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Photo: Kremlin press service
Photo: Kremlin press service

Vladimir Putin's inauguration will take place on May 7 at 12-00 (MSK). For Vladimir Vladimirovich, this ritual is already the fourth. What is the inauguration and how it can go through this year, read further.

What is inauguration?

Inauguration is an entry ceremony (translation from Latin: "Dedication to the people"). In general, this action is an oath in the presence of representatives of the two branches of power: judicial and legislative.

This political ritual came from the monarchies, but still remained in the countries transferred to the republican form of government.

How does the inauguration of the president take place in Russia?

In Russia, upon joining the position, the president speaks with a speech in the presence of Council Senators, State Duma deputies and judges of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. As a rule, at the ceremony there are members of the government, led by the Prime Minister, and the governors, but the protocol does not specify.

Further, the president brings an oath to Russian citizens, which he will serve throughout the term of his authority.

Since 2008, the term of office of the head of state has been increased to 6 years. Therefore, the next inauguration of the President Russians will be able to observe only in 2024.

Photo: Kremlin press service
Photo: Kremlin press service

Why May 7?

The fact is that it is in this May Monday that will take 30 days from the moment the general results of the elections of the President of Russia will be announced by the Central Election Commission. This norm is regulated by the relevant federal law. On May 7, within the framework of the Year of the Presidential Election, it became sacred for the political top of Russia.

Inauguration of all Russian presidents - well, how are everyone Vladimir Putin и Dmitry Medvedev (once), - passed on May 7. In 2000, Vladimir Putin introduced such political fashion, and in 2003, appropriate amendments were made to federal legislation.

What time will Putin's inauguration begins in 2018?

It is already known time: 12:00 Moscow time.

Where will the inauguration be held?

Location remains unchanged since 2000 - this is the Andreevsky hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

How will Putin's inauguration be held in 2018?

In addition to the above conditions, otherwise the procedure for the inauguration of the President in Russia is not regulated by law. Therefore, any scenario of the head of the head of state is allowed to their people.

It is assumed that:

At the very beginning of the ceremony, the soldiers of the presidential regiment will go to the hall, which will bring symbols of presidential power - the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the presidential flag and the sign of the president (a symbolic copy of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" I degree).

The presidential regiment takes the Standard (Flag) of the President of the Russian Federation, photo: Kremlin press service, May 7, 2012
The presidential regiment takes the Standard (Flag) of the President of the Russian Federation, photo: Kremlin press service, May 7, 2012
The soldiers of the presidential regiment endure the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the sign of the President, photo: Kremlin press service, May 7, 2012
The soldiers of the presidential regiment endure the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the sign of the President, photo: Kremlin press service, May 7, 2012

The president himself will appear in the hall after the first blows of the Kremlin Kurats. Under the sounds of the solemn march, Vladimir Putin will fit the podium, where the Constitution of the Russian Federation will lie on his right hand, and on the left - the sign of the president. The head of the state seated opposite the judges and members of both chambers of the Russian parliament will announce the oath of 33 words, the text of which is enshrined in the 82nd article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

When implementing the powers of the President of the Russian Federation, respect and protect the rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen, to observe and protect the Constitution of the Russian Federation, protect the sovereignty and independence, security and integrity of the state, to serve the people.
- Text oath of the President of the Russian Federation before the people.

From this point on, the President is considered to be invited. The chairman of the Constitutional Court solemnly present him symbols of state power: the president's stage and the corresponding sign.

A brief speech ceremony Vladimir Putin and Volley Salute with the Kremlin Embankment will be completed.

What is the intrigue of this inauguration?

Most journalists for this week before the inauguration worries one question: What will Putin come to the Kremlin?


This year we expected that Vladimir Vladimirovich will arrive at the inauguration on the new Limousine "Court" - This is the unofficial name of the representative class car for travel of the head of state. All information about the machines of this project, where not only limousine, but still sedans and minivans goes under the vulture of "Secret".

Officials promised that the president's limousine will be ready for May, but they did not have time. The newspaper "Izvestia" said that work on setting up passive security systems in the limousine was decided to continue.

Vladimir Putin will have to be likely to go to the solemn ceremony by car Mercedes Pullman. As it was in 2012.

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What is inauguration?

Inauguration is an official entry ceremony. The word comes from Latin Inauguro - "Dedicate." Most often, it is used in relation to persons engaged in the highest service posts. In particular, we are talking about the heads of state.

This custom came to modern culture from times when the ceremony of the monarchs were held.

Inauguration in Russia

For the first time, the Russian president passed the inauguration procedure in 1991. When Boris Yeltsin elected president read the text of the oath, there were two constitutions in front of him: the USSR and the RSFSR. The right hand of the Russian leader lay on the chest.

During his presidency there were two inaugurations: the second took place in 1996.

In 2000, Vladimir Putin changed the head of the state of Yeltsin, who today has already passed four inaugurations: in 2000, 2004, 2012 and 2018. In the period from 2008 to 2012, Dmitry Medvedev was at the head of the country.

The next such ceremony must pass in 2024.

In Russia, the inauguration does not have a special protocol, except that the Senators of the Federation Council arrive at it, deputies of the State Duma and the judge of the Constitutional Court. In addition to them, as a rule, invite members of the government headed by the Chairman and Governors, but in the ceremony protocol, this is not designated as a mandatory part.


The inauguration uses the presidential sign and the standard, as well as a special copy of the Constitution, which is kept all the time in the library of the head of state. It is on him that he brighten. All this former president conveys a new one in the next inauguration.

When the elected president says the oath, it is believed that he officially became the head of the country. After the oath, the chairman of the Constitutional Court presents him a special sign "For merit to the Fatherland". In Russia, this is a symbol of presidential power. Such an order exists in a single copy.

Inauguration in the USA

This procedure is also held in the United States of America. Together with him on this day, the vice president is entered. Inauguration always takes place in the capital before the Capitol in the presence of all Americans. On the occasion of the celebration, the parade and ball are arranged.

After 1933, when the 20th amendment was made to the Constitution, the inauguration was held on January 20. Prior to that, she passed on March 4. The exceptions were only cases when the people's chosen one passed the presidency from the post of vice president.

The previous inauguration was held in the United States on January 20, 2017. The position of the city of Donald Trump and the 48th Vice President Michael Pens.

Among those present at the ceremony were the Tramp family, representatives of the American authorities and even opponents of the newly elected chapter of the United States: the outgoing President Barack Obama and Democrat Hillary Clinton, which Trump went around in the presidential race. She was with her husband Bill. The Inauguration of Trump was also awarded the presence of the 39th US president Jimmy Carter and the 43rd head of George Bush-Jr. State.

This inauguration, as reported Associated Press, became the most expensive in the history of the United States. According to journalists, about $ 90 million was spent on its conduct.

His oath of Trump brought Lincoln on the Bible. On her, Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama brought the oath.

Donald Trump and Michael Pens. Reuters.

In his speech, for the inauguration of Trump promised to designate the course of development of the country and the world for many years ahead. In addition, he promised to transfer power from the leadership of the country to the people.

What is the inauguration and how it is held

January 22, 2021.

Hello, dear blog readers Inauguration is a significant event in the life of the state.

It is held with respect to the highest officials: monarchs, presidents, governors. It is usually accompanied by the suspension and demonstration of the attributes of power.


Each country has its own rules and traditions of inauguration. You will learn from this article about the most important and interesting points of the ceremony.

Inauguration is ...

So inauguration - what is it? The term happened from the Latin word inauguro, which is translated as " Dedicate "

In ancient Rome There was an institution of August - a narrow caste of priests. They predicted the will of the gods on the flights of birds. During the ceremony of climbing the ruler on the throne, August declared citizens about a favorable sign over. So the head of Rome in the eyes of the people became chosen by heaven.

In the Middle Ages In European countries, coronation was spread, which was religious. The ritual meant the blessing of the ruler by God. The ununorned monarch was considered illegal and excited.

Today, the practice of coronation has been preserved only in the UK. The rest of the state replaced it to a more formal and short inauguration procedure.


Inauguration - This is a solemn event In the course of which the highest official accepts his official powers.

How is the inauguration of the Russian president

In the Constitution of the Russian Federation (what is this document?) The term "inauguration" is missing. However, Article 82 states that the president Brings people oath In a solemn atmosphere and in the presence of the following persons:

  1. State Duma deputies;
  2. members of the Council of Federation;
  3. judges of the Constitutional Court.

Accurate order Entry into the position of the new chapter is not recorded in regulatory legal acts (what is it?).

Previously, a bill was developed, in which the place of the ceremony was determined, the attributes (symbols) of the authorities, the circle of participants. However, the State Duma rejected the document.


The inauguration of the Russian chapter was first conducted in 1991 In relation to B. Lucina . Since then, the scenario of the event has changed and complemented.

Today is inauguration It takes place in the Big Kremlin Palace and consists of the following main stages:

  1. Znamenopsee with flag, constitution and attributes of presidential power are held in the hall.
  2. The leaders of the Parliament Chambers are raised to the stand (what is it?), The Constitutional Court.
  3. The new president arrives in the Kremlin through the Spasskit Gate. It goes into the hall to the podium.
  4. The president puts his right hand to the main law of the country and Pronounces text oath which is registered in part 1 of Article 81. After the end of speech, it is officially considered to be accounted for. The head of the Constitutional Court solemnly announces it.
  5. Above the presidential residence is raised by the Standard, which engraved the name of the president and the terms of the authority.
  6. New chapter refers to the people with speech .
  7. Military launch salutes.
  8. The president goes to the Cathedral Square to take the parade of the shelf.

Since 2000, the ceremony in the Russian Federation has always been held May 7. . On this day, the term of office of the previous president expires. State TV channels remove and broadcast the event live, although they don't have such a responsibility formally.

Interesting facts about inauguration in different countries

Each state makes its "raisins" to the ceremony, taking into account historical traditions, culture, current political regime.

The bottom table lists interesting facts about the inauguration in the world.

"Distinctive features of inauguration in 10 countries"

State Features
1Mexico At the event from the president, evil spirits are symbolic.
2Georgia Before the procedure, the new chapter takes a report from the commander-in-chief by the armed forces.
3France The new and former presidents are found on the steps of the Elysees Palace. Next, it is privacy to transmit important documents and a nuclear suitcase. The new chapter does not pronounce the words of the oath before the people.
4USA In America, all Healthy predecessors are made to come to the event to congratulate the new president.
5Ukraine During the ceremony, the head of state is handed to print, male and breast chain.
6Turkmenistan One of the attributes of the presidential power at the ceremony is the quiver with arrows. He symbolizes the unity of the people, wealth and blessing on a good way.
7Czech The Constitution is directly spelled out that the instructions from the text of the oath and the knuckle entail the abolition of the election results. True, in the practice of such incidents has not yet been observed.
8South Korea Inauguration passes in the open sky. Participants just in case are plastic seeds for protection against rain.
9Brazil The new president drives along the capital on the cabriolet. After the ceremony, there is a solemn appointment of the country's senior officials, in particular, the Minister of Justice.
ten Italy At the inauguration, the President places his hand not only to the Constitution, but also on the Bible.


Thus, the inauguration is a formal procedure that symbolizes the readiness of the highest official to fulfill official duties and be responsible to the people.

It takes place in a solemn atmosphere with the participation of representatives of other branches of government. Each country itself determines how, where and when to hold an event.

Article author: Belousova Natalia.

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