How to disable Steam autoplay on a Windows 10 computer

From this step-by-step instructions for beginners, you will learn how to disable Steam autorun on your computer. Like a large number of Gamers for PCs, this popular desktop play client can automatically start when logging into the system.

This will happen until the user is made by some settings that will prevent this. Without such actions, the consequences are quite predictable.

Namely, automatic launch can lead to a clogging of the bandwidth of the Internet channel. After all, the games love to self-renew and connect to the network at a time when you do not need it at all.

If you have this situation and you want to change it, then follow these steps. To begin with, of course, run Steam client on your computer.

This step can be skipped if the client has already started along with the system and its easily existing corporate icon is located in the system tray on the taskbar. Then double-click the mouse on it to open the full user interface window.

How to disable autorun steam

Next, go to the settings window by pressing the same button in the main menu located on the left at the top. While in the settings window, go to the Interface tab.

Menu item
Point "Settings" in the Steam menu

On the left side of the window, find the option " Automatically run when you turn on the computer " Remove the mark from it. After making the specified changes, click on the "OK" button to close the window. That's all you need to do.

Automatic start
Option "Automatic Run" on the Interface tab

If you play a computer running the Windows 10 operating system, instead of the actions described above, you can deactivate the process of the application of the application through the task manager. Open it by pressing the key combination Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC on keyboard.

Next, go to the "Autavar" tab. Find the name of the Steam Client BootStrapper application and disconnect it. To do this, use the right mouse button with the right button and, in the menu that appears, select the "Disable" action.

Disable in Task Manager
Calling a shutdown action in the Task Manager

Be sure to reboot your PC and make sure the settings made correctly. Now the question is how to disable autorun steam On a Windows computer, never will put you in a predicable position. Thanks for attention!

Want to know how to turn off the steam autorun to remove the load from the computer? We will tell, there are several available ways that each user can try out. Catch the detailed instructions that will help disable the program.

Regular funds

Disable the autorun style when you turn on the computer - and you need! There are several logical reasons for that. Constantly working program is:

  1. Excessive load on the computer's RAM - it can start slowing down, hardly cope with certain processes;
  2. Pop-up notifications that may distract from the main activity;
  3. Excessive traffic intake - as a result, the drop in the speed of the Internet.

With all unpleasant consequences, you can fight - so we will tell you in detail how to disable Steam autorun. First, let's talk about the available means of the operating system!

  • Right click on the menu button "Start" ;
  • Select "Task Manager" ;

  • In the opened dispatcher we find the tab "Startup" ;
  • Find the line with the name of the application;
  • Select it with a mouse click;
  • Click on the button "Disable" on the panel below;

  • Click on the icon "OK" to save your changes.

Done, we managed to remove Steam from autorun in Windows 10! This feature works for all programs - remember it will come in handy someday. Now the application will not pop up when you turn on your laptop or PC.

Program features

If you do not want to use the operating system settings, you can resort to the application settings! You can easily find the function you need and can disable the automatic activation of the program when you turn on your computer.

Let's figure out how to turn off Steam autorun through the service settings. Let's do the following:

  • Open the application and find the icon with the name of the program on the top left panel;
  • Go to item "Settings" in the drop-down menu;

  • In the panel on the left, find the section "Interface" ;
  • Find the icon "Automatically start when the computer is turned on" ;

  • Uncheck the box and click the button "OK" from below.

The first method is "more important" than the second and has an extended effect, remember!

You have learned how to remove Steam autostart in Windows 7 (or another version of the operating system). Save to bookmarks and use when needed! So you can easily cancel the startup of the application along with the system.

How to remove Steam from autorun

By default, in the Steam settings, the client autorun is selected along with the Windows login. This means that as soon as you turn on the computer, the client starts immediately. But this can be easily fixed using the client itself, additional programs, or using standard Windows tools. Let's take a look at how to turn off Steam startup.

How do I remove Steam from autoplay?

Method 1: Disable autorun using the client

You can always turn off the autorun function in the Steam client itself. For this:

  1. Start the program and in the menu item "Steam" go to "Settings" .

    Steam settings

  2. Then go to the tab "Interface" and opposite point "Automatically start when the computer is turned on" uncheck the box.

    Disable Steam Autostart

Thus, you disable the autostart of the client along with the system. But if for some reason this method does not suit you, then move on to the next method.

Method 2: Disable Autoplay with CCleaner

In this method, we will look at how to disable the autostart of Steam using an additional program - CCleaner .

  1. Run CCleaner and in the tab "Service" find the item "Startup" .

    CCleaner startup

  2. You will see a list of all programs that automatically start when the computer starts up. In this list, you need to find Steam, select it and click on the button "Turn off" .

    CCleaner disable Steam autorun

This method is suitable not only for SyCleaner, but also for other similar programs.

Method 3: Disable autorun using standard Windows tools

The last method we'll look at is disabling autorun using the Windows Task Manager.

  1. Bring up the Windows Task Manager with a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Delete or simply by right-clicking on the taskbar.

    Calling the task manager

  2. In the window that opens, you will see all running processes. You need to go to the tab "Startup" .

    Startup Task Manager

  3. Here you will see a list of all applications that start with Windows. Find Steam in this list and click on the button "Disable" .

    Task Manager disable Steam autostart

Thus, we examined several ways with which you can disable the startup of the Steam client along with the system.

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