Economically and beautiful

For a long time, handmade gifts have been considered the most expensive and enjoyable gifts for any occasion. After all, they contain not only the uniqueness and originality, but also the warmth and soul of the performer.
TOP DIY gifts for the New Year 2020! Economical and beautiful

Such a gift cannot be bought in a store, it is individual. The main thing is not to forget to focus on the hostess of the coming New Year. 2020 is the year of the Rat, a mouse that will not tolerate other animals at the table and as a present. This article tells about what gifts you can make with your own hands for the New Year 2020.


A postcard for the New Year 2020 is very easy and simple to make using imagination. To do this, you will need some materials: a white album sheet, glue, felt-tip pens and colored paper.

It is necessary to prepare a decoration for the postcard. Cut out figures in the form of triangles from green colored paper. Fold the sheet in half and glue the cut-out figures - these are the future Christmas trees. Design a postcard by drawing decorations and fairy-tale characters.

As a result, you will get a wonderful postcard, but the most interesting thing is that you can come up with any interesting plot, approaching the matter with love.

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Toys with photo decoration

You can make many gifts from photos, whether it be a poster, a filled photo frame, a mug or a T-shirt, you can even see a photo on the cake, but a Christmas tree toy with a photo decoration will also be a wonderful present.

This will require transparent balloons and photographs. You need to cut out the necessary object from the photo, roll it into a tube and place it in a ball, put a thread with a fastener on the ball. The Christmas tree toy is ready!

Such a gift will delight both a child and an adult. Decorate a Christmas tree or room interior.

TOP DIY gifts for the New Year 2020! Economical and beautiful

Souvenir candlestick

A candlestick is one of the most interesting gifts for the New Year 2020. It is not at all difficult to make it yourself.

For this you will need:

• glass beaker;

• nail varnish of different shades.

Take a glass and decorate it with various stripes, dots, snowflakes or draw a pattern. Allow to dry, and place a candle in a glass. A little imagination and an amazing gift is ready. A handmade candlestick will decorate any interior or table.


This kind of needlework, like sewing, will not remain unnoticed on the eve of the New Year. Sewing an oven mitt with your own hands and giving it to your grandmother or mother means giving warmth and care to your family, who will certainly appreciate such a present.

You need to prepare the following materials: cotton fabric, cardboard, batting and patterns from thick fabric. Draw a potholder pattern on cardboard. Cut the material along it in two sets and also batting. Make a bow from the material to decorate the potholder and pick up a few buttons. Fold and stitch the blanks. Make a loop and sew the edges. Decorate the potholder with pre-prepared decorations to make a mouse face.

Edible gift

The most delicious gift is edible, it can be a cake or pie, gingerbread or salad with the symbol of the year, but the most delicious and original gift will be a Christmas tree made of sweets.

To do this, you need to prepare thick white paper, double-sided tape, scissors, New Year's tinsel and candies.

Roll up a piece of paper in the form of a cone, cut the tape into pieces and glue them to the cone, starting from the bottom up. Next, lean the candies against the scotch tape, which are successfully glued and fill the bottom row. Continue gluing to the top, leaving an empty space between the rows of candies for tinsel. Then fill in the gaps previously left with tinsel. Decorate the top with an asterisk or a bow.

TOP DIY gifts for the New Year 2020! Economical and beautiful

A delicious Christmas tree will cheer you up and decorate any table in the upcoming New Year. Those with a sweet tooth will definitely appreciate such a gift.

To make a present for loved ones for the New Year, you need to show a little imagination, desire, kindness, love, and then they will not be left without attention. DIY gifts are priceless and original.

You can sit down with the whole family to make gifts and have fun. This article presents gift ideas for the upcoming Year of the Rat 2020 for every taste and color. Happy New Year!

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They love the New Year not only for the atmosphere of magic and holidays, but also for the gifts that make this holiday even more enjoyable. I want to please all my friends, so you need to come up with something that will not greatly undermine the budget, but will certainly evoke vivid emotions. We offer to make gifts for the New Year 2020 with your own hands. These will be cute little things that will bring a piece of comfort and fun into every home.

Snowman mouse

The hostess of 2020 is the Rat (Mouse), so it will be very symbolic to present it. It is better not to hand over a live animal, because it is not known whether friends are ready for such a neighborhood. But it is quite possible to make a charming mouse in the form of a snowman with your own hands.

Mouse as a gift for New Year 2020

In addition, a pattern and a sewing machine are not required: an ordinary white sock serves as the basis of the toy's body. In addition to him, the following materials and tools will be needed for its manufacture:

  • colored sock (bright color, with patterns - for a hat);
  • 1-2 cups of rice or other filling (cotton wool, stuffing for toys);
  • white and pink felt or felt (for ears and hind legs);
  • a piece of fabric in a bright color (for a scarf);
  • white knitting threads (for the front legs and tail);
  • white cotton thread;
  • transparent or white hair tie;
  • pom-poms (for the face);
  • wire (for antennae);
  • cotton swab;
  • blush or red lipstick (for drawing cheeks);
  • beads (for eyes and nose);
  • scissors;
  • hot glue.

For additional decor, you can use decorative elements in the form of plastic snowflakes, hearts and New Year's candy. You will need wire and red and white knitting threads to make the candy. In time, it will take about 40 minutes to make a gift. Let's get started.

  1. Pour rice into the sock or stuff the filler. We do not tie it yet.
  2. We put an elastic band on the sock with a filler so that it separates the head from the body (the head is slightly smaller, the body is larger).
  3. Now we tie the sock so that the rice does not spill out.
  4. Additionally, we fix the neck of the mouse with a thread.
  5. We take a colored sock, cut off a small part from it (which you like) and make a hat out of it.
  6. First, we put a sock-cap on the head of the mouse, and only then we fix it with strings (ordinary thread). How to make a toy mouse with your own hands stage 1
  7. Cut out the ears from felt or felt. They can be of any size, but the pink part is smaller than the white one.
  8. Glue the pink and white parts together.
  9. To make the ears rounded, you need to collect the fold and coat it with glue. Wait until it dries so that the fold grasps and release.
  10. We glue the ears in place. They will seem to stick out of the cap.
  11. We take two small pieces of knitting white thread and tie them with a large knot. These will be the front legs folded together. How to make a toy mouse with your own hands stage 2
  12. We glue the legs in place. Glue the tail in the same way.
  13. It is very easy to make a Christmas candy that the mouse is holding in your hands. You need to bend a piece of wire and wind white and red knitting threads around it, securing them with glue. Glue the lollipop to the paws.
  14. Cut out a strip from a bright fabric - this is a scarf. We knit it and decorate it with decorated elements: snowflakes, stars - whatever.
  15. We glue the pompom in place of the muzzle. How to make a toy mouse with your own hands stage 3
  16. We take blush or lipstick with a cotton swab. We draw cheeks for the mouse.
  17. We make antennae from the wire (glue it).
  18. We glue the beads in place of the eyes and nose.
  19. Cut out the hind legs from pink felt and glue them. How to make a toy mouse with your own hands stage 4

The mouse is ready! Such a souvenir will not only be suitable as a gift for the New Year, but will also decorate your home. You can put a mouse under the Christmas tree next to Santa Claus and Snegurochka, and it will definitely bring good luck in 2020. You can make a whole family of these mice of different sizes, come up with different hats and decorative elements for them. And if you pour inside not only rice, but also aromatic herbs (for example, lavender), then you can use the toy as a natural fragrance for the room.


For those who prefer to make practical gifts that will not only stand under the tree and please the eye, but also be used for their intended purpose, we suggest making such a charming mouse in the form of a wallet with your own hands. Such a present will appeal to little girls (your sister, niece, daughter of a friend), as well as girls-students who also often love funny little things in the form of animals.

DIY mouse wallet

Sewing skills are not required again. We will do everything with hot glue. If it is not there, you can also use threads with needles. Just 1 hour, and the gift for the New Year 2020 will be ready!

For manufacturing, you will need the following:

  • a small piece of denim or other dense fabric (the size of the cut depends on the desired size of the future wallet. For the product from our example, you will need about 25 * 25 cm, taking into account additional elements);
  • handle (for patterns);
  • black marker (for drawing antennae);
  • beads (for eyes and nose);
  • pink fabric (for the ears);
  • scissors;
  • hot glue;
  • zipper (10-12 cm);
  • braid of silver or other color (for decoration).


  1. We will assemble the wallet according to the box principle, so the pattern will be one-piece. The picture above has a detailed template that you can use to make it. We draw the pattern first on paper, and then transfer it to the fabric. Mouse wallet pattern
  2. Before assembling the wallet, let's draw a mouse on it. We glue the beads-eyes and the bead-nose, draw the mustache and eyebrows with a marker.
  3. Now let's make the ears. The pattern for them is also in the template, but you can improvise.
  4. We glue the main and pink part of the ears.
  5. We collect the blanks in folds and glue them to make the ears more round.
  6. We glue the ears to the wallet. How to make a mouse wallet with your own hands stage 1
  7. Now, on the top and bottom of the pattern, we make cuts every centimeter.
  8. Bend the small pieces, as shown in the picture, fixing them with hot glue. This will make the edge of the wallet smoother.
  9. The most interesting thing: we collect the wallet according to the box principle. First, we make all the necessary cuts indicated in the template. Then we fold the top and bottom of the pattern, fixing the sides with glue. How to make a mouse wallet with your own hands stage 2
  10. We will also glue the zipper. Do this consistently and carefully so that the glue does not get on the working part, otherwise the zipper will not close.
  11. If the junction of the wallet and the zipper is not very neat, we will mask it with a beautiful tape, gluing it on top.
  12. From the same braid, you can make a ponytail, which will simultaneously be used to hang the wallet. How to make a mouse wallet with your own hands stage 3

The 2020 symbol wallet is ready! Perhaps it will be a pity to give it, so you can make several pieces to keep one for yourself. It can store not only coins, but also cosmetics (lipstick, mirror).

New Year's bouquet

Women love to receive flowers regardless of the season. But giving live bouquets for the New Year's holiday is not very appropriate, so we suggest making such an original pots with your own hands. Real candies are hidden in the roses that are there, so you should choose sweets according to the taste of the one to whom this bouquet is intended for the New Year.

DIY New Year's bouquet for New Year 2020

For work you will need:

  • a bucket of mayonnaise;
  • the corrugation is silvery;
  • penoplex (this is the basis into which all the elements of the bouquet will be stuck);
  • corrugated paper (pink, red, burgundy, white);
  • medium-sized chocolates (preferably round or oval);
  • wrapping paper (literally from a notebook sheet);
  • Christmas balls;
  • long skewers or dense green wire;
  • cones (decorative or real);
  • net for packing flowers or green tulle;
  • coniferous branches (artificial - from an old tree - or real)
  • artificial snow;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors, pliers, hot glue.

Most of the materials listed can be purchased at art stores. Let's start making a gift for the New Year 2020 in the form of a festive flower pot. We only use hot glue for gluing! PVA is needed for decoration at the very end.

  1. Wrap a bucket of mayonnaise with a corrugation and glue it.
  2. We will put penoplex inside and also put it on glue.
  3. We make flowers: cut the petals from corrugated paper.
  4. We wrap one candy with one petal, immediately glue it to a stick - a skewer or wire (if you have skewers, then first cover them with green acrylic paint and let dry). How to make a beautiful New Year's bouquet stage 1
  5. We also glue the rest of the petals to create a lush bud. This is how we make several flowers.
  6. We make a decorative element in the form of a gift of polystyrene foam and cover it with wrapping paper. We put on a stick.
  7. We also glue sticks to cones, coniferous branches and Christmas balls. How to make a beautiful New Year's bouquet stage 2
  8. We begin to collect the bouquet. Using pliers, we insert all the elements into the penoplex, composing the composition to our liking. Coniferous twigs at the very end! They will fill the voids.
  9. Cut out small squares from the mesh, bend them into triangles, then again into triangles. It turns out lush elements, which we also plant on a stick and insert into the planter from the very edges.
  10. We apply PVA glue to some elements and immediately sprinkle them with artificial snow. How to make a beautiful New Year's bouquet stage 3

The decorative elements used depend on the imagination. Something can not be used, but something, on the contrary, can be added. Such a bouquet will last for a very long time, because the needles and cones do not need water or special care. And the owner of the gift will be able to enjoy sweets at any time.

Santa Claus sleigh

Sweets are considered an ideal gift for the New Year. But instead of just putting them in a box or bag, you can make the original Santa Claus sleigh. They are very simple to make, and no special tools such as hot glue or foam are needed to make them.

By the way! You can put other characters in such a sweet sleigh: Snow Maiden, the mistress of the year, the Rat, the snowman, etc. You can even make the sled bigger and fit the mouse from the very first workshop in it.

Santa Claus sleigh made of candies for the New Year 2020

It will take 30 minutes to make and the following materials:

  • two large chocolates (100 g each);
  • two medium sweets (slightly smaller in size than chocolates);
  • two more candies (smaller than average)
  • the two smallest candies;
  • two lollipops with curved edges;
  • beautiful braid (about 1.5 m);
  • Double-sided tape;
  • ordinary scotch tape;
  • scissors;
  • decorative figurine.

How to make a sweet New Year gift with your own hands

As sweets, you can use any rectangular sweets: chocolate bars, waffles, marmalade, chewing gum, dragees in a package, etc. You can also put a greeting card or an envelope with a sum of money between the chocolates.

By the way! Lollipops are very fragile and break easily, so carry them carefully and do not drop them. Or buy lollipops with a stock. And also make sure that these candies are even and the same, and not like in our example.

Let's start making sleds.

  1. First, we fasten together two large chocolates with double-sided tape.
  2. The protruding edges can be bent and glued with ordinary tape so that they do not get in the way.
  3. Glue two medium candies on top of double-sided tape, and then all the rest. DIY Christmas sleigh made of sweets stage 1
  4. You do not need to use a lot of scotch tape, otherwise the donee will then not be able to unstick them. Our goal is just to hold the sweets together a little.
  5. We wrap the resulting structure with braid and tie a bow. Attention! The place where the braid passes in front of the sled needs to be slightly loosened so that Santa Claus can be put there.
  6. We press the braid with double-sided tape and try on the figure. She will be planted at the very end. DIY Christmas sleigh made of sweets stage 2
  7. It remains to glue the lollipops. We do this carefully so as not to break them and the entire structure. Chocolate is also quite fragile. DIY Christmas sleigh made of sweets stage 3

We put the figurine on the sled. All is ready! Such a gift will appeal not only to children, but also to adults with a sweet tooth. For example, a guy can give a delicious sleigh to his girlfriend.

Before the New Year, there are a lot of ready-made gifts in stores. But this is not interesting, because you can find yourself in a situation where two people give each other the same souvenirs. Therefore, it is better to make gifts with your own hands. This will create a truly exclusive item that no one else has.

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Very often, preparing for the New Year holidays is financially burdensome. It is necessary to congratulate a large number of friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances. DIY gifts for New Year 2020 can solve this problem. In this case, the win is double. You can not only save money, but also show your true attitude towards the owner of the gift. can not be compared with anything. It fully conveys the warmth of your hands and the feelings that you have for this person.

10 best New Year ideas with photos

In fact, it doesn’t cost much for loved ones. You can even use the tools at hand. The main thing is that gifts are made with love and diligence.

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

There are a lot of ideas to make original New Year's gifts. Let's dwell on the most common options for a New Year's presentation:

  1. It is no secret that it is customary to give for the New Year, but you will not be original if you buy it at a regular kiosk or store. It will be very good if you try to do it yourself. To do this, it is enough to find an interesting New Year's picture on the Internet, print it on a printer and cut it out. It can be decorated with tinsel, sequins, beads, colored patches, threads, etc. The postcard will turn out to be unique if you make it using the scrapbooking or quilling technique. DIY gifts for the New Year 2020 DIY gifts for the New Year 2020
  2. As a gift for friends, and can act. As a basis, you can take bumps, burned out light bulbs, unnecessary CDs, etc. can be made from paper, cardboard, fabric, scrap materials. DIY gifts for the New Year 2020
  3. A good present for parents can be some kind of necessary thing in the household, for example, an oven mitt. It can be made in the form of a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, a New Year's bell or in the shape of a 2020 totem. You don't have to spend extra money for this. Remnants of fabric, braid, buttons, etc. can be used. DIY gifts for the New Year 2020
  4. Relatives will also remember the gift in the form of a Christmas wreath for a long time. To make it you will need: fir branches, wire, cones, ribbons, tinsel, Christmas tree decorations and other items. DIY gifts for the New Year 2020
  5. A photo frame will also be an original present for a loved one. To make it, you need cardboard or plywood. Various beads, sequins, sea stones, shells, coins and even coffee beans can be used as decor. DIY gifts for the New Year 2020
  6. An original candlestick is suitable for a New Year's gift. It can be made from wood, bottles, glasses, and even from scrap materials. DIY gifts for the New Year 2020
  7. For a loved one, you can even make soap with your own hands. To do this, you will need: ordinary baby soap, natural dyes (they can be turmeric, herbs, calendula flowers, cocoa powder, etc.), sea salt, glycerin, essential oils. Some masters add white or pink clay, goat's milk, honey. DIY gifts for the New Year 2020
  8. For a presentation, all kinds of mounds are also suitable for colleagues. It is very easy to make an original gift. To do this, you will need an original form of a transparent vessel and bulk material. It can be colored sand, salt, groats, small stones, etc. DIY gifts for the New Year 2020
  9. Fridge magnets are still very popular. Your friend or work colleague will be very pleased to receive an original magnet as a New Year's gift. For the manufacture of such a presentation, ordinary bottle corks can fit. The main thing is to show your imagination and you can make an unforgettable gift. DIY gifts for the New Year 2020
  10. A do-it-yourself soft toy can be a wonderful gift for the New Year. Moreover, for its manufacture it is not necessary to buy fabric and other accessories. In this case, the scraps, buttons, ribbons, beads remaining after sewing can come in handy. Toys made from scrap materials can be very desirable, especially if they are made with high quality and with love. DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

What to give to those closest to you: practical ideas

Now, in the variety of presents, you can get confused and give a completely useless and impractical thing. Therefore, we propose to find out what to present as a gift for the New Year:

What can be made from paper

It has become commonplace to wrap gifts in foil paper with a large colorful bow. It will be much nicer if it is wrapped in plain paper with an original pattern applied on it. The image can be very different, from a simple heart to a complex portrait that you have drawn yourself. If you do not have artistic talent, then you can decorate the package as follows:

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

Decorations for packaging can even be made from colored pasta:

Easter in 2021

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

It is easy and simple to decorate paper packaging like this:

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

And this is how you can make the symbol of the year using the origami technique. This figure shows a diagram of how a sheet is folded to make a paper rat:

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

2020 felt totem

We bring to your attention patterns for making felt. It is a very comfortable material for soft toys. In order to make the necessary details, it is enough to transfer these drawings to paper using a printer. By cutting out the necessary elements from paper, you can easily create analogs from felt. Next, it remains to sew everything with threads.

Mouse with big ears

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

Rat Natusya and Mouse Passion

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

Soft toy "Cheese miracle"

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

Rat "Patchkulya"

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020


DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

Mouse Pete

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

Grasson Rat

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

Rat family

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

Embroidered paintings

The picture with the patroness of the year will be excellent. Such a gift can become a real talisman and bring good luck to the owner.

We offer you the necessary patterns for embroidery:

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020 DIY gifts for the New Year 2020 DIY gifts for the New Year 2020 DIY gifts for the New Year 2020 DIY gifts for the New Year 2020 DIY gifts for the New Year 2020 DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

How to make a rat step by step from scrap materials

To make this, a minimum of materials are needed: wire and coarse threads. The figure shows in detail the sequence of steps for making a gift.

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

Delicious gifts

As you know, no feast is complete without dessert and sweets, especially the New Year. in this case it is very appropriate. As such a present can be gingerbread cookies, original fruit salad, homemade sweets, pastries, ice cream, cakes, muffins, etc. Such a gift must also be wrapped in an original way. As packaging, you can use a wooden box or cardboard box, decorated in an original way.

With such a sweet gift, you can present, made from tea bags:

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020

To make it you will need:

  • tea bags;
  • thick cardboard;
  • narrow bank;
  • any cereal;
  • various decorations, bows, balls, etc.

Making a Christmas tree looks like this step by step:

  1. Groats are poured into the jar for greater stability.
  2. A cone is made of cardboard, glued on the sides and put on a vessel.
  3. Next, with the help of glue, tea bags are fixed from bottom to top. You need to glue them carefully so that the glue does not get into the middle.
  4. The tree can be supplemented with tinsel, ribbons, etc.
  5. The top is decorated with a star or bow.

Other gift options: video

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For our readers, we have prepared a number of video clips that will complement our story:

Making purchases of New Year's gifts in stores is no longer fashionable and not relevant! After all, what can you buy ready-made? Standard cosmetic kits or deer scarves ... Where better to prepare DIY gifts for 2021 ... It is a hundred times more pleasant to receive such presents! A selection of cozy, beautiful, practical homemade products will not make a dent in your budget, and besides, it will be very useful.

Original gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideas


Warm blowjobs are a great present for frozen animals. These are suitable for mom, grandmother or girlfriend, girlfriend. The material for the product will be insulated socks on a natural basis, which easily turn into fingerless gloves. Manipulations are performed according to the scheme below. The seams are laid from the inside out. Blow-ups are decorated with New Year's stripes, appliqués and other decorative means. Some people choose the option of embroidery with rhinestones. A creative solution would be to sew a pocket for an aroma sachet or a handkerchief.

Original gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideasOriginal gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideas

DIY gifts for 2021. Bracelet

Megamod bracelets made of paracord (nylon cord) are among the best

New Year Gift Ideas

... And in general, this material, originally used for parachute lines, has become an excellent consumable for creativity. Not only bracelets are woven from it, but also key rings, stylish straps and belts.

Weaving is carried out according to schemes using different techniques. One of the most common is shown below. In addition to independent products, braids are made with paracord on knife handles, handles of women's handbags, etc.

Original gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideasOriginal gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideas

DIY gifts for 2021. Mug board

Such a gift without words will say everything for you ... After all, on the surface of the mug-board, you can apply inscriptions with chalk or a special felt-tip pen. Therefore, in addition to pleasant tea drinking, the product will allow you to leave short notes to loved ones or just draw (for example, emoticons for mood). On similar DIY gifts for New Year 2021 you will need: a white smooth porcelain mug, slate paint (which can be used on ceramics), masking tape.

The mug is pasted over with masking tape, leaving an open area in the middle and bottom for future notes. The open surface is degreased with acetone and slate paint is applied in a dense layer. The adhesive tape is removed before the paint dries. And the container is left to dry. A thoroughly dried product is calcined in an oven at temperatures up to 150C for up to half an hour. But they do not take it out right away, but wait for it to cool. After heat treatment, the dishes can be washed in the dishwasher and placed in the microwave. And of course write down

short new year greetings


Original gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideas

Hot chocolate set

A hot chocolate set is more of an emotional gift than a material one. After all, in winter, more than ever in a year, you want to take a mug with a hot drink and warm up. Women will especially appreciate this idea. And how will a set of visitors come to the rescue! So, for a complete set, you will need a beautiful glass or transparent plastic jar with a wide neck. In it, one third of the volume is covered with cocoa powder or dry chocolate. Marmalade, chocolate sweets, pieces of broken slab chocolate, cookies are put on top ... The remaining void is filled with marshmallows.

A hot chocolate set may include other, completely different "ingredients". The main thing is to sweeten the winter tea. The jar is closed with a cloth or wrapped in paper and secured with an elastic band. Remains like " DIY New Year gifts 2021 - ideas »Add a postcard.

Original gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideas

By analogy, prepare a set for mulled wine. Variations include mostly dried citrus wedges, apple slices, cloves, and cinnamon sticks. All this is effectively folded and packaged. And they also add a bottle of red wine to the present.

Original gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideas


Candles are considered a traditional New Year's gift. There are a variety of shops in stores: glamorous, unusual. A completely different matter is hand-engraved candles, personalized, painted or with a photo. They will visually demonstrate to the gifted the feelings and attitude of the giver. Often, large candles with a diameter of 5-7 cm are decorated and painted. The selected drawing, photo is printed on parchment paper and cut out along the contour. Now you need to transfer the pattern to the side of the candle. To do this, the printed side of the parchment is applied to the candle, pressed tightly and heated with a stream of hot air from a hair dryer. As soon as the picture brightens, it means it was imprinted. Remove the parchment carefully and allow the flooded wax / paraffin to solidify.

Original gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideasOriginal gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideas

Snow glass

New Year's installations in a glass or wine glass are very popular. Especially if the miniature figures inside are covered with snow. In addition to a glass container for the product, you should prepare cardboard, a thematic figurine, artificial snow, glue, and decorative elements. A circle is cut out of cardboard along the diameter of the neck of the wine glass. Prepared parts (figurine and other paraphernalia) are glued to it and allowed to dry. A snow imitation is poured into a glass (often crushed foam is used), turned over so that it does not spill out, and a cardboard blank is glued with a figurine inside. An unfinished present is placed upside down and decorated with a ribbon.

Original gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideas

Christmas decorations

Themed Christmas tree decorations can also be presented as DIY New Year gifts 2021 ... For example, a pine cone owl.

Original gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideas


Well, where is without the main New Year's attribute - a Christmas tree ?! It is made from a variety of materials. But if you are preparing a Christmas tree for a gift, then you should be creative. How do you like the Christmas tree made of tea bags? And from a bottle of champagne and chocolates? There are many options ... Great souvenir!

Original gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideasOriginal gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideas

Completes the selection “

DIY New Year gifts for 2021

»Photokaleidoscope of possible interesting ideas. Among them and

christmas kids crafts

... By the way, do not forget that packaging plays an important role. We do not skimp on wrapping paper, bows and ribbons, all kinds of decorative elements ...

Original gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideasOriginal gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideasOriginal gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideasOriginal gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideasOriginal gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideasOriginal gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideasOriginal gifts for 2020 with your own hands. Best ideas

All people love the New Year and gifts under the Christmas tree. And how you want to please your family and friends with something original, creative and of course unique. We have made for you the best selection of New Year's presents that are easy and simple to repeat from a photo. In this article we will look at: how to make gifts for the New Year with your own hands.

Jar of nuts

Snowman with nuts

You will need: a glass jar with a lid, nuts, a half of a plastic transparent ball, white cardboard, scissors, glue, artificial snow, a pencil, a small snowman and a Christmas tree (or other figures), a red ribbon.

Master Class

  1. Draw a plastic circle on the white cardboard, then cut out a circle. We make a gift for the new year
  2. Glue the snowman and the Christmas tree to the white circle.
  3. Pour some artificial snow into a plastic circle. We make a gift for the new year
  4. Glue the white circle and the plastic circle together as shown in the photo instructions.
  5. Glue the decoration to the lid of the jar. We make a gift for the new year
  6. Fill the jar with nuts and close it. jar with snowman and nuts
  7. Decorate the gift with a red ribbon.

The jar of nuts is ready!

Handmade soap

Soap Christmas tree stagnaya

You will need: transparent or white soap base, silicone Christmas tree mold, dyes and glitters for soap, palm oil, any essential oil, board, knife, skewer.

Master Class

  1. Cut the soap base into pieces.
  2. Melt the base in the microwave or steam bath. Soap Christmas tree stagnaya
  3. Add a few drops of any essential oil for fragrance.
  4. Add a few drops of soap dye and glitter if desired.
  5. Mix well.
  6. Pour the first layer of soap into a mold and refrigerate for 5 minutes.
  7. Poke a few holes with a wooden skewer so that the layers of soap adhere firmly to each other. Soap Christmas tree stagnaya
  8. Pour in a second layer of soap and set aside in a cool place to harden completely.
  9. Turn the mold out and remove the soap.
  10. Decorate the soap with glitter.

Christmas tree soap is ready! I recommend watching the master class video! You can find even more soap making master classes HERE!

Champagne and candy pineapple

Pineapple from champagne and candy

You will need: bottle of champagne, 50 Fererro Rocher chocolates, glue gun, green and golden papyrus paper, scissors, tape, sleeve, golden ribbon.


Master Class

  1. Wrap the bottle in golden paper and secure with tape. Pineapple step-by-step master class
  2. Glue the candy to the bottom of the bottle. Pineapple step-by-step master class
  3. Glue the candies by forming the first lower circle. Pineapple from candies
  4. Glue the second circle of candy staggered from the bottom first circle. Pineapple from candies
  5. Cover half of the bottle with candy in the same way.
  6. Fold the green paper and cut out the leaf garland as shown in the image. step-by-step instruction
  7. Wrap a leaf garland around the sleeve and secure with tape. Gift Pineapple Master Class
  8. Slide the sleeve over the neck of the bottle and glue the rest of the sheets. Pineapple from champagne
  9. Decorate the pineapple by tying a golden ribbon bow.

Champagne pineapple is ready! I recommend watching this video!

Snowman from a bottle

Snowman from a bottle

You will need: a bottle of wine, white and red acrylic paint, acrylic primer, black and orange polymer clay, black felt, cotton pad, alcohol, gloves, fabric with New Year's colors, red satin ribbon, snowflake, sponge, crystal glue, scissors.


Master Class

  1. Wipe the bottle with alcohol to degrease the surface for later work.
  2. Cover the bottle with acrylic primer and wait until dry. Snowman from a bottle master class
  3. Print the hat template, cut out and transfer to felt. Hat Template
  4. Cut out the details for the hat and glue it, trying on to the neck.
  5. Dip the bottle with white acrylic paint using a sponge, then let it dry. Snowman from a bottle master class
  6. Roll up balls of black polymer clay for buttons, a smile and eyes.
  7. Form a carrot nose with orange clay.
  8. Place the cap on the neck of the bottle. Bottle Decor for New Year
  9. Glue buttons, eyes, nose and mouth.
  10. Make a scarf out of fabric, then tie a bow.
  11. Glue the snowflake by decorating the hat. Bottle Decor for New Year
  12. Tie a ribbon bow, glue the cones and attach to the hat.
  13. Make another ribbon bow and decorate the scarf.

The snowman from the bottle is ready! I recommend watching the master class video!

Gift snowman

Gift snowman

You will need: a glass jar with a screw cap, a foam ball with a diameter of a jar circumference, chocolates, a glue gun, a paintbrush, PVA glue, white glitter, scissors, white Christmas tree tinsel, small black pom-poms, orange polymer clay, colored lace, red and green felt , cotton wool, knife.

Master Class

  1. Use a sharp knife to cut off a small portion of the styrofoam ball to create a flat bottom. Gift Snowman Master Class
  2. Attach the ball to the lid of the jar using a glue gun.
  3. Lubricate the ball with pva and sprinkle with glitter. Gift Snowman Master Class
  4. Form a clay carrot.
  5. Glue the carrots as a nose, and make eyes and a mouth with pom-poms. Snowman from candies step by step
  6. Cut 2 circles of the same diameter out of felt and glue them together.
  7. Glue 2 candies and glue them on a felt circle, forming a hat-cylinder, then wrap the fastening place with a cord. Snowman from candies step by step
  8. Make headphones from a strip of felt and two candies, glue it to the snowman's head, and attach a hat on top.
  9. Place the cotton on the bottom of the jar and fill the rest with candy. Making a sweet snowman
  10. Connect your head to the jar and wrap the white rain as a scarf.

The gift snowman is ready! Find even more snowmen HERE!

Candy train

Candy train

You will need: gum, packaged candy, lollipops, chocolates, glue gun.

Master Class

  1. Glue the package of gum with the package of chocolates.
  2. Glue the lollipops as wheels. A steam room from candies
  3. Glue 2 chocolates to the top of the train.
  4. Make the required number of trailers in this way, then connect them together.

The candy train is ready!

Christmas box with a surprise

Christmas box with a surprise

You will need: scoring board, fantasy knives, scissors, ruler, crystal moment glue, PVA glue, scrapbooking paper, watercolor paper, acrylic plastic, Raffaello sweets, decoration elements - snowman, pompom and other decorations ...

Master Class

  1. Prepare a sheet of white scrap paper measuring 21x26 cm.The size of the finished box is 5x10x4 cm. Surprise box for the new year
  2. Make a scoring (draw lines with a non-writing object) on the side equal to 21 cm at a distance of 4; 4; 5; 4; 4; and on the side 26 cm - 4; 4; 10; 4; 4;
  3. Cut off the excess and assemble the box. Surprise box for the new year
  4. Make the lid of the box in this way: take paper for watercolor, make a crease by adding 1 mm - 5.1 on each side; 4.1; 5.1; 4.1; + 2 cm for gluing (see photo).
  5. Scrap paper over the outside, glue and try on the box. New Year's Magic Boxing
  6. Glue a strip of acrylic plastic to the back of the snowman and let it dry.
  7. Glue the snowman by the strip to the inside of the box and wait until it dries. Step-by-step master class
  8. Decorate the box to your liking, glue the pompom and put the candy inside the box.

The New Year's box with a surprise is ready! I recommend watching this video! For more surprise boxes, click HERE!

Tangerine Christmas tree

Tangerine Christmas tree

You will need: tangerines, foam cone, green leaves, foil, toothpicks, scissors, pins.

Master Class

  1. Wrap the foam cone in foil. Christmas tree from Mandarin Stepha
  2. Secure the green leaves with pins, covering the entire cone. Christmas tree from Mandarin Stepha
  3. Attach the tangerines to the cone using toothpicks. Christmas tree from Mandarin Stepha

The tangerine Christmas tree is ready!

Mandarin wreath

Mandarin wreath

You will need: 8 tangerine, transparent packaging, rope, scissors, sticker.

Master Class

  1. Place 8 tangerines in a row.
  2. Wrap them in transparent packaging. Wreath of Mandarin Step-by-Step Master Class
  3. Prepare 8 pieces of rope and tie each piece through one tangerine.
  4. Form and secure the wreath.
  5. Sign and attach the sticker.

The tangerine Christmas wreath is ready!

Mandarin topiary

Mandarin topiary

You will need: pots, floral sponge, strong stick, woolen threads, wire, scissors, stationery knife, tangerines, pine branches, green leaves, sugar.

Master Class

  1. Tie the tangerines with woolen threads in a criss-cross pattern, as shown in the image.
  2. Insert the pieces of wire through the strings attached to the tangerines.
  3. Dampen the floral sponge with water and insert into the planter. Topiary from Mandarin Master Class
  4. Cut a ball out of a floral sponge and attach a stick to it.
  5. Place the stick in the planter.
  6. Attach the tangerines through the wire to the ball.
  7. Roll up the leaves and attach to the tangerines.
  8. Moisten coniferous twigs with water, dip them in sugar and decorate the base of the tree.

The tangerine topiary is ready!

Christmas tree of happiness

New Year Topiary

You will need: Styrofoam ball 17 cm in diameter, plastic water pipe 50 cm long, plaster of paris, wide pots, glue gun, Christmas balls, scissors, satin ribbon, sisal, sprigs of artificial needles, decoration elements - cones, candies, mini-gifts, beads ...

Master Class

  1. Make a 2-3 cm depression in the foam ball. New Year Topiary Master Class
  2. Fill the recess with hot glue and secure the barrel.
  3. Wrap satin ribbon around the barrel and secure with glue. New Year Topiary Master Class
  4. Remove the base from the Christmas balls.
  5. Cover the styrofoam ball with Christmas balls.
  6. Cut spruce branches and glue them between the Christmas balls. Composition for the new year step by step
  7. Glue the rest of the decor to the crown of the tree at your discretion.
  8. Place the barrel in the center of the planter. Composition for the new year step by step
  9. Dilute the plaster and fill 2/3 of the planter with it. It is worth noting that the barrel must be held for at least the first 5 minutes, until the plaster sets.
  10. Cover the plaster with sisal and decorate with beads. New Year Topiaria do it yourself
  11. Tie a ribbon bow under the crown of the tree.

New Year's topiary is ready! I recommend watching this video!

Santa claus apron

Santa claus apron

You will need: red apron, strip of white fur, black and gold adhesive paper, scissors, glue, 2 black buttons, stickers (lollipop, milk, cookies).

Master Class

  1. Place the apron on the table.
  2. Prepare a strip of black adhesive paper and attach it as a belt. An Apron Santa Claus Master Class
  3. Cut the buckle out of the golden gummed paper, then attach it in the center of the belt.
  4. Prepare 2 strips of white fur and glue them in the center above and below the waist.
  5. Glue 2 black buttons onto the top fur strip.
  6. Place food stickers near pockets. Gift Apron for New Year
  7. In the same way, you can create an apron for a Christmas elf and a snowman.

The Santa Claus apron is ready!

Original bump

Original bump of corrugated paper

You will need: dark brown and light brown corrugated paper, 17 cm high styrofoam egg, scissors, ruler, pencil, toothpicks, sweets, styrofoam, glue.

Master Class

  1. Cover the styrofoam egg with dark brown paper.
  2. Prepare 5x2.5cm pieces of corrugated paper in two colors. Corrugated paper bump master class
  3. Glue the squares of the two colors together, then cut out the scales (in the shape of a petal).
  4. Glue the scales to the toothpicks, then shape them into a curved shape.
  5. Make 70 blanks this way. Corrugated paper bump master class
  6. Glue the candy to the toothpicks.
  7. Insert the flaked toothpicks filling in the top of the candy-free Styrofoam egg.
  8. Lay out the rows of scales along with the candies, guided by the photo scheme. Arrange each next row in a checkerboard pattern. Corrugated paper bump master class
  9. Make flakes without toothpicks as described in points 2 and 3.
  10. Glue the bottom of the egg with scales without toothpicks.
  11. Crush the foam and glue it onto the bottom flakes as snow.

The original corrugated paper cone is ready! I recommend watching this video!


Snow bowl with snowman

You will need: round glass jar with a lid, glycerin, distilled water, glue gun, sparkles, snowman toy.

Master Class

  1. Glue the snowman to the lid.
  2. Pour distilled water and 1: 1 glycerin into the jar. The jar should not be completely filled. Snow bowl with a snowman master class
  3. Add a teaspoon of glitter.
  4. Close the jar tightly and turn it over.

The snow globe with the snowman is ready! I recommend watching the master class video!

Christmas candy wreath

New Year's room decor made of candies

You will need: CD, lollipops, glitter spray paint, snowflake stencil, piece of felt, cardboard, glue, satin ribbon.

Master Class

  1. Paint one side of the disc.
  2. Glue the lollipops to the back of the disc.
  3. Attach a satin ribbon as a large dangle loop. Decor of candy
  4. Cut out felt and cardboard hexagons.
  5. Make a snowflake on the cardboard and hold the cardboard together with felt.
  6. Glue the hexagon to the craft.

The lollipop composition is ready!

Santa Claus made of felt

Santa Claus made of felt

You will need: felt 1 mm thick beige, white and black, white felt 3 mm thick, thick beige cotton fabric, wool for white felting, synthetic winterizer, wire, template, black beads for eyes, black and beige threads, scissors, pencil, glue gun, small bell and other decorations.


Master Class

  1. Print the template. template
  2. Cut out the body of Santa Claus and transfer it to thick white felt.
  3. Cut out the body of Santa Claus from felt. Santa Claus from Fetra Master Class
  4. Cut out the same part of the body, only from thin white felt.
  5. Cut the boots out of thick white felt, then cut the same boots out of thin black felt.
  6. Cut out boot cuffs out of thin white felt. Santa Claus from Fetra Master Class
  7. Draw mittens and cut them out of heavy white felt.
  8. Cut out the details from thin beige felt - the trim of the fur coat and hat.
  9. Cut 2 mugs out of the beige cotton fabric pattern. Santa Claus from Fetra Master Class
  10. Make a spout out of a small mug: pull off the thread, fill with padding polyester and sew the spout to the large mug.
  11. Sew on black beads for eyes.
  12. Sew your face to the body of fine felt. It is worth noting that during sewing, you need to add a little padding polyester for volume. step-by-step instruction
  13. Make eyebrows and a beard out of felting wool, then attach with a glue gun.
  14. Glue the trim of the hat and fur coat. Mini Fetra
  15. Prepare 4 pieces of wire, twist them onto a pencil, giving them the shape as in the photo.
  16. Glue the parts of Frost's body out of thin and dense felt by gluing a wire between them in place of the handles and legs. Making frost from felt
  17. Glue mittens and boots to the twisted pieces of wire.
  18. Twist the bell holder out of the wire and glue it to the mitten. Felt Santa Claus
  19. Sweep over the figure of Santa Claus with beige thread.

Santa Claus made of felt is ready! I recommend watching the master class video! How else to make Santa Claus, see HERE!

New Year - how much magic and mysterious is concentrated in this wonderful phrase. This winter holiday for its unique fairy-tale charm is equally loved by both adults and children. On New Year's Eve 2020, most of us are wondering what kind of original gift to give to family and friends, so that it suits their interests and preferences. Puzzled, we immediately run to the shops, spending a lot of time and energy on sometimes empty adventures. The gift has been purchased, but it seems to you not particularly impressionable. After all, knowing the tastes and habits of our relatives and friends, we have an idea of ​​what they need to buy as a New Year's present. But our capabilities do not always coincide with our desires. It is here that our crazy hands come to our rescue, which, if desired, can create literally everything. They can even do such an activity as preparing souvenirs for New Year's Eve, as a result of which they get really unique and unusual things, filled with a lot of positive emotions, warm feelings of respect and love for each other. Having handed someone a similar present, be sure that this person will remember you for a long time as a creative and talented friend. He will remain flattered by your attentiveness and will keep all the pleasant moments of this moment for many years in his heart. And in order to make the best gifts for the New Year 2020 with your own hands beautifully and successfully, you should familiarize yourself with our interesting article, in which we will offer you 76 cool photo ideas and instructive videos of master classes, here you will also find out what options for products will be in the coming White Year Metal Rat top-notch and topical.

Top best gifts for the New Year 2020 with your own hands

When it's time to prepare gifts for your family and friends, there are even more than many options for New Year's crafts with your own hands. And each person finds exactly the way of making them that he likes. All of us, first of all, strive to surprise with our unusual present. This is an author's work, and it should not be equal in the whole world. Everything should look quite individual. By investing in ourselves patience and diligence, we plunge into the world of creativity. And then the question is brewing, what is so unusual that should be made so that the present is not only liked externally, but also come in handy. Let's take a look at what kind of handmade New Year gifts will be in the TOP in the upcoming 2020:

  • pillows with the symbol of the year (White Rat);
  • smiley pillows (always relevant and cheerful);
  • Stuffed Toys;
  • photo frames are ordinary and in the form of panels, from disks;
  • photo albums;
  • photo balls (a wonderful gift in the form of a transparent Christmas tree ball with a photo of one of your family members or best friend, girlfriend inserted into it);
  • snow balls (a miniature winter fairytale right in your jar);
  • 3D - gifts (made of polymer clay, in the form of an imprint of your child's foot or handle and decorated according to New Year's);
  • Handmade soap;
  • funny fridge magnets (made of polymer clay);
  • kitchen utensils (mittens - potholders, an apron, a mischievous kettle cover - made of multi-colored fabric);
  • original candles;
  • New Year's candlesticks;
  • slippers with Santa Claus or other fairy-tale characters;
  • sky lanterns;
  • family collages (for lovers or friends);
  • topiary;
  • kitchen jars for cereals and spices (painted with acrylic or watercolors, with the addition of other decorative elements);
  • unique postcards for friends, loved ones and parents;
  • jewelry (made of beads, beads and decorative stones);
  • knitted scarf, cover for New Year's cups;
  • vases made of wine bottles and threads (complemented by various decorations);
  • sweet New Year's pastries;
  • button bouquets and much more.

As you can imagine, this list is far from complete, because how many thoughts a person has, so many creative ideas are in his head. But these are the most common and easily doable DIY New Year gift techniques that will delight each of us, not to mention our relatives and friends. We provide you with our photo ideas of all kinds of New Year's gifts that will delight your loved ones for the New Year 2020.

Sweet pastries
Knitted cup cover
Christmas baking
Pillow "Smile"
Felt jewelry
Walnut Jewelry
3D clay prints
New Year's soap
Memorial photo album
Photo frame made of buttons
Mittens for kitchen utensils
Stuffed Toys
Pillow "Dog"
Slippers with gifts
Snowmen made of polymer clay
Fridge magnet from polymer clay

We advise you to watch our video, which will offer several ideas for interesting and creative gifts for the New Year 2020, made with your own hands. Such surprises will surely please your friends.

DIY master class on making New Year's gifts

Snow globe with falling snow

Snow globe with falling snow

Snow balls, in which snow slowly falls, are very popular in the New Year holidays in the form of fashionable gifts, and this is precisely what is fascinating and magical, in fact, like the New Year. But in mass production, all snow balls are similar to each other, and it is very difficult to find something original. But you can try to create such a snow globe yourself, and it will not only be an exclusive and original gift for the New Year 2020, but also a manifestation of special attention and love for the person to whom this ball is intended. And making a snow globe with your own hands at home is very simple, it does not take much time and financial resources.

For manufacturing you will need:

  • small jar with a screw cap;
  • polymer clay;
  • interior decor elements;
  • hot glue;
  • water;
  • glycerol;
  • Styrofoam.

Preparation method:

  1. Everything that you want to see in the New Year's snow globe must be attached to the lid of the jar using special glue.
  2. Next, you should mix water and glycerin in equal proportions, which will help the snow smoothly crumble over the ball.
  3. In the form of snow, such improvised means as polystyrene, sparkles, small petals, confetti are suitable. This "snow" must be placed in a liquid consisting of water and glycerin.
  4. The final step is to tightly close the lid of the can.
  5. In such a simple way, you can make an original gift for the New Year 2020.

If you doubt the correctness of making a snow globe, then we recommend watching our video that will help you in your work.

DIY snow globe master class

New Year's champagne

Top 50 gifts for the new year 2020 do it yourselfIf on the eve of the New Year 2020 you are faced with the fact that you do not know at all what gift to present to your dear parents, then do not despair and do not hang your nose. Better stock up on your precious patience and get to work. You and I will turn an ordinary bottle of champagne with our own hands into a magical drink from a winter fairy tale. Don't worry, you don't need a lot of tools to do this.

For manufacturing you will need:

  • a bottle of champagne;
  • water;
  • paper napkins;
  • PVA glue;
  • brush;
  • acrylic paint and varnish;
  • fine sandpaper for grinding;
  • foam sponge;
  • rice napkin;
  • art and building paints;
  • paint drying retarder;
  • decor elements: rhinestones, beads, decorative stones, glitter, stickers, semi-pearls, crystal paste;
  • paraffin candles.


  1. Remove the main label from the bottle of champagne and, if desired, the gold label from the cork.
  2. We start decorating with a cork: take a paper white napkin and, tearing it off in small pieces, attach it to a cork greased with glue. We straighten the pieces of napkin with a brush dipped in water. Then again glue, napkin, water. If the napkin is not firmly adhered to the cork, then just walk over it with a wet brush. After the entire cork and neck are formed before the bottle expands, coat everything well again with glue and leave to dry for a day.
  3. When the paper on the cork and neck is dry, proceed to the bottle priming, in the process of which construction acrylic paint and acrylic varnish are used. To do this, first we degrease our bottle using any alcohol-containing product. Then we apply a thin layer of acrylic paint with a roller or foam sponge. We give time to dry. After the lapse of time, apply a very thin layer of acrylic varnish. Dries up. Then again - paint and, after a while, varnish. After that, we take a fine sandpaper and grind the surface, removing all irregularities and roughness. After that, we cover the entire bottle, along with the cork and neck, paint and varnish. It turns out a flat surface.
  4. Now we decoupage the bottle: take a rice napkin with the desired image, slightly tear off its upper edge and attach it to the bottle with water, and then cover it with glue on top. When the picture is dry, cover it with a small layer of acrylic varnish.
  5. We take artistic and building paints that match the background of the picture, and apply them with a foam rubber sponge on the surface of the resulting product, including the cork and neck. If necessary, several coats of paint should be applied. After drying, cover with acrylic varnish.
  6. When the varnish dries up, we pay special attention to the joints of the napkin, or rather, to mask them. To hide the flaws, you should finish painting with paints, and for this you should use a paint drying retarder.
  7. When the painting is completed, you need to apply two layers of acrylic varnish to the bottle, and when everything dries, sand it with the finest sandpaper to achieve a smooth and even surface. If the desired is not achieved, it is worth repeating the process: varnish - sandpaper.
  8. After covering the surface of the bottle with several layers of varnish, dry it and proceed with further decoration. By the way, it is worth noting that the bottom should also be covered with paint and varnish as much as required.
  9. In the process of decorating the bottle, your imagination is not limited. You can use rhinestones, beads, decorative stones, glitter of different colors, stickers, semi-pearls, crystal paste, swells made with a paraffin candle.

This is the kind of beauty we got, made with our own hands. By the way, such a gift for the New Year 2019 can be presented not only to parents, but also to your management at work, as well as colleagues. Take a look at our photo ideas, and your imagination will be greatly enriched.

Decoupage a bottle of champagne by 2020 is, of course, painstaking work, but worth it. Everyone will be delighted. Given the complexity of this creativity, many may have questions regarding the manufacture, for this, watch our video, and you will certainly succeed.

Master class on New Year's decoupage of a bottle of champagne


Top 50 gifts for the new year 2020 do it yourself

Did you know that New Year has its own unique flavor? That's right, it's a citrus scent. Most of us associate the New Year holidays with this particular fruit. Straight from England, we got the wonderful idea to create Christmas crafts using citrus fruits, which are sprinkled with a special set of spices for a lasting fragrance. They have gained their popularity in our country, so lately they have increasingly begun to appear on festively decorated tables. They are called pomanders. To make this New Year's craft with your own hands, you need to decorate the fruit with the desired additions, which can be a variety of herbs, nuts and spices. After finishing the decoration, the finished composition can be varnished, painted, supplemented with ribbons. But it is worth making such a gift a few weeks before the New Year 2020.

For manufacturing you will need:

  • citrus;
  • knife;
  • napkin;
  • felt-tip pen;
  • toothpick;
  • unmilled cloves;
  • other decor elements at your discretion.


  1. Taking a thin-skinned orange, tangerine or lemon, you should mark the future drawing with a felt-tip pen and, armed with a toothpick, apply punctures along its entire shape. The whole process is carried out on a napkin so that the juice does not stain the surface of the table.
  2. Then stick a carnation into the resulting holes. The design is clear and expressive.
  3. It will look great if you cut off the peel on the citrus in the form of a certain figured pattern, having previously outlined its scheme with a knife. Only adults should be engaged in this creative business.
  4. Pomanders can be tied with a silk ribbon and hung on the Christmas tree as a decoration, and, if you wish, can be beautifully laid out on a large dish and added to the New Year's table.
  5. You can do a little differently: put the fruit on a napkin and sprinkle with a mixture of spices, close it tightly in a paper bag and leave it in a warm place to dry, which will last for several weeks.
  6. The spice mixture, which is rubbed before drying the pomandera, is as follows: 0.5 cups of ground cinnamon, 1/4 of ground cloves, 2 to 4 teaspoons of ground nutmeg, 2 to 4 teaspoons of ground allspice, 1/4 cup of chopped violet root ...

There are many ideas for New Year's crafts, and making them is not a difficult task. After all, having spent quite a bit of time and effort, together with the gift you give the person an invested soul and a piece of yourself, and this is much more expensive than a purchased New Year's souvenir. View our photo ideas on this topic and in the New 2019, be ready to surprise your friends and relatives with self-made surprises.

By the way, to create a pomander, you can also use slices of dried citrus, which are made using the oven. Watch our video and you will learn how to do it.

Master class on and making dried citrus for decoration

New Year's craft "Slippers with Santa Claus"

Top 50 gifts for the new year 2020 do it yourself

To surprise your best friend for the New Year 2020, you should make cool slippers in the form of Santa Claus for her with your own hands. She will certainly be surprised by such a priceless gift and will thank you with strong friendly hugs. And it doesn't take a lot of skill to sew them. Only your patience and diligence.

For manufacturing you will need:

  • red slippers;
  • fabric for the face of Santa Claus and his headdress;
  • black beads for eyes - 2 pcs.;
  • white yarn for a beard, mustache, fluff and pom-pom for a hat;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • the glue is hot.


  1. In order to make such beautiful slippers, you need to buy ready-made red ones and sheathe them with elements that are missing for a New Year's look.
  2. Cut an oval out of dense fabric. This will be the face of Santa Claus.
  3. Sew a red hat and attach it to the head of Santa Claus, making a fluff and a pompom using white yarn, slightly fluffed.
  4. The mustache and beard are also made of white synthetic winterizer yarn and attached with hot glue.
  5. The eyes in the form of two black buttons are glued to the face, and the nose is sewn from a small piece of red cloth, wrapped in a small ball, filled with soft filler and sewn to the slipper using a needle and thread.
  6. We finish our miracle of slippers by making a mouth, which is cut out in an arched shape and also glued onto the glue.

The best gift for the New Year 2020, made with your own hands, can not be found. But suddenly it happens that it will not be easy for you to get red slippers in the store, do not despair. We have a fallback for you. You can make Santa Claus himself from socks, and put the cherished present of your girlfriend or friend in his bag. Here is a gift for you, and its beautiful original packaging. And in order to make such a New Year's character, you need to watch our video and start working immediately.

DIY master class on making Santa Claus from socks

Original multi-colored candles

Top 50 gifts for the new year 2020 do it yourselfGifts in the form of handmade multi-colored candles can cheer up your family on New Year's Eve 2020. This is a rather pleasant and beautiful surprise that can decorate and emphasize any corner in the interior of each room for the New Year.

For manufacturing you will need:

  • wax, stearin or ready-made candles;
  • glass glasses;
  • wick;
  • multi-colored wax crayons;
  • New Year's decor elements: spruce twigs, cones, red, gold or silver silk ribbons.


  1. Take some wax or stearin, grind and melt in the microwave (about one minute). The easiest way, of course, is to melt it from ready-made candles.
  2. The melted wax should be poured into glass glasses, and the wick is immersed inside so that the wax will fix it, wait until it hardens.
  3. We will clear from the packaging, grind wax crayons of any color.
  4. While the base hardens, we prepare the next batch of wax and send it to the microwave.
  5. Pour the resulting mass into glasses, tilting them slightly. Then we fill them by one third. We are waiting for it to cool down!
  6. We do this procedure several more times, but with different colors. We decorate ready-made candles using red, gold or silver ribbons, small compositions of spruce twigs and cones.

To simplify your work, watch the video prepared by us.

Soy wax shell candle

Top 50 gifts for the new year 2020 do it yourself

What could be more original than a candle made of soy wax in a shell for the New Year 2020, which is made by hand? This gift will suit romantic people who dream of a warm summer and travel. Take out all the seashells you have collected from your loved one at sea, fill them with colorful soy wax and add them to a beautifully decorated holiday table. Such a gift will undoubtedly please your beloved or beloved. And the execution technique is completely artless.

For manufacturing it is necessary:

  • seashells;
  • soy wax;
  • wick;
  • matches;
  • essential oils: aniseed, lavender, sandalwood.


  1. We choose larger shells, rinse and dry.
  2. Take a cup of soy wax and melt it at 50 ° C. It is worth carefully studying the instructions for use and following it. We will wrap our bowl with a towel, so we will not let it cool down quickly.
  3. You can make candles for relaxation, then you need to add a couple of drops of essential oils to the wax: aniseed, lavender, sandalwood.
  4. Take a wick, fix it with one end on a match, so it will be much more convenient to hold it. Then we take the wax in the other hand and hold the wick, placing it in the middle of the shell. Slowly pour the wax to the desired level. It remains to wait until it cools down and cut the match. It is imperative that the wick be long so that there is no big flame!

Candle-making shells can be used in different types that you have at hand. Check out our photo ideas and you will be impressed by their beauty.

You can make other original candles in the New Year's spirit from soy wax with your own hands. To do this, we provide you with an interesting video on this topic, which will broaden your horizons and help you prepare for 2020.

DIY master class on making New Year's aromatic soy candles and candlesticks

Sky lanterns

Top 50 gifts for the new year 2020 do it yourself

You do not know what to give your beloved girlfriend for the New Year 2020, this is far from a problem. Give her a bunch of positive emotions. On New Year's Eve, such a surprise will come in handy. If you still do not guess what kind of gift we are talking about, then let's say straight - these are sky lanterns, made by hand. A great idea for lovers, it's difficult to tell about it in words, so we suggest watching an exciting video that will tell you about the secrets of making these air lanterns.

DIY master class on making and launching sky lanterns

Bead necklace

Top 50 gifts for the new year 2020 do it yourself

If you are an attentive husband, then on the eve of the New Year 2020 you should think about the best gift for your beloved wife. But do not immediately rush headlong into the shops in search of something original and unique. Remember, the most expensive present for your wife will be the one that you make with your own hands. It is clear that the best friends of girls are diamonds, but jewelry made of beads of various configurations, multi-colored beads and much more will adequately decorate the New Year's image of your wife. Don't worry, such delicate work is done very easily.

For manufacturing you will need :

  • silk ribbon;
  • beads;
  • glue or needle and thread;
  • fishing line;
  • pliers;
  • metal wire.


  1. We take the ribbon, bend it in a wave-like manner and glue the beads (the beads can be different according to your wishes).
  2. You can use a needle and thread and sew everything neatly, or even just string the beads on the fishing line and complete the jewelry with a delicate silk ribbon that will be tied around your wife's neck with a beautiful bow.

Be sure, there will be no limit to delight, the main thing is to wake up imagination and give your hands free rein, and an original gift for the New Year 2020 is provided. And our interesting photo ideas will help you with this.

DIY master class on making a New Year's necklace

Bead bracelet

Top 50 gifts for the new year 2020 do it yourself

On New Year's holidays, many of us are wondering what to give for the New Year 2020 to a friend, mother, aunt or someone else from women. After all, I want the gift to be unusual and, at the same time, inexpensive. For this, it is better to work with your own hands, having prepared something original. Well, what do women need first of all, even if it's New Years? Of course, everyone's eyes will light up from the jewelry. But, so that the work process does not drag on for a long time, you should pay attention to the easy option - this is a beaded bracelet. It is made quickly, you won't even notice how. For manufacturing you will need:

  • beads;
  • linen elastic;
  • VHI threads.


  1. First, we take an elastic band, measure it on our wrist, cut and sew.
  2. We take the beads, put them on a needle and sew them to the resulting elastic bracelet.
  3. The finished bracelet can, at your discretion, be supplemented with any other decorative elements. It's all very simple and looks good on the hand.

Options for bracelets can be different, and you can give them as a gift to both women and girls. You can make not only bracelets, but also earrings, hair bands, hairpins, brooches. For this, auxiliary materials such as beads, beads, buttons, felt, wood, various ribbons, decorative stones and much more are used. But the result is the same - you can't take your eyes off such beauty. And our photo ideas will help you create such beauty with your own hands.

Children's bracelet from beads and beads
Bracelet made of beads and ribbon
Elastic beads
Bead earrings
Herringbone earrings
Earrings "Snowflake"
Earrings "Mittens"
New Year's hairpins "Snowman"
Bracelet "Tenderness"
New Year's hairpins "Cheerful deer"

DIY bead bracelet master class


Heart collage

We make a collage for the New Year 2020 with our own hands and present it as a warm and priceless gift to our family, loved ones and loved ones.

For manufacturing you will need:

  • old unnecessary frame (you can make it yourself);
  • cereals (rice, buckwheat, millet);
  • coffee beans;
  • glue.


  1. To begin with, put all the photos, any desired pictures and other decorative elements on the frame, and see how you like.
  2. Then start gluing. Leave your work on for a few minutes to dry. So your wonderful New Year's present is ready.

Photo frame from disk

Top 50 gifts for the new year 2020 do it yourselfFor manufacturing you will need:

  • base of the frame;
  • disk;
  • glue;
  • contour paint on glass;
  • decor elements: bows, ribbons, beads, buttons, rhinestones and more.


  1. Let's start by breaking the disc into small pieces (be careful not to get hurt).
  2. Our frame needs to be greased with glue, and slowly glue the fragments of the disc. Then let the glue dry for a while.
  3. We take a contour and draw lines, tracing each shard. We decorate with auxiliary elements that we like.

A photo frame from a disk is a great DIY gift for your child and his friends for the New Year 2020, which they will surely like. And to make this souvenir correctly, you should watch our video.

Master class on making photo frames from the disk do it yourself

New Year's poster with their own hands

New Year's poster with their own hands

As a gift for the new year 2020, a New Year's poster can perform. It will look great on one of the walls in your apartment and please all family members. It can be performed in both comic shape and incentive (all the achievements and successes of their relatives are listed). Make it very easy. Here your fantasy can fully raise! Clippings from magazines, your photos, funny pictures, and if you still draw something - generally wonderful! This is a great gift not only for the new year, but also on any other holidays. Moreover, this present is suitable for a beloved person, and for friends, and for the girlfriends.

For work you will need:

  • A3 format paper;
  • glue;
  • markers;
  • markers;
  • paints;
  • the pencils;
  • a photo;
  • Cuts from newspapers, magazines.


  1. Prepared paper, decorate (it is desirable that everything is harmonious and fit into the width of the poster).
  2. We apply a little glue, and slowly lay photos and cuttings. It remains only to wait when it gets up.
  3. When everything dried - we subscribe to the marker, and leave your wishes.

In order for you to work easier and creative, we picked up on this topic of the video.

Master class on the manufacture of a New Year's poster do it yourself

Pillow "Doggy"

Top 50 gifts for the new year 2020 do it yourselfYou just need to make a pillow "Dog" with your own hands. She sewn and tastefully packed, you can give her grandparents, who will really be delighted with such a homemade gift. Well, if you wish, a similar soft product will turn on your bed. The main thing is not to be lazy!

For manufacturing you will need:

  • paper for pattern;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • needle with thread;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • Multicolored fabric.


  1. Let's start with the drawing on paper, then cut out our dog and translate it to the fabric (bypassing with soap along the contour). On the fabric, too, cut out the drawing.
  2. Eye and spout make from black fabric.
  3. The mouth is flashing with black thread, and if there is a desire, it is possible to cut out the red tissue.
  4. Tailing, ears and legs make a certain color from one tissue, stitch, sting with a slightly, and then sew to the pillow itself.
  5. We sew our product, and below we leave a small hole in order to fill it with the filler (if not, it can be used, foam rubber or various flaps).

You can make other types of pillows and give them our relatives for the new year 2020. For a diversity, we bring you our wonderful photos of the idea.

If you are interested in not only sewing, but also knitting, then look at our video and create a charming cushion "dog" crochet.

Master class on the manufacture of a cushion "Dogs" crochet

Confetti from Yaitz

Top 50 gifts for the new year 2020 do it yourself

Confetti from eggs is a cool way to suddenly surprise all the loved ones and guests with your New Year's fiction. Create gifts with your own hands, rejoice and enjoy positive emotions in the new year 2020.

For manufacturing you will need:

  • eggs;
  • confetti;
  • glue;
  • paints.


  1. Take the eggs, to start their painting. Then make a hole with a needle, and get rid of the egg. Shell neatly promoted, carefully sudden (hairdryer or naturally) and fill confetti.
  2. So that everything does not crumble - cut out a small circle from paper and get a hole.

New Year Topiary - Tree of Happiness

Top 50 gifts for the new year 2020 do it yourselfAnother wonderful gift that you can present your loved ones for the new year 2020 is an interesting tree made by your own hands, which is called Topiary. This is a European tree, and his main role, decorate the interior of the house or complement a beautifully covered festive table.

For manufacturing you will need:

  • even branch (trunk);
  • artificial coniferous wreath;
  • flower pot or other container;
  • stones for filling the pot;
  • hot glue;
  • artificial snow;
  • decor: artificial moss or grass, cones, tangerines, holly berries.


  1. The topiary can, if desired, be made in one evening. We take a flower pot and insert the trunk of the future tree into it. And so that it stands firmly, we fix it with a cement-sand mortar or gypsum. If these materials are not available, then you can use ordinary large stones, and decorate the top with a layer of artificial moss or grass.
  2. We fix a wreath on top of the trunk and decorate it with holly berries, cones covered with artificial snow and fixed with hot glue. Tangerines can be attached to the New Year's wreath if desired.

Topiary species are numerous. To familiarize yourself with some of them, see our photo ideas and come up with your original gift for the New Year 2020.

DIY topiary master class

Golden nuts with fortunes

Nuts with predictions

Do-it-yourself prediction nuts will intrigue anyone on New Year's Eve. Such a gift will make your New Year 2020 interesting and unpredictable.

For manufacturing you will need:

  • nuts;
  • silk ribbon;
  • wishes written on a small piece of paper;
  • glue;
  • golden paint;
  • small bag for nuts.


  1. Let's start with the nut: it must be carefully split into two, preferably even parts.
  2. Next, you should remove the nut and leave one shell.
  3. Then we cut out our wishes and roll them into a tube, tying them with a ribbon.
  4. We connect the walnut shells by lightly placing them on the glue.
  5. We paint the finished nuts and pack them in our bag.

DIY master class on making golden nuts with predictions


As you have already noticed, handmade gifts for the New Year 2020 are not such a difficult thing, you just need to prepare the components and, having gained patience, start this exciting process. We have offered you a sufficient number of interesting ideas for an original and cool gift. In general, the choice is yours. Hope we were able to help you.

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DIY gifts for the New Year 2020 are a great way to congratulate the maximum number of people (from neighbors and work colleagues to close relatives) without much damage to the family budget.

The only condition is that homemade presents must be made with high quality and soul. Only in this case they will be able to really please their recipients, avoiding the fate of getting on a dusty shelf or ending up in a trash can.

Using the recommendations outlined in our article, you can make many original gifts, the manufacture of which does not require special skills and talents.

Idea options

Ideas for New Year's gifts that you can make on your own:

  • New Year's wreath or composition for decorating the festive table. To make them, you need to stock up on: spruce branches (natural or artificial), tinsel, slices of dried oranges, cones, bright ribbons, decorative composition with the effect of snow.
  • Photo frame. As a base, you can use plywood or thick cardboard, and for decoration - coins, shells, sequins, coffee beans, etc.
  • Potholders in the form of a mouse or a rat. Made from bright patches, decorated with lace, braid and buttons.
  • Original decorations for the Christmas tree. The smallest family members can be involved in their manufacture. The materials will be old CDs, burned out light bulbs, bumps, cloth, colored paper and cardboard.
  • Quilling or scrapbooking greeting cards.

How to pack a gift in an original way?

The packaging of favorite treats presented to children for the New Year must be bright and original. The gift box, made in the form of a giant kinder surprise, will certainly delight little sweet tooth. To do it yourself, you have to work hard.

To do this, you need to prepare in advance:

  • Inflatable ball.
  • A stack of newspapers.
  • A stack of white paper.
  • A jar of PVA glue.
  • A bowl of water.
  • Wide brush.
  • A simple pencil.
  • A set of markers.
  • Paints (water-based, acrylic or gouache are suitable).
  • Scissors.
  • Kinder Surprise logo printed on a printer.


  • Having inflated the ball to the required size, we tie it with a strong thread and set it in a deep bowl, using it as a stand.
  • Cut sheets of white paper into squares and soak in a bowl of water.
  • We glue the ball with wet paper, overlapping the squares, leaving no gaps. The first layer should be applied quickly so that the fast drying paper does not begin to flake off.

  • To fix the next layer, we use PVA glue, smearing the surface of the ball with it and gluing paper squares in the same way. If the glue is too thick, dilute it with water. The first two layers must be made of white paper.
  • After letting the workpiece dry for an hour, glue the ball over with pieces of newspaper (at least three layers are required).
  • At the final stage, we glue the ball with two layers of white paper.

  • After letting the workpiece dry thoroughly, untie the ball and, releasing air from it, carefully remove it from the egg.
  • Carefully glue the resulting hole with several layers of paper.
  • To mask the joints, cover the egg with a thick layer of white paint. After waiting for it to dry, with a simple pencil we outline the contour of waves and drops on the bottom of the egg, and then paint over them using red paint. In order to prevent the paint from cracking and leaving no marks on the hands, we mix it with a small amount of PVA glue.

  • We carefully cut out the inscription printed on the printer and glue it to the egg (the design of the front part of the package may be slightly different).

  • On the opposite side, using a clerical knife, cut through the door, and then, making through holes with an awl on the door itself and next to it, thread satin ribbons through them.

  • Having filled the egg with the child's favorite treats, close the door (fixing it with tapes) and wrap it in a large sheet of transparent cellophane.

"Snowy" candlestick

Simple gifts for the new year can be made from scrap materials that can be found in any apartment. To make an original candlestick that can create an unusually cozy atmosphere in the house, we need:

  • Any glass jar.
  • PVA glue.
  • Coarse salt.
  • A coil of twine.
  • Rowan tassels, spruce cones, spruce or pine twigs.


  • Armed with a wide bristle brush, quickly coat the jar with PVA glue.
  • Without waiting for the glue to dry, sprinkle the walls of the product with crystals of coarse salt, and then let it dry. If the salt layer is not thick enough, apply an additional layer of glue and salt.
  • We decorate the neck of the "snow-covered" jar with cones, coniferous twigs, rowan berries, fixing them with hemp twine.
  • We coat the very edge of the neck with glue and dip it in salt.
  • We strengthen a small candle in the center of the candlestick.

When handing the candlestick to friends or relatives, be sure to warn them that, in order to avoid burns, it is necessary to use hunting matches or a torch to light the candle.

Making the mascot of the year

In the New Year of the Rat (or Mouse), the most symbolic gift will be a do-it-yourself figurine of this particular animal. It is better to refrain from giving your friends a live pet, since not everyone will be delighted with such a presentation.

Mouse in a hat

A cute little snowman-style mouse will play the role of a mascot throughout 2020. The main advantage of this craft is that we do not need a sewing machine or a pattern: we will use a ready-made knitted sock as a basis. We offer a master class on making it (the work will take no more than 40 minutes).

List of materials:

  • Snow-white children's sock (for the torso).
  • Bright sock with a beautiful ornament (for a hat).
  • Filler (cotton wool, synthetic winterizer or 2 glasses of rice).
  • Pieces of pink and white felt or felt (for hind legs and ears).
  • Stripe of bright fleece (for a scarf).
  • Thick white yarn (for ponytail and forelegs).
  • Spool of white cotton thread.
  • 2 silicone translucent hair bands.
  • Small white pompom (for the muzzle).
  • A piece of soft wire (for antennae).
  • Blush and cotton swab (for cheeks).
  • 3 black beads (for the eye and nose).
  • Thick wire, on a skein of red and white yarn (to simulate candy).
  • Snowflake and plastic heart (for additional decoration, optional).
  • Sharp scissors.
  • Hot glue.


  • Cut off the top of the sock (at the very base of the elastic). Fill the resulting bag with rice or fill it with filler.
  • So that the filler does not come out, we tightly tie the stuffed bag with a silicone rubber band.
  • Putting another elastic band on the bag, outline the neck (trying to make the body much larger than the head).
  • To emphasize and strengthen the neck, we tie it with strong white thread. Trim the excess fabric if necessary. The basis of the craft is ready.
  • Cutting off the elastic of the colored sock, we make a bright hat. Putting it on the head of the animal, we pull the top with a white thread. Cut the resulting crest into large "noodles", making it look like a pompom.

  • Cut out round ears from pieces of pink and white felt (the pink parts located in the middle should be slightly smaller than the white ones). We glue the finished parts with hot glue.
  • In order to give the ears volume, we make a fold, coat it with glue and wait for it to dry.
  • We glue the finished ears directly to the cap so that it seems that they are peeking out of it.
  • We tie two short pieces of white yarn in a large knot: this is an imitation of folded front legs. We glue them to the toy. We make and attach the tail in the same way.

  • Making a candy cane that our mouse will hold. We bend a small piece of thick wire and wrap it with white and red yarn, be sure to fix the ends of the threads with glue. We attach the finished lollipop to the paws.
  • We turn a strip of bright felt into a scarf and wrap the neck of the animal with it. If you wish, we decorate it with stars or snowflakes.
  • On the bottom of the head we glue a small white pompon (it will be an elongated face) and a mustache from a thin black wire.

  • Having dials a little brumes on a cotton wand, we neatly plan the cheeks.
  • Printe the peaks-beads and brilliant black spout.
  • We cut the rear paws from a piece of pink felt and glue them to the mouse. Souvenir is ready.

This cute toy can become not only a New Year's gift, but also an excellent decoration of your own dwelling. If you put it under the Christmas tree, near the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus, you can count on luck for only 2020.

If the mouse is inside - in addition to rice - pour the dried petals of colors or fragrant herbs (for example, mint, soul, chamomile, lavender or rosemary), it will serve as a natural aroma of the room.

An excellent gift of the gift can be a whole family of mice (and large, and small), dressed in hats of various banins and holding all sorts of Christmas surprises in the paws.

Rat on a wire frame

To make a rat figure, we will need:

  • Motor thick wire.
  • Tangle of gray woolen yarn.
  • Toy eyes.
  • Bead for nasal.
  • PVA glue.
  • Adhesive pistol.
  • Decorative plastic element (berry or a piece of cheese).


  • At the first stage, we make a wire frame that will serve as the basis of the toy.
  • The finished frame is generously failing glue and tightly wind yarn.
  • At the face of the animal with a glue gun attaching eyes and spout.
  • In the legs put any plastic decor (cheese, berry, gift box, bandaged by a bow, caramel cane).

Kryska Larisa from wine traffic jam


  • Wine plug.
  • Stationery clips.
  • Thick gray yarn.
  • PVA glue.
  • Beads for nose and eyes.
  • A piece of yellow plastics (for cheese).
  • A sharp knife.
  • Termocles.

Production sequence:

  • From a wine bottle with a sharp knife with a sharp knife, we cut the cone-shaped billet for the body.
  • From the stationery clips, bent in a certain way and attached to the cork part, we make a metal frame (as in the photo).
  • Greased the basis of the figure of the PVA glue, carefully wrap it with thick woolen threads.
  • We draw up a face, sticking to her nose and eyes.
  • From the self-impending polymer clay (plastics), they sculpt a triangular piece of cheese, without forgetting to make a hole in it with a tip of an ozo sharpened pencil.
  • Approve the toy expressive posture, put "cheese" in her paws.


What gift to make the sister or a close girlfriend, valuable homemade comfort? They will certainly like the so-called "nation" - a bottle of transparent glass filled with grains, colored sand, aromatic salts, various types of cereals or beautiful pebbles.

Such a souvenir can become not only an exquisite interior decoration, but also a peculiar guard that protects the dwelling from misfortunes and troubles.

For its manufacture, it will be necessary:

  • Glass vessel of an unusual shape.
  • A set of bulk ingredients (small pebbles, cereals, colored sand, grain).
  • Beautiful lid.
  • Decorative ribbons or beautiful patchworks.

Stages of creation:

  • Fill the bottle prepared materials. Those who will do this for the first time can be limited to the drawing representing the alternation of contrasting bands. Experienced craftswomen can create an intricate landscape. Picking up the color gamut of the nose, it is necessary to proceed from the features of the interior, for the decoration of which the souvenir is designed.
  • Covering the filling with a lid, we decorate the neck of the vessel with shreds or narrow ribbons.

Christmas magnets

Original gifts in the form of fridge magnets can be made in a matter of minutes from what can be found in every home.

Using photographs

The best gift for close relatives is magnets with photographs that capture memorable or funny moments from the life of the family. The manufacturing process is extremely simple:

  • First, cut out a mat frame from a piece of corrugated cardboard.
  • We decorate the frame in New Year's style: paint it with silver or white paint, decorate it with sparkles, glue miniature decorations and numbers 2020.
  • Cut off a piece of the desired size from the magnetic tape and glue a photo to it with a glue gun.
  • Gently attach the decorated frame on top.

From felt

The most convenient material for New Year's magnets is felt, which is easy to cut and sewn by hand, and also does not require processing of the cuts: they never crumble.

A rich color palette and different thicknesses of individual sheets make it possible to create unusually beautiful crafts: funny snowmen, funny animals, gingerbread men, elegant Christmas trees, etc. Felt magnets can be made voluminous, with moving parts.

Salted dough

What can be made from salted dough? This is a great material to work with children to work with.

  • Mixing a glass of flour and half a glass of fine salt in a bowl, pour a little water into it and get a plastic mass for modeling.
  • Armed with a rolling pin, we roll out the dough into a layer and with the help of molds we cut out different figures: stars, Christmas trees, snowflakes, cockerels, dogs and funny bear cubs. If desired, the figures can be decorated with beads, sparkles, various types of spices, cereals and seeds.
  • The sculpted figurines can be oven dried or air dried.
  • For coloring we use honey watercolor, gouache or acrylic paints. By covering the figures with colorless varnish, you can make them even more attractive.
  • At the final stage, using PVA glue, we glue the magnets.

From coffee beans

Gorgeous and highly aromatic magnets are made from coffee beans.

  • Using stencils (dogs, horses, hearts), we cut out the base from dense corrugated cardboard.
  • We glue the coffee beans to the base, trying not to leave gaps between them.
  • As decorative elements, we use slices of dried tangerines, mother-of-pearl beads, cinnamon sticks, narrow satin ribbons, lace strips and pieces of hemp twine.

From bottle caps

A light gift, which will take no more than half an hour to create, can be made from metal beer bottle caps. It is enough just to cut a circle out of gift paper or a piece of beautiful fabric and glue it to the inside of the lid, and attach a magnet to the opposite side.

Those who like the idea of ​​such a gift should take into account that the magnets on the lids will look good in a set made in the same style. They can help out in a situation where a party with a large number of guests is planned: in this case, none of them will be left unanswered (each of those present can be handed one magnet at a time).

Video: simple DIY Christmas gift ideas

New Year is the most long-awaited holiday, for which many begin to prepare in advance. They take out Christmas decorations, think over the New Year's menu, decorate the house. Probably the most important task is choosing gifts for family and friends. Most often, they buy presents in the store, forgetting that the soul should be invested in them. DIY gifts for the New Year 2020 will help surprise and please loved ones, as well as the symbol of the coming year - the White Metal Rat.

What to give in the coming year?

There has long been a belief that the New Year's holiday should be celebrated in such a way as to please the owner or hostess of the coming year. 2020 will be held under the auspices of the White Metal Rat. What gifts to appease a totem animal, so that it treats favorably throughout the year?

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020 should be, first of all, practical. The Rat does not like it when the donated thing is not used. Don't buy unnecessary fridge magnets or mouse figurines. It is much better to make a present for the New Year with your own hands. The homely Rat, made by hand in any technique, will become the talisman of the upcoming period. To please the hostess of 2020, make a useful present that will bring not only aesthetic pleasure, but also benefit.

DIY gift ideas for the New Year of the Rat 2020:

  • knitted cover for a mug;
  • pin cushion;
  • sofa or car pillow;
  • toys for puppet theater;
  • bedside rug.

Useful gifts 2020.

Also, the Metal Rat will appreciate the beautiful decor in the house. If you know how to draw, burn wood, embroider, create a panel or picture depicting the hostess of the coming year. The White Rat is a big lover of homemade baked goods. Delight loved ones with homemade Christmas cookies in the shape of mouse faces, gingerbread cookies, white marshmallows with ears and a tail.

TOP-12 best gifts for the New Year 2020 with your own hands

If you decide to make original gifts for the New Year 2020 with your own hands, be creative, try to put your soul and a piece of love into a homemade product. Choose a gift that you can perform beautifully and efficiently, so that the White Rat appreciates your efforts, and the recipient will be delighted with the creative New Year's present.

What gifts are in the TOP of the best for the New Year 2020:

  • pillows with the image of rats;
  • blankets with smiles - cheerfulness and fun should reign throughout the next 2020;
  • toy mice;
  • photo frames - you can make a single copy or make a panel, which will consist of several photo frames;
  • Christmas balls with a photo of the family - The Rat appreciates family relationships and will be happy if on the Christmas tree it sees homemade toys with photos of all family members;
  • snow balls are a suitable gift for the New Year;

Gifts for the new 2020

  • DIY knitted products: sweater, scarf, hat, mittens, cup cover;
  • Handmade soap;
  • kitchen accessories: potholders, napkins, towels, coasters - any things created for comfort and coziness in the house will be approved by the hostess of the coming year;
  • handmade candles;
  • New Year's sweets;
  • DIY gifts made of paper: for the New Year 2020, make a postcard, panel, picture.

What to give for 2020

Rat-keychain made of felt

This material is often used to make all kinds of crafts. Take colorful pieces of felt: the products will turn out to be fun and truly New Year's.

Let's make a keychain in the shape of a cute mouse, which will definitely bring good luck to its owner. What is required to make crafts:

  • thin felt fabric;
  • colored cotton fabric;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • tape;
  • buttons and beads for decoration;
  • scissors, needles, pins, threads;
  • paper;
  • ring to which the keychain will be attached.

Getting started:

  1. Draw on paper the blanks of the torso, head, ears, muzzle and tail (all in duplicate, except for the tail).
  2. Cut out the templates, attach them to the felt with pins, trace the contours with small ones.When cutting out blanks from felt, leave a centimeter in stock on the sides of the drawn line.
  3. First of all, sew the blanks for the rat's head. Glue the black beady eyes. Do not forget to include the ribbon on which the ring and ears will be attached. Fill the rest of the place with a piece of padding polyester, sew both blanks with a decorative seam.
  4. Make the same two parts of the body, inserting a ponytail between them at the back. Fill the voids with padding polyester beforehand.
  5. It remains to sew on the ears, attach the ring.
  6. Decorate the craft with a colored bow. Brown the cheeks with diluted red watercolors.

You can surprise your relatives, friends or colleagues with a keychain-rat or mouse made by yourself. And the hostess of the coming year will surely be delighted with such a gift.

Soap souvenirs

Homemade gifts for the New Year 2020 should be not only beautiful, but also useful. Handmade soap will bring aesthetic pleasure. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly product with a delicious scent. Fans of natural cosmetics will be delighted with such a New Year's gift!

Making soap with your own hands is very simple. All the necessary ingredients are sold in any store, and you can find New Year's ideas on the Internet or come up with yourself. Soap can be made in any scent and shape. In the New Year 2020, figures of rats, mice, cheese slices, a set of tangerines and champagne, and Christmas tree cones will be relevant.

Beautiful candlesticks

Unusual handmade candles and holders for them will be an excellent decoration for any interior. What can be used to make a New Year's candlestick:

  • small glass jars;
  • lace;
  • pieces of fabric;
  • tapes;
  • twine;
  • coniferous twigs, cones;
  • Christmas decorations;
  • dried fruits.

The decor is attached to glass jars with hot melt glue, twine and ribbons. Don't forget to decorate the candlesticks with cinnamon sticks, which will be especially relevant in 2020. Eastern astrologers remind that the White Rat is able to improve the material situation and well-being, help in moving up the career ladder. And money can be raised using the traditional spice - cinnamon.

New Year's quilling

The fashionable quilling technique attracts with openwork, lightness and airiness of crafts. What is it? This is a technique of twisting strips of paper and shaping the resulting blanks into certain patterns. So whole compositions and crafts of the desired shape are laid out.

Usually, the quilling technique is used to create holiday cards. For the New Year, paper will make beautiful snowflakes, snowmen, an elegant Christmas tree or frosty patterns on a postcard.

Snow globe with falling snow

Popular souvenirs for the New Year are glass balls, in which, when turned over, snow falls on a figurine located inside a transparent container. Try to make a small New Year's miracle with your own hands!

What can be positioned in the center of the ball:

  • one or more rats;
  • Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden;
  • snowman;
  • Christmas tree;
  • a fabulous hut.

You can choose a figurine that will look like the person to whom you will give the snow globe. In this case, the gift will become truly special and valuable.

See also a video on how to make a snow globe yourself at home:

New Year's champagne

Sparkling wine is an essential attribute of the New Year holidays. But presenting a bottle of champagne as a present is rather primitive and boring. It's another matter if it is unusually decorated with your own hands.

The most elementary way to decorate a bottle of alcohol is to paint it with multi-colored sparkles and tie it with a satin bow. The bottle can be “dressed” in a knitted New Year's sweater, painted with Christmas motifs, decorated with Christmas decorations, pine twigs and cones. Make a pineapple from a bottle of champagne using candy, or Santa Claus with a red and white cap on the neck.

Sky lanterns

The White Rat loves positive emotions, so the surprise in the form of sky lanterns will definitely be appreciated. If you want to surprise your girlfriend with an unusual gift, make sky lanterns with your own hands and launch them together into the New Year's sky. Hand-made craft will surprise and amaze your soul mate.

Do not forget to make your most cherished wish by sending homemade flashlights flying. Rest assured, all wishes will definitely come true next year.

Sweet pastries

Many associate New Year with homemade sweet pastries. From childhood, there are memories of how my mother, from the early morning of December 31, baked curly cookies, put dough for sweet buns, and made pies. New Year's baked goods can be a wonderful holiday gift, because the White Metal Rat loves homemade homemade sweets.

Sweet Gift Options:

  • cookies in the form of white or smoky rat faces;
  • gingerbread snowmen, Christmas trees or mice;
  • Gingerbread house;
  • rat-shaped cakes;
  • cake with themed decor - from mastic you can make cartoon characters from "Cat Leopold", "Ratatouille", "Tom and Jerry" - not only children, but also adults will be delighted with such a New Year's surprise.

Gifts for parents

For years, mothers and fathers treasure the New Year's gifts that children made for them with their own hands, starting from an early age. Homemade postcards, handicrafts, toys, souvenirs - all these lovely things bring tears of happiness to parents' eyes. Therefore, they will accept homemade New Year's surprises from adult children with the same pleasure. Such gifts for mom and dad will be much more valuable than the most expensive items. What can be handmade gifts for parents for the New Year 2020?

Knitten things

What to give mom? How to please dad? If you have mastered the basics of knitting, it will not be difficult for parents to knit original things. The easiest way is to make scarves - there is nothing complicated in the knitting technique of these products, and in cold weather they are simply irreplaceable. Buy some nice warm yarn, knitting needles, and spend a few evenings making scarves for your parents. It is advisable to choose pastel, soft colors. You should also take into account the clothing style of the future owners, so that the knitted scarves really come in handy, and not gather dust on the shelf.

You can also knit mittens as a gift for mom for the New Year, and socks for dad. Real knitting professionals can try making sweaters with a New Year's theme. An original gift - knitted or crocheted covers for cups.

Christmas balls with photos

Photos of the whole family must be printed. An excellent solution would be photos from the New Year holidays of past years, starting from childhood. Photos are laid out in transparent Christmas balls, and you get memorable toys that will surely move parents.

You can assemble a whole Christmas tree set from photo balls, put it in a festive box and decorate with a postcard, also made with your own hands.

It is not so difficult to make a gift to mom and dad on your own, and it will cause a lot of positive emotions in them.

Gifts for the beloved man

What can you think of as a gift for your loved one for the New Year? A male driver will surely enjoy a homemade massage seat mat or a pillow under his head to keep his neck numb. You can turn on your imagination and make a pillow, for example, in the form of a cute mouse or an elephant, and decorate the rug with some interesting applique. If your loved one is a fan of travel, you can choose the Eiffel Tower as a decoration, if a football fan is an image of a ball, etc.

The painting on the cup is very beautiful. To create this masterpiece, drip a few drops of nail polish into a pot of boiling water. Using a toothpick with varnish, create an abstract pattern on the water. Next, the white cup must be immersed in water, and then allowed to dry completely. A gift for the guy for the New Year is ready!

Everything must be done quickly so that the varnish does not have time to dry, otherwise a beautiful drawing will not work. It is better to practice on some old mug, so as not to spoil the surprise and give your loved one a beautiful handmade cup.

Now many have mastered home soap making. This is a simple process, and handmade soap is a great option as a souvenir. Your beloved man can be presented with an unusual soap in the form of a bottle of whiskey, a can of black caviar, a Porsche or Ferrari model.

What should not be gifted?

Some people are totally against hand-made. There is no need to prove to them how much effort and time you spent on making a New Year's surprise. If your man doesn't accept handmade items, head to the store for perfume or another shirts. In no case should you paint your favorite T-shirt or mug of your chosen one - he will definitely not forgive this.

What to present to a guy for the New Year: do-it-yourself gifts with love or a standard purchase set? It's up to you to decide!

What to give your beloved woman?

Almost all girls love sweets. Even if they stick to a diet and keep an eye on their figure, on New Year's Eve, you can relax and afford chocolate or sweets. You can give your beloved handmade sweets in the form of Christmas trees, hearts, snowmen. Melted chocolate is poured into special baking or ice molds. After it has completely solidified, the candies are ready. Now it remains to put the products in a beautiful bag, tie the ribbon and present.

Girls who categorically do not eat sweets and chocolate will be pleased to receive a large basket with exotic fruits in cold winter weather. It is recommended to decorate it with fir branches, cones, and attach a handmade postcard to the handle.

Men who have mastered wood carving can give their beloved gifts made with their own hands: a wooden Christmas tree, a flower, a heart-shaped stand.

What to give to friends?

It is also possible for close friends to make gifts for the New Year with their own hands.

Bank with wishes

An ordinary jar with a lid is decorated to your liking, and notes with wishes, predictions, as well as several tangerines and sweets are put inside. You can also place small New Year's souvenirs inside, for example, a rat figurine as a symbol of the coming year.

Gingerbread or cookies

Homemade pastries are always associated with us with New Year's holidays and family holidays. Bake the gingerbread or shortbread, decorate with multi-colored glaze, fold into the transparent package and tie out a beautiful ribbon. The last touch - attach to a sweetly present a small postcard, which is best done on your own.

Pillow for sofa

The interior pad will not leave anyone indifferent, and it sews very simple and quickly. The size of the product may be different: from a very small pillow to a sofa large option. How to make a gift, you can see in this video:

Stylized New Year's Christmas tree

First, the cone is made for which there will be a dense cardboard. Mishura, nuts, bows, glitters are put on the basis of the basis of fantasy. You can enclose the tree with buttons of different sizes, textures and colors. Stylish will look a tree from threads, bows and accessories of bright colors. Glue is applied to the basis, after which the yarn is wound. And then you can decorate the Christmas tree.

Jar jam

The delicacy welded with his own hands from the berries grown in her garden or collected in the forest is a unique New Year's surprise. The only condition - it should be in a beautiful jar, and you can attach a card with congratulations on the cover.

What to give to children?

Little children are the biggest connoisseurs of gifts made with their own hands. They themselves love something to make something and invent, so the New Year's hand maid will definitely please them. What to give to the new year kids? For up to 10 years old, those who are stitched, related to the toys and crafts collected from prudent materials are suitable. Older guys can give homemade decorations, bags, sweaters, dresses, hats and scarves, mittens.

All children adore sweets, but the box of candy or standard chocolate will not bring much joy. But the basket with his favorite tastes will please the kids. Let all the fact that the child loves most of all will be collected in it. Be sure to decorate the basket of the New Year attribute and put inside a small toy.


Little lady will love all sorts of homemade decorations: beads, rings, seelings, bracelets. Fashionists will appreciate the handbags performed by their own hands. They can be associated or sewed - everything will depend on how good you can do it. The handbags must be made high quality, and do not forget about the decoration of the finished product: embroidery, applique, rhinestones or beads will make a handbag for a small fashionista truly designer. At the end, you can put a set for girls: a mirror, ottoman, lipstick, hairpin.


Little men as a New Year's present will suit the machine made by adults. To do this, you can use a cardboard, which will certainly remain from buying household appliances and is not discarded. By building a car frame of such a magnitude so that the child can fit inside, the car is required to plane with colored paper or paint paint. Be sure to draw door handles, wheels, headlights. The machine must be as similar to the real car.

The steering wheel made of a plastic plate is attached safe fastening. In the end, tie the car with a big bow. The kid will be happy to give such a gift at no less than expensive children's cars.

Original New Year's gifts

Some options work for everyone. Unusual gifts that can surprise anyone have proven themselves especially well.

Sweet jars

Handmade candies with confetti, serpentine, shining stars are placed in beautiful transparent jars with lids. A hand-made postcard is hung on the lid, and an original gift for relatives, friends or colleagues is ready. Instead of sweets, you can put small souvenirs inside, a toy - anything that the person who will receive a surprise may like. For New Year's friend, you can put decorative cosmetics, several jars of nail polish, jewelry.

Original packaging

Even if the New Year's present was bought in a store, the handmade packaging will surprise and delight. There are countless original ideas. It can be done in an eco-style using plain brown paper, twine or ribbons, and as decoration thuja sprigs, cones, slices of dried citrus fruits and cinnamon sticks.

For small gifts, sew organza, silk, or any other material bags. The embroidered inscription on each bag will look beautiful: "mommy", "daddy", "beloved husband", "sister", etc. The boxes are packed in festive paper, on which various applications are glued. You can stick a photo of the person to whom the present is intended for each.

Christmas socks

A tradition that came to us from Europe is to hang bright multi-colored socks around the apartment where Santa Claus will put gifts. If you sew or knit original socks, decorating them with funny appliques, you will get an excellent gift. Put a small souvenir, a chocolate bar, and a set of sweets inside.

Creative gifts made for the New Year with your own hands cannot even be compared with purchased, albeit expensive, gifts. Handcrafted items have always been appreciated, and nowadays they have acquired special significance. The gift in which so much effort and time has been invested will delight you much more than a trinket bought in a nearby store. Show your imagination, create, involve your children in the creation of masterpieces - this will help create an original thing, as well as spend time with your family at needlework. Making a New Year's gift that will really surprise you with your own hands is real magic, and everyone can do it.


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