How to remove greasy stains from clothes after washing

Withdrawal methods

The greasy stain on clothes left after washing will help clean up folk remedies. It is useless to use store-bought stain removers or wash the fabric with laundry soap for these purposes. The oils have already dried, and ordinary detergents will not be able to dissolve them. If the stain has not been removed the first time, ammonia, pharmacy glycerin, starch, gasoline or any other solvent will help to remove it. The principle of action of the listed substances is based on the fact that the fat is again converted into a liquid state, after which its residues are washed out of the tissue.

Glycerin + ammonia

Glycerin and ammonia

Despite its high fat-soluble properties, the method is suitable for washing delicate items. To cleanse silk and other fine material, glycerin with ammonia is diluted with water. Thick fabrics can be treated with undiluted substances mixed in a 1: 1 ratio. In addition to old greasy stains, glycerin with ammonia removes traces of tea, coffee, felt-tip pen, juice and berries, rust.

Would need:

  • glycerin - 1 tbsp. the spoon;
  • ammonia 10% - 1 tbsp. the spoon;
  • water - 2 tbsp. spoons (if necessary);
  • cotton pads.

Application technique:

  1. Mix glycerin and ammonia. If you need to clean delicate items, add water.
  2. Soak a cotton pad in the resulting liquid.
  3. Apply the disc to the greasy spot and let it sit for 10–20 minutes (depending on how dirty it is).
  4. Wash the item in warm water.

Glycerin and ammonia with prolonged exposure to fabric can discolor it. Therefore, before cleaning dark and colored items, it is better to test them on an inconspicuous area.

Glycerin can leave a greasy residue after application. However, it is easily washed out during subsequent powder washing.

Warmed starch

The only possible way to remove a greasy stain from a thing for which only dry cleaning is permissible (down jacket, clothes made of leather, suede, nubuck, carpet).
Heated starch

The powder does not need to be mixed with water or other liquid ingredients. All you need is starch. It is recommended to take potato, it has the best absorbing properties.

Application technique:

  1. Heat the starch (without water) in a saucepan.
  2. Spread the item on a flat surface, place a napkin under the greasy stain.
  3. Sprinkle hot starch over the oil trail.
  4. Leave it on for 10 minutes.
  5. Shake off any remaining powder from the cloth.

The heat will begin to soften the dried fat. In parallel, the starch will absorb impurities. Depending on the neglect of the case, it may be required from 2 to 10 repeated applications home cleaner.


The grease stains remaining after washing are removed with gasoline, acetone and other solvents.

They must be applied carefully, since corrosive substances corrode the fibers and wash out the color on low-quality fabrics. Preliminary testing of the product on an inconspicuous area will help to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Application technique:

  1. Blot the tissue with gasoline or thinner. Place it under the greasy stain.
  2. Soak a cotton ball in the gasoline and blot the area around the stain with it. This will help prevent grease from spreading and streaking.
  3. Treat a contaminated area.
  4. Put the thing.

After processing with gasoline and other solvents there is an unpleasant odor. Get rid of it is not always possible from the first time. But multiple washing plus the use of air conditioning will be returned with linen freshness.

Capsules for dishwasher

If the stain remains on the fabric after multiple styrics and in addition to them there are contaminants of other types (which often happens on kitchen towels), capsules for dishwashers can help.
Dishwasher capsules

You can use this method of cleaning only on light monochrome things. Color and dark textiles will discourage.

Application technique:

  1. Fill 2-3 capsules with boiling water and stir for dissolving the shell.
  2. Place a dirty thing in the resulting soap solution and leave overnight.
  3. Put in the typewriter to remove the remnants of the detergent.

You can only work with capsules in rubber gloves. Substances under the shell instantly corrupt the skin of the hands.

Old stains after single processing can partially stay on the fabric. But the listed funds are 100% coped with their softening. Repeat cleaning will help things finally be deduced.

The ability to remove the stain, first of all, depends on the old one or new, as well as from the tissue of spoiled clothing. Most often, things made from materials such as knitwear and jeans, it will be enough to be washing with detergent.

To clean the down jacket, as well as suede and nubuck clothes, it is used extremely dry cleaning.

Disagreement of stains using stains

You can start cleaning with the use of modern stains. First, try how the remedy on the spare piece of the fabric (it is often attached when buying new clothes). If there is no spare piece, then you can try the remedy on the weapons from the inside - the traces will be easily hidden. In order not to burn the tissue with a strongly concentrated composition, it is recommended to dilute it before applying.

If the checked piece of fabric has undergone the test, then you can begin with the removal of the bold spot. Apply to a light rag or cotton swab, gently smequette the spot around the spot, then go to cleaning pollution. Observe caution when cleaning clothes made of colored fabrics, as it can polish .

How to withdraw fresh fat stain

Freshly supplied bold stain (if no more than three hours passed) it is easier to eliminate . Sometimes a fairly simple processing of contaminated space by any detergent and subsequent washing. If, after processing the stain still left, in no case is not erased the thing, the stain must be completely removed before the start of the strika.

It is impossible to erase things with a stain in a washing machine without preprocessing the contaminated place. So you can exacerbate the situation and bring the spot even more difficult.

You can use one of the following methods as the pretreatment of fresh bold stains.

Dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid

The detergent for dishes includes special components that absorb fat. The waters polluted with water and apply a small amount of liquid on it. Strip, leave for 15 minutes, after which we knead the water. If the stain disappeared, you can wash your clothes in a washing machine with a powder. If the traces of fat are still left - the procedure is repeated before washing.

To remove a bold spot from light fabric clothes with caution, use detergent colored detergents, as they can paint it.

How to remove greasy stains with shampoo for oily hair

Shampoo for oily hair

Less effective than dish detergent, but works on delicate fabrics such as wool, velvet, silk and chiffon. Apply a small amount of shampoo to the stain, wash gently, leave for half an hour and wash in warm water without using powder.

How to remove greasy stains with edible salt

Edible salt

With the help of this product, not only greasy stains are removed from clothes, but also stains from wine, berries and sweat. But salt is only effective on fresh dirt. Therefore, as soon as the stain is placed on the clothes, you need to sprinkle this place with salt and lightly grind it. When the salt has absorbed the fat, remove it and sprinkle again with new. Repeat the procedure until complete cleansing. Then wash as usual.

How to remove a greasy stain with ammonia


For removing greasy stains with synthetic clothing use a mixture of a teaspoon of ammonia and half a glass of warm water. Apply to a light-colored cloth and rub the dirt. Then iron the area well through the napkin.

How to remove a greasy stain with toothpaste


Regular toothpaste also works well for greasy stains on clothes. Apply it to the dirty area, leave it on for a couple of hours and wash it well. For clothes made of light-colored fabrics, you can use any paste; for colored ones, it is better to take a gel paste.

How to remove a greasy stain with chalk

a piece of chalk

С clothes made from natural fabrics (flax, cotton, etc.) you can safely remove the oily stain using crushed chalk. Apply chalk powder to the desired place, leave for a couple of hours, then remove with a damp piece of cloth and wash as usual.

How to remove talcum oil stain

Talc, starch and baby powder

Wool and silk clothing needs delicate care. To remove stains, use a more gentle product such as talcum powder or baby powder. Place clothes on an ironing board or other flat surface, sprinkle talcum powder on the contaminated area and cover with a napkin. Run through with a warm iron and put something heavy on this place. Leave it on for a few hours.

How to remove a greasy spot with a roll crumb

Crumb rolls

Fat absorbed into fine villi velvet clothes , easy to remove with fresh white bread. Take a piece of warm crumb, dab the stain with it and wash the item in soapy water without using powder.

How to remove a greasy stain with tracing paper

Tracing paper

This method can be used on clothes made of any material which is allowed to be ironed. Place the pieces of tracing paper in place of the stain on the front and back sides. Place the garment on a flat surface and iron. Repeat the procedure several times until the fat is completely absorbed into the tracing paper.

How to remove old greasy stains after washing

It is much more difficult to cope with old grease stains that remained on clothes even after washing (if you suddenly washed them without pretreatment). For this we need stronger tools. Let's start our attempts to clean old greasy stains from clothes with regular laundry soap.

How to remove greasy stains with laundry soap

Laundry soap

With its help, you can remove any pollution, including old ones. Laundry soap is also good because it can be used with all types of fabrics, up to delicate ones. You will need the most common brown laundry soap (at least 72%). The process is simple enough. Thoroughly lather the greasy stain with a bar and leave the clothes for several hours, preferably overnight. Hand wash the stained area. If the stain remains, repeat the procedure.

Steam treatment to remove greasy stains

Steam treatment

You can remove old grease stains on clothes by steam treating them. This can be done using an iron with a steam generator or by holding the item over a pot of boiling water. Then you need to clean the place of contamination using any method described above, designed to remove fresh stains.

How to remove greasy stains with hot starch

Hot starch

To remove old stains, it is hot starch that is used, which must be heated in any dry container and sprinkled with it on the place of pollution, put a napkin on the bottom. As it cools, heated starch will absorb fat much better than cold starch. Repeat the procedure until the fat spot is completely gone.

Removing greasy stains with hot starch is good because it is suitable for things for which exclusively dry cleaning is used. For example, a coat, down jacket, clothing and shoes made of leather, suede and nubuck.

How to remove a greasy stain with glycerin


To get rid of old greasy stains on clothes made of silk and other delicate fabrics, use pharmacy glycerin. Apply a couple of drops to the place of pollution, after half an hour, wash off with a clean damp cloth. Or make a mixture of glycerin, ammonia and water, taken half a tablespoon each. Apply the resulting product with a cotton swab, wait 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

How to remove a greasy stain with alcohol


Clothes or item with a greasy stain (such as furniture or carpet) that can not be washed , can be treated with rubbing alcohol. The process is simple: rub a greasy spot with a wet swab, repeat the procedure in half an hour or an hour. You may need to clean your clothes this way several times. The smell of alcohol will disappear after a while.

How to remove a greasy stain with acetone

Gasoline and acetone

Soak a napkin in gasoline and place it under the stain, on top treat the place with a swab dipped in gasoline. Even an old stain should disappear. After such processing, it is advisable to wash the thing. Instead of gasoline, you can use acetone or nail polish remover. In this way, you can remove stains only on colored clothes in dark colors. .

To avoid unpleasant streaks, first rub the fabric around the area of ​​contamination, and then move from the edges to the center.

How to remove greasy stains with hot saline solution

Hot brine

Dilute 5 tablespoons of salt in 1 liter of hot water. If the product to be cleaned is large, then increase the volume, observing the proportions. Dip clothes in a salty solution and leave until the grease stains are completely removed. The place of contamination can be rubbed.

Try it on a small, invisible area of ​​clothing before applying any of these products. If the fabric has passed the test, then you can safely remove the stain.

All methods are tested and effective. They will definitely help you remove the greasy stain from your favorite clothes. If you still know - share in the comments!

foto13811-1Greasy stains on clothing can be divided into 2 categories: fresh and old. It is difficult to get rid of them effectively.

And if fresh ones can be removed using available tools, then special cleaning agents will be required to deal with old stains.

And in some cases, getting rid of them at home is generally impossible, and you have to go to a dry cleaner.

Is it possible and how to wash a greasy stain on clothes (fresh or old) at home, we will tell in the article.

The main differences between fresh and old pollution

The main difference between the two is how much the fat is absorbed into the tissue. ... If the stain has been planted relatively recently, it will be much easier to remove. To get rid of it will help a lot of tools that can be found in the house of any housewife.

The situation with the outdated is much more complicated. Since the fat is already well absorbed into the fibers of the fabric, simple methods are likely to fail to clean it. This will require resorting to stronger and more expensive cleaning agents.

Worst of all, if it is planted on a delicate fabric, in which case the only safe way out is to go to dry cleaning.

Preparatory stage

Before cleaning, you need to remember a few simple rules and prepare the materials necessary for this:

  1. foto13811-2First of all, carefully study the label from the manufacturer. There you can find recommendations on the choice of detergents, washing mode and water temperature.

    Do not neglect this rule, as this significantly increases the chances of not spoiling your clothes when washing.

  2. Prepare the necessary materials: cotton cloth or paper, a soft brush, a cotton pad or piece of clean cloth, clean water and materials for the solution.
  3. Using a soft brush, you need to clean clothes from foreign objects: dust, wool, dirt, etc.
  4. When diluting the solution, use the weakest concentration, if there is no effect, then gradually increase it.
  5. Be sure to turn the thing inside out. Place a cotton towel or paper under the stain, having previously folded it in several layers, and only then proceed to cleaning.

Before you start cleaning, you need to test the solution on an inconspicuous area of ​​the thing or a test piece of fabric, if any. This procedure will greatly increase the chances of not ruining the item.

You need to clean it, starting from the edges and gradually moving towards the center. Thus, there will be no streaks, and it will not blur even more.

How can you remove the newly planted at home?

If the planted spot is still fresh, it will be much easier to get rid of it than from the old one. This can be done at home, using both improvised means and chemicals.

  1. foto13811-3Salt. Regular table salt will do. It is necessary to sprinkle it on the stain and use a sponge to gently rub it into the fabric. Then leave for a while so that it absorbs all the fat.

    Then, using a soft brush, shake off the remnants, if it was not possible to remove the stain the first time, the procedure is repeated.

  2. A piece of chalk. This method is similar to the previous one, the only difference is the algorithm of use.

    Chalk does not need to be rubbed into clothes like salt, you just need to sprinkle stains on top and wait one hour. Use a damp cloth to remove any traces of chalk.

  3. Potato starch ... The method is similar to the previous one. The difference is that you need to wait less, just 15 minutes is enough. After that, the starch layer must be removed with a brush.
  4. Bread crumb ... It perfectly absorbs greasy stains. It is necessary to attach it to the contaminated area and wait until the fat is absorbed, then wash the item in the washing machine.
  5. Mustard powder ... Mix water and powder, the consistency of the mixture should be like porridge. Apply it on the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes, then gently brush it off with a soft brush.
  6. Dish detergent ... It is better to choose trusted manufacturers and not use a cheap tool. Fairy is a good choice. It copes equally well with all types of dirt, it is important that they are fresh.

    This method does not require preliminary preparations, just apply a little product to the contaminated area and use a cotton pad to rub it well into the fabric until foam forms. Soak 15 minutes and wash in warm water.

  7. Shampoo for oily hair ... This method is completely similar to the previous one. The algorithm of actions looks the same.
  8. Laundry soap . It is considered a universal means of any type of spots. The contaminated area is necessary to clean well and rub the soft sponge or cotton disk from the edge to the center. After that, leave half an hour and wash in a washing machine. To improve the effect, it is possible to sprinkle with sugar with a stain on top, but this method is not suitable for delicate tissues.
  9. Shaving foam . In the fight against fresh bold spots, the usual shaving foam fits well. Apply a layer of foam evenly through the polluted area and leave for 20 minutes. After that, post a thing in warm water.
  10. Alcohol. Suitable as amazing and ethyl. Well copes with all kinds of fresh spots, but not suitable for delicate fabrics. The stain must be well mixed with alcohol and leave for one hour, after which you can wash in warm water.

How to remove old pollution at home?

The solar traces of beckoned is much more difficult, but it is possible both with the help of breeding agents and chemicals.

  1. Brine . In the water basin, you need to add a glass of salt and stir well. Soak for 3 hours in this solution clothing, then post as usual.
  2. foto13811-5Vinegar. It will help to get rid of the juice of berries and herbs. Moisten a cotton disk by vinegar, after which you treat them stain and rinse in cold water.

    After rinse, you need to sprinkle a salt spot, it will absorb balance and will not allow the stain to break.

  3. Soda. Allows you to get rid of the traces of sweat. Mix the soda (2 tbsp.), A means for washing dishes (1 tbsp. L.) And hydrogen peroxide (4 art. L.). Apply it on the spot, wait 5 minutes and rinse with cold water.
  4. Turpentine. Mix turpentine and ammonia alcohol in proportions 1: 1. Apply on a stain, wait an hour and fold the thing in the washing machine.
  5. Dentifrice . It is necessary to apply a dental powder to the entire surface of the spot and give it to absorb. Then send a thing to a washing machine.
  6. Purified gasoline . Gasoline is able to extort any pollution. To do this, you need to apply gasoline onto a cotton disk or a piece of fabric, and thoroughly wipe the plot. After that, it remains to be wrapped in the usual way.
  7. Gasoline and starch . It is necessary to mix them to the state of thick sour cream and apply on a stain. With the help of a sponge or cotton disk, wipe the plot well, rush with warm water and comprehend in a washing machine.
  8. Glycerol. Apply a few drops on a stain and dispense your cloth or cotton disk throughout its surface. Leave for 30 minutes. After that, with the help of a fabric that absorbs moisture well, a sponge or a cotton disk remove the remnants and post as usual.
  9. Summer. It will help to cope with stains from coffee, chocolate, sweat. Mix the water and alcohol in the proportions of 2: 1, apply on a stain and wait 30 minutes. After posting a thing in warm water.
  10. Hydrogen peroxide . It will help to get rid of hot spots, tea, hair paints. Apply on a polluted piece of fabric, wipe the soft sponge and leave for 15 minutes. After that, remove the remnants of pollution and post in a washing machine.

The presented chemicals are quite aggressive, so consider the type of tissue and the concentration of the solution.

Removal from different types of fabrics

Some funds are better acting on a certain type of tissue. Next, consider what means it is better to apply for products from:

  1. foto13811-6Cotton. It helps to get rid of oily marks in cotton clothing ordinary gasoline. The remedy is very aggressive, so it is necessary to use it in small proportions.

    It is best to lightly dampen the soiled area of ​​the cloth, place a paper towel under the stain, and wait until the gasoline is absorbed.

  2. Calico. On chintz clothes, a solution of ammonia and water in a ratio of 1 to 2 will effectively get rid of a greasy stain.
  3. Synthetics. Dirt on synthetic items can be easily removed with ammonia. To do this, you need to make a solution: 1 teaspoon of ammonia in a glass of water, mix well and gently apply to the contaminated area. After that, send the item to an ironing board, cover with a cotton cloth and iron with an iron.
  4. Plush. Turpentine will help to get rid of the greasy mark on plush clothes.
  5. Atlas. Greasy stains from satin fabrics can be removed with a clear detergent. To do this, gently apply a small amount of the product to the stain and rub with a damp cotton pad until foam forms. After that, simply rinse in warm water, if the result is not satisfactory, repeat the procedure.
  6. Velvet. To remove stains from velvet clothes, ordinary bread crumb will help. It must be pressed against the soiled area of ​​the fabric and held for some time, allowing the fat to be absorbed. Then send the item to the washing machine, the stain will disappear.
  7. Knitwear. You can remove dirt on the knitted garment with soap and sugar. You need to wet the stain with hot water, soap well and sprinkle with sugar. Using a brush, rub the contaminated area for several minutes, then leave for half an hour. Then it remains only to wash the thing in the normal mode of the washing machine.
  8. Silks. Silk is considered a delicate fabric, so be careful when removing stains from silk items. A solution of glycerin, water and ammonia in proportions of 1: 1: 1 will help well in this.
  9. Polyester. The way to remove greasy marks from this type of fabric is simple. Apply potato starch to the stain, place a cotton towel on top and iron with an iron. The procedure must be repeated until the stain disappears, while adding starch.
  10. Wool. Woollens can be removed from greasy stains with refined gasoline. Lightly dampen a cotton pad, and gradually moving from edge to center of the stain, rub the product over the entire area of ​​contamination.

The tips above are general in nature. Take into account the peculiarities of each individual thing, pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations, which are indicated on the tag.

In order not to spoil the thing, first check the action of the selected product on an inconspicuous area of ​​the fabric.

What is the difference between washing white and colored fabrics?

Washing white and black items is significantly different from washing colored items. Many folk remedies are ideal for white and black clothes.

foto13811-7For example, to remove dirt on a white cloth, you can use:

  • baby powder
  • talc,
  • laundry soap,
  • ammonia,
  • brine.

They also use the steaming method using tracing paper.

Dirt on black clothes can be soaked in CocaCola or Pepsi and then send it to the washing machine. Mustard powder is also used, diluting it with water to a state of porridge and rubbing it into a greasy spot.

The situation with colored clothing is somewhat more complicated. The fact is that, unlike white and black clothes, it can lose its color, especially if aggressive chemicals are used. It may happen that when trying to clean off a greasy stain, a separate area of ​​the fabric may become more faded.

The best option for removing stains from colored clothing is a special product. Vanish is a good option.

It has a high price tag, but the line contains many products for different types of fabrics. Using this tool will safely remove greasy stains without losing the color quality of the thing.

From folk remedies, you can answer a solution of their water, salt and ammonia ... Dilute the solution in proportions 1: 1: 1. This will effectively remove oil and grease stains without damaging the fabric.

What if the item has already been washed?

foto13811-8After the stain has been planted on the clothes, it is highly discouraged to immediately throw them into the washing machine.

In most cases, this will not help get rid of the stain, but will only aggravate the situation, it not only does not wash off, but also spreads over a larger area of ​​the product.

If it happened that the thing was still washed, it's okay, this can be fixed ... First of all, you can use one of the presented methods for removing old stains.

Before that, you need to pay attention to the type of fabric and choose the appropriate method so as not to aggravate the situation even more.

If the item is expensive, it is better not to risk it at all, but to go to a dry cleaner ... It is equipped with professional equipment to remove all kinds of stains. It will cost a little more than cleaning at home, but the result is guaranteed to be positive.

You can find the maximum amount of useful information about washing clothes and various fabrics here.

Useful video

How to remove a greasy stain from clothes, video recipes:


Although at first glance it seems that the procedure for removing a grease stain is very complicated, it is not. There are many ways to get rid of pollution at home. using improvised means.

We examined most of them in detail in the article. The main thing is to follow simple rules and pay attention to the type of fabric so that the chosen method does not harm the thing.

Hello, friends! Put a greasy stain on your favorite blouse? Yes Easy! One careless movement is enough - and an oily trace already flaunts on the surface. But do not rush to send a thing dear to your heart on rags. She can certainly still be saved, and today we will learn how to remove a greasy stain from clothes.


For most women, a drop of fat that gets on an outfit causes genuine horror. And all because experienced housewives know that it is not so easy to remove pollution, and you will have to work hard.

This is because the fat penetrates into the fiber structure and, when solidified, reliably adheres to the base.

Hence the conclusion that fresh spots come off best of all. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the trouble as soon as possible. Success is almost guaranteed if you take action in the first three hours.

Do not think that adding more wash time and adding more powder will help remove the stain. On the contrary, the fat only adheres more tightly to the tissue and it will be difficult to remove it. Therefore, it is impossible to wash dirty things without preliminary treatment.

Also keep in mind that different types of materials have different ways to remove dirt.

A few words about the withdrawal procedure.

At first , any product must be applied first to a clean surface around the stain, and then to process the shiny trace, moving from the edges of the mark to the center. This will prevent contamination from spreading.

Secondly , before cleaning, it is advisable to shake off dust from the product and clean it from dry dirt with a brush.

Thirdly , before applying, any product should be tested from the seamy side on a hidden area. And only if the material has not reacted in any way, you can use the composition.

Fourth , after the manipulations, the outfit needs to be rinsed out by hand, and then it can be washed in a typewriter. This rule is especially true for solvents and strong smelling substances.

Removing fresh stains

As already mentioned, the easiest way to remove fresh dirt is when the fat has not yet had time to solidify. So how can you overcome the nasty specks? These recipes are the most effective.


This seasoning is always at hand, so it can be used as an express aid. Moreover, it works on almost any fabric, including delicate ones. It is advisable to use the same method for cleaning a bolognese jacket.

Sprinkle the stain with salt and rub it into the canvas. After that, the clothes should be allowed to lie down for a while and remove the salt. If the flaw has not disappeared, then the manipulation should be repeated. Sometimes 5-6 procedures are required.

Salt the stain itself

Bread crumb

This method is effective for plush and velvet. You need to blot the affected area with a warm bun and wash the outfit.

Dishwashing liquid

Contains components that break down fat. At the same time, it takes good care of textiles and does not destroy its fibers. Just pay attention to the color of the gel, as some dyes can remain on light suits. In such cases, you just need to dilute the composition with water and beat into a foam.

The stain should be wiped off and left for 15 minutes, then rinsed. If the flaw is gone, then you can send the thing to the machine. If not, then the procedure will have to be repeated.

Shampoo for oily hair

It also fights greasy stains, while it can also be used for delicate items. It is necessary to pour a small amount of shampoo on the fat trail and let it stand for half an hour. Then wash by hand in clean water.


Suitable for light-colored clothes, synthetics and jeans. 1 tsp dissolve ammonia in 1 glass of water and treat the stain with a cloth. Next, iron this place through paper or gauze.

a piece of chalk

Works great on natural fabrics like cotton, linen or silk. Crushed chalk is required to be poured onto the affected area and left for a couple of hours. Then shake off the powder and wash clothes.

Talc or starch

Good for wool, silk and chiffon. Sprinkle powder over the contaminated area and cover with a tissue. Use a warm iron to iron the canvas, then place something heavy on top for a few hours.

For fabrics that should not be ironed, the cleaning method is the same as for using salt.

Shaving foam

Will help out if there is a problem with the satin product. Rub the foam into the oily place and wait 10 minutes. If it does not help, then you can repeat the cleansing.

Blotting paper

A great option for any materials that are allowed to be ironed. The paper must be put on the front and back sides, and then walk over it with a hot iron. Manipulations will have to be carried out until the stain completely disappears, periodically replacing the stained paper with a new one.

Blotting paper and iron will help


Suitable even for delicate materials. Prepare a vinegar solution by mixing acid and water in a 1: 1 ratio. In this liquid, you need to soak the thing for 15 minutes, and then wash. By the way, vinegar will help remove even traces of superglue and silicone grease.

Processing of solar pollution

In the case of solar uncleanness, you will have to tinker and show perseverance. You can pre-produce steam processing: the iron is suitable with the corresponding function. If this is not, then I recommend to hold clothes over the ferry, for example, a boiling kettle. After softening fat, proceed to applying the composition. At the same time, funds should be stronger than when combating fresh marks.


He gently penetrates into the structure of the thread and therefore allowed for thin and delicate tissues. Here you can take up two options: simpler and more complicated.

The first: to smear the glycerin stains and wait 30 minutes, then flush them with a napkin.

The second: from glycerin, ammonia and water of 0.5 h. Make a mixture. It is applied to the next. Exposure time - 10 minutes.


In 1 liter of hot water, dissolve 5 tbsp. l. Salts and in this composition are soaring the evaporated clothes. She needs to take a bath before cooling the water.

Hot starch

Saves things that can not be washed: coat, shoes from suede and nubuck. Hot starch softens and absorbs old fat.

Pour hot starch onto dirt

Powder must be heated in a suitable container and pour into contamination. Under the fabric it is desirable to put a napkin. Starch as cool it is better to change.

Approximately the same effect will be, if you smear the stain with starch and hot water.

Summer Alcohol and Skipidar

Carefully relate to matter, and therefore are shown for materials exposed to molting and shrinkage.

Two ingredients should be mixed in equal parts and a cotton swab to affect the affected area. To withstand 3 hours.

Laundry soap

This is a universal assistant for any materials, including for working with colored products. Method of application: Mix the thing in water and rub to graze soap to form a white film. In this form, leave for several hours, and better at night. In the morning to lose polluted place and rinse.

Tool for washing dishes and soda

They must be mixed to get paste. It is smeared on traces and withstand for 15 minutes.


Ideal for dense dark fabrics. For manipulations fits purified gasoline.

Rag moistened in gasoline is required from the wrong side of the product. Watch disk, moistened in fuel, process the stain. As you are polluted, your cotton needs to be changed to a new one.

Another option for objects that do not tolerate washing: mix gasoline and starch and impose on a dirty place. When the mass is driving - shake and walk with a wet sponge.


Outdoor coatings and objects that do not endure contact with water. With a cotton swab, impregnated with alcohol, should be launched a stain. An hour later, two procedures should be done again. And so until the surface becomes clean.


An unexpected recipe that helps remove rigorous divorces on dark outfits. Drink need to pour into pollution and wait a couple of hours - the pop "corrosive" fat.

Coca-Cola removes greasy stains

About how not to harm down down jacket when removing stains, watch the video:

Special means

The manufacturers of household chemicals, of course, could not bypass the sideline of the removal of stains and developed a large number of stains that help to fight including fatty trails. The most famous of them:

  • Soap "Antipyatin";
  • gel vanish;
  • AMWAY spray;
  • Faberlic pencil;
  • Bleach "Bos Plus Maximum".

Using a stain remover pencil

Minus such chemicals - they are not always there at hand and are quite expensive. And the success of the Fat elimination operation often depends on how quickly the stain was processed.


Here this selection turned out. I hope some of these methods will help you get rid of unpleasant contaminants and save your favorite clothes. The beauty of most of these methods is that they are simple, and the ingredients for them will be found in every home. And you do not have to run to the store for expensive specials.

Tell us if you helped some of the described recipes? Maybe you have your own secret?

The condition of the kitchen is the face of the hostess. It is very difficult to keep it clean. Here and there are fat stains. They can be on towels, tablecloths and apron, and after eating and on clothes. The solar fat spot with fabric is quite difficult, but it will not be a sentence for expensive things. It is advisable to engage in the removal of pollution immediately, hot spars.

In order to eliminate fat stains on clothes or textiles, kitchen, it is not necessary to use expensive stains. They often spoil the fabric and do not give proper effect. Folk remedies are perfectly coping with this kind of pollution, if you start work right away.

Most effective ways to combat

How to withdraw the solar fat stain and get rid of the unpleasant smell, which method to use depends on the area of ​​pollution and fabric structure. There are the most well-known and effective methods for which no expensive funds should be purchased, they are always at hand at the hostess.

How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?
How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?

Dishwashing liquid

Eliminate the solar fat stains will help the dishwashing detergent. It is not necessary to use some kind of definite, any one will suit. It includes components designed to destroy fat. It is necessary to apply the detergent directly on the spot and wait twenty minutes. During this time, pollution becomes much smaller. After the deadline, the thing is required to soak with the addition of the same means. Water should be hot to completely dissolve the residues of fat.

If the detergent does not cope with the task, it must be mixed with soda to pasta consistency. The resulting composition needs to handle stains and leave for twenty minutes. Complete the removal process can be washing with a powder. This method is suitable for kitchen textiles and clothes from non-colored fabric regardless of its structure.

How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?
How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?

Alcohol with nasharem

If a fat stain appears on clothes, you can resort to alcohol processing. This method allows to output any contamination with tissues. It is necessary to mix alcohol with the ammonia, to handle the resulting stain and slightly lost. Then apply detergent, and after all manipulations, wash with powder. This method is suitable for both dense and delicate tissue.

How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?
How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?

Salt and soda

How to wash the fat stains of fat with salt and soda. To quickly cope with the problem being created, you need to mix two components in equal proportions. The resulting mixture is poured on pre-dipped stains on clothes. In thirty minutes, the thing is argued by hand or on a typewriter.

How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?
How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?

Vinegar and water

How to withdraw old pollution with vinegar and water. Two components are mixed in equal proportions. The resulting solution should be applied to the old fat stain from clothing for a few minutes. The result will not wait long for a long time. After five minutes, pollution is dissolved and you can start a full washing. It must be borne in mind that the vinegar aggressively affects the painted fabrics, so it is categorically not suitable for color. But for old spots on white clothes, this method is optimal.

How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?
How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?

Stain remover

How to remove greasy stains from delicate fabrics with a stain remover. This method is used for colored clothing. Before using the product, you must read the instructions. The stain remover should not contain chlorine, otherwise the dye will lose its color and the thing will have to be thrown away. It is easier to remove stale stains from white items. Bleach can be used for these purposes. Regardless of how the pollution was removed, things must be washed with powder.

How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?
How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?

How to remove stubborn grease and oil stains

It is not always possible to start washing immediately and the procedure has to be postponed until later. Time is not good for dirty things, but there are several effective ways that you can quickly remove an old greasy stain from your clothes.

Turpentine and ammonia

Old greasy stains from synthetic and natural fabrics bring many problems to housewives. Turpentine and ammonia will help to remove them. They must be mixed and applied to the place of contamination. Thirty minutes later, the clothes must be machine washed to eliminate any foreign odors. For these purposes, you also need to use an air conditioner. In order not to spoil the fabric, a test must be carried out first. You should also be careful with colored items.

How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?
How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?


How to get rid of dirt with gasoline. This method is one of the simplest. It is necessary to take gasoline, which is used to fill lighters and spray it on the stain. After fifteen minutes it will dissolve, after which you can start washing with conditioner and powder.

How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?
How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?


How to remove an old greasy stain on good, dear things with glycerin. This method will help to cope with the problem, regardless of the structure of the tissue. Glycerin will remove dirt from the sweatshirt and openwork blouse. Apply the product to old stains and leave for thirty minutes. Then the treated areas must be blotted with a dry napkin. Be sure to wash the item in a washing machine with powder and conditioner.

How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?
How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?

Ways to deal with fresh grease stains

If the question of how to remove old pollution is solved with turpentine, alcohol and ammonia, then fresh stains need their own approach. Shampoo, soap and powders will help get rid of oils and fuel oil.

How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?
How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?


To get rid of stains on clothes, you need to apply ammonia. This tool requires preliminary testing within half an hour. It can solve the problem of how to remove old and fresh dirt. The ammonia is applied directly to the stain. After fifteen minutes, the item must be machine washed. You also need to add a little ammonia to the powder. In this way, wax can be removed from synthetics and silk. After the procedure, you need to ventilate the room to get rid of the pungent odor.

How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?
How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?


Shampoo for oily hair removes fresh stains from clothing. It must be applied to the place of pollution, rubbed a little and left for thirty minutes. After the due date, the thing is stretched. In such a simple way, the question of how to get rid of oil stains at home is solved.

How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?
How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?

Powder absorbents

How to remove old greasy stains on heavily soiled clothing with absorbent powder. Starch or chalk is placed on the surface of the product. Do not smear the product so as not to increase the area of ​​contamination. After fifteen minutes, blot the stain area with a dry cloth. This solves the question of how to cleanse grease from heavily soiled clothing.

How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?
How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?

Laundry soap

How to remove a stain if there is a bar of laundry soap in the house. This remedy is able to cope with the most difficult cases, thanks to the large amount of alkali. The soap should be rubbed into the soiled area of ​​the fabric, and then the item should be soaked in soapy water overnight. In the morning, you can rub a little stain and wash the product. To eliminate the smell, you need to place the item in the typewriter. Conditioner will help soften the fabric. If you have laundry soap at hand, then the question of how to remove stains is solved by itself.

How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?
How to quickly and effectively wash the fat stain without resorting to the services of dry cleaning?

Knowing how to remove stubborn oil and grease stains, the hostess will be able to keep her kitchen clean. Clothes will not go to the trash can or to the dacha. Everything will shine with pristine purity and freshness.

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Oily marks on things are not an exception, but a pattern. Let's not be upset over trifles! Open this page soon and read how to remove a greasy stain on clothes at home. Without undue modesty, I will say: ALL recipes are collected here.

Popular recipes for fat on things

How to remove any greasy stain from any fabric, clothing?
"Honey, oink-oink!"

Try to get rid of the stain on your favorite clothes as soon as possible. And improvised means from the first aid kit, kitchen cabinet, bathroom will help with this. Here's how wipe off a greasy stain on clothes using simple but proven and reliable means:

  • dishwashing gel ... Usually they recommend such names: "Fairy" ("Ferry", Fairy), "Frosh" (Frosh), but I used the cheaper gel "Gala", it also helps. Particularly praised is the version of this product - "Gala lemon". Treat the greasy spot with gel by rubbing it gently with your finger. Throw in the car. While you are preparing the rest of the things, pouring in the powder, the agent will just work and will not spoil anything. Start washing. If you wash by hand, 5-6 minutes is enough for the effect, otherwise this place can be bleached. The method is suitable even for nylon tights, polyester and the like;

Advice from Chistula. Using inexpensive gels, sprinkle with baking soda on top to enhance the effect of the dishwashing detergent.

  • edible salt ... Dampen the stain with warm water. Sprinkle heavily with salt and rub lightly into the cloth. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash;
  • salt + baking soda ... Mix the components in equal proportions, dilute with warm water to the consistency of gruel. An important condition is not to rub, because salt can damage matter;
  • table vinegar 9% + water ... Fashion for light colored clothes. Mix both ingredients in equal parts. Apply to pollution. Leave it for 20 minutes. The stain will begin to disappear before our eyes.

Advice from Chistula. Washing correctly and without harm to things will help special signs for washing on clothing tags.

Fresh grease stains: how to remove them?

Try to do the thing while the greasy blot hasn't aged yet. Here's how to remove a greasy stain while it's still fresh:

  • ammonia 10% ... Aggressive product that can bleach fabrics. Conduct a preliminary test (more on that below). If the item passes the test, apply ammonia to the dirty area and wait 15-20 minutes. Rinse and wash;
  • absorbents ... Sprinkle generously with one of the means of contamination. Cover with a napkin. Place the load and leave it on for 30 minutes. Shake off the powder. If the stain has not gone away yet, repeat. Then wash your clothes;

Advice from Chistula. Absorbents are powders that absorb vegetable and other fat well. The list includes starch, soda, talc, baby powder, crushed chalk, tooth powder, white clay (kaolin). They are used before removing the fat. Try it!

  • shampoo for oily hair . Apply it undiluted. Apply some amount on the stain and vary. Leave for 15-20 minutes and throw in the washer;
  • Fresh lemon juice . Dropped right on clothes, Fresh is able to cope with light pollution. The recipe is good for dense sportswear, sweatshirts, etc.;
  • soap (Economic, Harvest, "Antipyatin"). Named stain, then lower the clothes in the warm soap water. Leave for the night. Or put the shredded thing in a plastic bag, hermetically tying. In the morning, all this disgrace is walked. Good luck!

Tip from Clastic. The ammonia alcohol has a very caustic smell. If you breathe his pairs, you can get a mucosa burn. In no case do not a snack outdoor bubble and hold ammonia away from the nose.

Video. Experiment: remove the stains of the ten-year old

Stained stains of fat, how to wash?

Most often, we notice the trouble when the thing is witched, dried and lies on the ironing board. By this time, the fat fat managed, as it should, absorb. Especially often such stories happen to kitchen towels . How and how to wash the solar fat blot without harm to clothes? Take advantage of a heavy weapon of experienced owners:

  • Purified gasoline . It is easy to buy in departments for smokers - purified gasoline refuel lighters. Abundantly smell stain to the means, leave for 15-20 minutes. Put;

Tip from Clastic. Removing spots with acetone or turpentine gasoline or turpentine, first the cloth around the stains are wetted with water. Then processed pollution with the selected tool. Precautions will prevent the formation of a circle around the stain.

  • glycerol . It turns out that this medication is useful not only for the skin, but also for clothes. Slightly heated in the water bath glycerin apply to oil bliss. Leave for 20 minutes. Drain this place with soap;
  • mustard . It is suitable for dry powder and ready-made seasoning without additives. The powder will have to dilute to the consistency of Cashitz. Apply all this beauty for fat, Vieri. After 30 minutes we rinse in warm water and post. Be careful - mustard can leave specific divorces on dark clothing. Need a test;
  • salt . Also, the old fat can be softened, I feel in hot brine. Solvent in liter of hot water 5 tbsp. Salt spoons. If the thing is big, increase the proportion. Zamchi clothes in this solution. Periodically three dirty place with hands. Put.

Tip from Clastic. Pressure oily trace pre-treated steam. Or put the thing between two layers of loose white paper and swallow the iron, periodically replacing the paper on clean. After that, use any other method - on preheated fat, it will work faster and more efficient.

If even these funds do not take a stain, you should apply recipes from Yellow spots of unknown origin , you are waiting for a lot of utilities!

Video. How to withdraw old fat stain

Extreme and unusual fat methods

Suitable for such a tissue that is not afraid of the ammonia or boiling. This is usually clothes made of natural fabrics. For example, jeans. Before starting to test for the stability of the paint to the bleach and read the birch: will it withstand a high temperature? Choose, how can you wash the fat stains from the clothes conveniently:

  • Summer Alcohol 10% + Skipidar . Let me remind you that the ammonia (he is ammonia) often whiten the fabrics. Just below, I will tell you how to do the test. If the test has passed successfully, smem stain with a mixture (1: 1) from both substances. Leave for 30-40 minutes. Then carefully wipe the victim "skirt" with a good powder;
  • edible salt (or starch). Here's how to remove greasy stains from jeans with this simple remedy. Pour 150 g of the substance into a liter of boiled water. Stir and put contaminated clothing in the same place. Hold until the water is warm, then three spots with a brush, or with your hands;
  • hair spray ... Spray it on the dirt. Try not to get into neighboring areas. When the varnish has soaked into the fabric, cover the area with a napkin and press lightly. After 15-20 minutes wash this place with soap. Then wash the whole thing;
  • aspirin ... Crush an acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) tablet. Dilute with warm water to a gruel consistency. Rub on the stain. Leave it on for 30-40 minutes, covered with plastic, so it doesn't dry out. The acid in the pill whitens the fabric. But this medication is especially effective for blood stains .
  • magnesia + medical ether ... Mix 100 grams of each product. Wet the stain liberally. Leave it on until the ether smell is gone. Wash.

Advice from Chistula. Here's how to wash milk, mayonnaise. Grease that gets on your clothes while eating will easily remove the borax solution. This miracle is sold in pharmacies. Stir a tablespoon of the product in a liter of warm water. Soak the thing. Give it a little sour and wash it.

Different types of tissue and fat

How many fabrics, so many recipes, because each material has its own character. How to remove greasy stains on jeans (denim), tulle, organza and other things?

Light fabrics

Prepare a mixture unappetizing for fat from crushed chalk and refined gasoline (we need the thickness of the gruel). Apply to problem area of ​​clothing, rub lightly with your finger. Leave it on for a few hours. Gently brush off any remaining chalk. Wash in warm water and soap.

This can be used to wash the cook's clothes, tablecloths, bedding, thin linen and fabrics that should not be rubbed vigorously.

Any color fabric

Mix 1 teaspoon each of ammonia and dish detergent. Dilute with 0.5 cups of warm water. Treat the stain, cover with blotting paper and iron with a not very hot iron.

Cotton (cotton, cotton), linen

Seemingly so democratic, this fabric is very reluctant to give up dirt. Sweeten his life generously before wiping off grease stains on cotton clothes. Lather the oil blot with laundry soap and sprinkle with sugar. Leave to act for 30-40 minutes, covered with polyethylene.

Denim is especially capricious - you can never guess whether the fabric will lighten or not. Therefore, when washing jeans, the method with absorbents (see above), dish gel, and laundry soap is especially convenient.


Knitted fabrics are cleaned with medical alcohol (vodka) and fine edible salt. Soak the contaminated area of ​​the cloth in alcohol, spread it on a hard surface. Add a thick layer of salt. Cover with a napkin, put the load. Leave it overnight. Shake off the salt and wash in the morning.

Delicate fabrics

Synthetics, chiffon, satin and other delicate fabrics are easily damaged by washing. But the alkalis, which are part of the laundry (or bile) soap, can quickly, gently and effectively dissolve the oil trail. Dampen a cloth and soap with lukewarm water. Densely soapy contaminated area. Leave to sour overnight. Then wash.

Recipes for capricious fabrics will help you figure out how to remove a greasy stain from trousers so as not to spoil the dress fabric.

how can you remove a greasy stain
It is especially difficult for Chistula in the kitchen ...

Silk fabrics

Mix glycerin (1 tablespoon), ammonia (0.5 tablespoons), water (1 tablespoon). Apply to dirt with a cotton pad. Rinse after 10 minutes. The method is also effective for stains from cosmetics and cream.


Tooth powder, chalk, soda, talc will come in handy. Dust the stain generously with any of these products. Rub gently into the fibers with a soft brush (you can use a toothbrush). Cover with a paper napkin and lightly walk with a warm iron. Put the load on and leave it overnight. Shake out in the morning, wash with soap, rinse.

Velvet, plush

These delicate, vulnerable materials are cleaned with fresh bread. Form a ball of pulp and roll it over the spot. The bread will absorb the oil molecules.

If the bread crumb fails, use turpentine. With this tool, you can safely wash a colored dressing gown, home suits. The recipe is described just above.

Skin, dermantin

The most suitable remedy is onion juice. You can squeeze it through the garlic and rub it in with a cotton pad. If the stain is small, an onion cut in half is enough. Rub the trail with a damp cut. Refresh the cut periodically to keep the juice flowing out. After cleansing, wipe the problem area with a damp cloth.

After cleansing, the skin will acquire a characteristic onion scent. It is easy to get rid of it by rubbing this place with a lemon wedge. Or fresh zest (after all, lemon juice can whiten the skin).

Tulle curtains

Curtains, curtains in the kitchen often suffer from greasy splashes. So, if you fry fish, sizzling drops cannot be avoided. How to remove old greasy stains from delicate tulle? Use the ammonia recipe. Why dissolve 2 tablespoons of ammonia 10% in warm water and treat the contamination.

How to wash, wash from different clothes, objects

The choice of product depends on the fabric from which the item is sewn. You can easily choose a recipe from the previous sections of this article. For the convenience of the ever-hurrying hostesses, I list suitable methods here. What's dirty? Bologna jacket, raincoat, woolen jacket? Or jeans, pants, T-shirt, T-shirt?

how to wash, wash away grease stains
For effective fat removal, arm yourself with ... dish gel!

To figure out how to remove greasy stains from jeans, you should try your chosen product on a hidden area of ​​the fabric.


As they say, dresses are different. Too different! Chiffon beauty, guipure, linen, woolen ... Therefore, choose the washing method according to the type of fabric. Well, there are plenty of recipes here.

Underwear, spandex

Elastic bands of bras, panties, sexy belts often get dirty in places where they rub against the skin. They become greasy and difficult to wash due to the roughness and, at the same time, the delicacy of the fabric. The same recipes are suitable as for tulle (see above). Washable spandex is also here.

Raincoat, down jackets

Dish gel will save the outerwear. Including if the sleeves or collar are greasy, as well as the fastener and pockets. Remember, however, that even a cheap dish detergent can bleach fabrics. And outerwear, as a rule, is dyed with not very persistent dyes.

Gasoline, kerosene, acetone, nail polish remover also help. Only cleaned products will do (not from the gas tank). Already when washing in a machine, throw a couple of tennis balls into the drum - this way the synthetic winterizer does not fall off, remaining the same.

Advice from Chistula. Greasy places are usually well washed with soap. I just moisten it with water and lather such dirt. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes, putting the thing directly into the washing machine. And then I calmly start the wash. All the dirt goes away, like a pretty one. She just has nowhere to go. The same goes for a cap, baseball cap.

Cushioned furniture

Absorbents are suitable for quick removal. Sprinkle a stain, a cloth with a napkin. Put the load and leave overnight. Remains of stying agents. If necessary, repeat again.

Other Sofa Cleaning Methods, Chairs And so on. They will help to cope with any pollution. Do not miss interesting info!


No less furniture suffers from the floor. Rather soft coatings - carpet, Palace. Here will help conventional wood sawdust and purified gasoline. Middle of gasoline sawdust, embankment on a stain. We cover a newspaper and on top. Favorite Music Gury. Leave for the night. Collect sawdust broom. Put. If necessary, repeat again and again. Sawdles are easy to find in pet stores.

Also well works fine salt and alcohol. Moch stain with alcohol. Cool sustain. Sharp cloth. Give it off. Sweep salt in Scoop. Clean the problem space brush.

Tip from Clastic. For upholstered furniture and palace, the test for the stability of the tissue, paint is also very relevant.

To clean the palace and other coatings correctly, you need to have at hand All ways to remove stains from carpet . Go through the link. It is very useful!

how to remove a greasy stain with bread
It turns out, breadfall can help!

Backpack, Bags

Remove the remains of fat with a wet cloth. Take advantage of the power of absorbents - starch, talca, etc. Inject any powder with water to consistency sour cream and apply to a fat trail. Give things a little "relax". When the moisture is absorbed, and the substance will begin to dry out, the shabby of the powder residues. Dry and swelling the white track with a dry brush.

Tip from Clastic. In this case, the chalk, dental powder I do not recommend - it is too difficult to put out the residual white trail made of dense backpack fabric.

Onion juice will also save his beloved thing. Pour bulb in half. Lock juice into a contaminated area. After a couple of minutes, nothing will remain from the stain. Soothed onion trail clean warm slightly damp cloth.


It happens, it's a pity to the tears, which the rector is waiting for tomorrow. Or the report that wrote all night. Choose Recipe for the removal of oily and other spots with paper By visiting the page with the most interesting article!

P. S. I do not see sense to duplicate the info here. Just go on the link.

Shoes, suede, nubuck

Heats on a clean dry starch and sprinkle stroke. First, the starch softens fat, then starts to absorb it gradually. When this portion cools, change it to a new one. Do so while pollution disappears. Whether the problem is very wet, then a dry napkin. Double to brush in the direction of the pile.

Video. Check myths about the removal of stains from clothes

A similar way can be removed even "killed" apron. The author of the roller applies sunflower oil. Really curious.

SOS: How to save clothes from fat on a visit?!

Quickly absorbed the fat small salt, chalk. Just smuggling clothes on a flat surface and sprinkle with one of the substances. Salt is an indispensable rescue, if you are visiting, in nature. Fast and effectively!

And then take breadfish without a crust, form the ball and apply it to the fat trail, pressing, each time turning the "kolobka" with clean sidelines. Bread, as it turns out, active and active absorbent.

Bacheloy manners

If you are a hungry man and dropped in a hurry on the best cheburek shirt, do not say "Fava", but just read these recipes. They are taken from the men's forums who have not yet acquired a housewife or live near Mom.

Method number 1

I really like men, saving clothes with your own hands.

  1. It will take a shaving foam. No foam?! Take gel for shaving.
  2. Varya means in a stain, leave for 10-15 minutes. Hands this place with hands. If the stain seems too big and terrible to you, repeat a couple more times. The main thing, do not wipe the hole.
  3. Throw clothing into a washing machine. Flush powder, run washing. You can add any other things to the shirt. In short, further erase, as usual.
  4. Curtain.
How can you remove greasy stains from clothes with Coca Cola
... And our cute men remove the coca rust with bolts

Method number 2.

Here is another way that men praise in vain. They say this method takes even a machine oil that has happened to once white clothes.

You need to boil 5 liters of water, add 2 tbsp. Spoons of washing powder and 1 tbsp. Spoon of synthetic (!) Car oil. Lower the fire to a minimum and keep the whole "cold" on the stove for another 30-40 minutes. Take and carefully rolling the victim. Do not burn, be careful.

What is the essence of the idea? Oil dissolves oil. And the powder disrupts. Girls, the boys are all on science. Something like this.

Method number 3.

Men will like it only for the idea. It is necessary to laugh in the stain of the beer foam. Beer is absorbed deep into the cloth, dissolving oil. It remains only to wash clothes with powder or soap.

Method number 4.

I liked most of all my aesthetics and accessibility. You must use the shampoo for washing the car's salon. It is soft enough to fabric, but harsh to fat means.

Method number 5.

Processing fat trail with automotive lubrication WD-40. After 30 minutes, put in warm water. Lubrication will help to wash the stains from such fat like machine oil, gasoline, etc. Garage panties.

Method number 6.

I swear, the author and this recipe is a man. Feeling a harsh male approach to business! Pour in the pelvis "Coca Cola." There is a victim's injured thing. Leave for 3 hours. Put.

I wonder if the "Coca" can not be covered with clothes of light color in the redhead? I somehow fearless. And you?

laundry soap for grease stains
Economic Soap - the most eco-friendly detergent

What are fat spots on clothes?

The statute of limitations plays a decisive role in this case. For example, I easily disrupt fatty traces with the help of an ordinary soap (children's, economic), "Galya". Enough how to wash everything and lose. Give back. Throw back. Wash And things like new.

  • Fresh spots of fat . Those who are not more than 3 hours. They are easy to remove even a simple - children's or economic - soap.
  • Employed spot . Next, the speck becomes appeared. Fat molecules penetrate deep into the fabric. Perhaps they will have to wash several times. And, of course, will have to apply special means.
  • Alpat stain . As a rule, they are either manifested later (after all, not all oil spots, the mistress notices immediately). Or these are the things that postponed to wash down. It is very difficult to cope with a long and pollution. Especially if the iron went on them. Multiple covers + folk remedies helps to get rid of the rack of the dirt that began to fork. But even then yellow divorces can be left on clothes and even clarified places, divorces, stains. That is why with fat you need to fight as quickly as possible.

The whole arsenal of the funds listed in this huge article will help you cope with any kind of fat spots. Choose a suitable way, how to wash the old fat stain from any kind of fabric! If the oily track left a candle, the cleansers have recipes and in this case.

How to remove a greasy stain correctly

  1. Clean your clothes from dust, litter. Otherwise, you will add dirty, stubborn streaks to the oily trail. A dry brush will come in handy for this.
  2. Make sure first that in front of you really greasy spot , and not any other. How to do this is described in detail in the corresponding article. Follow the link directly.
  3. Cover the fresh stain with a paper napkin and gently press in with your hand. Do not smear grease on adjacent fabrics. You can put a load on top and leave it for a while. Change the napkin periodically to a clean one.
  4. When handling dirt, move from the edges to the center.
  5. Place a plank wrapped in a clean cloth under the soiled layer of clothing - this will prevent grease and stain removers from reaching clean areas. This tip is relevant for pants, sleeves, and other "tubular" clothing that cannot be unfolded.
  6. Place clothes that can be laid out in one layer on a hard surface. For example, on a table covered with a paper towel.
how to wash oil stains correctly
By improperly treating the stain, you can make it "eternal"

Fatal mistakes in the fight against fat on clothes

  1. Do not iron greasy oily traces with an iron. So the fat will "bake", quickly turn yellow and it will be almost impossible to wash it off.
  2. Do not exceed the dosage of the ingredients indicated in the recipe. It is more correct to increase it gradually, bringing the recipe to the desired consistency.
  3. Washing in cold water, although not as critical as an iron, is also not very useful. You probably know that fat melts in warmth and is easier to wash off. And in cold water, oil, on the contrary, dubs.
  4. When treating stains with extreme treatments, wear rubber gloves. Air the room or go outside.
  5. White items are washed better, but may turn yellow. Use the "services" of salt, ammonia. To remove yellowness, at the next wash of the mold, a little ammonia diluted with water into the washing machine;
  6. Colored things can also lose color - as if to fade. To remove greasy marks from dyed fabrics, it is appropriate to use dish gel, soap, and a delicate stain remover. Check the durability of the fabric with a special test.
  7. You should not try to independently remove fat, which has already begun to eat in, an expensive thing. Better to go to dry cleaning.

TEST for the resistance of clothes to processing

Perform both tests before removing the oil trail:

Fastness of paint

  1. Choose an inconspicuous place on your clothes: the inside of the pocket, the indentation at the seams or cuffs, the inside of the collar, a spare piece of fabric that some conscientious manufacturers still sew on. Or, in the end, test on another - similar in structure - fabric.
  2. Apply the product of your choice and leave it on for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Evaluate the result: if nothing happened to the fabric, you can safely wash the whole thing.

Durability of fabric

  1. Read what is written on the label. As a rule, there is indicated the temperature that is acceptable for the given fabric.
  2. However, it happens that the information does not correspond to reality and the iron, boiling spoil the clothes. Therefore, first set the iron to 1.5-2 modes and carefully try to iron it from the inside out. Gradually increase the heat of the Teflon soleplate of the iron, each time moving the toggle switch by 0.5 setting.
  3. Synthetics, natural and artificial silk, wool are afraid of boiling. They either “sit down” or become like a “reaper” cloth that cannot be smoothed out anymore. Just imagine your favorite blouse to the deceased ... Don't be so ...

Overview of ready-to-use grease stain removers

The funds listed below have received numerous positive reviews from hostesses. They are used to wash away stains that have refused to be washed with home remedies. Do you have your own recipe? Share with us in the comments!

  • Vanish gel
  • stain remover "Stork"
  • stain remover "Eared nanny"
  • soap "Antipyatin"
  • Pasta-7
  • bilious soap
  • "Bos plus Maximum"
  • "Sorbent"
  • "Agidel"
  • "Minute"
  • "Elta"


how to erase greasy marks correctly and effectively
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