I tell you what it is

Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation, the Moscow authorities are slowly introducing the so-called checkin system.

It is very unclear to me for what purposes the English-language phrase is used in this question check in (register), but that's not the point.

By the way! The word "check in" is actively used in youth slang in neighboring countries.
In their understanding, it can mean “I checked into Oleg’s company at the bar”: that is, I joined some social group.

In nightclubs and bars (for Moscow) the system has already been working for more than 2 weeks. But today the news came out:

“Don't start eating, I haven't checked in yet !!!”;

That the system will be introduced in government organizations where visitors have access.

What is it?

When entering the establishment, you need to scan a special QR code using your smartphone:

“Don't start eating, I haven't checked in yet !!!”;

After the QR code is scanned, you will be redirected to the website: mos.ru, where you will need to log in or register by entering your phone number.

In fact, a special link to the site is embedded in the QR code, if it was recognized, a browser with mos.ru will open

If you don't have a smartphone, then you need to send an SMS to a free number.

After the action is done, you will need to show a message about the successful "check-in" to the administrator at the entrance.

The essence of the system is that if suddenly someone in this room gets sick with this muck, then all visitors who were in it that day will receive a message with instructions for further actions.

Well, then everything depends on the circumstance: most likely you will need to self-isolate and go to the doctor to take the test.

Such a system is used in China and has prevented proliferation. But here it should be understood that everything depends on the consciousness of citizens.

And I honestly can't imagine what will happen if this system can be introduced into large organizations, such as shopping centers: there will be a huge queue + not everyone understands how to carry out the process + more control is needed.

This system is good where tests are done. But it is simply impossible for everyone with signs of ARVI to make them, so I don't even know how this thing will work for us.

Now this system is used by several thousand Moscow organizations, and even McDonald's recently introduced a check-in system.

In Novosibirsk, our entertainment and drinking establishments are closed for the whole night.

P.S. It should be understood that this system will not protect you from infection in any way, but only can only warn you that you may have had contact with an infected person.

Thanks for reading! Wear masks! My whole family is sick! Subscribe to my channel! Write a comment!

If you often communicate on the Internet, in particular - on social networks, you will notice the emergence of many new and incomprehensible words. Modern slang appears not only because of the ambiguous meaning of words, but also after the introduction of new foreign words into the spoken language. Such words are subject to "Russification", acquire a new meaning, become slang. One of these words, the meaning of which we will consider in this article, is to check-in or check-in (check-in, check-in).

The meaning of the word check in

What does it mean? Check in - the meaning of the word is taken from the English expression "CHECK IN", read as "Check In". Using the translator from the Google search engine, we will translate these words into Russian.

CHECK IN stands for registration. Also Google offers us the verbs of this word:

  • check -check, verify, check out, test, examine, check in
  • register - register, check in, check up
  • register - register, record, log, enroll, check in, enter
  • hand over against receipt - check in, check out
  • record - record, write, write down, save, note, check in
  • sign up - enroll, check in, enter for, enrol

“Don't check in! I don’t want others to know where we are sitting. ”

Thus, checking in (or checking in) means registering, checking in, taking a picture, then posting this photo on the Internet and indicating the place where the photo was taken. In other words, the meaning of the word check in is to indicate a place.

Check in on Vkontakte

The social network Vkontakte offers a ready-made way to check in. To do this, after you have uploaded a new photo, or opened any existing or saved photo, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. click on the photo to view it
  2. just below the photo, click on the link “ indicate the place «
  3. enter the name of the city, street and house number, if necessary.

This is how check-in on Vkontakte looks like:

“Have you bought a ticket? Now you have to remember to check in. "

Check in on Wikipedia

Wikipedia does not currently show any results found for the query what it is. Perhaps a page for this slang word has not yet been created, or perhaps they will not be created at all.


How can you use the word chill out when communicating?

Now that we know the meaning of the word check in, it remains to learn how to use it correctly. Consider situations when it is appropriate to use this word in your speech.

For many, registering a location has become a habit.

Let's start with the simplest situation: you are on Vkontakte and a girl you know, with whom you freely communicate, has uploaded new photos from her trip to the sea. In this case, such use becomes possible: "- What didn't check in?" , "-Swind up" , "-Shink so that everyone knows that you were at sea" ... If there is already a mark about where the photo was taken, then: "-Cool conceived" "-Why checked out?" etc. I think the meaning is clear.

The Russian language has never changed so rapidly as with the advent of the Internet and the development of social networks. It is not known whether he will become richer or poorer from the commonly used abbreviations and words from other languages. Time will show.

If you decide to take a selfie with a company, or a group of several people, then it would be appropriate to say after the photo and its publication: "-Let's check in" ... About a young man who made a mark on his photograph about the place where it was taken, we can say: "-Schekinil" , "-Dude checks in on every photo" etc.

Tagging the person in the photo might work too, but it's a little different.

Well, now - some funny and not very pictures associated with this word.

Pictures under "check in"

Users, on the other hand, have to constantly learn new rules of their native language. The quickest not only learn new terms, but also come up with them.

If possible, I will clarify. CHECK IN (from the English check-in - registration, arrival mark, indicate the place) means ONLY registering your presence in a certain place using a mobile device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) that has the ability to determine the location and transfer it through the Internet. AND EVERYTHING!

Therefore, it is not at all necessary to be "photographed", and even more so to "indicate the place" - the place will be determined automatically, if, of course, the program-innovator "Location" is turned on. And such a photo will be marked with a special "probe" icon (see photo).

But if it was not possible to check in right away, but the photo was taken, then - yes, then you can specifically indicate the date, time and place of shooting in the description of the photo yourself.

But if it was not possible to check in right away, but the photo was taken, then - yes, then you can specifically indicate the date, time and place of shooting in the description of the photo yourself.

All these pictures make fun of the essence of the word "check in".


[73.3K]  for checking, from the English check-in.

7 years ago

Smoke Wormwood


7 years ago

How I got sick of this stupid slang of the new youth ...

And so the meaning of the word check in:

check in

entry in the book (arrival and departure)

Use cases:

check-in desk = check-in counter - reception desk

Check in is to check in on the map, for example, you sit in a cafe, go to a social network from your phone (take VKontakte), with the GPS turned on and check in. And on your page in contact (where is the map) the place where you are now will be marked and saved (in order to see where you are). Also, many do it using a photo.

And for many, it has already become a drug to "check in", they constantly celebrate their every move, they even manage to mark an ordinary walk on the street 20 times.

the author of the question chose this answer as the best one

Checking in is sort of like checking in where you are at the moment. Either with the help of the phone position detector built into the smartphone, or simply with the help of the phone camera. That is, you are going to fly on an airplane or train, take a photo of yourself in front of it, so that you can see the area where you are, and then immediately send this photo to your social network page or blog. Thus, on the one hand, you prove that at such and such a time you were in such and such a place, and on the other hand, you give additional information to your fans in social networks.

In general, checking in is to take a selfie and, with a selfie, make a public on a social network or a blog post.

This is how he became - Russian, tell this proposal to people 20 years ago,

they won't understand a single word :).



6 years ago

they won't understand a single word :).

"Check in" means to check in at a certain place using a photo or post, and then post it to a social network, for example, "in contact" or "instagram". To do this, you may only need a mobile phone with Internet access and gps (to automatically determine the location of the user), after that the person sends the photo to the social network and a record is added to it about where it is. Something like this:

All this confirms that the person really was in this place. It is very popular now to "check in", as well as selfies, especially among young people, not only Russian. Maryushka Dushka


The Moscow authorities are introducing a check-in system at the entrance to public places. I tell you what it is

I first heard this word in the reality show "House 2". There, the participants constantly speak in youth slang, this is in the order of things.

Why (s) throw yourself

- this is to show everyone where you were / are now, usually this is done (the place is marked) in social networks. You need a phone and internet.

I just got back from vacation. I was in the water park and watched the picture: the girl, starting from the minibus going to the water park, took pictures of herself and noted her location on Instagram. I got to the shower and ... took my phone with me (towel and phone, that's all). I didn't go to the booth for her.  From wikipedia:

Check in is a new youth slang, the meaning of which many do not understand. The word appeared when some young people began to actively mark their location on social networks. For example, they take a photo of their location, immediately post it to the social network. Thus, all friends will know where this person is.

they won't understand a single word :).



they won't understand a single word :).

Lord, with this slang, people begin to forget the Russian language, write correctly, do you really not know elementary Russian words, they do not work it out, but spread it !!!

6 years ago

Smoke Wormwood

About100 th


Smoke Wormwood

Another word from the youth jargon, check-in is done regularly by my children on Instagram, when they post photos and it's like a signature where they are at the moment (camp site, hotel, cinema, school, and so on), you can also in any social network, do it under your photo, post, etc.


they won't understand a single word :).


"Check in" is a seemingly slang word, but it is already quite often used in colloquial speech and in social networks. It comes from the English "Check in", which means "register". Therefore, this word is used in the context of "check in in social networks", "check in on the forum", etc.




From English check in - register. In youth slang, add a tag that you have visited a place. As a rule, these are clubs, cafes, airports, museums and any other popular places. If I'm not mistaken, then in my opinion this site contributes to check iny foursquare.com



Checking in means marking yourself in a certain place on the map (cinema, restaurant, anti-cafe, etc.) through a social network. That is, you came to eat at a restaurant, chose that place via the Internet on your smartphone and all your subscribers know where you are now.




This means marking your location. This can now be done in many smartphone apps. Instagram Twitter, even VKontakte and Facebook allow you to mark your location on the map and notify your friends about it in social networks

Do you know the answer?

Just a few years ago, no one thought about the question: "Check in - what is it?" The fact is that people and words did not know this. True, the modern world is constantly and actively developing, new borrowed words come to the Russian language. Today we will try to deal with "check-in". What is it, why is it needed and how to "use" it? Read on.

The meaning of the word


So, as already mentioned, every day more and more new words come to the Russian language, which are slightly "adapted" for Russians. So, you can find many phrases that have become part of our everyday life, but with all this they will not have Russian roots. The word "check in" falls into this category. What is it? Let's get a look.

First, you need to understand that this expression came from an English phrase, which can be read as "check in". If you try to translate it into Russian, you get the meaning "mark". So, if you think, "Check in - what does that mean?" - then you can answer that the phrase has the meaning of a kind of mark. Now that the translation is already clear, we can try to figure out what this phrase means and how to use it.

We use it correctly

So, let's talk with you about how you can and should apply our today's expression. Check in - what is it? As already mentioned, this is a kind of mark made by a person. With all this, it is "put" on the Internet, in particular in social networks.


The word "check in" means a mark of a person in some place with the subsequent posting of a photo on the Internet and some network. Did you go to a cafe? Checked in. Did you go to the sea? We took a photo and posted it on the Internet. With all this, as a rule, "checking in" implies further determining the location of your "photo" on the map in the World Wide Web. In other words, you do not just take a picture, but also attach to it the "address" at which this or that picture was taken. How can this be done? Let's figure it out.

Method "universal"

So, now that we know about the word "check-in", that it is - we also understand perfectly well, we can move on to a more interesting topic: how you can make so-called marks on the Internet. What is needed for this?

First, you need to understand that you can take pictures anywhere and everywhere. But it is not always possible to post them on the Internet, and even "attach" the address of your location. However, with modern mobile devices, you don't have to worry about not checking in. Now quite often smartphones are used not only for talking, but also for taking photos. Thus, you can come across questions like: "How to check in from an iPhone?", "How to check in from a phone?" etc. Let's get a look. In order to leave a mark somewhere, you need to find the place where you want to take a picture. After that it is best to install a special program for "marks". For example, Check-in 360. It will help you quickly determine your position and post a photo on the Internet in a matter of seconds. True, you can do without it too. Take a photo, then upload it to a social network (for the "program" option - just go into it and take a "photo"), then just click "determine the location". Sometimes this process happens automatically. Then just send a message (photo) to your album or on the wall. Done, you checked in. Computer to help Sometimes you can stumble upon questions about how to check in from a computer. In fact, it is rather difficult to answer them unequivocally. The point is that the solution to the issue depends in general on what the user specifically wants - to post a photo with his location on the Internet, having previously downloaded it to his PC, or to take a "photo", and then "put" it on the open spaces of the World Wide Web ... Let's take a look at both options. So, to begin with, you want to take a picture directly from your computer. To do this, you will need a webcam and any program for it that allows you to take pictures (as a rule, it is already included in the drivers on the disk that came with your device). Connect to the Internet, launch the program and take a picture. After that, upload the photo to any social network and click on "locate". Basically, that's all you need. If you decide to "check in" a picture that has already been taken, upload it to your computer. After that, use any social network to do everything that is described just above - fill in the "photo" and "determine" the location. Sometimes you can enter the address yourself.

Popularity + benefit

Recently, "checkins" have taken a fairly large place among all people's hobbies. What caused such a stir? The point is that shops, cafes, restaurants and other establishments have decided to use this opportunity for their own purposes. So, for example, you can collect a certain number of "check-ins" for which points are awarded. They, in turn, are exchanged for various bonuses.

This is a great marketing ploy - people advertise the places they have visited themselves. With all this, the costs of "sellers" are minimal. So look for information on the official websites of certain establishments - maybe you get a good discount for the "check-in".

Runet is replete with new slang words. For example, the phrase:

"I want to log in to write to you in a personal"

will discourage many. Can be confusing and asked to check in or go to


... Beginners


you have to master Russian Internet slang and look into the dictionaries of buzzwords. It is in them that you can read that "checking in" is to determine your location using an electronic device.

By understanding what the term means, you will understand that this action is useful when you want to meet someone and do not know how to get to the desired point. You register via the Internet where the desired object is located, and use the navigator to find the road.

Most users check in so that everyone can see how cool they are

The meaning of the term

  1. To find out the literal meaning of the jargon to "check in" on the Internet, you need to turn to English dictionaries.
  2. The ancestor of the term "Check in" has several meanings: "write down", "give against receipt", "register", "check".
  3. Based on the above, it is not easy to understand what it means to "check in".
  4. Fortunately, not all meanings are used in Russian Internet slang. Here the translation "register" is involved, or rather, "indicate your location."

Another explanation of the term has to do with air travel and means the registration of passengers on a flight. Not only users are familiar with it, but also everyone who flies by air.

And finally, the third interpretation of the word, not the most common, is to connect to a Wi-Fi distribution point.

How to check in on VKontakte

  • Checking in is fashionable, useful and positive
  • The social network in which the inhabitants of the Russian Internet are most often checked in is VKontakte. Traditionally, check-in is done using a photo that characterizes the location.
  • The process consists of several steps:
  • Click on the picture to view it.

Below is the "Pick a location" command. Click on it.

Enter coordinates: city, address, place.

Save your data.

As a result, everyone will see your location.

Examples of using the term

There are many examples of using the term "check in" both on a social network and in real life. Here are just a few of them:

“You've been to the Vatican and haven't checked in? !! Well, you, bro, give me? ";

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