Interesting and original options for children's costumes

New Year's holidays give a lot of fun activities and matinees. Parents should take care of the outfit for their son. You can choose the option suitable for the baby if you look at the photo of handmade costumes for boys. To make an outfit, you will need to purchase fabric and decor, make additional accessories.


If parents are interested in how to make a suit for a boy with their own hands, you can use the master class. These instructions will help you get the job done faster.

Pants for a prince are made of shiny material. The bottom of the product is decorated with lace. A white shirt can be complemented with a frill.

It is necessary to sew a beautiful camisole. Bright fabrics are used for it. Decorate the product with braid, embroidery.

There should be a crown on the child's head. It is made from paper, cardboard, foil. It all depends on the design of the product and the idea of ​​the seamstress. The crown can be replaced with a beautiful beret with a feather.


You can take any shirt in a cage, complement it with brown or green trousers. To get a beautiful outfit, you need to learn how to sew a suit for a boy with your own hands.

For a cowboy, they pick up a vest or make it yourself. The boy should have toy revolvers on his belt, and a hat on his head.

Boots with buckles complete the outfit. A bright scarf can be tied around the child's neck. Such a cheerful character will surely please all guests of the matinee.


The easiest option would be to use black pants and a shirt, which are in the child's wardrobe. It is necessary to sew a frill from yellow fabric. A brown cape will serve as the wings.

A do-it-yourself beetle costume for a boy will complement a top hat. Horns made of cardboard need to be glued onto it.


To dress a sea robber, you need a vest or a light plain shirt. Pants are sewn from different fabrics, striped material will do.

Do-it-yourself pirate costume for a boy is complemented with a hat or bandana. You can tie a bright scarf around your neck.

The pirate holds a pistol, saber or telescope in his hands. A vest is sewn for this character or purchased in a store. On the shoulder of the conqueror of the seas and oceans, you can attach a toy parrot.

A black bandage is often present on the pirate's face, covering one eye.


A shirt and a dark jacket are selected for this character. There should be a nautical cap on your head.

Do-it-yourself New Year's costume for a boy. To do this, you need to take care of complementing the outfit with classic trousers. The sailor must hold binoculars in his hands.


A bright outfit will appeal to the child. You can sew it completely yourself or purchase a ready-made version. First of all, the hat is made.

The template is made of thick cardboard, on which black fabric is glued. Details connect, decorate the product with a feather.

For a cape, you will need a blue or light blue fabric. It must be trimmed with white lace. Then a hole is cut out for the head in the canvas.

A cross is drawn on the cape or a finished piece is sewn on. A white shirt and black trousers are used for the outfit.

You can attach a white lace collar.


Pants and a jacket are sewn from white fleece or other material. Blue pom-poms are used for decoration.

It is enough to sew three products. They will stand out against a white background. Complement this outfit with a hat and a scarf.

You can make a nose out of colored cardboard, which will be held on the face with an elastic band. The child will have fun at the holiday, dressed up in such a costume.


Black pants are used for the outfit. A jacket is sewn from gray fabric, which will act as a chain mail. The family coat of arms of the knight is sewn on the chest. Chain mail is complemented by a belt.

You should also use a red or yellow cape. A brave hero must have a sword in his hands.


They sew brown pants. For the vest, choose a blue fabric, the edges can be trimmed with red braid to make the outfit brighter. There should be a cap on the gnome's head. You can use the headdress of Santa Claus for these purposes.

A white shirt or jacket is worn under a vest. You need to take care of your shoes. Pom-poms are sewn on the toes of the slippers.


Brown fleece is purchased for the outfit. A jumpsuit is sewn from it. Ears are sewn onto the hood.

It is worth taking care of the bear mask. You can draw it on cardboard, attach an elastic band to it. The mask is also created using the papier-mâché technique.

A small barrel of honey can be given to a forest giant. A bee made of fleece is attached to this item.

To make the bear have a big belly, use a small pillow to which elastic bands are sewn.


Creating beautiful outfits will help open up your creativity. The child will tell you how he sees his character.

Any costume will take time to make, but the result will be excellent. The boy will receive a unique outfit for the holiday.

Photo of costumes for a boy with his own hands

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ideas for new year carnival costumes for boysNew Year is a wonderful time. His children are especially fond of him. For matinees and carnival evenings, kids want to turn into one of their favorite characters. To arrange a real holiday, you can create an interesting costume with your own hands that will help your child transform. The easiest option is, of course, to buy a suit. But where is the guarantee that some of the son's friends will not come in the same; or the store has exactly what you need. After all, a baby may wish to become someone completely unusual.

Here are some ideas for creating Christmas costumes for boys. For convenience, they are arranged in several sections, which will help you quickly find the desired outfit.

Fantasy characters, heroes, warriors and knights

Which of the boys does not want to turn into their idol? It is very easy to please a child by making an appropriate outfit from improvised materials that can be found at home or in any fabric store.


cosmonaut costume for New YearThe costume is desirable for many boys and at the same time is incredibly simple to perform.

  • All you need is a light tracksuit, which is decorated with numerous pockets and silver stripes.
  • The helmet can be made from papier-mâché and covered with foil. An additional wire antenna will not be in the way.
  • The main part is a backpack with oxygen tanks on the back. You don't even have to make a backpack, but simply attach "balloons" on the back in any convenient way. They will be two ordinary plastic bottles with a capacity of one and a half liters, which are painted from the inside with silver or wrapped in silver foil. They are attached side by side, neck down.
  • You can make not oxygen cylinders, but a portable engine. Then multi-colored (yellow, red, orange) long pieces of fabric depicting a flame are glued to the neck.


New Year's costume for boy Aragorn

Photo: an interesting idea of ​​Aragorn's New Year's costume for a boy

Many boys (and not only them) fell in love with the famous saga "The Lord of the Rings". One of the rather popular characters is the wanderer Aragorn. It takes quite a bit of work to create an outfit for this hero. The entire suit consists of what should be found in any closet. Only a few details require a little tweaking.

  • Black pants or loose pants.
  • A brown high-collar shirt or golf.
  • Long beige knee-length vest with leather or rope lacing (can be borrowed from mom).
  • Black boots can be made from very thick knit socks with an attached sole.
  • Cloak with a hood that fastens only at the throat with a large trefoil brooch.
  • Leather belt and sword made of papier-mâché or wood.


New Year's costume for the Bogatyr boyIt's also easy to make a costume for a real hero. The only difficulty is how to make the helmet. For this, papier-mâché is good. It is only necessary not to forget that the heroic helmets had a pointed teardrop-shaped protrusion on top. And starting from the line of the temples, a special metal mesh woven from rings (like chain mail) was attached to such a helmet, which protected the neck. The rest is simple - wide light trousers, a white shirt with ornamental painting on the cuffs, collar and hem, bast boots, a sword. Chainmail in the shape of a sleeveless T-shirt can be crocheted from steel-colored thread.


make a boy a superhero costume for the new yearIt is very easy to make an outfit for any superhero of the child's choice - Batman, Superman, Spiderman and so on. In each case, you just need to use the colors of the selected character, and the principle remains the same.

For the manufacture of all elements, a dense fabric is required. It is best to take thin felt.

  • The first detail is a mask of the most common form to add mystery.
  • The main part is a shirt. It is made like a T-shirt - just a piece of fabric that is wide enough so that it is not small for a child, it folds up in half. On the fold line, an oval cut is made - a neckline, and the sides are simply sewn up, leaving holes for the hands.
  • The logo of the selected hero is sewn onto the shirt from the same felt, if there are the desired colors, or just from colored paper.
  • The finishing touch will be simple felt oversleeves.

Pants and shoes can be very common. Such a suit is easy to bring with you and put on in just a minute. Well, in the next video you will find some small recommendations on how to create a New Year's pirate costume for a boy:


Many boys, especially small ones, aged 3-5 years, want to be the most ordinary animals. Moreover, their desires are not at all limited to bunnies and wolves.

Animals seen in cartoons, zoos or educational programs capture their imagination completely. Therefore, before the holiday to the question "Who do you want to be?" it is quite possible to hear the most unusual answers - crocodile, fly agaric, mushroom or even cancer.


fancy dress cat for boyMany people love their cats and want to be like them on a holiday. To create such a suit is not at all difficult. Moreover, this can be done in several ways. Each of them will have a common detail - makeup applied to the face and consisting of a nose and a mustache.

  1. Knitted gray kitten ... A crocheted hat with small ears and the same ponytail that is sewn to gray shorts or leggings is enough. The rest can be found at home - a gray turtleneck and soft slippers.
  2. Black brilliant cat . There is a little more work, but not too. The basis is the same - leggings and a turtleneck or shirt. The rest is either in the closet, or it is very easy to sew - satin black shorts with a tail and a vest from the same material confused by fur.

Outfits for greater truthfulness can be supplemented with soft mittens of the corresponding color.

Mushroom Mohamor.

how to make a mushroom mushroom outfit for the carnivalThe main thing in such an outfit is the mushroom hat. It can be made of old hats with wide fields. The free space between the tulle and the fields is filled with cotton wool or foam rubber. Then all the product is covered with a red cloth. Top surfaces of ammother's white specks. Do not forget to attach the gum so that the hat is firmly held on the head. The rest does not represent any complexity - a white turtleneck, shorts of the same color as a hat, and white tights. Shortes depict mushroom skirts. And you can even put the toddler to the conventional sandals, the main thing is that they do not stand out too much.


Christmas costume for the carnival CrocodileOf course, you should buy a green and yellowish-salad fabric. Porplavon is useful. The base of the costume is a jumpsuit. It can be done anywhere, even pajama. Mandatory detail - hood. The front part is a light oval manica, which can be simply fastened with buttons or even buttons. So that this "green man" has become a real crocodile, you need to sew a long tail (stuffed by foam rubber) and make a comb from light fabric, which comes from the tip of the tail to the top of the top. On the hood - "head" - on top are also small round eyes. The front of the hood can be supplemented with a protruding jaw with his teeth. Like the tail, this element can be done using a foam rubber.


make your son a cancer costume for the christmas treeThe outfit contains four main elements - claw, head, shell and tail. It is in their creation that is the main complexity. Everything else is simple - turtleneck and leggings. The color depends on what kind of cancer is needed - boiled or alive. Accordingly, the color is red and marsh green.

  • Cles . On the hands from the shoulders, cardboard lining, and the gravestone itself is cut out of the foam rubber or just sewn.
  • Head . Here it is useful for a tight hat, for which small black eyes and long mustache are placed. The front part of the elongated, slightly resembles the creation of the "Crocodile jaw", but with rhives at the end.
  • Tail and shell Consist of segments that can be simply cut out of the fabric and put one under another. The tail itself is sewn to the shortcuts or tights, which is decorated in the same way as the shell.


A little cardboard, paints and fantasy will make it possible to create beautiful costumes that depict your favorite boys toys - robot, a train, a variety of cars, an airplane or rocket.


carnival outfit - RobotJust a few connected together and Basic silver foil boxes of different sizes Let it easily create a real robot. The central part (torso) should have four holes - side for hands, on top for neck, and you can simply leave empty foot space from below. The head is made from the box smaller, which has only a square neckline for the face and the free lower part in order to wear it. Hand-manipulators are easy to make two corrugated plastic tubes of the desired diameter and size. Additionally, you can decorate the "torso" with all sorts of light bulbs, buttons, control boards, and so on.

Locomotive and cars

carnival costumes - techniqueThe basis will be all the same cardboard boxes ... They are put on the child like a lifeline. Additionally, straps are attached that will hold the entire structure on the baby's shoulders. Depending on what exactly needs to be depicted, appropriate paints and elements will be required that are glued to the base:

  • for a locomotive, these are wheels, in front of a cylinder with a pipe;
  • for a fire engine - again wheels, a stylized staircase at the back and a symbolic cockpit, which is attached to the front;
  • for an airplane - wings on the sides, a propeller in front and always a tail.

Of course, all designs require original painting - headlights, flashers, stars on the wings, and so on. You also need to choose clothes to match the image. For a firefighter with a car, it is a helmet and a jacket with bright stripes, for a pilot - a flight helmet with special goggles, for a driver - a cap and a scarf-tie.


original Rocket costume for the boy on the Christmas treeThis is a bit tricky, as the rocket is usually cylindrical and has a cone tip. For their manufacture, you will need a dense material, you can again use cardboard and multi-colored foil. A hole is made in the cone-tip for the face, and it is put on completely over the head. It is advisable to attach it in addition to the main part with elastic elements so that in the midst of the holiday it does not fall off the head - with elastic bands or strings. The whole "rocket" is pasted over with foil of different colors (silver and red or gold), decorated with inscriptions, "portholes" and various drawings.

1. Griffin

DIY Christmas costumes: Griffin

To transform a child into a magical creature with the body of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle, you will need:

  • beige or yellow jacket and pants - this will be the body of a lion;
  • fabric and threads of brown or beige color for the tail;
  • two pieces of felt or fleece for the wings and chest: one lighter, the other dark;
  • cardboard and paints for the mask;
  • glue;
  • stapler.

To make a ponytail, roll the fabric into a tube and glue the edge. Then sew or use a stapler to sew on a brush made of thread of a suitable color. After that, the tail can be sewn onto the pants.

How to make a New Year's griffin costume

To make the wings, draw a pattern with sharp, ragged feathers on the paper. Then make two more templates for the other layers, each already the previous one. Transfer the templates to felt, cut out the wings and sew them together, placing the darker fabric between the layers of the lighter one.

Sew the finished wings to the jacket. At the ends, make loops for the fingers so that the child can flap his wings and they are constantly in motion, and not hanging behind his back.


From three layers of fabric, use the same principle to make feathers on the chest.


If you don't want to work with fabric, you can make wings out of cardboard and paper.

The next important point is the mask. The photo below shows a variant of a beautiful cardboard griffin mask. Cut out the pieces first and then glue them together and paint.

2. Owl

DIY Christmas costumes: Owl

An owl costume is easier to make. Take:

  • black or gray long-sleeved T-shirt;
  • several cuts of fabric in gray and brown shades;
  • cardboard or paper and paint for the mask.

Download and print the template, transfer it to the fabric, and cut the feathers in different colors. Sew them onto the shirt in a checkerboard pattern.

Owl feathers /

The owl also needs a mask with a beak. You can make a simple version out of cardboard or complex masks out of paper. Here are some examples of colorful fantasy masks:

3. Sheep

DIY Christmas costumes: Sheep

For a lamb costume you will need:

  • bodysuit or jumpsuit;
  • glue;
  • about 50 white pom-poms (available at handicraft stores);
  • white and black ear felt;
  • hat or felt for the hood.

Cut off the sleeves of the bodysuit, glue the pom-poms on it so that there is no free space. Then cut out two black ears and two white ears from felt. Glue black felt on white to form the inner layer of the ear.

Glue the ears onto a beanie or hood, and then cover the entire surface with pompoms.

4. Shark

How to make a shark costume

For a shark costume you need:

  • gray hoodie;
  • white, gray and black felt;
  • thread or fabric glue.

Cut out the dorsal fin from gray or white felt, from white - a row of teeth and a circle for the belly, from black - eyes.

How to make a shark costume with your own hands

Sew or glue all parts to the hoodie. If the sweatshirt has a zipper, cut the white circle in half and sew the halves on either side of the zipper.


5. Amanita

Fly agaric,

You will need:

  • wide-brimmed straw hat;
  • fabric glue;
  • stuffing for toys;
  • red and white fabric: for the outer part of the hat, you can use red felt or plain cotton, for the inside, white cotton or crepe is suitable;
  • white lace.

Cut a circle out of the red fabric and sew it to the top of the hat, leaving room for the filler and a hole to push it through. Stuff the hat, spreading the filler evenly so that it takes on the shape of the mushroom. Spread the filler evenly inside the mushroom cap, then sew up the hole.

Sew on the inside of the hat with a gathering of white fabric to resemble mushroom plates. Sew several layers of lace next to the head, like a fringe around the leg of the fly agaric.

Fly agaric

Then all that remains is to sew or glue the white dots, and the mushroom hat is ready. The rest of the outfit consists of ordinary white clothes.

6. Wizard


If your child loves the Harry Potter movies, you can make him a Hogwarts student mantle. To do this, take:

  • a piece of black fabric;
  • a piece of fabric in the color of your favorite faculty;
  • cardboard for faculty stripes;
  • a tie or scarf in the colors of the faculty.

The gallery below shows the basic steps for making a mantle. The fabric of the top layer of the robe should be black, and the color of the lining depends on the faculty.

Sew the house badge to the robe. You can cut it out of paper or order it, for example, at the "Fair of Masters". You can also complement the outfit with a striped tie or scarf from Gryffindor or other faculty. Both can be bought for 400-700 rubles.

In approximately the same way, you can make the mantle of a wizard with stars. For her you will need:

  • a piece of blue fabric;
  • shiny yellow fabric or golden wrapping paper for the stars;
  • hard felt for the cap;
  • Magic wand.

Sew the wizard's robe as shown above, but without the front slit and lining. Wash or glue stars on top in random order.

Cut out two triangles of the desired length from hard blue felt and sew them together, glue the stars and crescents, as on a robe. Also, the cap can be made from a sheet of blue cardboard with stars from gold wrapping paper. And don't forget the magic wand!

7. Minion

How to make a Christmas minion costume with your own hands

You will need:

  • yellow sweatshirt with a hood or yellow longsleeve and hat;
  • blue denim jumpsuit;
  • black gloves;
  • swimming goggles or homemade minion goggles.
DIY Christmas minion costumes

To make glasses, take two pieces of PVC pipe with a diameter of 7.5-10 mm with an oblique cut and six small nuts.

How to make minion points

Coat the pipe cuttings and nuts with silver paint and let dry. Then glue the pipe cuttings together to create glasses. Decorate the top, bottom and sides with nuts.

How to make minion points

Make a few holes on the sides with an awl and sew an elastic band.

How to make a minion costume with your own hands

8. Rey from the new Star Wars trilogy

Rey's costume from the new Star Wars trilogy

Rei's Star Wars costume can be made without thread or glue. The main thing is to find the right things:

  • white or gray jersey;
  • gray pants;
  • brown leather belt;
  • gray woolen tights;
  • black boots;
  • long gray scarf.
How to make a Rei costume from the new Star Wars trilogy

You can make oversleeves from tights, and a cape from a scarf. Just throw it around your neck, cross it over your chest and let the ends fall freely, securing it at the waist with a belt.

You can complement the costume with a Jedi sword or a papier-mâché BB-8.

9. Ladybug

New Year's Ladybug Costume

The costume consists of wings and a cap with a mustache, the rest of the clothing is at your discretion. This can be a T-shirt with pants or a skirt, or a fancy dress. The main thing is that they are black or red to a black point.

For the wings and cap you will need:

  • two sheets of red cardboard A3 format;
  • black paint;
  • foam sponge;
  • red laces and tape;
  • black nylon tights;
  • flexible sticks for children's creativity (you can buy on AliExpress).

Cut out the wings from cardboard, take a foam sponge, cut in the shape of a circle, and put black dots.

New Year's ladybug costume

Punch holes in the wings, thread the red string as shown in the picture below, and seal with tape. The child will thread his arms into the resulting loops.


To make a hat, cut off a stocking of dense nylon tights, tie it into a knot at one end and turn it inside out so that it is not visible. Towards the end, make two neat holes. Pass a black stick through one hole and remove from the other.


Bend the tips of the stick to form the insect antennae. The suit is ready.

10. Toothless


Toothless is a cute black dragon from How To Train Your Dragon. For this costume you will need:

  • black sweatshirt with a hood and pants without logos and drawings;
  • black fabric for the horns, crest and tail: it should be at least approximately similar to the material of the sweatshirt;
  • black and red felt and white paint for part of the tail;
  • stuffing for toys;
  • paints, old glasses or cardboard for the eyes.

Sew four horns: two larger and two smaller. Stuff and sew to the hood.

Calculate the length of the comb and tail so that the tail just touches the ground. Sew the scalloped comb and tail.


Cut two blades out of black and red felt and sew on either side of the end of the tail. On the red part, paint the horned helmet with white paint.

Cartoon Toothless Tail /

When the comb and tail are ready, sew them to the back of the sweatshirt.

For the eyes, you can use lenses from old glasses. Draw Toothless's yellow eyes with vertical pupils on them and glue them to the hood. If there are no lenses, you can make the eyes out of cardboard.

The main costume is ready, it remains to make the wings. For them you will need:

  • flizofix;
  • two wire hangers;
  • black fleece;
  • 45 cm elastic bands;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • nippers.

Print the pattern and cut it out of paper. Transfer the template to a non-woven sheet.


Place the fleece wings on the wrong side of the fleece with the glue side to the fabric and iron with an iron. Trim the fleece to fit the wings.


Next, using a pair of wire cutters, cut the wire hangers into several pieces as shown in the photo below. Bend one hanger in the shape of the letter "M".


Remove the paper layer from the wings, lay out the "bones" of the wings from the wire on the glue layer. Then place the fleece on top and press down firmly with the iron so that the glue and fleece bond. Trim the fleece to fit the wings.


Sew the wings along the outline and then around each "bone". Then sew on the elastic so that the child can put on the wings.


Toothless's suit is ready. And the wings can be used for other costumes as well, such as the bat.

If you are not confident in your abilities, order suits on AliExpress.

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general information

Very soon the time will come for children's matinees and other fun events dedicated to the New Year holidays, and, accordingly, it is time for parents to think about what kind of outfit their child will be wearing. In many stores you can find a wide variety of children's Christmas costumes for boys and girls, but you can make such an outfit yourself. You can be completely sure that no one else will be wearing the same costume at a festive event, and its production will give many pleasant moments for both you and your child. Currently, there are many publications that offer readers great ideas for New Year's suits for boys and New Year's suits for girls, which are made of fabric, as well as knitted. The most important thing you will need to take care of if you decide to make children's New Year's costumes with your own hands is the patterns that can be found anywhere now, including on the Internet.

New Year's goat costume for a boy

6Such a suit can become one of the most popular in the upcoming 2015, because this is the year of the sheep or the goat. The main elements of the boy's costume are goat's horns and a beard. Horns can be made of cardboard or some other dense material by attaching them with a knitted hat. The goatee can be made from ordinary cotton wool, and the hooves from mittens. A tail for a goat costume can be made from the same cotton wool or fringe, for this you need to wind it around the base and attach it to the trousers.

New Year's wolf costume for a boy

4995108_65198nothumb500To make the costume of this forest dweller, you will need patterns of New Year's costumes for boys, namely vests and shorts. These elements are best done with gray fabric. In addition, you will need faux fur, which can be gray or black at will. Fur will be needed to make ears and tail, and you can also sew it on a vest. To make ears, you will need to make blanks out of cardboard, sew fur on them, and then glue them onto a hat. The wolf's tail is made completely furry, and then, for strength, a wire is inserted inside and the product is sewn to the shorts. Ordinary black gloves can be an additional accessory for such a suit.

New Year's bunny costume for a boy

Those who have ever made children's Christmas costumes for boys with their own hands, kostum-zajac-227x300know that the bunny is one of the most popular characters among the guys. And it is very easy to make a New Year's bunny costume for both a boy and a girl. As a basis for this outfit, you can use an ordinary white jacket and shorts of the same color, which you can purchase or sew yourself. The important details in creating this outfit are the ears and the ponytail. The ears are made of cardboard and then pasted over with fur. The ears are usually attached to a white cap, but you can also use a bezel. A fluffy bunny tail is made of fur by sewing it to shorts.

New Year's pirate costume for a boy

karnavalnye-kostyumy-svoimi-rukami-10If you decide to sew a New Year's costume for a boy, then the pirate's outfit will be the perfect choice, because it is in demand among all boys without exception. Such a suit usually consists of wide trousers, which are better to buy ready-made. And if you can't find flared trousers, you can use any pattern of New Year's suits for boys, which are in a wide variety on the Internet. In addition, you will need a striped vest that is easy to find, a large belt, a wide-brimmed hat, a cloak, and a pair of revolvers or daggers. To make a raincoat, you can use any dark-colored fabric. You can make a pirate's tricorne hat out of cardboard, paint it with black paint, and draw a skull with bones in front of it with white. If you decide to use a hat, be sure to insert a feather into it.

New Year's costume for a gnome for a boy

12A colorful gnome outfit, this is one of the favorite children's New Year's costumes for boys, almost every child once played the role of this cheerful character. The basis of this suit can be any colored shirt and vest that can be made, for example, from an old plaid plaid. The gnome's outfit must be decorated with a belt with a large buckle. The cap can be sewn from flannel fabric or jersey, you can also sew curls made of threads to it. The gnome must have a beard, it can be made of cotton wool or the same threads as the hair, and attached to an elastic band. Gnomes usually have a large nose, which you can make yourself from a small piece of foam rubber. For the lower part of the suit, any pants that are decorated with ribbons will do. Striped knee-highs have always been a distinctive detail of the gnome's costume, and the shoes are decorated with buckles. Make-up will give your gnome a special charm, you can tint his cheeks and nose with blush.

By the way, on our website you can download the book “ ten original Christmas costumes for children with their own hands » с step by step instructions and photos:

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New Year's costume of Santa Claus for a boy

987What a New Year can be without a kind and cheerful Santa Claus, probably not a single child will refuse to at least temporarily play this role. And if you decide to sew a New Year's costume for a boy, then think about this particular outfit, it will definitely please not only the child himself, but also everyone around you.To make this costume, you will need red fabric, you can take an inexpensive chintz, white synthetic winterizer, tinsel and sparkles. To begin with, you will need to make the base of the suit, for this you can trim any children's down jacket and knitted hat with red fabric. The hem and collar of the down jacket must be sheathed with padding polyester, and the hat must be decorated with the edge of it. The resulting red outfit can be decorated with tinsel and sparkles as you wish. To go along with Santa Claus, you will definitely need to pick up a belt with a large buckle, old felt boots and mittens. You need to sew a synthetic winterizer to the hat, it will look like a thick beard. In the hands of Santa Claus must have a staff and a bag with gifts. To make a staff, you need a stick, it can be decorated with ribbons, tinsel or stars cut from foil. It will not be so difficult to sew a bag, but you can decorate it with the same foil stars.

Costumes for the little ones

images (4)There are many more ideas for New Year's costumes for boys, and if you have a rich imagination, you can come up with your own unique and original outfits. As for the children of an earlier age, they should feel, together with their loved ones, all the magic of the upcoming holidays. And therefore, many loving mothers who are engaged in needlework can make a knitted New Year's costume. For a boy, you can make a costume of a bear cub, gnome, Santa Claus, and many others. Girls can flaunt at the holiday in a costume of a monkey, a fox, a squirrel, and other famous characters. Knitted Christmas costume for a boy or for a girl is quite simple to make, diagrams for making them and tips for doing this work can be found in many printed publications or in the internet.


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On the eve of the holidays, the question of how to make a suit for a boy with their own hands increasingly arises in parents. Today there are quite a few interesting and simple options.

Boys will definitely love the costumes of superheroes, favorite characters that they want to look up to.

When manufacturing, only the desire and ability to sew, make patterns are important. Even minimal skills in this area will help create a truly excellent costume for a child.

Summary of the review:


A suit is selected depending on the age.

If we are talking about little guys no older than 2 years old, then the best choice, as you can see in the photo of a suit for boys with your own hands, will be a snowman, an angel, the sun, some kind of fruit, or a vegetable, dragon, turtle. This list goes on and on, the main thing is to choose the option that will appeal to the child.

Recently, more and more boys began to dress up as princes, focusing on the crown of a fairy-tale character. But, there is really a lot of options, it is worth getting to know each of them better.


This is a fairly vivid example of a DIY New Year's costume for a boy. You need to first of all stock up on an arsenal of tools and materials. These are white, black and pink fabrics.

Often, instead of a white sweatshirt - the basics, parents choose a white, monochromatic T-shirt without inscriptions. It is worth complementing it with a pre-cut pink fabric bow.

A striking and necessary element of the costume are bunny ears, which are easy to make yourself. It is enough to purchase a hoop, cut out the ears from the gray fabric, make the middle white and attach it to the hoop.


A do-it-yourself beetle costume for a boy is also suitable. It is necessary to make a hat, antennae, possibly an addition in the form of wings. The main thing is to choose the right color scheme, to combine the elements of the costume into a single composition.

The basis of the costume is selected arbitrarily, there are no special restrictions on the choice. Most often, they complement the wings, antennae and a dark cap with the help of dark pants, a long-sleeved T-shirt.

Making such a suit, I want to add bright colors. A great alternative to the beetle costume would be the choice of a ladybug. In this case, you can decorate the wings with bright colors, focus on such a bright detail of the image.


It is not difficult to make a pirate costume for a boy with your own hands. This character is often crafted from a boy's everyday clothes.

If the choice fell on the pirate as the captain of the ship, then feel free to take a white shirt and dark, preferably black trousers. To emphasize the power of the character, you can use a red belt with which the boy will tie up his pants.

The next important detail in the image is a wide-frame hat, it can be purchased in a specialized store. You can take an old black hat, adding it with a hand-to-sewn skeleton on the central side of the product.

Take care of the presence of a toy pistol that will complement the role of the pirate.

This character is suitable for a child with increased activity. We are talking about restless, too active boys.

For a quiet character and behavior of a boy, a more suitable will be the choice of a snowman, stars, or a wolf.


Really cut out masks. You can buy a mask of any character, an animal, for example. Further, speech remains for small - to wear a boy into suitable clothes.

Choosing this option, you can sew the costume - the basis, or simply choose the clothes of the right color, the choice is yours.


For a boy of older, just such a suit will fit. Its foundation is the checkered shirt, which can be taken from the wardrobe of the child.

Supplement the image of a wide-frame hat (choose options with a hatted side of the sidelines), a handkerchief, a toy gun and a wide belt.

If possible and desire, you can make a pattern of cowboy trousers, a thematic vest of leather, or suede, then transfer to the material.

An alternative to such a costume can be a Texas sheriff, which will also look like an effect on any party.

Boys, older than 6 years old, the soul will be such characters like Robin Hood, or Peter Pen. It is important to ask the child in advance, to learn about his preferences, after which it is to build a further action plan.

In general, the question of how to sew a suit of the boy with their own hands, should not scare parents. After all, you do not always need skills to work with a sewing machine, or complex patterns.

Most often to create a good suit, the incarnation of a fabulous character in life is enough to choose the right clothes - the basis of the image, add it with bright details.

There are many options for boys for boys, it is worth considering when choosing a child's age, its preferences and character. Given all these criteria, you will be able to wear a child in the best suit allocated among others.

Stock Foto Costume for boy do it yourself

On the eve of the New Year holidays, the parents of young boys arises a question in which costume will be their child to perform in the Christmas tree. Many carnival options, habitual bunnies, parses, fairy tale characters - have long completed cartoon superheroes. All these New Year costumes for boys can be made with their own hands, if there is a desire and at least the initial knowledge of cutting and sewing.

Costume ideas for the smallest

Children from 1 year and up to 2 years old, you can come up with a lot of unrealistic pretty costumes, they can appear before relatives on New Year's Eve: a snowman, a dragon, a turtle, an angel, caterpatch, a sun, banana and others.


New Year's costume bunny has a special charm, it takes white, pink and black fabric for its manufacture. Special skills in terms of Croy do not need. Instead of white sweaters, you can pick up a regular white T-shirt for a boy and sew a pink bow, cut out my own.

The ears for the New Year's costume is also easy to do: buy white hoop for them or the same color gum. Separately from white tight fabric or cardboard cut two ears, the middle of which is decorated with pink color, to tone a bow on a T-shirt.

Pattern of a New Year's bunny costume with a description

The final part is a hat, the diameter of the inner part of its brim is measured around the child's waist, then a kind of skirt is sewn with a length below the knee. It is better to buy black felt for these purposes, then it will keep its shape well.

Photo: New Year's bunny costumes for boys


Wings and a cap with a mustache serve as the basis of this New Year's costume. There are no restrictions in the rest of the clothes, the main thing is that it matches in color with red wings and a black hat, black pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt of the same color look perfect in the general ensemble.

Photo: ladybug costume pattern

Description of the process of making a New Year's costume. The wings of the "ladybug" can be made of red cardboard, it will be enough to prepare it in A3 format, and for the whole suit you will need black paint, a foam sponge, scotch tape and red laces.

Neat wings are cut out of cardboard, then a foam sponge is prepared, which is cut in the shape of a circle, and black dots are applied with it. Holes need to be made in the wings, laces through them. Their ends must be brought out to the back and secured with tape. The child will insert his hands into the resulting loops.

New Year's ladybug costumes for boys

The hat is made from old, but whole dense black stockings, if there is a ready-made fine-knit hat, then it will also work. You need to insert flexible black sticks into it, the ends of which can be decorated with soft balls. After all these preparations, the child can appear before the guests in the costume of a charming insect.

Suits for boys from 3 to 6 years old

New Year's costumes for such kids can be chosen without their participation, although some already know exactly who they would like to be. For mothers who do not even know how to sew, it is quite possible to create an image of a knight or a pirate for them without spending too much on materials for manufacturing.


Each boy in toys can find a sword that will complement the costume.

Photo: modern knight costumes

Photo: Christmas knight costumes for boys

We make a helmet out of cardboard with our own hands

The helmet is made of cardboard, which is then painted in a suitable color. Templates for its manufacture are available on the net. The basis of such a suit is a gray turtleneck and pants of the same color. Instead of a cape, a white cloth may be suitable; a red cross of one of the knightly orders is drawn on it.

Photo: making a knight's helmet out of cardboard


An uncomplicated New Year's costume in its execution, and you can make it out of everyday clothes. If it is a pirate-captain of the ship, then you can put on a white shirt and black (red) trousers, tie them with a wide belt. Make or buy a wide-brimmed hat, and give a pistol as a weapon.

New Year's pirate costumes for a boy

If this is a seasoned sea wolf, then a vest is required, black rolled-up pants and a homemade bandage that covers one eye, you can come up with a more frightening make-up and give him a saber.

The heroes described above are suitable for hyperactive and restless boys, for the quieter ones, kind characters in the form of a snowman, a wolf cub or an asterisk are quite suitable. They can be done simply by purchasing a themed mask and choosing appropriate clothing.

"Teen Wolf"

For such a New Year's costume, a turtleneck and gray pants are suitable. To decorate them and bring them closer to the image of a wolf, you need to prepare gray and white felt, and also choose threads of the appropriate colors for them.

Wolf costumes for New Year for boys

The work progress consists of the following stages:

  1. Run a template on paper to decorate the front of the raglan. Draw an oval, albeit of an irregular shape, the main thing is that it covers most of the front with itself and cloves along its edges. Do not worry if they are asymmetrical, their divergence will only add originality to the costume.
  2. The resulting pattern of the future wool of the wolf is transferred to a white felt. The resulting costume detail is first fixed on the turtleneck with pins, and then it is carefully sewn to it.
  3. It is necessary to measure the width of the legs and cut out two strips along it, on which you also need to make teeth, they are cut out of gray felt and sewn along the edge of the legs, they should not exceed 8 cm, otherwise they will look clumsy. The same scalloped ornaments can be sewn on the ends of the sleeves.
  4. To complete the costume, you need to prepare two more small parts that are sewn onto the knees, they must be with teeth.
  5. A New Year's wolf without a tail will be incomplete; for sewing it, you need to prepare gray felt. Two long rectangles with an approximate size of 15 by 40 cm are cut out of it.
  6. Cut out a narrow insert with teeth from dark gray felt, which must be sewn onto one of the strips before stitching them together and filling with foam rubber or padding polyester. At the tip of the tail, there must be a white piece of felt with teeth.
  7. The width of the white parts should not exceed 15 cm. After preparing the tail, it is sewn to the pants right in the middle of their back seam.

Photo: wolf head pattern

The remnants of felt, from which you can make a mask, will help to fill the New Year's costume of the little wolf. Two small pieces are taken and eyes are cut into them, around which you can sew small pieces of white felt. After that, a special soft elastic band is sewn to it, its length depends on the girth of the child's head.

By the same example, you can create a good-natured bear cub, only for a suit choose brown and red shades of felt.

Suits for boys 6-12 years old

At school matinees, various wolves and pirates are no longer relevant, their grown up kids were in the kindergarten, and now they need to assert themselves among the new children, and show off a new costume. At this age, without the consent of the child, you should not buy or sew a suit for him, he simply does not want to put it on. Many of them dream of appearing in front of their peers in the form of a superhero, so at matinees you can meet Batman, Spider-Man, a Policeman. Original small personalities can appear in the form of a sultan or a wizard in wide trousers and a turban. For parents who can persuade their child to wear more relaxed costumes, you can consider options in the form of a cowboy or musketeer.


The usual jeans and a plaid shirt available at home are taken as a basis; a wide-brimmed hat, curved at the edges, a scarf and a wide belt with a pistol holster hanging on it, act as a mandatory accessory.

To create a complete look, you should buy a piece of suede of any brown shade, you can replace it with a similar material: velor or artificial leather. It is advisable to pick up the threads to match, or buy yellow ones, with which to make decorative seams.

New Year's pirate costumes for boys

The work progress is as follows:

  1. Fold two equal pieces to the jeans and outline them along the edge of the trousers, retreating from them 5 cm from the edge, cut off all excess to get equivalent stripes.
  2. On top of the prepared parts, outline the waist and leave room for threading the elastic. Find the line of the inner seam, and round the bottom of the parts.
  3. Draw a 6 cm wide strip from the waistline, then repeat the strip from the beginning of the inner seam to the beginning of the strip, the marked lines will help to cut out the necessary details, which will later make up the bottom of the suit.
  4. Make strips from the prepared fabric with a width not exceeding 7 centimeters, on one side make a fringe, this is necessary to decorate a New Year's costume. To do this, you need to cut out five small stars.
  5. Attach the inside of the legs in half and sew them back from the edge on the wrong side. If there is no typewriter, then this can be done manually, but take a thick needle. Be sure to baste them before stitching the parts.
  6. Put the previously prepared fringe over the leg, cover it with its second half and sew all three parts from the inside out.
  7. Decorate the legs with previously prepared stars, sew them on or glue them using a glue gun.
  8. To prevent the pants from slipping, you can insert an elastic band into them or replace it with lacing, before that, having completed two holes on the front of them or sewing additional loops, farther from each other.
  9. The preparation of the vest begins with its pattern, it can be made in one piece or cut into two parts in front and provided with buttons on them.
  10. The vest can be cut according to the size of the shirt chosen for the suit, but only it must be decorated with a fringe, which should be stitched to the bottom of the product.
  11. The remaining three stars from the previously cut out are sewn onto the back of the vest.

Description: pattern of cowboy trousers and shirt

After creating the costume, you can try on the whole image on the boy and adjust it, for example, by changing the hat or changing the belt, there can be many options. By analogy with such a suit, you can create the image of a Texas sheriff.

For dreamy boys, a hero in the form of a snowman, Peter Pan, Robin Hood and other similar heroes may come up, the main thing is to ask the child's opinion so that he would enjoy his very image and the attention of other children to him at the holiday.

All children, both girls and boys, love to dress up in New Year's costumes and transform into fairy-tale heroes. But buying an outfit or renting it is quite expensive, and it is not always possible to find a suitable option. But this is not a problem if you know how to create a New Year's costume for a boy with your own hands. With our help, you can easily cope with this task!

Classic New Year's costumes for boys

Remember how recently boys in kindergartens and elementary schools dressed up in New Year's costumes of bunnies or pirates? Sewing them is quite simple, but there is not much originality in them either.

More complex classic carnival costumes for boys also include:

  • images of animals: wolf, cat, mouse, dinosaur etc.;
costume for a boy for the new year dragon photo 085
costume for a boy for the new year dragon photo 086

  • themed New Year's outfits: snowman, tree, gnome, elf ;
  • tough guy images: cowboys, vikings, ninjas, superheroes, robots ;

  • representatives of different professions: astronauts, pilots, trainers, firefighters, military etc.

Be sure to keep in mind that the New Year's costume for a boy 2 years old and younger should not contain small parts that can be easily torn off. It is better that it be as simple and not heavy as possible. It can be a carnival costume for a dog or a New Year's costume for a cat, made on the basis of one-piece overalls.

DIY Christmas wolf costume

"Angry and terrible gray wolf" - a fairly simple costume for children 4-6 years old. Especially if you know how to sew.

You will need brown, white, gray, black and red felt, thread with a needle, glue gun, light cap, printed pattern.

Following the pictures cut out the necessary details from felt sew them among themselves.

Paste decorative elements with a glue gun. Glue the "teeth", "tongue" and "eyes" of the wolf on the cap. As a result, you will get the following set: a cap with a wolf's face, a tail, and half gloves. Pick up a dark t-shirt and sweatpants and your wolf outfit is ready!

Bear costume

You will have to work on such a suit a little longer. But, using our detailed pattern, even novice needlewomen can do this.

To create it, you will need :

  • faux brown fur;
  • beige felt;
  • adhesive interlining;
  • narrow elastic band for sewing;
  • scissors;
  • pins;
  • iron;
  • threads, needles;
  • printed pattern.

Prepare pattern , transfer it to the fabric and cut out the details you need.

Exactly following the photographs, sew the elements together. Insert elastic into the sleeves and trousers along the edge.

Pay special attention bear hat - it is sewn according to the hood principle.

Costume for a boy for the New Year: cute baby elephant

How do you like this elephant costume? You can also sew it yourself using our tips.

Take :

  • 2 meters of gray fleece or felt;
  • a piece of white or light gray felt;
  • scissors;
  • iron;
  • needles, threads;
  • wire;
  • pins;
  • Scotch;
  • adhesive interlining;
  • felt glue;
  • pattern.

Measure your baby and increase pattern to the desired size. Transfer it to the fabric and cut out all the elements.

Start stitching the parts - first of all, grab elephant ears ... To keep them in shape, they need to be sealed with non-woven and reinforced with wire.

Further, following the photo, sew a cap and trunk.

On sleeves and legs stick on light "fingers".

Christmas costume of an elephant photo 153
christmas costume elephant photo 143

Sew the body suit - overalls.

An unusual suit for the New Year is ready for the boy with his own hands!

For the little ones: New Year's gnome costume

Such a suit is easy to implement, it is easy to make it from scrap materials. A wonderful gnome costume for the New Year will turn out from a red man jumpsuit. Just add a white soft fabric décor to mimic a beard and wear a red and white Christmas hat for your little one.

Older children can choose a gnome outfit, decorate it with a black decorative belt and complement it with an artificial white beard.

Modern costumes for the New Year for boys

Does your son love cartoons? Does he know all the cartoon characters? Then he will definitely like one of these costumes:

Creative Costume: Jake of Neverland

The main character of the animated series "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" is loved by many boys and, of course, they will gladly want to dress up for them. Such an outfit is easy to make with your own hands, it looks like a New Year's pirate costume, but it is distinguished by some recognizable details.

The costume consists of a T-shirt, vest, pirate boots, pants and accessories.

To start, take a plain white T-shirt and scissors do a small incision at the throat, as shown in the photo.

Using a fabric punch or scissors, cut through two holes on each side of the cut. Take a dark brown lace insert it into the holes so that you get a cross and tie it from the inside.

Then make a "fringe" on the sleeves of the leotard.

For a vest, you will need a dark blue shirt, yellow tape, thick cardboard or thin yellow foam, scissors, and a glue gun. Cut off the sleeves of the shirt.

Using a glue gun, glue yellow tape around the edge of her collar, front placket and hem. Cut out 4 identical circles of cardboard or foam and stick on two on the shelves of the vest on both sides so that they look like buttons.

To make pirate boots, any brown shoe from another carnival costume will do. You can also use rubber boot inserts, casual brown boots, or boots.

If desired, sew boots the desired shape is not difficult and independently. For their decor, you need yellow felt, from which you need to cut out large letters "J" and ovals.

Stick them onto your shoes with a glue gun, as shown in the photo.

The costume will be complemented by blue sweatpants, a wide black belt, a red bandana and a toy sword. Jake's original and stylish outfit is ready!

Just do not forget that you need to choose a New Year's costume for a boy based on his preferences. Do not force a kid who is keen on superheroes to dress up as a bunny or a gnome.

Spend a little time, make a Batman or Spiderman costume for him and your reward will be genuine delight and a lot of positive emotions!

Did you like the article? - You are welcome, tell your friends , and share your impressions in the comments below. We are pleased when Word of Decor articles are useful and you find what you were looking for.

Childhood is a wonderful carefree period of life, when you can not only play endlessly and spend time for your own pleasure, but also play the role of your favorite fairytale hero more than once. We will devote this material to the topic of self-tailoring of carnival costumes for fairy-tale characters and animals. We will learn how to sew New Year's costumes with our own hands for boys, what materials will be needed in each case, and consider photographs of the outfits that should be obtained with proper adherence to the sewing technique. Such carnival costumes are suitable for a New Year's party in kindergarten and elementary school.

Gray wolf costume

To sew a gray wolf costume, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • knitted (velor) pants and sweatshirt in gray;
  • felt (gray, white and dark gray);
  • ponytail fur;
  • leather cord;
  • scissors;
  • needle;
  • threads;
  • glue;
  • sewing machine (if any).

Suit sewing instruction:

  • The sweatshirt is decorated. In the tummy area, a light piece of oval-shaped felt is sewn Gray wolf costume
  • Pants are decorated. In the lower part of the legs, jagged strips cut from light felt, reminiscent of wolf hair, are sewn Gray wolf costume
  • Patches with teeth of dark gray felt are sewn onto the knees of the pants Gray wolf costume
  • The tail is sewn. For this element you will need felt in gray and dark gray, light gray (white) fur, cotton wool (synthetic winterizer). When all the details are sewn, the ponytail is filled with cotton Gray wolf costume
  • Making a wolf mask. At the beginning, a mask template is cut out on cardboard and tried on (the eyes should correspond to the location of the child's eyes). Then the pattern is transferred to the felt. The mask is based on gray felt, arched lines are made of dark felt. Light gray fur is glued over the eyes Gray wolf costume
  • We carry out paws-gloves for the wolf. The shape and size are taken from old mittens (gloves), the pattern is made of fur. Claws are made of leather cord. In the end, you will be able to sew an original New Year's costume for your boy, which will delight you with its beauty and originality.

The stages of creating a gray wolf costume are described in this video:

Teddy bear costume

To sew a suit you will need:

  • artificial fur (0.8 running meters);
  • a small piece of light gray faux fur;
  • leatherette or leather;
  • scissors, thread, needle, glue.

The order of sewing a suit is as follows:

  1. The pattern of the cap is modeled on the head of the child. After that, ears are sewn and sewn into a hat. Teddy bear costume
  2. A light section is cut out of a piece of light gray fur, from which the animal's muzzle will be sewn.
  3. The tip of the bear's nose is made from a small piece of leather, which is sewn to the fur of the muzzle. Teddy bear costume
  4. Eyes taken from some toy will act as eyes (they must be torn off carefully so that, if necessary, they could be returned back). You need to glue the eyes next to the bear's face
  5. You can cut out the shorts according to the shape of the shorts that the child is currently wearing.
  6. Next, a small tail is sewn from dark fur. It is filled with cotton wool and sewn onto the shorts.
  7. The blouse pattern is made in the shape of a wide sleeveless T-shirt.
  8. The paws are sewn in the shape of fingerless mittens and decorated with pieces of black knife, reminiscent of the shape of claws. The inner side of the legs can be made of brown silk (satin). To prevent the legs from sleeping, an elastic band is inserted into the edge of the folded edge. Teddy bear costume
  9. In the end, it will turn out to be a cute bear costume. Teddy bear costume

A video on how to sew a bear costume for a boy with your own hands can also be useful to you:

Santa Claus costume

To sew a suit you will need:

  • red fleece, white faux fur, or white fleece;
  • scissors, needle, thread;
  • sewing machine.

Consider the easiest way to sew a boy's costume of Santa Claus (or Santa Claus), which even a novice craftswoman can sew. Let's use the child's pajamas.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. We start by laying out a long-sleeved blouse on paper and tracing it around the contour. We do the same with long pants.
  2. We transfer each part two pieces to the red fleece and cut it out.
  3. Sew the details on the sides.
  4. We insert an elastic band into the belt of the pants.
  5. You can trim the edges of your garments with white fleece or white faux fur. White trim is done on the edges of the pants, on the sleeves and on the bottom of the jacket Santa Claus costume
  6. To make a hat, you need to cut out and sew two red triangles. Sew on the edge of the white fleece or fur edging Santa Claus costume
  7. The red belt can be decorated with Christmas tree tinsel.
  8. We sew shoes from the remnants of fabric. To determine the size, the baby needs to stand on the felt. By the size of the legs, you need to circle the handle. This will give you two foot patterns. In order to close the tops, it is worth carving out 4 parts. Sew the pieces of fabric together, and then sew to the felt sole.

It makes sense to decorate the top of the boots with white fur (it is important that the edge coincides with the white fur along the edges of the jacket).

In the end, you should get a very cute carnival costume, which will surely be able to impress those around you at the New Year's party. Santa Claus costume

The course of these actions is reflected in the video, which is definitely worth watching:

Gnome costume

How to sew a gnome costume for the New Year, in which the blouse will be wrap-around, with large buttons and a belt? It's simple. For this we will need:

  • fabrics in two colors;
  • centimeter tape,
  • needle, thread, scissors;
  • large buttons;
  • sewing machine.

The stages of tailoring a suit will be as follows:

  1. Lay out the child's blouse and pants on the purchased fabric and circle them along the contour. In this case, it is necessary to divide the jacket into front, back shelves and sleeves. If there is a desire to make a vest, then the sleeves do not need to be cut Gnome costume... The length of the trousers is determined at will.
  2. Then it is necessary to sew and process all the sides of the products, the inner and outer seams on the trousers.
  3. Insert an elastic band on the waist and at the bottom of the pants.
  4. To sew a cap, you will need a pattern. In this case, the head circumference is measured by the child, and all other sizes are taken at will. The pattern is transferred to the fabric, cut and stitched. The combination of two colors of fabrics will make the cap bright and expressive Gnome costume
  5. To get beautiful shoes, you should take the pattern into account. Gnome costumeYou will need to measure the boy's foot and height from heel to ankle. Use any thick fabric as a material. The combination of different colors, as well as on the cap, will make the shoes very effective.
  6. You can sew parts by hand, making decorative stitches (you can use the help of a sewing machine). You can decorate the gnome's shoes with a cloth with sharp ends down.

How you can sew a gnome costume yourself is described in this video:

Bunny costume

To sew a festive bunny costume with your own hands, you will need: white crepe satin, velor or white knitwear, white fur, an elastic band for trousers, threads, a snow-white hat, a white oblique trim, doublerin, felt. The course of action should be as follows:

  • We are preparing a pattern of trousers-wide trousers. The pattern can be removed from the boy's ready-made trousers. We will cut out fragments of patterns from crepe satin Bunny costume
  • We sew all the elements of the pattern Bunny costumeTo keep the pants in place, be sure to insert an elastic band for the pants.
  • Sew a tail to the pants.
  • We sew a vest from crepe-satin according to a pattern, which we remove from a T-shirt.
  • We trim the edges of the vest with white fur Bunny costume
  • We sew ears from white fur Bunny costume
  • We sew ears, a fur muzzle to a white hat, glue eyes that can be borrowed from any toy Bunny costume.

As a result, you should get an original masterpiece, from which it will be difficult to take your eyes off. Bunny costumeHow you can sew a bunny costume yourself is described in this video:


To make a pirate costume, you will have to pay special attention to accessories. The costume itself is not necessary to sew. It is enough to buy a turtleneck with a striped print and regular black pants in any children's store. And then you will have to work on sewing a hat, a bandage that will cover one eye. So, we need:

  • black cloth,
  • threads,
  • needle,
  • scissors,
  • black thin elastic band,
  • black satin
  • red satin.
  1. To sew a beautiful pirate hat for a boy, you need to use a pattern DIY pirate costume
  2. Next, we sew a patch on one eye. For this, black cardboard is taken, a thin elastic band is passed through it and tied so that the bandage is kept on the head DIY pirate costumeBut you can also take a satin, from which a bandage worn on the eye will be sewn.
  3. The belt is sewn from red satin.

In the end, you will get an interesting fairy-tale image that will deserve praise DIY pirate costumeThe stages of sewing a pirate costume can be seen in the video:


The Wizard's costume can be anything you like. It all depends on the imagination of the person who sews the outfit. Consider an easy-to-sew yet highly adorable wizard costume that consists of a simple robe with stars. It will be needed for sewing:

  • blue beautiful fabric;
  • foil;
  • threads in the color of matter, scissors.

The course of action is as follows:

  1. To get the main part of the mantle, fold the fabric in half and draw a line in a semicircular manner that will connect the edges of the mantle. New Year's wizard costume
  2. We sew the resulting piece of fabric along the edges.
  3. We take hard foil from which we cut out stars of different sizes New Year's wizard costume
  4. We add asterisks.
  5. We sew on a button so that the edges of the mantle can be connected to each other on the boy's neck. As a result, we get an original wizard costume in which the baby will not go unnoticed New Year's wizard costume

The steps on how to sew a wizard costume can be seen in the video:


The minion is a beloved character by many kids. A Minion costume for a boy can be done quickly. It's easy to create. You don't need to sew anything for this. It is enough to buy a yellow jumper with a hood, as well as a denim jumpsuit with straps. That's all - the image is half finished.

An important point will be the glasses that make this fabulous character stand out. We will make the glasses ourselves. To do this, you will need: small cardboard bobbins, scissors, gray acrylic paint, duct tape, an elastic band that will allow the glasses to stay on the boy's head.

The work progress looks like this:

  1. We bring cardboard bobbins to their normal form DIY minion costume for the new year
  2. Cut them out to get the frame for the Minion glasses DIY minion costume for the new year
  3. We paint them with paint and sew a black rubber band to them DIY minion costume for the new year

The end result is a cute Minion look. DIY minion costume for the new yearFeatures of the creation of glasses, like the Minion, displays the video:


Many kids want to present themselves at the festive carnival in the form of Toothless (a cute black dragon from the cartoon "How to Train Your Dragon"). To create such an image, you will need:

  • black sweatshirt and pants of the same color without logos;
  • black fabric, from which horns, tail and comb will be sewn;
  • stuffing with which toys are stuffed;
  • old glasses, paints, cardboard for the eyes.

The work progress will look like this:

  • We sew four horns - two large and two small. They should be well filled with padding and sewn to the hood. DIY toothless costume
  • We sew a tail and a comb. The tail should touch the ground slightly.
  • To make the tail look like the tail of a fairytale hero, you need to cut out two blades and sew them on both sides of the end of the tail DIY toothless costume
  • For the eyes, lenses from old glasses can be used.
  • To make wings, you need a fleece, wire hangers, black fleece. You need to print the pattern and cut it out of paper. Elastic bands should be attached to the wings so that the boy can put them on.

That's all. Toothless's suit is completely ready DIY toothless costumeThe stages of creating a costume for this fairytale hero are reflected in the video:

Ninja turtle

Ninja Turtle is a favorite hero of many guys. You can quickly sew this New Year's costume for this character and it will not be difficult. Need to have:

  • 1.5 m of green fabric;
  • 0.3 meters of yellow matter;
  • brown fabric 0.3 meters;
  • threads, an elastic band for linen.

The work progress will look like this:

  1. We take a pattern for a jacket and trousers. We sew trousers according to the pattern. We insert an elastic band in the region of the belt. Insert the elastic and along the bottom of each leg DIY Ninja Turtle costume
  2. We also sew a jacket according to a pattern (you can use a boy's T-shirt as a pattern) DIY Ninja Turtle costume
  3. Apply an oval piece of yellow fabric and attach it to the front of the T-shirt.
  4. We sew a belt from brown satin fabric. You can sew 4 more ribbons, similar to a belt, to tie them around your arms and legs, as it was for the cartoon characters.
  5. That's all. Masterpiece is ready DIY Ninja Turtle costume

The video prescribed below can also be useful to you:

Costume Petushka

Many kids express a desire during the festive carnival to turn into a fabulous cock. Sew such suit for a small boy is quite simple. You need to have: yellow t-shirt, yellow pants, felt matter, thread, needle, scissors, sewing machine.


  • So that the fabulous hero is well recognizable, you need to decorate it with a fabulous plumage. To do this, cut the fabric fragments from felt in the form of feathers and fix them in the belt area. Then bore them with a thread or adhesive gun DIY rooster costume
  • Then to sew felt feathers of different colors on the T-shirt.
  • The head of the rooster should be yellow and felt feathers must be on it. The scallop should be made from the fetal feathers of bright red.
  • That's all. Festive suit Cockerel for a boy ready Rooster costume

Video sewing suit Cockerel, which is suitable for different ages, can always be viewed:


The cartoon "Spiderman" still likes many boys, so it is often in this fairy-tale hero kids want to turn into a festive carnival. Sew a New Year's Spider Man Costume - Non-easy task. But we will deal with her. For tailoring, you will need:

  • Fabric red and blue;
  • black marker;
  • White paint (you can take a white corrector to correct errors);
  • threads of the corresponding color;
  • scissors;
  • Rubber for pants.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. We sew shorts to knees out of blue and sew red fabric, painted by a marker in the form of a web. As a result, we get full pants Spiderman - DIY costume for the new year
  2. We sew from pre-prepared on the pattern of fragments of a long sleeve sweater Spiderman - DIY costume for the new year
  3. We are engaged in a sewing mask. Since the mask will be a hat with slots for one eye, it is important to correctly remove the measurements.

That's all. Man-spider suit is completely ready Spiderman - DIY costume for the new yearStages of sewing a man-spider suit can always be viewed on video:

(part 1)


(part 2).

Follow the instructions suggested above and you can sew a New Year's suit for your boy yourself! And let your baby feel at the New Year's carnival a real fabulous hero!

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Children's holiday is an important event not only for children themselves, but also for their parents. Mom and Dad always want their son to be in the most beautiful and unique costume. Purchased suits of the hare, wolf or bear no longer look modern and depart into the background (if the image does not intend to participate in any formulation).

Guaranteed exclusivity is possible to get, make out the outfit with your own hands. In this case, parents will definitely be satisfied with the result, because they themselves have invented the image and embodied their creative ideas.

In addition, attracting a child to creating a suit, mother and dad come closer to him and have the opportunity to talk once again, and for the outfit the son will be very proud.

What is needed for the manufacture of a suit for a boy?

First of all, your desire, as well as fantasy and patience. Next you need to decide on the material and cook other suitable inventories and tools.

There are several options for basic materials for these purposes:

For fastening parts will be useful: glue, tape, thread, needles. For decoration - Colored paper, paints, foil. Further, the parents certainly arises the question of how to make a suit of a boiler from girlfriend.

Dwarf masquerade outfit

As an example of the first option, you can make a costume of a little fairy gnome for a boy.

To create it, you need: a T-shirt of the same color, pants, black boots, a beard (buy or use cotton wool) and a cap (bought or glued from colored paper).

You can make a quick suit for a boy when you are strictly limited in time, but you have some budget.

Astronaut costume

A bright and memorable costume for a boy can be an astronaut's outfit, for which you need: bottles, scotch tape, foil, silver paint from a balloon, old newspapers, a balloon, flour, water.

As the main clothing we use a sports suit that can be coated with paint from a balloon.

To make a helmet, you need to tear the newspaper into pieces. Make a thin mixture of flour and water. Inflate the balloon, it should be larger than your son's head. Dip the paper into the resulting solution, put it on the ball. The bottom should remain free. Allow the helmet to dry, burst the ball, pull it out, cut an oval hole for the face.

Cover the helmet with paint or foil with glue. To make a balloon, it is enough to take two bottles, wrap them in foil, and fasten them with tape. On the feet of the child, you can put on rubber boots, decorated according to the general image.

Showing your imagination, you can make such carnival costumes for a boy from fabric as: Superman, Carlson, Aladdin, Musketeer, Knight, etc. At the same time, you decide for yourself whether to buy props for its creation or make it completely yourself from scrap materials.

Paper suit

An interesting and unusual, at the same time, budget option for a children's party is an outfit for a boy made of paper. To make it, you need to prepare paper, newspapers or magazines.

Plastic bottles and garbage bags will help to add originality. By creating an image, you can realize any ideas that arise. After all, this is what will make it possible to make a paper suit for a boy with your own hands special and unique.

Once you have decided on the style, prepare sheets of paper and other material to be used, as well as items for creating patterns: a pencil and a ruler. To fasten the parts you will need a sewing machine, needles, threads, as well as a thin velcro cobweb.

As options for costumes from such material, there can be: an outfit of a robot, a bird, a clown, and others.

Fancy dress for a boy made of cardboard

Boys' parents know they love transportation. Using the same cardboard boxes and colored paper, you can easily make a steam locomotive, car, bus, plane, tank.

Cardboard train outfit

To make it, we fold the boxes, cut out an opening for the child in the long part of one box and make a hollow rectangle inside, pasting with cardboard, taking into account its internal dimensions.

The boy should feel comfortable putting the box on his body. Next, glue the second box with the wide edge of the lower part to the narrowest edge of the first box.

The next step is making wheels. You will need a third cardboard box and a round plate or salad bowl. Cut out the circles and glue them to the inside of the structure.

To complete the basic design of a cardboard suit in the form of a train, you need to make the head of a locomotive and a chimney. To do this, we cut out two circles of different diameters (larger for the pipe and smaller for the head) and two rectangles, which must be rolled up and glued into cylinders. Next, glue in the appropriate places with hot glue, after making holes of the same diameter.

You can decorate the train with paints or colored paper. In order for the train to hold on to the child, make two straps (you can buy a thick ribbon at a sewing store).

Robot costume for boy

The robot's outfit made of cardboard and aluminum corrugation, which is perfect as a New Year's one, will also be original.

To create it, you need to stick silver paper on the box or paint a cardboard suit with a spray can. The outfit can be decorated with bottle caps, wires, LEDs, screws and other small metal parts.

In addition, cardboard can be used to make a cowboy costume, a lego man and many other options that your imagination will tell you.

What other options are there for masquerade outfits?

You can find other outfit ideas from various magazines and newspapers, as well as from the Internet. Looking at photos of suits for a boy, sewn with your own hands, you will certainly have your own ideas not only for the image itself, but also for decoration options.

Photo of a suit for a boy with his own hands

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