How to Create Email for Free - All Methods

Greetings. If you are reading this post on my blog, it means that you have not quite made friends with the computer yet. It's not as scary as it seems, and any task with a computer can be solved in 3 minutes using the Internet. In this post I will write in detail all the ways how to create email using all possible services (@,, Yandex,, which one to choose, decide for yourself.

Email at @

Perhaps one of the oldest e-mail services, which after many years remained free and constantly updates for convenience and security. Personally, I registered my first mailbox at @ and to this day, 15 years later I use this mail service. For all the time, I have never been hacked, and not a single letter has been lost. Let's learn how to create a mailbox:

  1. Open the website and click on the link in the left window "Register a new mailbox".
  2. Fill in all the fields: name, surname, date of birth, gender, phone number, and select the desired mailbox address. If your imagination is tight, you can use the offer of selecting free addresses, as in the screenshot below:

After all the fields are filled in, click register.

  1. Next, you will be sent an SMS with a code that must be confirmed. After entering, click "continue".
  2. Congratulations. The mailbox has been successfully registered. Now you have your own email address where you can receive mail, documents, register, etc. You can see it in the upper right corner:

In addition, other @mail projects are now available to you, namely: the social network "my world", games, dating, horoscopes and a whole bunch of other things. It turns out that only 1 registration is required to access all projects. Conveniently, you must agree.

Video: how to do it

How to create a email

Gmail is an email service from Google. There is no point in talking about safety, convenience and everything else. This is a great service with a history and today we are going to learn how to register email with Gmail. What to create a mailbox:

  1. Go to and click Create Account.
  2. You need to fill in all the fields to register an account with Google, and click next.

Please note that Google uses one account for all of its services. Those. after registering with Google, you will have access to Gmail, Youtube, Drive, Adsense, Search and everything else without a second procedure.

  1. Congratulations. You now have an email in Gmail.

How to create mail in Yandex

The situation is similar as in the previous instructions. To create a mailbox in Yandex, you need to register on the main project and all other services (Disk, Mail, Market, Weather, Traffic, Maps and everything else) will become available. For this:

  1. Open and in the upper right corner click "Create mail".

  1. Fill in all the fields as in the screenshot below and click "Register".

  1. Confirm your mobile number and click "Register" again.
  2. All is ready. Nothing complicated. Now you can use your mailbox for any purpose.

How to create an email

It is widely known in Ukraine. is not only a news aggregator, it is also a search engine, an email service, the creator of and much more. To create a mailbox:

  1. Open the website and fill in the registration data: mailbox address, password, name, surname, mobile number and immediately confirm it. Then check the boxes that you agree with the rules of the site and click "Register mailbox".

  1. Done. Perhaps the easiest way to create an email is on Ukr.Net. Now you can receive / send messages for free and without any restrictions.

Why are there only 4 services in the example

To avoid questions in the comments, I decided to immediately answer this question. I have described step-by-step instructions only for these sites for 2 simple reasons. Firstly, these are the largest sites on the Russian Internet, and they have been tested for many years. They can be trusted, and now they are used by 99.9% of users, which confirms my words. Secondly, I see no reason to write about other sites, because this is quite enough.

I hope I helped you solve such a simple problem, and you will help me by sharing the link on social networks).

How to create an email for free

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create email on your computer or phone. We will learn how to register a mailbox in free mail services,,

What is email

Email Is a unique address on the Internet to which people from all over the world can write messages and add attachments to them. The main difference between such a mailbox and a regular one is that messages are delivered instantly in digital form.

Other names for e-mail: email, e-mail, soap, mail.

Electronic mailboxes are served by special sites - postal services. The most reliable: Yandex, (google), To get a new address, you need to fill out a form in one of these services. Namely, answer a few questions about yourself, choose a login and come up with a strong password.

Login - this is the main part of the box name. It must be unique in the system, written in English letters (you can use numbers, period, hyphen).

It is best to specify the last name as a login, the first letters of the name and patronymic, for example, konstantinov.i.k ... If such a user exists on the network, you can change the sequence or add numbers (for example, birthday).

Password - this is an alphanumeric code that will open the box. It must be reliable so that attackers cannot pick it up through special dictionaries.

The password must be at least 8 characters long. It must contain capital letters, numbers and symbols. Example: @ Nkon34 $ nIk

How to create a box on a computer

1... Go to the website.

2... Click on the "Create mail" button.

3... Fill out the registration form:

  • Enter your First and Last Name.
  • Set your date of birth.
  • Choose your gender.
  • In the "Account name" field, create a login.
  • Come up with a strong password and repeat it.
  • Enter your mobile number so that you can always restore access if you lose your username or password.
  • Click "Register".

4... Enter the confirmation code in the sent SMS field and click "Continue".

Registration completed successfully and mail is ready to go!

Now people will be able to send you letters to this address. Example: [email protected] Where komarov.k.w is a login, @ is a designation that this is email, is a mail service.


1... Go to

2... Click on "Create mail" in the upper right corner of the site.

3... Fill in the form:

  1. Enter your first and last name in the first two fields.
  2. Create a username.
  3. Come up with a strong password and repeat it.
  4. Enter your phone number so that you can restore access if you lose your username or password.
  5. Click on the "Confirm Number" button.

Enter the received SMS code in the field.

And click on the "Register" button. That's it - the new address has been successfully created!

Now people will be able to send letters to this mailbox. Example: [email protected] Where juravleva.d.v - login, @ - designation that this is email, - mail service.

1... Go to

2... Click on "Create Account".

3... Fill out the registration form:

  • In the first two fields, type your first and last name.
  • Come up with a username to which you will receive messages. In my case, the login was free, but if it is busy, the system will notify about it - you will need to come up with something else.
  • Create and confirm a strong password.

4... Attach your mobile phone number for protection in case you lose your username or password.

Enter the code sent in the SMS in the field and click "Confirm".

5... Enter your backup email, if available. Also add the day, month and year of birth, select gender.

It is possible to attach a phone number to Google services, but at this stage we will skip this step.

6... Read and accept the Terms of Service.

Account has been successfully created!

Now you can receive letters to this address. Example: [email protected] Where lebedev.m.w - login, @ - designation that this is email, - mail service.

How to create a box on your phone

For the convenience of working with letters, the creators of mail services have released applications for phones and tablets. Such programs track the receipt of messages and instantly notify the owner about it.

From my own experience, I can say that messages arrive in the application about a minute earlier than when they are received in the browser.

In this section, we will consider an example of installing applications from, and services. As well as registering a new mailbox in them. application

1... Open Google Play, in the search box write mail ... Or follow the link. Install the program.

You will be asked to grant permissions. Click "Accept" and the download process will go.

2... After installation, launch the application. Click on the "Create new mail" button.

3... Fill in the fields in the form:

  • Add first and last name, date of birth and gender.
  • Come up with an account name that will be your address.
  • Choose security password.
  • Read the terms and check the box "I have read and accept the following terms of use."

4... Add your mobile phone number.

Enter the code you received in the SMS.

That's all - the mailbox has been successfully registered and added to the mobile application!

Yandex application

1... Open Google Play, type in the search box Yandex Mail , select an app, and click Install. Or follow the link.

Allow access to the data by clicking on the "Accept" button.

2... Run the application. In the very bottom corner, click on the "Start Yandex.Mail" item.

3... Add the phone number to which the box will be registered.

4... Type your first and last name, come up with a username and password.

Click on the "Register" button and then "Go to mail".

Congratulations, registration completed successfully!

Gmail app

Gmail is usually installed by default on Android. If you don't have it on your phone, then install it from the link. Or manually:

  1. Open Google Play.
  2. In the search box write gmail .
  3. Click on the "Install" button.
  4. Click “Accept” in the pop-up window.

Open the Gmail app. Click on "Add Email Address".

Select "Google".

In the lower left corner, click on the "Create an account" button.

Let's start filling out the questionnaire

Enter your first and last name.

Enter your phone number to which Gmail will link your email.

Enter the code received in the SMS in the field.

Fill in general information: day, month and year of birth, gender.

Select the suggested email address from the list or create your own.

How to create your email:

  1. Click on "Create another Gmail address".
  2. Coming up with a login.
  3. Click "Next" and come up with a password.

Google will offer to link the number to services. At this stage, we will skip this point.

Next, read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy.

That's it - registration is complete!

Click "Next" and the "Inbox" folder will open.

How to create a box in a mobile browser

In this section, we will consider an example of creating a new email account through a mobile browser and the service.

1... Open a mobile browser such as Google Chrome or Safari.

2... Go to the site and click "Register".

3... Fill in the form:

  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Set your date of birth.
  • Select gender.
  • Come up with a username.
  • Come up with a strong password and repeat it to verify.
  • Attach your phone number.

Click on the "Register" button. Enter the code received in the SMS in the field and click "Continue".

Registration is complete.

Date of publication: 04.09.2019Author: Ilya Kurbanov

A private or country house, as well as a dacha, have their own address, to which letters, notifications and other correspondence will come. To prevent it from scattering all over the site and not getting wet from rain or snow, it is best to equip a mailbox near the gate. You can buy it at a hardware store, but your own model is ideal. You can choose any material, size, shape and color. We will talk about how to make a mailbox with your own hands in this article. Detailed designs and step-by-step instructions will help to implement any idea and project.


It is very important that the mailbox is combined with the general style of the house, as well as the landscape design of the site, and a harmonious picture is obtained. Equally important is such a parameter as spaciousness and choosing the right place for placement. Experts advise first to decide on the following question: the future mailbox will be used exclusively for its intended purpose or additionally be a separate decorative element. In the latter case, with his appearance, he will attract the attention of passers-by and friends.

With a door at the bottomWith a door at the bottom

Now let's look at the main types of mailboxes, which are divided according to the style of execution.

  1. Traditional mailboxes are purchased exclusively for receiving all types of correspondence. Such types are common in post-Soviet countries and can be made from a variety of materials. In the modern world, in order to make them more attractive, they are additionally decorated with a variety of objects. They are mounted both on the fence and on the gate. It should be noted that this particular type is universal and popular, as it is simple and convenient.
  2. АмериканскиеAmerican American boxes are the same in design, but different in design. This allows everyone to choose the best option. All mail is left in a horizontal position, so bulky magazines and newspapers will have to be folded. A special difference from other models of boxes is the presence of a special flag. If it is raised, it means that it contains letters to be sent. Contrary to our rules, in America, postmen retrieve letters and send them themselves through the mail. The American mailbox should be installed on a separate support made of wood or metal, or on a decorative figure.
  3. The design of boxes of the English type is a stationary table-table, which is laid out of bricks or durable metal is welded. Install it directly on the ground, a couple of meters before entering the site. Skillful builders make a miniature copy of the house, which will harmoniously complement the main building of the estate. Such boxes are spacious enough, and also very durable, so they will last more than one year.


The category of original mailboxes should include projects and finished products, which are exclusively design extraordinary solutions. In any of them, you can recognize most of the household items that have gone through reincarnation. The easiest option is to make mail for a private house out of plastic or lumber. But if you want to make a model from metal sheets, you will need skills and a welding machine. At the same time, it is he who is the most durable and durable.

Made of metalMade of metal

A few tips for making

In fact, the upcoming process is quite simple and everyone, if desired, can make a beautiful mailbox with their own hands. In order for the result to exceed expectations, you should still adhere to some recommendations.

  1. When choosing lumber as side fasteners, corners are chosen, which will give additional strength, in addition, if necessary, it will be possible to simply carry out restoration.
  2. The top slot for correspondence needs additional protection from atmospheric precipitation, made in the form of a special protective visor.
  3. The door for removing letters is most conveniently located at the bottom, it is better if it is hinged. If the door is located on the front panel, then it is necessary to accurately calculate so that cracks and cracks do not form during operation.
  4. All letters and newspapers will be secured with a small but sturdy mailbox lock. It is best to attach the key to a common bundle.
  5. To protect yourself from a large number of paper advertisements, which are not interesting to the owners, it is recommended to make an additional table next to the mail.

In the form of a house ProstokvashinoIn the form of a house Prostokvashino

Do you want to always be aware of the arrival of new letters? You can make a homemade alarm in the box, which will signal that a fresh press has arrived. To make it, you just need a sheet of thin plywood, a few wires, a battery, a light bulb and contact plates.

Also, consider a few tips from the designers:

  1. You can emphasize the fence of the house made of artificial stone with a letterbox of the same style and direction. Stick to the same color scheme for a harmonious ensemble.
  2. A plot far from the city, in a village, implies a design in Provence or country style, therefore it is better to make a box of wood.
  3. On a forged fence that protects the territory of a private house, it would be appropriate to place a metal mailbox with forged elements. They should repeat the pattern on spans or gates.

For a small suburban sector, you can pick up an original idea: a box for correspondence, which is made from improvised means.

Manufacturing instructions

Here are some common examples of making mailboxes that any master can implement.

Plywood and wood

Diagram of a wooden mailboxDiagram of a wooden mailbox

To work, first of all, you should collect and purchase all materials with tools:

  • a sheet of veneer or thin plywood measuring 65 × 65 cm;
  • plywood sheet (9 mm) measuring 65 × 43.5 cm;
  • timber (pine) measuring 100 × 7.5 × 5 cm;
  • piano loop made of stainless steel (13 cm);
  • sandpaper (fine grain);
  • mortise lock;
  • screws;
  • glue for wood;
  • colloidal silica;
  • two-component epoxy adhesive.

Wooden diagramWooden diagram

The algorithm of actions is simple, so there should be no difficulties in the process.

  1. The bar is cut into three segments 33 cm long. Three lines are drawn on one bar: the central one and two transverse ones (the distance between them should be equal to 30 cm). With the help of a piece, a smooth curve is drawn. A cut is made along the line with a hacksaw, and the edge is cleaned. Using similar actions, the remaining two bars are processed.
  2. The prepared elements are glued together.
  3. The plywood sheet is cut into pieces according to the diagram below.
  4. The veneer sheet is cut into eight sheets of 32 × 16 cm. The finished elements are alternately laid on the concave section of the block, and each is lubricated with a layer of epoxy glue. The first layer on the pine block is laid a sheet of newspaper, and then veneer sheets. It is important to check if all the elements are the same size and if there are any gaps.
  5. When the glue is completely dry, the prepared lid is sanded and adjusted to fit the front and back walls.
  6. Use a hacksaw to cut out the mail slot and the door opening on the front wall.
  7. The width of the door is fixed to the hinge with screws.
  8. A place is selected for the slot for the lock and a keyhole is cut out.
  9. The lid is fixed using glue to which colloidal silica is added.
  10. The door is installed, and the entire structure is completely smoothed with sandpaper.

The finished box is covered with varnish or paint, the house number is set and, after complete drying, is fixed on the fence.

Cardboard box

Mailbox drawingMailbox drawing

An original dollhouse-like mailbox, additionally decorated with lace, will become a bright accent and complement to any exterior of a country house. To make it, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • modeling cardboard 4 mm thick;
  • drawer lock;
  • PVA glue;
  • paper tape;
  • stationery tape.


For decoration, special decoupage napkins and acrylic paints are purchased: white, black and silver.



  1. According to a pre-prepared scheme, we cut out all the necessary parts with a clerical knife.
  2. Pay attention to the detail with the window: it is important not to cut the cardboard to the end. This will prevent breaks.
  3. The folds are fixed with paper tape.
  4. The prepared parts are glued with PVA glue and the finished structure is left to dry.
  5. When the mailbox is dry, you can move on to the design: to achieve the effect of antiquity, all external elements are pasted over with napkins and covered with black and white paint. The corners are finished in silver.
  6. Install a miniature lock on the door and complete the decoration with drawings cut from decoupage napkins. The lid is made with lace.

Made of cardboardMade of cardboard

All decoration elements should be well combined and in harmony with each other, so you should immediately compare them.

Mailbox mounting options

As mentioned in the section on types of mailboxes, each type is installed in its own way. If you are undecided, then it is worth considering all the installation options. Let's look at an example of several options for fixing simple mailboxes.

  1. Монтаж ящикаBox installation Fence. For this, two cuts are made on the back of the mail. Further, using metal clamps or thick wire, fastening is carried out. It is very important at this stage to align the box.
  2. Goal. It is not uncommon to find a mailbox attached directly to a gate made of metal or wood. Here you will also need to pre-make holes on the back panel and on the gate. Nuts and bolts are used as fasteners.
  3. Wall mounting. As in the two previous methods, holes should be made, both on the wall of the mailbox and on the wall. They fix the structure with small anchors or dowels - everything will depend on the thickness and type of wall surface.

If we are talking about a free-standing mailbox, then fixing it will be quite simple: you need a platform, which is crowned with a post.

Free-standing mailboxFree-standing mailbox

In conclusion, I would like to note that if you have free time, the necessary material and imagination, you can make an original mailbox, which will not be duplicated all over the world. Such an element will complement the landscape design and put the final point in decorating the fence.


See how to make a house-shaped mailbox:

A photo

In the form of a houseIn the form of a house

With forged partsWith forged parts

With drawingWith drawing

Wood mailbox covered with wood stainWood mailbox covered with wood stain

Decoupage boxDecoupage box


Small houseSmall house


American mailboxAmerican mailbox

How do I create my email?

All users when using the Internet, various Internet resources are faced with the need to acquire their own e-mail.

When surfing the Internet, to communicate in various forums, when visiting various trackers, online cinemas and many other Internet resources, registration is required.

When registering, you must provide your email address (or email) .

What is an email address or your mailbox?

In fact, this is your address to which you will receive letters. Also messages, various information from sites and Internet resources on which you register, or just letters from your friends or those to whom you give your email address.

That is, in essence, it is like a mailbox for newspapers and letters in your home only on the Internet, for emails and messages.

More details on wikipedia.

Here's how to create your email.

E-mail can be created completely free of charge, but if someone is still mastering the Internet, e-mail is a completely free service.

Paid email also exists. As a rule, people use paid mail quite consciously. You can't get a special email address, you won't be able to create it by accident, anyone can too.

For example, when hosting your site, the provider offers you to create mail for your site as our administrator email address [email protected], we accept letters from you to this address, it is included in the cost of hosting the site with the provider.

Briefly about the email address itself.

An email address consists of two parts:

First part: this is the part before the sign " @» you make up this part yourself. Second part: this is the part after the “ @» it defines which service your email address belongs to.

In Russia, the most popular email services are: - mail from Yandex - mail from - mail from Rambler - mail from Google

which mail to use, it's up to you what is more convenient or preferable for you according to your preferences.

Let's tell you in order how to start an e-mail using the example of the Yandex service, - we go to this page and see the following:

электронная почта

press the registration button,

the following registration form will open in front of you

электронная почта

fill out the form, preferably indicate your reliable information, put a tick on the agreement with the terms of use ( it is advisable to familiarize yourself with them ), we come up with the password ourselves, if you do not want to indicate the phone number, click on the inscription "I do not have a phone", you can enter the phone number later if you deem it necessary.

электронная почта

two more lines of the form will appear with a security question and an answer, you come up with the answer yourself, click "Create mail"

электронная почта

a window will appear in which you need to recognize the inscription on the left side and enter it into the window on the right. Then click "Continue".

электронная почта

The interface of your email will open in front of you and it will immediately contain one or two letters for you from the Yandex service. In the upper right corner you will see your email address that you created. To read the letter, double-click on it with the left mouse button.

If you provide a phone number, then you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code that this is your number, enter the received confirmation code and click "start mail". Then you can enter your phone number in the personal settings of your profile and also confirm it with the code received via SMS.

электронная почта

On other e-mail services, the principle is completely identical and differs little from the above example, the main thing is to read carefully and the main thing is to write down or remember your username and password well.

Good luck to all.

One famous artist said that our whole life is concentrated in the little things and seconds. Therefore, it is very important to make ordinary and seemingly insignificant things beautiful and bright.

Modern mailboxes do not differ in particular originality, so you can make your own - author's.

You have to learn how to make a mailbox with your own hands now.

What are the boxes

A mailbox can not only fulfill its main purpose - to serve as a receiver for paper messages, but also be part of an architectural idea.

Today, there are several options that can be taken into service:

Classic - placed on the fence or door of the house for accepting letters. If the decor is done correctly, such a box will surely attract the attention of a passer-by and cheer him up.

English manner - in films you can often see that the characters make a small copy of their house to receive correspondence.

American pattern - they are made mainly in the form of some kind of statue or object. Here you can give free rein to imagination or use for inspiration photos of mailboxes that conquered the Internet.

In our reality, it makes no sense to make the box too expensive. It can easily be carried away by intruders, therefore, you need to take additional care of fastening the structure.

Useful recommendations

Beautiful mailbox can be made even for an apartment building. The main thing in this matter is not afraid to stand out among the others.

You can take into account the following tips:

If the box will be on the street, it is desirable to make a good visor over the gap. Water is the main enemy ink and paper so as not to get into the unpleasant situation, it is desirable to predict it in advance.

The door for the excavation is desirable to make an invisible. Despite additional security in the form of a castle, many will want to see what came neighbors. This is relevant for citizens who often receive small parcels with a well-known trading platform.

All elements when assembling it is desirable to fasten with special corners. They contribute to long service box and protect it from mechanical damage.

Many citizens are installed on the box alarm. You can also construct a special system with a "double bottom", correspondence at the expense of the spring will immediately fall into the yard or the second box inside the courtyard. Such an original mailbox will be able to save the owners from curious neighbors and vorays.

What can be done

As practice shows, there are no boundaries for applied art. Mailbox can be made even from cardboard.

However, this design has a noticeable minus - it is impossible to keep it on the street. Alternatively, you can use cardboard for modeling, the thickness of which is at least 4 mm.

The most optimal way is to make a house of plywood. Such a mailbox in a country house will serve as an excellent addition.


  • Choose favorite house template.
  • Find a small sheet of plywood.
  • Purchase a piano loop that will allow you to open a drawer for the letters of letters.
  • Furniture glue can be used for fastening.
  • Additional tools - sandpaper (for grinding), small nails, electrolovka.

The main thing is that all parts were smooth, otherwise the design will be unstable. Increase the service life of the plywood box can lacquer for yachts, experience has shown that it perfectly copes with humidity.

Such a box can be made to English manner, Ie to make a small copy of the country house.

How to make a plastic to the country

The main advantage of the plastic box is its durability. The material does not rot, but it cannot be put on the sunny side of the fence or door.

Under the influence of sunlight, he can crumble. How to make a plastic mailbox:

Alternatively, you can use the old canister. It must be cut into two parts and one to attach to the door. Additionally, you can cover paint and attach the coat of arms of the country. Such an option in stores costs from 1500 rubles.

Many as a box use the case from the PC processor. Such a creative option does not require much effort.

The box can take a cylindrical shape. You can make from a wide sewer pipe. Consign the door or fence using metal clamps.

The decor of the mailbox on the proposed versions does not erect. You can make from everything that lies at home at hand. The main thing in this case is a sedental and desire. You can connect children to work, their fantasy can sometimes surprise even an adult.


Only creativity can get rid of the feeling of life and depression. Joint classes with a useful business in a family circle well relieves stress.


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