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With the passage of time and the development of medicine, many drugs are recognized as ineffective or dangerous. Pyramidon tablets were very popular in the last century. But now everyone has forgotten about them. Not every person knows that such a tool really existed. Many people remember this drug from Bulgakov's books. Today's article will tell you about the Pyramidon. What it is - you will find out further.

pyramidon what is it

Description of the medication

Many consumers often asked doctors about Pyramidon. What it is, they did not know, mistakenly thinking that the medicine is a narcotic drug. Is it really? The active component of the drug was aminophenazone. Probably, someone will remember that Pyramidon (medicine) was often replaced by its Russian counterpart, Amidopyrine. The drug can be compared in action with "Phenazone".

A medication was produced in tablets. They were sold without a medical prescription. Many doctors also prescribed it to patients, including children. If you were born in the 50s and 60s, then you probably remember how your parents offered you this medicine for the common cold. Only after some time did the experts realize the whole danger of "magic" pills.

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"Pyramidon" - what is it? Story

The active ingredient was created in the 1890s by a German chemist. During the experiments, the scientist discovered the antipyrine molecule. This component was able to have analgesic and antipyretic effects. Since that time, the drug "Pyramidon" (what it is - you already know) began to be produced in incredible volumes. It was widely used for pain and fever. The drug effectively dealt with cold symptoms and eliminated neurological ailments.

In every home there was a Pyramidon or Amidopyrine remedy. These two drugs differ only by the manufacturer. The rest of the preparations were identical and were analogous. Thanks to its creation, the manufacturer has gained popularity and wealth. The medication was used for a very long time: almost a century. It was banned only in the 1970s. Since that time, the harmful effects of "magic" pills have been identified.

Drug use

As you already know, the drug Pyramidon was often prescribed by doctors. Instructions for use have been poorly described. It was known that the drug had a pronounced analgesic effect. After application, the patient felt significantly better. But remember, this was a deceptive effect. The medicine was good at eliminating the fever. It was given to children at a high temperature.

The tablets eased the patient's condition, relieved fever, muscle pain. Treatment of many diseases was carried out in conjunction with the use of "Pyramidon". The dosage of the medication was usually one tablet per dose. Note that the pill contained a quarter gram of the active ingredient. The medicine was taken as needed, but had no particular restrictions.

pyramidon medicine

Application result

The drug was effective and popular, but only up to a certain time. During the years of its active use, the development of medicine did not allow making a banal blood test for each patient. Therefore, even the long-term use of pills was not prohibited: the doctors did not suspect their actual effect.

Later it turned out that the medication was a time bomb. When used, the drug improved well-being, but at the same time, it reduced the number of leukocytes in the blood. Regular intake of Pyramidon promoted the development of the effect of immunodeficiency. It turns out that one was treated and the other was crippled. Patients were more likely to suffer from viral and bacterial diseases. And during the treatment with sulfonamides, severe forms of skin allergy appeared at all. But no one could have thought that this is the result of long-term use of "Pyramidon".

Those children who, at the insistence of their parents, often took this remedy, had various bone marrow diseases. This medication actively struck him. In some situations, the drug even became the cause of death. But, we repeat, no one even thought ...

pyramidon tablets


From the article you learned about the drug "Pyramidon". These pills have long been banned in many countries. But if you look carefully, then in grandmother's first-aid kits you can find the remains of a deadly medicine. Of course, you cannot take such pills. This can be very dangerous. In addition, the medicine is overdue for tens of years. Such old medicines are now popular as antiques, but nothing more.

As you already understood, it is impossible to be treated with "Pyramidon". Moreover, before using any medication, it is worthwhile to first study the instructions. Perhaps, in the near future, drugs that are now considered the most popular and safest will be banned. Be careful and don't get sick!

Medicine is constantly being improved, changes are taking place in the forms and methods of therapy for various diseases. At the same time, some drugs are modified, while others are completely withdrawn from general use due to their ineffectiveness or the presence of a large number of adverse reactions, which can become a source of danger to humans. "Pyramidon" belongs to the drugs that have been discontinued. What it is, we will consider in this article. Not everyone knows that this tool actually existed. Many people remember about him only from the books of M. Bulgakov.

Pyramidon application

Pharmacological group

"Pyramidon" belongs to the group of non-narcotic analgesics, which also include non-steroidal and other anti-inflammatory drugs. It is a substance of synthetic origin, which is distinguished by analgesic properties, as well as antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects. They differ from narcotic analgesics in that they do not cause habits and states of euphoria.

Release form

What it is? "Pyramidon" externally represents white crystals or crystalline powder of the same shade, odorless, with a slightly bitter taste, which slowly dissolves in water (in a ratio of one to twenty), but dissolves well in ethanol (one to two).

One package contains six tablets. In ampoules with a volume of one, five and ten milliliters, a solution is contained in a two and four percent concentration of the active substance. Each package contains ten or one hundred ampoules.


One tablet of "Pyramidon" contains two hundred and fifty milligrams of the active ingredient dimethylaminopyrazolone and one hundred milligrams of sodium caffeine benzoate. The chemical formula of the substance is C13-H17-N3-O.

Pharmacological effect of the drug

"Pyramidone" is a drug, antipyretic and analgesic belonging to the pyrazolone group, characterized by anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effects, but when using this drug there is a risk of agranulocytosis.

In terms of the characteristics of the effect, the main component resembles "Antipyrine" (it is considered the most powerful analgesics in its pharmacological group), however, it differs with a higher activity. Compared with "Antipyrin", the therapeutic effect of the drug is carried out more slowly, but it lasts longer.

Because Pyramidon has dangerous side effects, it has been withdrawn from circulation in many countries, including Russia.

Interaction with other medicinal products

Due to the simultaneous reception with "Amidopyrine", the therapeutic effect is enhanced. However, the use of the drug as part of a combination therapy increases the severity of negative side effects. This is confirmed by the instructions for use for the "Pyramidon" remedy.

пирамидон инструкция по применению

Deactivation and perfect incompatibility are noted in relation to "Aspirin" and other drugs that have an acid reaction.

Taking simultaneously "Analgin", "Caffeine", "Phenacetin" and "Phenobarbital" can enhance the manifestation of the analgesic effect of "Pyramidon". Its anti-inflammatory effect is more pronounced than that of Antipyrine. In relation to smooth muscle muscles, an antispasmodic effect is manifested, and therefore a drug can be prescribed in the presence of colic, stomach and intestinal cramps.

The incompatibility of powder forms with menthol, acetylsalicylic acid, resorcinol, "Timol", "Phenylsalicylate", "Tsinghonfen" is observed, since eutectic mixtures are formed.

When is Pyramidon used?

Aminophenazone is currently used as a diagnostic non-invasive agent of metabolic activity in the liver of cytochrome P-450, when performing a breath test with molecules of the agent, radioactively labeled.

In the past, the medicine "Pyramidon" was used for such diseases as:

ненаркотические анальгетики
  • arthritis, that is, inflammatory processes occurring in the joints;

  • infectious diseases accompanied by high fever;

  • neuralgia (pain syndrome expressed along the nerve);

  • febrile syndrome;

  • migraine.


According to the instructions for use for "Pyramidon", the following are contraindications:

  • lesions of the digestive tract with ulcers (intestines, stomach, duodenum);
  • bronchial asthma;
  • blood diseases (when there is a predisposition to the occurrence of hematopoietic pathology);
  • age restrictions up to fourteen years;
  • activity of a convulsive nature;
  • bleeding stomach;
  • blood clotting defects;
  • severe pathology of the liver system;
  • individual sensitivity to the composition.

This drug was found to be very toxic, and therefore is not used in medical practice in Europe and the United States. If you take it regularly, you can provoke agranulocytosis, as well as suppress hematopoiesis.

пирамидон лекарство

Possible side effects

Side effects of non-narcotic analgesics include:

  • swelling;
  • various sleep disorders (both increased drowsiness and insomnia);
  • allergic reactions that are suppressed by antihistamines;
  • suppression of hematopoiesis;
  • anaphylactic reactions.

Application by special categories of patients

You need to know that Pyramidon is a drug that can be used in pediatric practice only in exceptional cases, if there is a need to suppress an acute rheumatic attack.

таблетки пирамидон

The period of bearing a child and breastfeeding act as absolute contraindications to the use of this drug.

special instructions

This agent can have a depressing effect on hematopoiesis, and therefore can lead to the appearance of leukopenia, that is, a decrease in the number of blood cells of leukocytes, as well as agranulocytosis.

We found out what "Pyramidon" is. This is a drug that is excluded from the list of medicines in the Russian Federation.


Modern science does not stand still, it is constantly developing. This also applies to the emergence of new drugs on the pharmacological market. Unsurprisingly, some drugs that were popular before are considered ineffective or hazardous to health. In the past century, a drug called "Pyramidon" was very popular, but now many have forgotten about it.

Description of the drug

Пирамидон описание препарата

Consumers often took an interest in Pyramidon, believing it to be a drug. Is it true? The active ingredient in its composition was aminophenol. The drug was often changed to a domestic analogue called "Amidopyrin". Its action is reminiscent of "Phenazone".

It was produced in tablet form and could be purchased without a prescription. Doctors prescribed it to people of all ages. Those who were born in the fifties and sixties have not yet forgotten how the drug was used in the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections. After a while, doctors realized the danger of "magic" pills.

History of appearance

Пирамидон история появления

The active substance was discovered in the 1890s by a chemist from Germany. In the process of conducting research, the scientist invented the antipyrine molecule.

This element had an antipyretic effect and relieved pain. Since then, "Pyramidon" began to be produced in large-scale batches. It was consumed en masse for pain and fever. The tablets effectively eliminated the symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections, neurological diseases. The manufacturer became popular and significantly enriched. The drug has not lost its position on the market for a hundred years.

He got on the list of prohibited drugs in the seventies, when he underwent additional research, as a result of which his side effects became known.

Application of the drug

Пирамидон применение

"Pyramidon" was prescribed for acute respiratory viral infections and neurological diseases, while the annotation is poorly described. The drug had an analgesic effect. The patient felt relief after use. The medicine perfectly eliminated fever, removed muscle pain. Therapy for most diseases was carried out in a comprehensive manner. The dosage of Pyramidon was one pill at a time (a quarter gram of the active ingredient). They took the medication as needed, but there were no particular restrictions.

Treatment result

The popular drug remained so until a certain time. At the time of its active use, medicine was at the level of development, therefore, laboratory blood tests were not available to all patients. Therefore, long-term medication was not prohibited: doctors often did not know about the real effect.

The danger of the drug surfaced later. In the course of application, the drug improved the patient's condition while reducing the percentage of leukocytes in the blood formula. Immunodeficiency developed. People suffered from acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections much more often than before taking the drug, they began to suffer from allergies and bone marrow diseases. There have been cases of death.


In elderly people, even now, you can find an expired drug in the medicine cabinet. It is better to get rid of it and switch to new drugs that have passed research. Take care of your health!

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