Acne in cats: causes, diagnosis and symptoms, proper treatment

Acne is a fairly common problem among people, but many will be surprised when they find out that not only people can suffer from acne, but also cats. Fortunately, this dermatological disease amazes the skin of the satuled pets is quite rare. Nevertheless, the cat that was diagnosed precisely acne, it is necessary to provide timely and proper treatment to avoid further problems with the skin of the pet.

The reasons

The cell structure of the skin of the cat slightly differs from human, so the main cause of the acne of the cat is the same reasons as in humans - the work of the sebaceous glands and the excessive generation of the skin, which is necessary for elasticity and skin elasticity. Violation of the sebaceous glands can be caused by the pathology of their development, as well as stress that causes the same severe damage to the body of animals, as well as the human body.

In addition, such a skin disease can serve as an indicator of more serious problems that struck the internal systems of a short organism: disruption of the digestive system, liver, endocrine system, and so on.

The occurrence of acne at the cat can also external irritants - first of all, non-compliance with hygiene. Most often, the acne has a cat appears on the chin, which is an inaccessible area for licking. Food remnants that are on this skin area for a long period of time, can cause black dots on cat chin.

With special attention, it is worth considering the choice of feed for your pet, since acne can be the consequence of pet allergies to those or other components consumed with food.

It is also important to avoid deep mechanical damage to the skin and enhancing infection in wound. In a timely manner, to determine the presence of such a problem as a cat acne will help the understanding of the mechanism of the disease and knowledge of its symptoms.

Symptoms and diagnostics

Pimple in a cat on the chin

Most often acne appear on the chin by the cat. Other zones of lesion at black points is the area of ​​the abdomen, the corners of the mouth, the area between the eyebrows, the base of the ears and the area near the tail. Such localization of the disease is due to the fact that it is in these areas that are large clusters of the sebaceous glands.

Acne does not arise from cats due to any predisposition, that is, to become a victim of acne can absolutely any cat regardless of its breed, color or other parameters.

In most cases, the disease proceeds softly and passes before his symptoms notice the master of the pet. In less than successful cases, the animal and the owner do not just be raised, but also not pass without a trace, then returning to the cat.

The initial stage of acne's development in cats occurs at the cellular level and therefore remains an imperceptible eye of a person. Next on the skin of the pet begin to appear small snacks with characteristic white or black dots. Externally, such manifestations of the disease can be similar to skin pollution or flea sockets. Read more Consider cat acne in the photo on the Internet.

The sick animal experiences an unpleasant itching in the field of rash and combs increasing in the sizes of acne. Perhaps abundant wool loss in infected areas.

In the presence of these symptoms, you need to urgently contact the veterinary clinic, where experts will conduct the necessary tests for diagnosing the disease, and will also prompt how to cure acne in cats.


Acne treatment in cats begins with disinfecting the affected area. Protect the skin of the pet from the penetration of pathogenic bacteria will help many hydrogen peroxide. In addition, it is allowed washing an infected area of ​​the skin with an atettyar shampoo. Wool in such sites must be cut in advance or shave.

Treats acne in cats at home fast enough. After elimination of dead skin cells, you need to go to dry and healing agents. It is important to remember that it is necessary to apply ointment with an inappropriate layer, leaving the oxygen access to the wound. Healthy and sick acne skin cats

In no case can not be struggling with acne by extrusion. It is also necessary to avoid combing affected areas. At the time of treatment it is better to abandon feeding pet fatty food. Sick animal will use such vitamin supplements as omega-2 and omega-6.

Do not rely only on self-treatment. In any case, you first need to show a pet doctor who will explain in detail how to treat acne in cats right.

As the prevention of acne, it is recommended to abandon plastic bowls for feed or water, since many dangerous bacteria accumulates in the pores of such bowls. It is also necessary to often change water, regularly wash bowls and get rid of the old food in the Petware. After meals, cat chin can be wiped with a tampon, moistened with water or any antiseptic solution.

The main pledge of the health of the pet is constant attention from the owner. Careful care for the cat will help avoid not only acne appearance, but also other cat problems. If nevertheless an acne appeared by a cat on the chin, how to treat him correctly, a veterinarian will tell.

Like a person, domestic pets can appear on the skin of the comaons. Acne is an unsuccessful disease of the dermatological plan, the development of which is due to violations in the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Cats rarely suffer from acne rash, so the appearance of areas of defeat in the animal in the abdomen, the corners of the mouth, ears, or near the base of the tail, is a reason for surprise.

The cause of such localization is violations in the processes of exchange nature in these areas of the skin, namely the sebaceous glands located there. Pores are blocked by particles of the epithelial layers, glued together under the influence of the epidermal layer of lipids (greasy secret).

Angry rash in cats may look like black or white dots. It depends on where there is a silent plug - inside or outside. Frequently, the appearance of acne in the cat is not accompanied by discomfort in the animal, and also prone to independent resorption.

The danger of acne is the risk of domestic pets is the risks of the pathogenic microflora. The global microbes provoke the development of the inflammatory process, the animal feels painful sensations, its condition deteriorates. In such cases, without timely assistance from a veterinary doctor, it is not necessary. Treatment should be started immediately.

Causes of acne in cats

Causes of acne in cats

Acne has cats or acne, arises against the background of various factors. The main causes provoking the disease are:

  • Finding a pet in constant stress - it is the unstable state of the nervous system that leads to increased work of the sebaceous glands;
  • Insufficient hygiene (not regular washing an animal with constant contamination - it is the secret of the sebaceous glands that is an excellent nutrient medium for breeding pathogenic microorganisms);
  • skin diseases;
  • Failures in the functioning of glands producing rigorous secrets;
  • disorders in the formation of the hair follicles and the development of alopecia (bald sections);
  • weak immune status of a cat's body;
  • Allergic reactions.

The occurrence of acne is observed as small kittens and in adult cats. It is noted that the cats of the Sphinx breed are susceptible to the disease more often than other breeds. But cats and cats, devoid of opportunities to reproduce offspring, sick the acne disease at times less often than their non-recorded conifers.

Veterinary doctors, especially commonly found with dermatological problems in cats, do not recommend the owners to treat at home without prior diagnosis.

It is necessary to carry out a general clinical inspection, take the scaffolds from the affected areas, as well as to make laboratory research. This is important to eliminate the possibility of developing other pathologies, among which the specific reaction of the organism is to introduce alien proteins.

Acne in cats has similar symptoms with dermatophytosis, initial stages of demodicosis and scabies. Often acne is confused with eosinophilic granuloma. Only on the basis of diagnostic measures there is the possibility of conducting differential analysis. By itself, the acne does not represent danger and is quite easy to therapy.

Symptoms and signs acne

Symptoms and signs acne

A caustic rash in domestic cats may occur at any age and in any breed, regardless of gender. The defeat can be localized anywhere in the field of the bottom lip, on the upper lip. Often diagnosed acne by a cat on the chin.

Educated commemorals at the initial stages do not cause discomfort in the pet, but can be marked by the animal host with a thorough inspection of the area of ​​the muzzle. When progressing the disease, the formation of a papule of erythematous type, inflammation of the follicle, leading to the appearance of a strong tooth and scarring.

Heavy complicated cases of acne's development in cats are accompanied by severe erythema, woolly cover falling out, swelling in the chin area. Cats of Persian breed may suffer not only from acne rashes in the field of chin, but also the whole muzzle.

The appearance of itching in a pet, provokes combing and threatens with a serious danger - the introduction of infection into the wound surface. When analyzed by pathogenic bacterial microflora, abscess may occur.

When acne appears, the cat owner can confuse black dots on the chin in a pet with fuel life products. It is important to pre-make sure that it is the comaons.

Angry rash is impossible to shake, as they are deep in the pores of the skin. Acne is more often localized in the field of chin, around the ear shells and on the corners of the lips. Etoparasite vital products (fleas) are located along the animal spine, the root of the tail.

Characteristic symptoms of acne raishes, are also:

  • Skin hyperemia in the localization area of ​​gumons;
  • the appearance of itching and massacres (the zone of the lesion increases rapidly);
  • development of guns at the site of the localization of the gumons;
  • Formation of the korost when combing acne;
  • Peeling of the skin, when detachment of the gun (black shade flakes).

Diagnosis and treatment of acne in a cat

Diagnosis and treatment of acne in a cat

A caustic rash by a cat can be localized not only in the chin area, but also in the root of the tail. Veterinary specialists strongly recommend adhere to dietary food, developed special for the cat. It is necessary to reduce the amount of fats in the diet, but at the same time increase the amount of mineral substances, such as zinc blocking excessive production of sebeum (subcutaneous saline).

Among the main recommendations, the Cat hygiene also occupies an important place. In the absence of timely measures, an unrevented angry rash can turn into large mineral lesions. The danger lies in the fact that the pus from these guns can go inside, falling into the bloodstream, causing sepsis. Observing the rules for homemade pets, the owner will be able to adjust the course of pathology, not allowing the opportunity to move in the following stages.

Acne treatment in cats includes a number of rules. Therapy scheme may be as follows:

  • Careful treatment of affected sections of the skin with specific drugs (for example, shampoos);
  • Before applying ointments or drugs, it is important to carefully treat the affected skin area - perfectly proven itself such an antiseptic as chlorhexidine;
  • If the cat belongs to long-haired rocks, the hairs at the processing place is recommended to be removed;
  • From the diet of the cat, it is necessary to eliminate oily food.

In the case when the acne complicated by the addition of glot microflora, the course of therapy is adjusted. Veterinary specialist appoints antimicrobial preparations of a wide range of action and a course of receiving retinoids (vitamin A derivatives).

Veterinarians and professional breeders give a guarantee that with a comprehensive approach to the treatment of acne in cats, complete recovery occurs quite quickly.

With the uncomplicated flow of acne at a pet, approximately the following treatment scheme is assigned:

  • The area of ​​damage to acne is carefully processed several times a day with the arable soap or a special shampoo with anti-erection effect (can be used by lactaders). It is necessary for better penetration of the active components of the shampoo into the epidermal layer, to withstand a means for several minutes on the skin. Next it is important to thoroughly wash the tool and dry dry.
  • Processing is carried out by any available antiseptic. Chlorhexidine or Miramistin has a good effect. After a quarter of an hour, they go to the next part of the care of the area affected by the area.
  • The pet must be gently put on the back, and the segment of the tissue (preferably from cotton) impregnated with a warm decoction of medicinal herbs (daisies pharmaceutical or calendula) to the lesion site.
  • Next, the treatment of drying drugs is carried out. It has proven itself in the fight against acne, salicylic acid. Ointment from acne for cats is applied to the dried area of ​​the skin.

Until the moment of complete recovery and cleansing the skin from the gumons, it is necessary that the cat is on a diet. Be sure to include at all stages of therapy, vitamin and minerals.

Drugs used in the fight against acne in cats are:

  • Miramistin, salicylic acid or alcohol, chlorosessidin. This is a number of antiseptic preparations that also have disinfectant properties.
  • Perktan - a medicament drug, which consists of furacilin. Prolonged use of the means provokes a change in wool color in white cats. But such an effect is temporary.
  • Bactroban is a preparation in the form of ointments used for outdoor use. Allows you to destroy purulent, blood crusts, and also has a pronounced antibacterial effect when a second-risk microflora is recorded.
  • Mupirocin - an ointment that has a pronounced therapeutic effect when dealing with acne.

Prevention of acne disease in domestic pets is followed by several basic rules. First of all, in order to avoid the pathological process in the sebaceous glands, it is necessary to prevent the impact on them of secondary factors. So, you need to regularly wash the bowl for food and water.

Plastic bowls are desirable to replace the ceramic or iron. You need to wash bowls from meals several times a day, and eating always pour out only in a clean container.

If after the treatment carried out, the domestic pet acne appeared again, the diet correction is carried out. Eliminate fatty foods, and it is also recommended to abandon ready-made granular dry feed due to the risks of the development of complications.

The breeds of cats who have a tendency to the formation of comaons (peards and sphinxes) need more thorough care after meals. They need to wipe the face. You also need to pay special attention to strengthening the animal immunity. When suspicious skin formations appear, it is recommended to refer to specialists.

Author and master heading: Veterinarian Sanaev Igor Viktorovich

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When an acne appears on the face of the pet (black dots, acne), the owner becomes restless not only because of the spoiled appearance of the pet, but also the incomprehensible cause of their occurrence.

Causes of the disease

Inflammation of sebaceous glands in cats refers to skin diseases and is called acne. An acne is manifested in the form of acne or black dots. The most common area of ​​appearance is the chin and the area of ​​the lips.

Cat look up

There are various reasons for which this skin disease appears, the main ones are considered:

  • stressful situations, the consequence of which is a violation of the work of the sebaceous glands and the production of a large amount of skin saline;
  • Bad hygiene with independent licking in hard-to-reach places, for example, chin;
  • Surface diseases;
  • allergy;
  • violations in the development of sebaceous glands;
  • weak immunity;
  • fat feed;
  • The porosity of the material of plastic bowls for feeding animals, allowing bacteria to accumulate in the pores due to irregular washing of dishes.

Which breeds are more susceptible

Skin pathologies in the form of acne were distributed in cats of different breeds, different ages, different floors.

Of course, in the risk zone there will be those cats that:

  • no hygiene dishes are not respected;
  • The diet towards the balance of trace elements, vitamins and beneficial substances is not adjusted;
  • There is no control over the cleanliness of the skin, including in difficult to access places.

The cat looks out of the basement

Basic symptoms

In the early phase, acne is manifested by black dots that can be confused with mud or sand in wool. If you do not pay attention to the appearance of a pet in the appearance, the next phase will have redness of the skin, the deception of the affected area.

The pet begins to be, in the place of calculations there may be wounds with blood discharges and, if not to treat the cat at the initial stage, the skin disease will progress and reaches the appearance of unts, and in some cases to the district baldness.

When symptoms of itching, pet anxiety and spindles should be immediately applied to the veterinary clinic for an animal examination.

Diagnosis in the vetlik

Appeal to the clinic with a pet is necessary, since the symptoms of acne are similar in their signs with such dangerous diseases as sarcoptosis (scabies), eosinophilic (linear) granule, demodecosis (subcutaneous tick), dermatomycosis (ringing deprived). The appearance of acne may also be associated with an allergic reaction.

For the formulation of an accurate diagnosis in the clinic at a pet, skin scraping for analysis. The biomaterial is studied for the presence of bacteria and fungi.

The results of the analysis, if they confirm the acne, will allow the doctor to prescribe the right treatment and recommend the owner of the animal to exclude possible household factors irritating the skin of the animal or make changes to its diet.

Red cat in a cage

Treatment methodology and forecast

In the treatment of cats from acne, it is necessary:

  • perform all the appointments of the doctor;
  • Exclude out of nutrition overflowing;
  • With a lack of vitamins, include them in the diet of the cat;
  • Do not squeeze acne on the skin of the cat;
  • Replace plastic dishes on glass, ceramic or stainless steel dishes;
  • At least two times a day, wash the dishes of the animal used for industrial wet or natural feed.

In the treatment of a cat from acne, you need a patient and caring attitude of the master for recovery. The angry rash of the cat is not an inclision for people and does not cause an animal pain, if it is not launched and does not worry the pet itch. In general, the forecast for recovery is favorable.

What to do at home

Like other cats, acne is treated in accordance with the veterinarian's prescriptions.

In order for the therapy to give an expected result, the owner must understand, as a result of which the normal work of the sebaceous glands on the body of the cat was disturbed. To do this, you need to fulfill all the recommendations appointed by the doctor and after the course of therapy to establish control over the introduction of new products, especially fat.

It is important to remember that the excess of vitamins can also be the reason for the outbreak of acne. Therefore, vitamins also need to be given dosage.

It is necessary to monitor the hygiene dishes, as well as wipe the cat's chin after eating, which is difficult to access to self-licking. You can wipe with a cotton swab, moistened with calendula or chamomile.

Cat washed at the window

Possible complications

If you don't have a qualified cat assistance in time and allow the formation of bloodflow after calculating the seats of snapshots of acne, a secondary infection can develop on the skin. Damaged leather is a gate for the causative agent of infection, any fungus or any bacterium complicates the state of the pet.

The correct solution will be the appeal of the animal owner in the clinic with primary signs of the disease, not allowing re-infection.

Prevention measures (diet)

Preventive measures are needed to prevent animal diseases, and for owners - further spending time and money for the restoration of pet.

The preventive measures to maintain the health of the cat are the following recommendations:

  • avoid stressful situations for pets;
  • eliminate fat feed from the diet of the animal;
  • The diet should consist of products rich in vitamins, microelements and greasy acids;
  • It is necessary to strengthen the immunity of the pet;
  • Clean the chin of the cat after reception of cooks calendula or chamomile;
  • contain dishes for feeding clean;
  • Replace plastic dishes on ceramic, glass or stainless steel.

Cat eats from a bowl

The reasons for the appearance of acne (acne rape or black dots) in cats are ambiguous. They are given a number of related factors combined: it is important and nutrition, and care, and the weather in the house - friendly attitude.

Therefore, proper nutrition, caring care for pets and love will be the key to the safe health of the cat and the host of the host.

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