you can create a real masterpiece for decorating walls.

Crafts for home - the thing you need. This is not only a way to kill your free time. Such products can serve as an excellent gift.

Photo crafts for home

We also recommend viewing:

The ability to make your own hands was inherited from distant ancestors who did not have stores providing the possibility of buying the necessary subject. Later, useful crafts allowed the opportunity to exchange things made by their own hands, on food or other things that could not be made in a particular cave or house. The real master was valued by the weight of gold and contributed to the enrichment of not only his family, but also the whole village.

After time, the ability to make selfiems contributed to the organization of production and development of mankind.

However, scientific and technological progress almost laid the end of a person's abilities. Now it's much faster to enter the online store and order the desired thing, then to get rid of it as quickly from it. But if you want to create a cozy and unique interior of your dwelling, please the relatives and friends, then you can make practical and useful things that any mistress will be glad.

Moreover, the rebunny material often lies right at hand and is waiting for its turn on the trash. Make a pretty device will help old bottles, flasks fabric, cardboard boxes, clothespins and much more.

In addition, this is a great remedy to distract from gadgets and arrange a family evening.

Crafts on the kitchen

The kitchen is a place where the family is going to enjoy communication and delicious food. Therefore, this room wants to make home and cozy. It will help in this diverse textile. They can be:

  • napkins;
  • towels;
  • tacks;
  • apron;
  • Funchain or dolls on the kettle;
  • Pillows or covers on chairs.

All of them are made pretty easily of old T-shirts, jeans and flasks of fabric left after the previous sewing.

The technique of manufacture can be the most diverse: embroidery with a cross or stroke, patchwork.

You can associate a nice thing from the remnants of wool.

The wedding owner can make a table or stool. The material can serve as boards or building pallets. Good and useful crafts will be a variety of shelves or cutting bakelops.

And the old wooden board can serve as an excellent holder for a tablet or book. For this, it is quite good to open the previous product, to attach a small bar or a piece of molding as a stand. Cut the triangle from the board and glue it from behind as a support.

Now the bunch can be painted or registered.

Stand is ready, you can install the recipe book or tablet to view your favorite TV series.

From several old boards, you can make a wonderful organiser, putting on them pockets from the fabric and securing them with superclaim or small cloves.

The same organiser can be made from old tin cans, painting them in a bright color and attaching to supply or among themselves. Such an exercise will be useful for both homes, and for giving. Starting jars from under children's nutrition can become wonderful jars for spices. To do this, they can be painted with paints and secure the resulting image with colorless varnish, and decorate the covers with old door handles.

An interesting idea will be cute kashpo, which can be placed on the windowsill and grow unaccepting plants or spicy herbs in them. To do this, it is enough to take buckets from the mayonnaise, sneaking them with glue and wrapped tightly with twine. To decorate the obtained pots, knitted flowers, coins, beads, ribbons use.

A good knife stand will be from a conventional glass jar or an unnecessary vase. To do this, it is necessary to fill it with wooden skewers for kebabs or multi-colored croups. Such a kitchen decoration will become an excellent replacement for expensive purchased stands.


It is easy to transform the hallway by installing the old stepladder or folding wooden staircase. The steps will play the role of the shelves, and the room will acquire an unusual look, only you need to thoroughly paint or cover the ladder itself. The kit can be supplemented with a homemade bench and a key.

The funny key will turn out of wine stoppers attached to the standard photo frame. Holders can be ordinary hooks or decorative nails.

An unusual otfik is obtained from plastic bottles, bonded with a reliable scotch and a piece of boards depicting the seat. Decor the aster with cloth or dense twine. If on the bottom side to install an additional chalkboard with wheels, then such a craft can be calmly moving from the room into the room.


Sleep room will decorate with a small rug. Make it help the techniques:

  • crochet knitting;
  • weaving on a special basis;
  • weaving in the form of a braid;
  • Patchwork or patchwork.

The master class on any of these technicians can be found on the Internet.

A pleasant foot gift will be a fluffy rug from pumps and grid. To do this, you need to stock up with a large number of pumps and tie their tails to any decorative grid or canvas. The more often the fluffy lumps, the softer and the pretty product will be prettier. You can use conventional tissue, but such work will become more time-consuming.

Using multi-colored pumps, it is easy to draw a simple drawing or lay out the pattern.

Instead of pumps, you can use flavors with filler inside. To create one piece on the fabric, the filler is placed, for example, a synthetone, shape small balls, which are then sewn to the tissue.

Such beautiful crafts will be practical creation not only for the bedroom, but also for the children's room.

Crafts for animals

With your own hands you can make a cozy house for a cat. Assist to create its usual cardboard box and a small pillow of flavors of fabric and synthetic winterizer. For those who want to create their pets a more comfortable home, foam rubber, plywood, baskets are suitable as materials.

Photo of houses and beds for pets will help to quickly determine the choice of building option.

All sorts of helpful crafts are easily made from almost any material, it is only necessary to include imagination or use existing ideas.

Photo of the ideas of helpful crafts for home

Learn Lifehaki for your own hands from unnecessary things: 50 photos quickly and clearly meet you with useful tricks. Only cool ideas to look at. And if you need, a step-by-step instruction or a workshop is easy to find on the Internet.

Home Decor: 6 ways to bring beauty

In each house there is every person who lies without a case, but to throw out a pity. It's time from unnecessary things to make not only necessary, but also beautiful. And with a careful design, the designer is right.

Take a look at these sofa pillows. True, stylish and cozy pillowers turned out of the COFT? So I want to sit down or lie down.

But the option for a living room from a couple of sweater. They are perfectly combined: the kit is obtained.

Tired of banal options for wall decoration? Create an original paugal panel. Look at how beautiful it looks.

Ability mass. You can make a cat, girl, butterfly, horse, flower, fish, abstract pattern. The main thing is to think about where the panel will hang to choose the appropriate plot and in harmoniously enter it into the interior.

Do not miss: useful tricks for life - 60 steep lifehams for home and kitchen

Not ready for difficult work, stop at a simple and spectacular option. Here is another panel with a tree, but it is much easier to perform it. It looks too interesting.

You can make a house or a mill from a bottle into the kitchen. To do this, you will need a twine, coffee beans, a piece of flax or burlap, cardboard, glue.

More for the kitchen, you can sew original curtains for windows from the flap. It turns out the original curtains in the style of Patchwork.

And a patchwork bedspread and pillowcases for pillows will fit for a bedroom or beloved sofa. This will definitely be only with you.

A pretty bear is useful for decorating a kitchen or bathroom. It is easily folded from the towel.

Flower pots: 8 interesting design ideas

To acquire stylish floral kashpo, it is not necessary to buy them expensive. Even the most ordinary pots can be originally made from what is at hand.

Sometimes it is enough to use beautiful paper bags, or stitched bags. And the composition of several colors will look in a single style.

And you can cut the sleeves from an unnecessary sweater and make beautiful clothes from them. With them, even technical pots will be transformed.

A small pot can be put in a beautiful cup. If the plant is blooming, then you should choose a glass for color.

Are there old boots? You can modify and turn into very original porridge.

For a country house or giving, rubber boots lying down. What? Color.

You can decorate the flower pot with the help of cereals and rope. You will also need glue and varnish.

If there are pieces of lace, then it is easy to arrange a porridge, but very impressive. It will be necessary to attach them to transparent glue. Take a look at these charming examples.

But a wonderful flurarium from a transparent brewing kettle. Just a paradise.

Designer furniture from unnecessary things

If you come up with my mind and skill, then from unnecessary boxes and boards it will be able to make it really good things.

Take a look at this coffee table from wooden boxes. If they are created and assembled into the correct design, there will be a pretty and functional piece of furniture.

You can go further and make not only a table from wooden pallets, but also an angular sofa for the living room.

But an interesting version of the coffee table from an old suitcase. Height of the legs, decor and style can be the most different. The walls of the suitcase are sometimes strengthened by plywood.

By the way, from the old suitcase, they still make a bed for a cat or a dog, or in general a suspension locker.

And from old boxes, you can make an interesting partition-rack. It will divide the room to the zone. Plus it turns out to keep many different things: such a partition is very roomy.

If you read a lot, and there are now a lot of books, then why not make a comfortable bed from them. You can relax, read and not worry where to put another book.

And how do you need an original holder for fuels from rake? Creative. Guests will appreciate.

If there are several boards, or it is not a pity to cut the old penalty or a wardrobe, then make a simple but original rack.

But just a brilliant idea of ​​a shelf from the cornice. Family photos will be perfectly located on it. It turns out an interesting option to decorate the wall.

If the family draws a child, then on the shelves the exhibition of his works. High self-esteem and motivation for the development of abilities are provided.

Stands and rugs under hot

Things fit in everyday life. And often not only in the kitchen, but also for the work desk, in the living room. Rate 5 creative ideas.

Stands under cups from felt.

Stand under hot from the plugs from wine.

Excellent rug can be sewed from tissue residues.

From jute, too, you can make an interesting stand. Natural decor do it yourself in a popular eco-style.

But the rug under the dishes from jeans. Looks original.

4 class organizers for different cases

The house always grabs the little things that need to be folded somewhere. Excellent organizers can be easily made from unnecessary boxes and flasks.

Just take a look at this wonderful Jesotnica box. It is not only incredibly nice, but also functional.

For the storage of the Office, place the boxes and tin cans. They are not only comfortable and beautiful: with their help, it will be possible to create a configuration personally under your needs.

Masterpieces are created from old jeans - beautiful and comfortable: everything is unfolded by pockets. The idea is suitable not only for storing brushes. It can be an organizer for tools, hairpins, office, sewing trifles or spices.

And if there is time and desire, you can create an original box of an unnecessary book.

What to do from coconut shell

It turns out a lot of things. Here are 5 delous ideas.

Ashtray-turtle. Or a vase for trifles. It looks extraordinary.

Candlestick. Unusual decor.

House in aquarium. Beautiful!

And then what does Milach live? Syrian hamster. But you can settle the jungarica, mouse or sand. The main thing is to give a separate house.

And you can make a cup. Use both dishes or stand.

4 tricks for home masters

Three of them are secrets of neat painting.

The brush always flows out the surplus paint. Everything is dirty, and it annoys. Solution Simple: Attach the wire to the jar with paint and remove excess paint with its help.

Here is an alternative: a plastic cover is useful.

And how to paint a small thing with a balloon, so as not to get dirty everything around? Use old box.

And so that screws and carnations, wires and screws are not lost, you need to give a man a few tin cans under this business. Yes, the view is non-zeysh: just tin! But it is for boys.

Holders for smartphone in 5 minutes

Perhaps, almost everyone has smartphones. But the holders for them are not. And if necessary, but not to buy with your hands? Easy!

This is how the holder is made from the stationery clamps in one minute. But take the clips more powerful to keep well.

From the sleeve and 4 stationery, they will also work well. You can paint on your taste.

Another option: you will need a pen and several reliable clothespins.

Convenient smartphone charging pockets are easily cut from empty packaging from shampoo or shower gel.

And if there is a little cloth and love for needlework, you can sew such a pocket.

Beautiful candlesticks for comfort and romance

Make the original candlesticks simply and quickly. Choose what you like more.

Candlestick from jars with twine.

But the New Year's option.

And here - immediately a few ideas. Literally all: Walnut or coconut, orange leaving, jar, tea couple or sauce with coffee beans.

Old things are easy and just gaining a second life when we create something new of them with your own hands. There would be a good idea and a droplet of inspiration.

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My home is my castle. Yes, so often they say. But we don't live with you in the Middle Ages, our fortress should not be an ordinary home, but a cozy nest, where everything is beautiful and convenient. In this article, we will look together on various handicrafts with your own hands without much costs.

It is also interesting: what can be sewed from the flavors of the fabric with their own hands? 7 of the most cool ideas.


Even the simplest input zone can be made functional and stylish. Wooden panels will bring fresh notch in the interior. Not only is it just beautiful, it is also convenient. On the panel you can fasten the hooks for bags and jackets. You can also make a small shelf for useful trifles.

For small apartments, there is also an interesting solution. Stove for shoes, hooks and lockers can be combined into one organizer.

The usual entrance door can also be made with a stylish element using wooden fellow.

So that the shoes did not interfere with and do not bundle anything from a wooden box and stones to make an unusual stand. So even after a walk in the rain, your hallway will remain clean.

By the way, instead of pebbles, an artificial rug made of plastic grass can be used.

The old staircase can be used as a shelf for shoes. Now all shoes will be at hand.

For a couple of years, it's fashionable to do all sorts of homemade pieces of wooden pallets. In the hallway you can use them as a coach for shoes. From above, you can make a shelf for trifles or just put flowers, and on the sides to attach hooks for umbrellas.

For domestic owners, there is a small lifehak. So that the bowls for the dog or cat do not interfere with the passage, secure them on a separate shelf in the closet or under the table top.

Surprise your guests a non-standard approach to such an ordinary thing, like hooks for clothes. Wooden rails, branches, selflessness, a little fantasy and voila! Unusual hanger is ready.

Bathroom and toilet room

These premises must be primarily comfortable. However, and do not forget about beauty. After all, everyone is nice when the necessary things are at hand, when you do not need to disperse the wires from the hair dryer or rushing in search of ear chopsticks. We offer some simple ways to organize space.

Old cabinet box or shutter with flea markets can be turned into a toilette stand.

And old floorboards can be used in wall decor. It looks unusual, but it is done very simply: the rails are either glued to the wall, or fasten with self-draws. From above, they can be painted, lacquered or somehow decorated.

Now you can use the cans for feeding drinks and dishes. Why not use them in the decor? You do not have to look for the most Mason jars for which the whole Internet is crazy. Any other suitable.

We are all accustomed to the fact that the towels hang on hooks and occupy a lot of space. Use the shelves for storing bath accessories. And convenient, because you can put something else on the shelves, and beautifully.

Now it has become very possible to use a stone for trimming a bathroom. They cover the walls, decorated the bath. From the pebbles, you can even make a rug! Just do not forget in this case the rubber foundation in order not to scratch the floor.

For lovers, read in the bathroom there is an excellent and simple idea - a cross-hat. By the way, it can make a slot for a glass or a mug.

In order not to bother with the division of linen before washing, make the rack at once with several storage baskets. Baskets can be painted in the color of the linen for which they are intended.

By the way, about washing. Tired of the usual white washing machine? Color her. You will need only incommable enamel and stencil. The latter can be made from painting scotch.

Living room

Quickly and not expensive to get a stylish rack is not problem. Use wooden boxes. They can be composed as you need, making the shelves of various sizes. There is another plus - it is possible to collect such a cabinet with the whole family and greatly have fun.

By the same principle you can make the desktop. We will need modular racks from IKEA, a table top, rail, self-tapping screw and a little paint. The number of racks and the shape of the entire table depends on your needs.

In general, the use of wood in the interior is one of the chips of this year. There are wooden pallets, parts from old furniture, stairs, branches and so on.

Suspended shelves will help make the living room. You can use both ropes of various diameters and straps.

The cornice is always very expensive pleasure. And if you have a non-standard window and the appropriate size you only need to order, it turns into a solid torment. Just exit - use plumbing plastic pipes of small diameter. You only need to paint them into color suitable for your interior.

Another lifehak on the topic curtains. How to arrange a window at all without using cornice? It will take a wooden rail and a lot of hooks for clothes. Do not forget to sew the loops to the curtain.

You can zonate space in different ways: walls, screen, curtains. There is another way - jute cords. You can use any other materials like a ribbon or color fishing line.

Needlework for home with her hands for the bedroom

Unusually decorate the walls of the bedroom will help garlands and photos. But for this you will not need a heavy frame with glass or any special stuff. Photos can be broadcast on a fishing line, rope or straight on the wall at double-sided tame. And the monochrome garlands will create an atmosphere of comfort and romance.

The shelves of an unusual form will be added to the interior of freshness.

Great idea for girls to organize your decorations. You will need branches, cords and decorative nails. The latter need to fill on the branches at the required distance and hang on the wall on the laces.

New is well forgotten old. With decor the same. It is not necessary to buy a new chest or wardrobe when you have an old one. It can be just painted. And then the favorite thing you will serve not yet few years.

To save space, there is one very simple "chip" - wall-rack. This will help get rid of most cabinets in the room.

Add magic to your bedroom with cotton clouds and garlands.

The old staircase can serve as not only clothes hanger, but also a library shelf. Such a solution seems strange, but you just try - it is really convenient.

The most important element of the bedroom is a bed. A large double bed is a dream. However, often it is worth such a thing. Do not despair, because it is not difficult to make your bed frame for bed. With the help of wooden plates of different thickness, screws, saws and verses can make a frame for the bed just like you want.


The kitchen is the most visited place in the house. Make it functional and convenient enough easily, and now we will look at a few examples of a rational organization of space that will not only help bring order, but also make the room more comfortable.

To blades, spoons, forks and knives, do not interfere with the worktop, use jars. If you paint them, it will be generally great.

In small kitchens you need to use space as soon as possible. Secret shelves and built-in wardrobes in this case are your best friends.

Even in the lockers themselves, you can organize space so that it placed more. Internal shelves can be attached not only on the walls, but also on the sash. It seems such a simple idea, but what is useful.

Lifehak: In order for the lids from the pan and skille to do not occupy a lot of space, use conventional plastic towel hooks.

In deep boxes there is always one problem - it is difficult to get to the point that in the depths. The output is simple - round rotten shelves. All products in sight and simply get them.

We are all accustomed to the fact that in the kitchen drawer spoons, forks and other stored vertically. And if the box is not enough for, for example, the rags? The diagonal placement of the sectors will allow you to accommodate everything.

So that all spices were in sight and not lost on the kitchen countertop, make a stand as a ladder. You can put a small pot with spicy herbs, like parsley, dill, cilantro, or basil. Now everything is at hand.

Corner sofas and kitchen islands can also be collected with their own hands. Moreover, you can think over in them storage facilities for kitchen utensils. Not only will anyone have such furniture, it will still fully answer all your needs.

One of the very comfortable moves in the kitchen is the use of a magnetic tape. It can be kept knives, as well as spices in jars with metal covers. Great idea to save space on the kitchen table.

And your favorite mugs can be hung on ordinary hooks. And stylish, and comfortable.

Who said that when we grow up, then we break up with our toys? No need to do so. You can use small figures in the decoration of your interior. They will be able to find a new life as magnets, stands, handles, or something else that you will come up with yourself.

It would seem that you can do with such an ordinary thing as a refrigerator. Here we all love to hang sticks on it with reminders. And what if you write on the refrigerator itself, and the crayons? You only need to paint it all special paint for chalk boards and enjoy. By the way, this technique works on any surface.

Yard and garden

When decorating the house should not forget about what beyond. Let's start from the input zone. From concrete blocks and pairs of wooden rails, you can make a cute and comfortable table, where flowers will live, watering can, flashlight or anything else.

By the way, from concrete blocks you can make various benches, make up the flower beds, build a brazier and even make kashpo for flowers. It all depends on your imagination.

You can also make stylish otfiki and chairs. Need old tires, liquid nails and a thick rope. The finished design can be painted in any color. Such deputies are suitable for home and for the street, because they will rain them.

Needlework for home do it yourself

Boxes or pallets of wood can serve as the basis for the garden locker. Here you can store various accessories for colors, pots, watering cans and other tools. And if you leave a flat working surface on top, then you can make something to make or transplant the flowers.

What could be unusual in a pot for a flower? It would seem - nothing. However, here you can surprise everyone. Put succulents in the bird cage. When they grow up, it will be very beautiful. And instead of an ordinary suspension pot, you can use the old chandelier.

Needlework for home do it yourself

An ordinary children's inflatable pool can be used as a sofa. Just put an inside with a blanket or plaid, and the sides are covering the pillows.

So beautifully use the candle in the garden, but they constantly blow up the wind. So that this does not happen, you can make candlesticks from empty cans or from ordinary glass. You can all decorate with pebbles or ribbons at will.

Needlework for home do it yourself

Needlework for home do it yourself

This, of course, not all ideas for home and garden, only a small part of what can be done with your own hands. You just need to not be afraid to experiment and fill your home with cute and beautiful things.

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In each house you can find cute little things that are well complemented by the interior. Nowadays, you can easily make it easier for your own handicrafts for home, and at the same time spend the minimum of money. After all, it is possible to create beautiful, individual crafts for the house, which will be stylish and practical in use.

On the Internet, in the thematic magazines and even in the television body, you can find a variety of photos of the crafts for the house, take them as a basis and supplement at your request, taste, interior.

As a basis, you can take a variety of materials: disposable dishes, fabric and ribbons, wine plugs, coffee stirrers, glass bottles and cans, old photo frames, candy candy and newspapers and more.

Stand under hot

Stand under the hot - an indispensable thing in each kitchen. There are some simple options from which you can make this craft, for example, from: clothespins, old newspapers, sea stones, wine plugs, sticks from under ice cream, old CDs ...

Stand under hot clothespins

For its manufacture, you will need:

  • wooden clothespins;
  • gum for money;
  • glue (it is better to use the most common, which is not afraid of hot temperature).

First you need to shoot with clothespins all metal parts. To glue the outer parts of two wooden parts, fasten them well with a rubber band, so that they pressed tightly.

Wait until glue dry well and gently shoot gum from clothespins. Carefully glue the obtained billets in a circle. A few hours later, you can start using the stand!

Budget chair-hammock do it yourself

The chair-hammock is a stylish piece of furniture, which can be an alternative substitute for ordinary chairs and chairs. To create a simple chair-hammock, you need to prepare with your own hands:

  • A dense fabric is approximately 100 per 150 cm;
  • stalks for shovel or round wooden pole;
  • tight rope, approximately 4-5 mm thick, 40 meters long;
  • Sewing machine or durable needle threads;
  • drill.

First, from the fabric, cut off for loops 2 strips 4 cm wide and a length of 100 cm, and the cut edges to be used. Each sliced ​​strip cut into 9 equal parts, bend them to the middle so that loops come out and snap them from below.

At the same distance to outline hinges with hammock-based pins. Gently sew the loops with durable threads.

On a wooden pole, the thick drill drill across the hole at each end. Rope to divide on the same parts by the number of loops. Fold the end of the rope in half, so that the loop came out and to turn it into the hammock loop, tightly tighten, tie free ends.

Free long rope ends to turn into a hole on a wooden pole, tie into the knot. To measure the length of the rope, to hang a charm-hammock, it is better to fold it twice so that it was stronger.

Rope tightly tie to the knot at the base of the nodes from the hammock loops.

Vase in the technique of decoupage from simple banks

Everyone has glass jars that are without a case, and because of them you can make a beautiful craft for the interior of the house. The bank is well suited, in order to make a flower vase in the technique of decoupage. To do this, you will need:

  • glass jar;
  • alcohol or acetone;
  • wool;
  • multilayer napkins;
  • Tassel and acrylic white paint;
  • PVA glue;
  • Transparent water-based varnish.

To begin with, it is necessary to degrease the surface of the jar with alcohol or acetone. Paint the jar of white acrylic paint, give dry. Cut the desired fragments of the picture from the napkin and glue the cans on the surface.

You can decorate the neck with a harness or sequins, beads, the main thing is to be combined with a drawing on the bank. Slim layer of varnish open the jar. That's so simple and easy to make it yourself a vase for flowers from unnecessary glass jars.

Cabinet made of cardboard box

Everyone has a small box from under chocolate bars, tea or other items. From such a thing, you can make your own hands with a bowl for jewelry, threads and needles, small office ... One of the simple and fast options is to attach a cardboard box with a harness. You only need to prepare materials:

  • Cardboard box is about 20 per 15 cm, so that her cover has opened up;
  • harness;
  • adhesive gun and rods to it;
  • For decoration you can take: coffee beans, decorative pebbles, sea shells, multicolored buttons ...

Heat the adhesive gun well, slide the base and the lid of the box with a harness in 2-3 layers. Do not apply a lot of glue, so that the threads do not appear, also tightly adjust the rows of the harness so that the lumens were not obtained.

When the entire box is well wrapped with a harness, let it stand a little. Then decorate with the help of decorative elements, at your own request.

Also inside the boxes can be glued with felt or corrugated paper, and you can leave it.

Soft toys socks do it yourself

Crafts from the fabric for the house are quite common, the popularity has won soft toys made from socks, they do not require any special sewing skills and cut.

Many schemes and examples can be found on the Internet or magazines. Such handwork will delight children, and adults, their originality and uniqueness. You can create a seamless hero from a cartoon or a beloved animal.

Tips for sewing toys from socks

It is better to take baby or female socks as a basis, their texture and color scheme is better than that of men. To fill it, it is better to use Sinytender. Wat is not practical, quickly gets off, the toy loses the shape. Fill toys are not very tight, but evenly. It is better to use chopsticks for Chinese food or wooden spanks.

Socks use knitted, they are better to reach, it will be easier to create the right toys forms.

CD Lamp

From unnecessary disks, you can create different home crafts: lamp, candlestick, small wallet, christmas tree toys, bookmarks for book, chandelier, mirror ball ...

The lamp of old disks is originally, and it does not require much time and materials to create it:

  • 12 disks;
  • Transportation and ruler;
  • pencil;
  • Wire and pliers;
  • awl;
  • Christmas tree garland.

With the help of the vehicle and the line, along the edges of the disks with a pencil, mark places for holes, so that they form the right pentagon. Hot seer make holes. Bonding the wheels with a wire to collect a pentagon, to put in front of the garland before the last fastening, but do not forget the plug to turn on the outside.

Abazhur for lamps of plastic spoons

The lamp shade for a lamp of such a remedy, like plastic spoons looks beautiful and unusual. Such a handmade handmade is suitable for kitchen, corridor, verandas.

To create it takes it:

  • 5 l plastic bottle;
  • disposable spoons, about 200 pieces;
  • bulk cartridge with cord;
  • light bulb;
  • adhesive gun, rods to it;
  • stationery knife.

Carefully cut off the bottom of the bottle, cut off the knobs from spoons. From the bottom up glue with rows of spoons using a glue gun.

To the resulting lamp is carefully attached the cartridge with the cord. Insert a light bulb into the cartridge and you can hang.

You can also use colored spoons or paint them in advance at the color of the room.

Crafts from wine traffic jams

On the Internet, you can find various ideas how to make a craft for a house of wine plugs. The best ideas for domestic crafts from wine plugs is:

  • Keychain;
  • framework;
  • candlesticks;
  • Stands are hot
  • decorative wreaths;
  • Volumetric letters and words for decor, session photo;
  • earrings, necklaces, pendants;
  • Stands for handles and pencils;
  • Ward in the bathroom.

Craps and pasta crafts

Of these easily accessible materials, you can create excellent crafts with your own hands for the house. From the cereals and pasta, the cracker will be able to easily make not only an adult, but also a child.

For the decor you can create a fridge magnet, a decorative wreath, christmas toys, coasters for napkins, panels.

Simple version of creating a fridge magnet

Required materials:

  • Different cereals and pasta;
  • Dense cardboard;
  • Pencil, line;
  • scissors;
  • adhesive gun, rods to it;
  • 2 magnet.

On the cardboard draw sketch of the frame, desired, cut. With the help of an adhesive gun, plane a cereal and pasta, to taste. Print magnets from the back. Thus, the magnet is ready for use.

Photo crafts for home

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