How to bring a girl to orgasm: quickly, with the help of hands and other ways to bring a woman to ecstasy

Men in sex strive not only to satisfy their nature, but also to help a woman to have pleasure. It is not so easy to bring a girl to orgasm; many women prefer to simulate the peak of pleasure. Female sexuality works differently than male sexuality. Therefore, each representative of the stronger sex must master certain techniques.

Ways to quickly bring a girl to ecstasy and orgasm

Popular myths

Due to the lack of competent sex education, people are influenced by different stereotypes. The main source of information is erotic and pornographic films and literature. As a result, it seems that the main tool of a man is his large penis. The second popular myth is the duration of intercourse. There are many questionable drugs on sale that allow you to have sex for hours. But this does not always allow you to bring the girl to a blackout.

Popular myths about sex

In the cinema, there are enough "cardboard" lovemaking ... Ardent confessions of feelings, clothes quickly flying to the floor, a couple of frictions - and a joint orgasm. This is not the case in real life. In order for a guy to enjoy himself, he first needs to focus on his feelings and only then on his partner. Women can experience 2-3 orgasms in one intercourse, while a man will do it only once.

The biggest misconception is the belief that a woman needs penetrative sex for pleasure.

In fact, only 15% of the fairer sex can end up like this. The rest does not feel good. To reach the body, they need clitoral stimulation. Therefore, a man should understand that in order to bring to orgasm, you do not need to do the maximum amount of friction, you need to change the pressure point.

Preparatory stage

If a guy wants to bring a girl to ecstasy, he needs to study in detail the anatomy of the genitals. Few of the stronger sex will correctly name the location of the clitoris and its features. Therefore, the study of female physiology is very important - it will allow you to understand the mechanics of the process.

Spontaneous sex is often promoted in films. Sometimes this can be practiced, but it is better to agree in advance about a spicy continuation. Perhaps the girl will prepare for the exam or she is not feeling well. Therefore, it is better to know her plans in advance.


Get rid of stress. For most people, stress relieves the likelihood of pleasure. It is worth preparing for a woman:

  • warm bath;
  • sweets and snacks;
  • glass of wine.

You can find out in advance a list of necessary things to create a comfortable environment. Some people like the twilight and slow music, others like a hearty dinner and a relaxing massage. Relaxation should be taken from 20 to 60 minutes.

For women, context matters, i.e. external circumstances ... Everyone has their own mood for intimacy. It is desirable to create an erotic atmosphere - twilight, a straightened bed, etc. A man should first take a shower, since a bad-smelling body will not be attractive.

Warming up features

You can quickly bring a girl to orgasm by paying attention to warming up. There is no rush - you need to devote time to foreplay. On average, this takes 20 minutes. The partner may like different influences, and it is better to learn it empirically.

This stage is needed to excite and generate a sufficient amount of lubricant. ... You can use kisses - persistent, delicate, teasing. You need to caress any parts of the body that are not covered by clothes - neck, parts of the face, hands.

Features of warming up before sex

Stroking through your clothes leads to more arousal. The main thing is not to rush to get naked, but in this form, lie on the bed and caress each other.

After a while, you can start undressing. The man caresses the woman's breasts, massages the nipples, squeezes it slightly with his hands. Sometimes tingling, rolling with fingers, sipping is allowed.

To bring a woman to orgasm, it is not necessary to immediately go down to her feet. Changing the site of exposure warms up well. Therefore, you can run your hand over your thighs, and then immediately switch to the neck. Such a trick will provoke a partner.

Some lovers enjoy bathing or showering together. The main thing is not to refuse to fulfill the fantasy - this allows you to better feel each other.

Stimulating the clitoris

This is the key to quality sex. It depends on the caresses of this area whether a woman can achieve orgasm. It takes 15 to 45 minutes to reach ecstasy. The clitoris is a delicate organ. Therefore, you need to start with barely noticeable touches. It is best to act with the whole brush, gradually increasing the pressure.

Each woman has different nerve endings. Sensitivity depends on the day of the menstrual cycle. In the process, a man should definitely ask about feelings. Short phrases are enough:

  • "Do you like it?";
  • "Fit?";
  • "What is better to do?"

Questions during sex

It is normal to discuss such issues during sex. This will allow partners to better know each other's characteristics. There is another way of stimulation - the man puts his hand over the woman's hand. She shows with her fingers which caresses she likes (location, pressure, intensity), and all that remains is to repeat them.

It is important to listen to your partner. Her rapid breathing, moans and requests to continue will indicate an imminent orgasm. If the girl does not show emotions, you need to change affection.


Clitoral stimulation does not have to be combined with penetration. For some, this is enough for pleasure. Before intercourse itself, you need to make sure there is a sufficient amount of lubrication. If it is not enough, you must use a special tool. Do not neglect this, as otherwise the movements will hurt.

During vaginal sex, you need to take a certain position in which the pubes will touch, and the frictions are produced in the form of sliding, not jerking. All this will effectively stimulate the clitoris and help the woman achieve orgasm.


In the process, you can say obscenities, compliments, comment on the process. It makes you want and heightens arousal. You can combine sexual intercourse with manual massage of the clitoris. To do this, it is better to put the woman on her knees, let her hands rest against the headboard. A man needs to stand behind her and penetrate her, gently caressing her clitoris with his hand. This combination will most likely lead to ecstasy.

Sometimes it is helpful to interrupt intercourse and be distracted by other caresses. Kisses, strokes will only provoke you. A little rest will increase the sensitivity.

Possible mistakes

It is difficult for women to get an orgasm due to the peculiarities of physiology. More often than not, the cause lies in tension and fatigue. If a lady's thoughts are busy with an unprepared dinner or financial issues, then there can be no question of any orgasm.

The lack of normal enlightenment on an intimate topic has generated the existence of a set of stereotypes. Partners are shy to talk to each other and learn from various techniques. As a result, their sexual life is deprived of pleasure. The stimulation of the clitoris can be carried out not only with your fingers, but also by the language.

Intimate toys

Some pairs for diversity will need special toys. They are sold in specialized stores in the assortment. With their help, it is possible to improve sensitivity, give the sharpness of the process.

Sometimes a man does not understand that the physiology of the girl works differently. She needs more time to excite, prepare for sexual intercourse. Rough and spontaneous sex is suitable for films. In other cases, he brings discomfort.

If it is impossible to bring a woman to orgasm, then you should not be upset. It is important to make sure that she was pleasant and she enjoyed. You can tactfully offer to try new poses or technology.

Relatively recently, scientists have established that about a third of all women with intimate relationships do not receive due sexual discharge. But this is not a reason to accuse your partner in frigidity. In fact, the "floor coldness" is quite a serious illness and is extremely rare.

In all other cases, bring the woman to ecstasy is quite possible, but this process requires knowledge of certain features of the structure of the female body, as well as possible ways to bring the girl to the peak of sexual pleasure.

A few words about the anatomy

How to bring a woman to ecstasy: the secrets of mastery

Ecstasis is the "climax" of intimate proximity, as a result of which the partner achieves the highest sexual pleasure. This state, according to experts, is a special physiological mechanism, which from increasing sexual energy can block the work not only the nervous, but also the endocrine system. According to the intensity of influence on the physical condition of a person, the "sex" explosion can be compared with an epileptic attack.

However, it is worth understanding that this experience includes two components:

  • Physiological - sensations that arise when stimulating the genital partner bodies;
  • Emotional - psychological experiences arising at the time of sexual intercourse.

Both factors are very closely related, and if some of them "lags behind" in the process of intimate proximity, the climax may not come.

Types of orgasms in women

How to bring the girl to ecstasy? Before answering this question, it is worth considering the main types of orgasms that a woman may experience.

These include:

  • Genital. This type of sexual enjoyment is the most common and appears as a result of a reduction in the smooth muscles in the field of pelvis. Such a "climax" lasts only a few seconds, but brings a partner enough bright and strong impressions.

Conditionally genital orgasm shares several categories:

  • vaginal;
  • uterine;
  • clitoral.
  • Chest. A rather rare type of peak pleasure, which is most often manifested by a partner engaged in sexual practitioners. As a rule, breast ecstasy comes against the background of genital or uterine sexual discharge;
  • Ecstasy of the whole body. It is a "true" ecstasy to which absolutely all women seek. As a result of the peak "boom", the partner feels physical and psychological pleasure over several minutes.

Unfortunately, not all women are capable of experiencing all three types of ecstasy. However, to solve this problem will help sexual practices that make women "listen" to the desires of their own bodies.

Steps to Orgasm

How to 100% bring a woman to ecstasy?

Unfortunately, most men mistakenly believe that an intimate act is a set of chaotic manipulations, as a result of which a woman can achieve relaxation. In fact, the mechanism for bringing a partner to true sexual pleasure is rather "strict". And in order to make a woman experience the best moments of peak pleasure, a man's sexual energy must be used wisely.

Reputable sexologists and specialists engaged in research in the field of human reproductive activity argue that it is possible to bring a partner to ecstasy 100% if a certain algorithm of actions is followed:

  • Relaxation. The partner can fully concentrate on the process only in conditions that are comfortable for her: a sufficient level of trust in the partner, an intimate atmosphere in the room with the presence of romantic attributes (candles, relaxing music);
  • Excitation. It is necessary to bring the girl to the climax from the very beginning, therefore, it is impossible to do without foreplay (kisses, strokes);
  • Stimulation of erogenous zones. After the girl has accumulated sufficient sexual potential, you need to "force" her to ejaculate, resorting to stimulating the erogenous zones;
  • Intercourse. In fact, it is a continuation of the third stage and allows you to bring your partner to genital ecstasy.

Please note that you cannot go to the fourth stage through the "quantum leap". And this is not due to some ephemeral norms of decency. The female body does not physically have time to prepare for direct sexual intercourse, which can cause pain during intercourse with a partner. And in such a situation, there is no need to talk about at least some sexual satisfaction of a woman.

Squirting ecstasy, what is it?

Squirting is a special orgasmic state of a woman, which is accompanied by the release of a liquid secretion. According to statistics, about 70% of women are skeptical about this type of satisfaction, considering it dubious and aesthetically unattractive. Some people even believe that this is a form of sexual perversion and therefore flatly refuse to practice this with their partner.

Doctors say that squirt is a normal reaction of the body to achieving sexual release, as a result of which, instead of ejaculate, there is an unintentional secretion of urine. How can you bring a woman to jet ecstasy? There is a certain technique, thanks to which you can bring a girl to squirting ecstasy.

It includes several stages, namely:

  • An indispensable attribute of any intimate relationship is foreplay, which makes lovers feel strong sexual attraction to each other. At the same time, it will take a lot of time to caress to make your partner relax;
  • Then you will have to "work" with the G-spot, but for this it is better not to use any intimate toys. As they say, everything is in your hands, or to be more precise, in your fingers;
  • Now the Graffenberg button has come. If this is the first time you hear such a "curse", do the following: insert your finger into the vagina, placing your hand palm up. Move a couple of centimeters beyond the G point and move your fingers from side to side, but with a small amplitude;
  • As a result of such manipulations, the "button" G will be bloodshot. After that, speed up the movement of your finger a little. As a result of such stimulation, the girl "risks" feeling squirt-ecstasy.

Important Tips

If you have never brought your partner to a jet orgasm before, you should familiarize yourself with some of the "preparatory" steps:

  • Before starting "work", be sure to trim your nails so that during stimulation the girl does not experience pain;
  • Be sure to purchase a special lubricant to ensure painless penetration into the vagina;
  • For a girl to ejaculate on a bed other than your love bed, be sure to prepare towels.

How can you bring a wife to ecstasy?

There is no universal recipe for bringing a partner to physical and emotional relaxation.

But taking into account some general features of the structure of the female body, it is possible to understand the principles of the "climax" mechanisms that will allow you to get to know your partner better than to give him sexual pleasure.

Greetings, dear readers! Sex has long ceased to be solely a means of procreation. He is a source of pleasure and incredible enjoyment. Although in this intimate business everything usually happens intuitively, I advise you to study the theory and learn how to have sex before practice. A man usually has no problem reaching orgasm. But when he has a lover, or he just wants to become a first-class lover, he may have a question, but how to bring a girl to orgasm. Dear ladies, do not rush to interrupt your reading, the article has a lot of interesting things for you.

It is unlikely that family life will last happily ever after if the wife is consistently unsatisfied with sex. And by the way, the female orgasm depends not so much on the woman herself, but on the man, his attitude towards her and skill in bed. If you want to take your chosen one to the pinnacle of pleasure, read on.

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Female Orgasm Myths

To help your woman achieve orgasm, you need to understand how it occurs. And for this, we will first say goodbye to the following stereotypes.

  1. A woman can only get an orgasm during penetrative sex. Unfortunately for the male half of the population, only 15% of women are able to experience an orgasm as a result of traditional intercourse. The remaining 85% require clitoral stimulation. Therefore, when masturbating, women practically do not use vibrators.
  2. The onset of orgasm depends on the duration of intercourse. A woman can come even during very fast and intense sex. If before that she was aroused to the limit, and the man knew what, where and how to stimulate. And when the opposite is true, then even the longest sex and the maximum number of frictions will not save the situation. The partner will quickly get tired of everything, she will get tired or even fall asleep right during the action.
  3. The more masculine, the higher the likelihood of having an orgasm. Another misconception based on the male ego. Penis size doesn't really matter. For a woman, it is much more important how a man treats her, whether he cares about her. But in second place is his sexual skill and ability to wield his instrument. The main source of female pleasure is the clitoris. Therefore, in order to make the girl cum, the pressure point must be changed. And this can be done with dignity of any size.

Types of female orgasm

Let's plunge a little into physiology. The female body is more complex than the male. Hence, there are several types of orgasm that she can experience:

  • clitoral;
  • vaginal;
  • uterine;
  • jet.

The bulk of the fair sex most often experiences a clitoral orgasm. It is achieved by stimulating the clitoris. The easiest way to do this is with your fingers or tongue. This organ is located quite far from the vagina - at the point of convergence of the labia minora. There are more than 8,000 nerve endings on the clitoris. About the same as on the head of the male member. And since the clitoris itself is small, then their concentration is higher. This makes the clitoris the main erogenous zone and allows you to bring the girl to orgasm without penetration. At the same time, she can calmly remain a virgin.

Vaginal orgasm can be experienced during intercourse if the G-spot is stimulated. This mysterious point, or rather the area, is located on the front wall of the vagina, approximately 3-4 cm from the entrance. In a calm state, this tubercle is practically not palpable. But during sexual arousal, when blood rushes to the genitals, it swells and becomes rough, resembling a walnut to the touch.

Quite a rare uterine orgasm, some girls can experience during intercourse, when a sensitive area near the cervix is ​​stimulated.

A jet orgasm (squirt) is the most powerful sensory orgasm a girl can experience. It is characterized by the fact that at the peak of sexual satisfaction in a woman, a milky-white liquid is injected from the paraurethral glands. They are also called Skene's glands, they are located in the area of ​​the G-spot. This phenomenon itself is called squirting, or female ejaculation. However, nature has not endowed all women with the ability to ejaculate.

Well, the most interesting fact is that women can experience not one or even two orgasms in a row, but much more. Unlike men, they do not have a period of non-excitability after orgasm. An experienced man, who correctly applies the advice of this article in practice, is able to achieve multi-orgasm from his beloved.

Multiorgasm of his beloved

Preparing for sex

The girl is a gentle, sensual and impressionable creature. A man should instill in her a sense of confidence, strength, protection and reliability. Then she will trust him and be ready to surrender. It is important to create an environment that will help the girl to completely relax and enjoy the moment.

What you must do when preparing for sex:

  1. Create a romantic atmosphere. This will help candles, twilight, pleasant music, wine, light and delicious dinner and other pleasant trifles. And, of course, the man himself must be clean, tasty smelling and beautifully dressed.
  2. Help the girl to relax as much as possible. Being under stress, neither man nor woman will be able to tune in to sex. If a girl is nervous or worried for some reason, she needs help to get rid of stress. This is best done with mild alcohol, such as a glass of wine. Relaxing massages and a warm bath also do this well.
  3. Study the female anatomy. A man needs to know where the clitoris is located, what parts it consists of. This will help him understand the mechanics of the process and make his partner as happy as possible during sex.

Now that everything is ready, it's time to get down to business.


The more a girl is aroused, the faster and easier it will be to bring her to ecstasy. Mechanical intercourse alone will not bring her any pleasure. A woman's excitement begins in her head, in her fantasies and imaginations.

It may take 20 minutes to warm up. During this time, blood will rush to the genitals and lubricant will begin to be produced. To turn a girl on:

  • kiss her on the lips;
  • caress and iron without removing your clothes;
  • undress her slowly and undress yourself;
  • caress her neck, chest, inner thighs, buttocks, without staying in one place for a long time.

A man needs to be sensitive to his partner and monitor her reactions to his actions. To note for herself what she especially likes, and from what she starts to clamp.

In girls, the phase of excitement is quite smooth and long in time. If you start intercourse without waiting for maximum readiness, then it will be difficult to bring her to orgasm.

Foreplay required

When the girl is warm enough, you can start stimulating the clitoris. This must be done very carefully and gently. It is best to use a special gel, especially if the natural lubrication is not enough.

The clitoris is a very delicate and extremely sensitive organ. When stimulating it, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the nerve endings will be overloaded and the signals will stop going to the brain. Then you have to pause.

Since every woman has everything individually and does not have a universal technique for stimulating the clitoris, I advise men to do the following.

  1. Ask your partner what movements she likes the most.
  2. Allow herself to stimulate the clitoris the way she likes. The man at this time holds his hand over her.
  3. Listen to your partner's feelings. Rapid breathing, groans, rhythmic movements towards the man are signs that everything is going as it should.


A woman can achieve a clitoral orgasm in 15 minutes. Therefore, depending on the man's endurance, I propose 2 options for the development of events:

  1. Bring your darling to orgasm by stimulating the clitoris with your hands or orally, skillfully performing cunnilingus. And then have sex with her and have fun yourself. Or vice versa. It is better not to try to reach orgasm at the same time - this takes away the pleasure of watching the partner's ecstasy. In addition, to get an orgasm, you need to focus on your feelings, and not on the feelings of the girl.
  2. Making love to a girl, but choosing such positions in which it is convenient to continue stimulating the clitoris or other erogenous zones.

If you chose option number 2, then you should take a closer look and try out the following sex positions:

  1. Missionary with coital alignment technique. This position has the highest female orgasm rate with vaginal sex alone. The secret is the stimulation of the clitoris by the pubic bone. The pubes of a man and a woman should be in contact, and the movements themselves should not be jerky, but sliding, as if the bodies rub against each other. Of course, this pose takes practice, but it will pay off 100%.
  2. Doggy style with simultaneous finger stimulation of the anus. The anus, due to the large number of nerve endings, is a very erogenous zone. Many girls experience incredible arousal from the penetration of the thumb into the anus.
  3. Cowgirl pose. In this position, it is convenient to caress a woman's breasts, lower abdomen. Or the woman will be able to take a position in which the friction of her clitoris against the pubis of her partner will occur according to the principle of the coital alignment technique.

As soon as the girl experiences an orgasm, it is necessary to stop any manipulations with her clitoris. After discharge, he becomes hypersensitive and any touch to this area will bring discomfort and pain. At this time, it is better to switch to caressing other erogenous zones.

To consolidate the material, I advise you to watch the video.

Male mistakes during sex

Often men make the following mistakes during sex:

  1. The man does not devote enough time to foreplay and foreplay. Let me remind you that the more excited a girl is before direct sexual intercourse, the higher the likelihood of her orgasm.
  2. The man does not study the body of his partner, does not listen to her feelings.
  3. A man does not admire his partner's sexuality. This also matters for women who love with their ears.
  4. Some men delay intercourse. When this lasts too long, and the long-awaited discharge does not come, the girl begins to cool down. It is imperative to monitor the reaction of your partner. And if her orgasm still does not come, it is worth changing tactics and trying other ways to satisfy.

The main mistakes of a man in bed

How to make a girl squirt

Before deciding on such an experiment for the first time, you need to prepare.

  1. Check with the girl if she is ready to try this method of stimulation and squirting.
  2. For the process itself, trim your nails and wash your hands thoroughly, as the G-spot is stimulated with your fingers.
  3. Prepare a lubricant for easy penetration of the fingers into the vagina, as well as a towel or napkins that will absorb the stream of liquid - female ejaculate.
  4. Ask the girl to go to the toilet. The bladder should be empty, as secretions are expelled from the urethra during squirt.

Then you need to act according to a proven scenario - create an intimate atmosphere and thoroughly arouse your partner.

Squirt is achieved by stimulating the G-spot. Let the girl lie on her back and spread her legs wide. The man carefully inserts into the vagina to a depth of 2-3 cm, the index and middle fingers lubricated with lubricant, so that the palm is facing up.

In an excited state, the G-spot resembles a rough bump. As soon as the man finds the desired area, you can start stimulating. With slightly bent fingers, move up and down. When the jet orgasm approaches, the girl will have a steady feeling that she wants to use the toilet. This means that the man is doing everything right and just a little bit is left before the squirt. The main thing is to convince the girl not to hold back and completely relax.

A jet orgasm is a powerful ecstasy that a man can give to his beloved. It spreads all over the girl's body and lasts quite a long time. After such a breathtaking pleasure, the girl will be grateful, devoted and she herself will want to give her man a vivid sexual pleasure.

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Any man is capable of delivering incredible sexual pleasure to his girlfriend. I told you the theory, it remains to practice. And remember that a girl's excitement starts in her head. How quickly you will find the way to her orgasm together depends on your sensitive attitude towards her and your desire to please her.

Write in the comments if the article helped you!

happy girl

Any relationship sooner or later reaches the moment of intimacy. For some couples this happens earlier, for others later, but the fact remains - without sex in a relationship, nowhere. A very important aspect of good sex is the mutual pleasure from the process of both partners, and above all the ability to bring a girl to orgasm or make a man cum. After all, if one is good, but the other is not, then any occupation will soon get bored.

Women to deliver their own pleasure, often do not need any special skills, except, except, technicians of a throat blowjob, where the practice will still need. But in most cases, it is possible to make a man to finish with simple mechanical movements of the hand along the member, or do almost nothing to do, and wait until the partner comes to orgasm in the process of sexual intercourse.

The male half in this plan is much more complicated. This is especially true for inexperienced guys whose sexual life just begins. The fact is that according to statistics, only every fourth woman regularly experiences an orgasm with a partner, and about 15% did not end at all for a long time. What to do so that your chosen one is among those happy 25%, which may cum thanks to a partner? Are there any special rules that will help bring the girl to orgasm?

Tell in order i

The thing is that the female organism is arranged more thanten male, despite the fact that both men and women belong to one-bedic form. In order to simply arouse, the girls are already asking, you need much more time than guys. And in order to trust a passion to orgasm, it is not enough to clean some mechanically to stimulate anything.

To begin with, it is worth carefully studying the body of a weaker floor. The very cherished body, the key to orgizmptically any girl is the clitoris. According to polls, more than 85% of girls are the clitoris, and not directly penetrated, or any toy in the vagina. That is, in order to finish the parent before the peak, you need to know where the clitoris is. Find emacies easy. At the base of the vagina, on top, you can add smallburok. It is there that is hidden the key to female happiness, securely covered with a hood. But to climb early. To begin with, the girl needs to be followed.

In general, all actions must be consistent. If a man firmly decided that he would make her partner to cum, then he had to gain patience. After all, it is not a fact that the orgasm will come quickly. Perhaps the partner "makes sweat" and twenty minutes, and forty. But it is impossible to retreat for anything.

How to bring a girl to orgasm

First you need to choose such a place where no one can prevent. It will be a shame if the girl is close, and it will somehow betray her mind. It should be understood that the woman is initiated first with her head and heart, and only then the body. That is, it is necessary to create a suitable environment: the bed must be soft enough, the fruit on the table is delicious, and the wine of the desired variety. You can lie on the bed, start slowly stroking the girl on the tummy, then by the thighs, a little to think, rolling down the bed in clothes, rub on a partner, in general, do our best to wish your chosen to share.

After the girl began to light up, you can gradually begin action. Down still do not go down. You should begin with kisses, gradually undressing a partner, and gradually increasing the area of ​​touches. Ideally will start with the neck and lips, then the clavicle, shoulders, hands, gradually reach the breasts and dwell on them longer. After all, breasts, especially nipples - this is a very serious erogenous zone, and it cannot be ignored. A few minutes caress her nipples - and the girl will grow up even stronger.

Then we continue to leave a path of kisses on the tummy, smoothly dropping to the bikini area. There can be several ways - either to tease your partner and continue kissing the hips, legs and feet, only for a second approaching the most intimate, or immediately start acting. It all depends on the "degree of readiness of the girl."

Simple Moves: 5 Proven Techniques To Get A Girlfriend To Orgasm

What to do when everything is ready? 2

Let's immediately dispel the global male delusion. The member is not the main male weapon. And most of the videos from porn sites where the actresses moan and end up violently as the actor enters them is just fiction. In fact, a very small percentage of girls can finish directly during sexual intercourse. The most effective method is tongue + fingers. And a pinch of skill.

What is meant? First of all, it is necessary to caress the sensitive female clitoris from above with the tongue, and insert the fingers into the vagina (having previously moistened them with saliva, or lubricated with some lubricant), and press them against the upper wall of the vagina. So the clitoris will be influenced from both sides at once, which will help the partner to quickly reach the peak.

The first step is to remember: the clitoris is an even more sensitive organ than the head of an erect penis. While the male genital organ boasts only 4 thousand nerve endings, the clitoris has as many as 8 thousand. Therefore, it should be handled very carefully.

Do not try to crawl under the hood with your tongue. You need to caress the clitoris right through it. The tongue should be soft, not tense. There are no special techniques, and those that are described on the Internet (such as the alphabet, when a man “writes out” the entire ABC book from memory, or all sorts of “eights” and “zigzags”) are often not needed. It is necessary to simply drive the tongue either from top to bottom or from right to left.

девушка кричит от удовольствия 2

The main thing is the pace. It should be constant throughout the entire cunnilingus process. And if you start at a fast pace, and then slow it down due to fatigue, then this will be the reason why the whole process can drag on for an hour, or not be crowned with success at all. At the same time, movements should not be sharp, abrupt. It is necessary to keep a cool head and just diligently move your tongue from side to side.

Another way is to suck on the clitoris. However, this must be done carefully, not forgetting that there are teeth in the mouth, with which it is extremely undesirable to touch the clitoris at all. You should forget about biting at all.

In general, at the initial stage, you need to alternate between different options for cunnilingus in order to "grope" exactly the one that your partner likes. After some reaction followed: the moans became louder, breathing more often, or the girl herself said that she liked it that way, you need to stop at this version of caress and continue until the girl finishes.

Как девушке получить оргазм

What to do with your fingers? Everything is very simple. Remember that the most important rule is to always press them against the upper wall of the vagina, and then it's a matter of imagination. You can keep your fingers straight, you can bend in the phalanges. The pace, as in the case of oral sex, should be the same throughout the entire process. You should not try to stick your fingers deeper - this is unnecessary. It is worth penetrating your partner until the moment when caresses begin to give her the greatest pleasure, and stop at this place.

Let's go back to the beginning. The main point is that the girl is excited by her head, and then by her body. This means that she needs to feel your presence, to feel that there is a living partner next to her, and not a machine performing purely mechanical action. In some moments, you can change the language to your fingers, and also drive them over the clitoris. At this time, you can say a lot of pleasant words to your partner: praise her body, admire her moans, say how it all excites, and how madly you want her. You can also turn on porn on your phone so that the girl is also aroused by some kind of spectacle. That is, to make your partner cum, you need to use all the centers responsible for arousal: both physical and emotional, visual and auditory.

The process itself can also be started in different ways. Some prefer to finish on their own, thus arousing and warming up the partner, and then bring her to the peak, while others, on the contrary, bring their mistress, and then they are content with the vagina narrowed after orgasm, which, upon penetration, squeezes the penis tighter than before, than gives great pleasure.

Как получить девушке оргазм

Usually, it can take 10 to 45 minutes to bring a girl to orgasm, depending on the degree of the partner's arousal and the partner's dexterity. It is worth making a reservation that it may not work out the first time. This is especially applicable to inexperienced girls who still do not know their own bodies well. Experienced mistresses, on the other hand, will direct you to the desired point, tell you how to make them more pleasant. In this case, you just need to listen and follow. After all, no one is able to understand a woman's body better than she herself.

Common mistakes 3

There are mistakes in all processes that should be taken into account so as not to repeat them the next time, and to complete what you started faster and more successfully. What are the most common mistakes men make when they want to bring a girl to orgasm?

  1. Excessive self-confidence. Many guys, when they undress their partner, already mentally imagine how she will shudder from all new waves of orgasm, but when everything ends, it turns out that their partner was never able to finish. No need to pretend to be macho. Women don't like it. On the contrary, you need to show your concern, interest in giving pleasure. Then any girl can relax even more, trust her partner, which will help him make her cum faster.
  2. Striving to fit everyone into one size fits all. If a man has had an experience with another woman, in most cases he will try to do what she liked with the other partner. However, it doesn't work that way. One may like caress with the tongue, the other - fingers; one can finish only when only the clitoris is caressed, without penetration, while the other can be inserted into the ass for more pleasure, and the third is generally able to finish right during intercourse. Explore a new woman, because most often she will not be similar to the previous one, both in her behavior and in her reaction to affection.
девушка кричит от удовольствия 3
  1. Deeper is better. Many alpha males try to penetrate as deeply as possible into their partner after watching porn, where from the fact that a huge black man's penis entered the actress, she rolled her eyes and moaned sweetly. Such guys forget that most of the nerve endings are concentrated at a depth of 2-3 centimeters from the entrance to the vagina, and that there is no point in penetrating very deeply.
  2. Impatience. No woman can cum if she realizes that her man is tired or tired of giving her pleasure. Therefore, questions like "are you soon?", "Have you finished?", And unnecessary "are you good?" or "do you like it?" should be discarded. You can't show your partner your unwillingness. A girl should feel that her partner wants her to come, no less than herself. Therefore, even if your hands are already sore, and the tongue is not felt in any way, you should persist. In the end, a man should not be afraid of any obstacles on the way to the cherished goal. And to bring a girl to orgasm, especially if she has not experienced anything like this before, is a very honorable achievement that requires patience, and sometimes endurance.
Довести девушку до оргазма

Let's summarize 4

It remains to add that in order to bring a girl to orgasm, you need to be familiar with her not the first day. Therefore, you should not be upset if everything worked out with the previous partner, but not with the new one. Perhaps your chosen one is not yet accustomed to you. Time will pass, and if a man does everything right, then any girl will definitely be able to finish, thanks to his efforts. After all, it is very important for women to trust a partner in order to completely relax, and this can only be achieved when she knows him long enough and the relationship brings her pleasure. Otherwise, no matter how the guy tries, his girlfriend will not be able to reach the peak of bliss, and all his efforts will be in vain. Therefore, it is so necessary to earn the girl's trust, then it will be much easier to bring her to orgasm.

The female orgasm is a rather delicate topic, and not every woman is ready to discuss it. Either this is due to shyness, or because in fact she does not know what it is and how it manifests itself in practice.

Yes, there is a category of women who are deprived of the opportunity to experience such pleasure as an orgasm. And the main reason for this lies in the fact that the parterre simply does not behave diligently enough in bed with his woman, since he could not find a way to conquer the summit, melt the ice and make his partner experience that several-second feeling of flight and weightlessness, which nature is inherent in the female half humanity during orgasm.

And if some men simply forget this and put their personal satisfaction first, and then, if she is very lucky, and the satisfaction of her partner, that is, those who do not give up, persistently continuing to look for a path, no matter how thorny it turns out to be , to female joy.

девушка и парень под одеялом

Indeed, in fact, the impossibility of giving a woman pleasure, forcing her to experience an orgasm, strongly affects male self-esteem. Many men begin to reproach themselves for this and are literally ready to dig the earth (well, you understand the metaphor) in order to make their woman happy for everything. Nothing gives them heightened excitement, neither the conquest of the highest mountain peaks, nor career growth, as the desire to give their beloved an orgasm and, together with her, climb to the top as a winner and conqueror of not only her heart ...

And although many guides have already been written, a bunch of instructions have been created on where and how to find this female orgasm, many attempts still turned out to be in vain. And then the researchers of the Kinsey Institute, together with researchers from Chapman University from Indiana, did a joint work on a truly global scale aimed at finding an answer to the question that many men around the world are looking for: what is the secret of a woman getting an orgasm?

Scientists conducted a survey, during which 52 thousand women of different ages from 18 to 64 years old, who are in a monogamous relationship and who experience orgasm during sex with their partner, took part. In the course of analyzing the obtained personal data, the researchers managed to find out from the interviewed women and girls in what way their partners give them pleasure, bringing them to orgasm.

As a result of summing up and deriving a common denominator, it turned out that everything is extremely simple, and the female orgasm has only three such banal components as:

  1. passionate and hot kisses;
  2. oral sex;
  3. sleight of hand.

Using and connecting all three of these conditions in turn, the chances of a woman reaching the peak of pleasure during sex with a partner increases a hundredfold.

As for the first point, everything is very clear here. It is customary to begin any sexual intercourse with the so-called foreplay, when caresses and kisses are used. As soon as they get hotter and lower, point one smoothly goes to point number two. In the second point, everything is individual. This is where the sexual fantasy, the possibilities and desires of your partner are connected. Plus, sleight of hand at the end sometimes works wonders. If, of course, they are moving the correct route and under the strict control of the girl.

парень целует девушку

The female orgasm, as you can see, is a mutual work of two partners at once. And in this matter, both will have to sweat a lot. And then? And then the laurels go to the winner, who was able to go through such a difficult path. Well, what about her? And she has a real and such a desired pleasure!

But if, nevertheless, these three conditions do not affect you in any way, then we offer you a whole 10-point guide to achieving a female orgasm

Check if you are missing something from this list or have not heard about it at all. Let's try to figure out together what will help a girl get real pleasure and bliss, called an orgasm.

1. Be flexible

A girl who is passive in bed, no matter how offensive it sounds, many guys compare to a log. In this matter, you really need to be at least a little more active and help your partner in every possible way. These can be active movements of the hips, lifting the pelvis, writhing the body.

Legs are a separate topic. If your maximum is to bend your legs and wait for an orgasm, then it is unlikely that anything will come of it.

On a note: girls who throw their legs behind the head of their partner experience many times more orgasms than those who are not capable of more than spreading their legs in half-splits.

Therefore, advice to you girls, in order to make your body more flexible and mobile, you should sign up for yoga or Pilates classes.

2. We breathe correctly

What is an orgasm? This is a contraction of the muscles in the vagina. And in order for the muscles to work well and contract, they need oxygen. Therefore, it is recommended to breathe more often, deeper and stronger in order to enrich and saturate muscle tissue with oxygen and thereby help yourself and your partner to reach the cherished peak of bliss.

3. Change of location

If you always do this in bed, then over time, the usual place can get bored and boring. Don't be afraid to try something new. Maybe the bed slows down everything !? If it doesn't work out for a long time and all pleasure is gone, then it's time to open up new horizons and change the routine to something new, unbeaten, previously unknown. For example, try it in the bathroom, or remove everything from the kitchen table?

4. Ready, set, march

Are you still at work. You are looking forward to the end of the working day, and hurry up to it, because you have a hot meeting scheduled for the evening and a night without sleep. Start right now, sitting at your desk, stirring up interest in the upcoming meeting. Send him an intriguing message. Start with what you are wearing today, then, if your partner is free and the game starts, tell us about your preferences for this passionate evening. In a word, stir up interest so that from the very first minute of your meeting you go on the offensive and carry out the actions conceived according to the scenario.

5. Correctly chosen rhythm

The correct rhythm is just as important as the posture during sex. This point, too, would not hurt to discuss in advance with your partner, so that you agree on a common denominator for both of you. If you like a certain posture that you call successful, then connect the correct frequency of movements to all this. Who likes it slower, to whom serve it quickly.

6. Modern technologies are in a hurry to help


Some girls fail to achieve the desired orgasm without clitoral stimulation. And in this case, various intimate toys from a sex shop come to the rescue. Well, if there is no such opportunity to spend money on all these buzzing assistants, then the partner's hands can also work wonders.

7. Stimulate

It is difficult to achieve orgasm during sex without additional clitoral stimulation. Either modern technologies will come to the rescue in the form of intimate toys or the old-fashioned hands of a partner.

8. Correctly chosen posture

Each in this regard has its own preferences and its own favorite position, in which it turns out to extract maximum pleasure during orgasm. But the “rider” pose is most preferable. It gives the girl the ability to more easily control the process, speed and depth of penetration.

And someone is more comfortable in the "man behind" position. So the partner gets access to the very G-spot, which is responsible for the female orgasm. Its stimulation during arousal leads to a quick orgasm.

9. Exercise and training of intimate muscles

If you want to experience an orgasm more than once during intercourse, then you need to train the muscles of the vagina and keep them in good shape. For this, there are even so-called wumbling courses - intimate gymnastics, which helps to enhance a woman's pleasure in bed.

Wumbling just means training intimate muscles. But if you don't want to spend money on all the expensive coaches out there, you can find wumbling exercises on the Internet and practice from your home. Just a few minutes a day, and how much bliss you can experience with your partner at night.

So, three easy-to-perform and effective exercises in practice:

- anti-stress exercise

You need to lie on the floor on your back with one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Take a deep breath, then exhale. Again, take a deep breath, but at the same time not allowing the chest to rise. Only the belly moves. After mastering this technique of performing the exercise, it is worth trying to do the same only in different poses - standing, then sitting. By the way, this exercise helps to improve blood circulation and acts as an excellent sedative after a hard day's work.

- Kegel exercise

To perform it, take a position on your back, legs slightly apart and bending at the knees. Press your buttocks against the bed without lifting your pelvis. Slowly tense and pull in your pelvic muscles (hold this position for 2-3 seconds, then relax the muscles). Do 10-20 reps, straining for 5-7 minutes, and then slowly relaxing the intimate muscles. And so three times a day. By learning to control tension, followed by relaxation of the muscles of intimate areas, you can exercise wherever you are, even sitting in the office in the middle of the working day. Research conducted on this issue proves the effectiveness of this exercise with regular exercise in the next couple of weeks.

- exercise with sex toys

Not all girls are ready to experiment in bed with the use of sex toys. But the effect of their action is beyond praise. So to do intimate muscle workout, you will need vaginal balls. As you can imagine, using them is very simple. Place the balls in the vagina and hold them there for a while, preventing them from falling out of there. There are also options for such balls with an additional vibration function. But such classes can quickly end without starting)))

10) Get enough sleep, eat right, exercise and pamper yourself

девушка выспалась

Sleep deprivation not only affects women's overall health, but also interferes with healthy sex. To achieve orgasm, the female body must be well rested. A healthy sleep of at least 8 hours is the key to your happy sex life.

According to doctors, for a vivid sensation in bed, you should also monitor your diet. It should be balanced as much as possible. And do not overuse proteins and carbohydrates.

And when you feel that your muscles are in good shape, your body is toned and there are no problems with being overweight, it adds confidence. And for relaxation in bed, this is an important factor. And don't forget to pamper yourself from time to time. It can be both all sorts of women's things, and a gift for two, for example, beautiful new underwear that will add spice to your relationship and allow you to test yourself in the role of a goddess in bed, and he will stir up interest and ask peppercorns.

We hope our advice will be useful to you and soon your sex life will radically change, becoming brighter and hotter!

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All men, without exception, dream of possessing the knowledge, skills and abilities of how to bring a girl to orgasm. After all, female orgasm is a complex psychophysical process, which can be influenced by numerous factors. But most of the success in sex depends primarily on the efforts of the partner, so this article will offer invaluable tips for bringing a woman to orgasm.


What does an orgasm depend on?

The female orgasm primarily depends on the woman's brain and her psycho-emotional background, because it is not for nothing that they say that the most excitable point is the female brain ... Physiological factors and actions on the part of the partner can also positively or negatively affect. The most important factors that make up a female orgasm are shown in the table.

Factors Influence Explanation
Sex education Average Sometimes women find it difficult to relax in bed and achieve orgasm due to too strict and moral upbringing, because of which sex is perceived as something shameful.
Religious views Weakly Some women who adhere to strict religious rules and principles cannot fully relax in bed, which is why they cannot achieve orgasm.
Psycho-emotional state Average A decrease in a woman's libido (sexuality and attraction) can be caused by severe stress, depression, depression, apathy, overwork and weakness.
Type of sexuality and temperament Strong All women are divided into three types of sexuality - weak, medium and strong. Accordingly, it is more difficult for some to enjoy sex, while others get it several times a night.
Situation Strong It is important for a woman to tune in to sexual intercourse, any noises, bright light, strangers, all this will distract thoughts and attention.
Romance Average The psycho-emotional background is important for any woman, many are excited and turned on by the romantic behavior of a partner.
Relaxation Strong Any problems at work or in other spheres of life can disturb a woman so much that she will not have time for sex at all. It is imperative to relax and shut off your brain.
Prelude Very much It is extremely important for a man to warm up a woman before intercourse and gradually arouse, this will require 10-20 minutes of foreplay, consisting of kissing, hugging, stroking and stimulating the erogenous zones.
Climate in a relationship with a partner Strong Any quarrels, conflicts and misunderstandings, as well as mistrust of a man, can negatively affect the quality of sex life.
Genital moisture Very much If a woman is not aroused enough, and the genitals are dry without natural lubrication, intercourse will not lead to orgasm, and sometimes it can even be painful.
Sex Technique Very much The possibility of achieving orgasm directly depends on what exactly her partner will do with the woman, what techniques of stimulation of erogenous points will be used.

Expert opinion

Sexual Expert

Nymphomaniac and just a goddess of sex

The most important factor that determines the possibility of a female orgasm is the knowledge of a partner. A man must understand the physiology and structure of the genitals, in all erogenous points and stimulation techniques. Most often, ignorance of the basics of the female orgasm is the cause of female anorgasmia.

The path to orgasm

To quickly bring a girl to orgasm, just follow the scheme in steps.

Step 1 - bookmark

The mood of a woman is the main indicator of whether a man can bring her to a strong orgasm. To keep her thoughts occupied with only one thing and no distractions to knock her mood down, a man needs hint in advance at the upcoming intimacy ... Placing thoughts of sex in her brain can be done by hints and flirting.

The best time for this is in the morning when the partners are in a common bed. You can take time to caress and show tenderness, then interrupt the process and declare that the continuation will be in the evening. Or, during the working day, you can send a girl exciting SMS messages with unambiguous hints, thereby playing with her imagination and fantasy. As a result, she will look forward to the evening and intimacy.

In bed, many men make the mistake of focusing on their own satisfaction. It will be extremely pleasant for a woman if her partner first of all takes care of her pleasure, showing this in every possible way.

Step 2 - attention

To get affection and affection from a girl, a man needs to spend time and effort on her first. The most invaluable gift on his part is attention, which is so lacking for all ladies, without exception. How can I do that:

  • cast admiration glances at her;
  • talk about a wild desire for intimacy with her;
  • give compliments about her appearance;
  • constantly maintain tactile contact;
  • make nice presents.

Also, a man can directly ask what a woman likes in bed with him. , and then pamper her with such caresses. Knowing what a woman wants, you can not only give her pleasure in bed, but also regularly bring her to violent orgasms.

3 Step - Prelude

In addition to moral preparation for sex, the woman needs to be prepared and physically. For this, a prelude was invented - tactile contact and affection, allowing to increase the excitability of partners.

What can enter the prelude process:

  • Kisses in Guba (It is important to take care of breathing freshness);
  • embrace who give the feelings of happiness and joy;
  • Whispering on ushko compliments, pleasant and exciting words;
  • kisses of erogenous points - Neck, ears, neckline, bottom of the abdomen;
  • Massage of the whole body , stroking back, waist, hips and buttocks.

Flirt - this is what excites and like all women without exception . In addition, playfulness by partners will allow them to diversify sex life and make new emotions to it. And, as the women are unnecessarily dependent on emotions and feelings.

4 step - warming up

The easiest way to warm up both partners is oral sex, but it may only be present after foreplay. Preheat the genitals of the partner in such a way that it itself plays sex, in two ways:

  • masturbation - A man with hands and fingers stimulates outdoor genitals of their partners, as well as erogenous points of the vagina;
  • Cunnilingus - Any woman dreams of oral caresses, a man needs to be tongue and lips to caress large and small genitals, as well as properly stimulate the clitoris of the woman (the most sensitive erogenous zone).

About, you can separately learn from lessons on our site, as well as videos. The main thing is not to rush to be delicate, stick to the various cunniling techniques to excite the partner as much as possible and bring it to a powerful orgasm.

5 step - a lot of lubrication

What are lubricants

What are lubricants

So that any touch to the genital organs delivered a woman only pleasure, a man needs to take care of the presence of lubricant. The humidity of the genitals can increase naturally if the woman is quite excited From words, preludes and oral affilcer.

If natural lubricant is not enough, you need to use special means - lubricants. It can be spray, gel or cream with different tastes and smells. Otherwise, the stimulation of the clitoris will be extremely painful, and the introduction of a member and frictions will provoke intensive friction and irritation.

6 step - variety

Who is in your relationship a greater experimenter in sex?


In porn movies Usually a man is literally bursting with his childbearing organ inside a woman, which in real life should not be. All women without exception love affection and tenderness, Therefore, it is necessary to decline to sex gradually and without a rush. And so that sex has always accompanied by orgasm, it is important to comply with the rule of diversity.

The first thing you need to constantly experiment is the situation. When the bedroom and the bed already tired of the order, you can have sex in any other room, in nature or in some extreme conditions. The second one that partners must comply with the diversity of poses, thanks to which a man will be able to stimulate different erogenous points in the vagina. The search for new poses will show that it brings pleasure to a woman.

7 step - acceleration in front of the final

A man must remember that the duration of sex before the onset of female orgasm directly depends on the degree of activity and the depth of frictions, the tempo and the velocity of the sexual act. First you need to be slow and gentle, as the excitement increases, accelerate the pace and increase the intensity of frictions.

As soon as the contraction of the vaginal muscles is felt, and the woman begins to bend under the man and in every possible way provoke him to accelerate, it is important not to hesitate, but to gain momentum. The best way to awaken several erogenous points at once is to alternate between superficial and deep frictions. As soon as orgasm approaches, a man should not slow down, but only increase the intensity of penetration.

Step 8 - the correct ending

Do you continue your sex after the first organism?

Yes Not

The easiest way to bring your partner to orgasm is to stimulate the clitoris. This can be done even at the stage of masturbation and cunnilingus, after which it will be much easier for a woman to achieve vaginal orgasm. And as soon as she starts to blush, numb, and then wriggle under the man, it means that the man achieved what he wanted, he managed to bring to vaginal orgasm.

Many people prefer to stop at this, making a big mistake. Unlike men, women are able to have multiple orgasms without respite, so you can continue intercourse and frictions. After the first orgasm, the penis is kept in the vagina, continuing all the actions according to the same scenario.

During subsequent frictions, a man needs to stimulate the clitoris with wet fingers, while making movements with a penis in the vagina. In parallel with this, you can say exciting words, compliments and words of love to help the woman tune in the right mood, relax and completely trust her partner. Multiple orgasms can even lead to squirt, the high point of a woman's orgasm.

Correct your technique after each time

After each sexual intercourse, a man must work inside himself on his mistakes. A frank conversation with a partner, questions about what she liked the most, and what actions could be removed in subsequent intimacy, can help in this. Finding the most active points on her body is possible only through trial and error.

After receiving what you want, you may become interested in the topic, you can also find out about this from the article on our website.


The female orgasm for each girl proceeds differently, some get it regularly after 5-15 minutes of sex, others find it more difficult to reach the peak of pleasure, it takes much more time. If a man works out several important steps for himself on the path to satisfying his partner and achieving orgasm, he will become an impeccable lover for her.

In the modern world, it is important for a man to pay attention to his partner's pleasure and know how to bring a girl to orgasm.

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The authors of the bestselling book Miracles Between Thighs share five proven methods of cultivating together.

The poster for the film "Nymphomaniac"

Imagine spending time with an attractive woman. Apparent sexual tension builds up as you sip cocktails, dine, and playfully witty.

Arriving home, you can no longer endure, and, disdaining foreplay, go straight to sex. Later she seems satisfied, even contented, but keep in mind: no matter how long you hold out, the good old back and forth is unlikely to bring her to orgasm.

Calm down. Your potency is all right. You are simply channeling too much energy in the wrong direction.

In heterosexual couples, penetration is considered the main stage of intercourse, but, unlike bad porn, women do not just come from vaginal sex. In the real world, only one in four girls can do this.

A woman's ability to get an orgasm from penetration is a matter of chance; she can come in this way if the clitoris is close to the vaginal opening.

However, you can show her the City of Pleasure, despite this anatomical lottery.

Most men have a spontaneous desire to have sex, and only 15% of women can do the same.

For the rest, the desire is reciprocal - this means that their arousal is subject to a romantic or sexual setting. These girls need foreplay in their heads, so put your smartphone aside, free up your schedule, and organize the atmosphere before you take a step.

2. Focus on foreplay

The clitoris is often perceived as a cute little pip in the upper part of the vestibule, the area between the female labia.

In fact, it is the clitoris - not the vagina - that is the main female sexual organ. The head of the clitoris is equivalent to the head of the penis, and most girls need direct stimulation to orgasm.

This means that you need to distract a little from the vagina and direct the actions of your tongue and fingers to the clitoris.

If more heterosexual couples paid attention to foreplay, orgasm with a partner could reach 75% of women who do not cum from penetration.

There are more than 8 thousand nerve endings on the head of the clitoris - the same number as on the head of the penis, but due to their small size, their concentration is higher.

This makes the clitoris more sensitive than any organ in the male body - and also means that the line between pleasure and discomfort is very thin. So be gentle.

Not all touches are appropriate: if you stimulate the clitoris too aggressively, the nerve endings will overload, and they simply stop sending signals to the brain.

With this state of affairs, there is only one way out: take a break. To avoid the pause button in the future, try indirect stimulation, varying pressure, and use lubricant to minimize friction.

4. Mysterious abbreviation

Rejoice missionary fans: with the coital alignment technique, or TKB, you can bring your partner to orgasm upon penetration. TKV is the position with the highest female orgasm ratio with vaginal sex alone.

The secret is to stimulate the clitoris with your pubic bone. Your pubes should be touching, and the movement should be more like sliding or friction, rather than pushing: back and forth, rather than in and out. The pose takes practice, but trust me, time won't be wasted.

In addition to being anatomically savvy, communication is a sure way to a great sex life.

Talk to your partner about sex, listen and communicate what you want. Studies show that couples discussing bed matters are more satisfied with relationships in general and sex in particular - communicating partners have an order of magnitude more of it.

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