How to draw an elephant gradually: 5 options How to easily and simply draw an elephant pencil

The elephant is the largest land animal on Earth. It is not amazing! After all, if you see it with your own eyes in the aviary, then the huge sizes of the body, large ears and a long nose of a strange form are released. You can easily draw such a giant on a sheet A4 or even A5. To color the finished contour drawing, we use colored pencils of beige, brown and black shade.

In this lesson, I will show how it is easy and simply to draw an elephant in a phased pencil with step-by-step photos.

How to draw elephant

In this lesson, consider how to draw a gradually elephant with colored pencils. How to draw a mouse here.

How to draw elephant

Necessary materials:

  • eraser;
  • An ordinary pencil for an outline;
  • sheet of paper A4;
  • colour pencils.

Stages of drawing: Note in the center of the sheet the main parts of the elephant's body. To do this, draw a big oval and the medium-sized circle.

To the bottom of the circuit of the circle handle a long trunk. Also chate the arcuate line at the bottom of the body.

Dorify several arcuate lines at the bottom of the oval. We draw an eye on the circumference of the medium size.

Draw the right side of the tail and middle part of each elephant paw. We plan the outline of the ear and mouth.

Testing the foot paws in the form of semi-rays. We draw the contour of the head of the animal and the timenta near the base of the trunk.

We work out the overall outline of the entire drawing of an elephant. Also detail each element so that it looks natural.

Collect the drawing of an elephant start with a beige pencil of a peach shade. We apply it to the whole drawing.

Brown pencil painting an elephant so as to give it the volume and the necessary texture.

Dark the sections of the half and shadow on the torso with a dark brown pencil.

We attach the contour of the entire drawing and each element in the middle of the black pencil. Add strokes on the shadow areas of the elephant skin.

So completed the process of drawing an elephant with styluminous and colored pencils. Finally, you can draw the ground below the ground and green tropics in the background.

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How to draw a circus elephant

You can see a variety of animals in the circus: both home and wild. Their trainers are taught to different tricks to surprise the audience. For example, this red-pink elephant can ride a single bike. Most likely, he had a lot of time to spend for the development of such a complex trick. So let's draw such a bold elephant with colored pencils.

How to draw a circus elephant

Necessary materials:

  • simple pencil;
  • paper;
  • eraser;
  • pencil sharpener;
  • colour pencils.

Stages of drawing: At this stage, we draw a big ear of an elephant in the form of a large letter "C".

Dorify the silhouette of the circus animal: the head and part of the trunk, the lower paws.

Add the bottom line of the trunk. Also in this stage, we draw a big eye and the tip of the trunk.

Minor parts only improve the general view of the drawing. Therefore, we draw a small tail on the left side and claws on the paws in the form of semi-resources.

Any circus elephant must have a number. For example, this one knows how to stand and ride a single bike. Therefore, we draw under its paws a small foundation on which it will stand. Then add a vertical strip with a circle. Take a wheel with the knitting needles inside. On this, a single bike for an elephant is ready.

Light pink pencil painting our cute elephant.

Red and burgundy colored pencils will add bright shades and contour to our circus elephant to get a beautiful saturated pattern.

Finally, a black pencil color the pupil inside the eye, and we will also move on to the bottom of the pattern, where there is a single bike. Color strips and also a wheel with knitting needles.

Black pencil give an extra contour of the animal torso. Here is the ready-made elephant drawing on the circus one-bike with color pencils.

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Drawing a little elephant

An interesting detailed drawing lesson is shown below. If you are interested in the question of how to draw an elephant, then you will find the answer to it here. The little elephant looks charmingly. Huge eyes are vividly allocated on a general background. Each touch has its own purpose, over time, all lines are connected to a small figure, which is the end result.

If desired, the finished image can be decorated with colored pencils, watercolor paints or woven. If a novice artist can not independently consider the course of work to achieve the goal, this lesson will help him as much as possible.

How to draw a little elephant

What will be needed for drawing:

  • The basis of the pattern is a white sheet;
  • Drawing pencil with thin pylon;
  • coal liner;
  • soft eraser;
  • Colored pencils: blue, purple, green.

How to draw elephant

Start drawing your head. This part will be quite large compared to the body. Top up the arc, then continue horizontally and lower down. Do not closure while the ring, because in the future you still need to show a long trunk.

The head of the elephant should be as it should be superfluous. From the center, output the base of the trunk. The long nose itself direct (where there was an empty place), lift up.

Near the base of the trunk Draw 2 Rounds for the Eye. Also place your nose.

Make pupils, cilia and glare in your eyes. Add eyebrows.

Add short drops to the tip of the nose. On the sides, dorisite ears. 3 Small invasses will replace the pot.

Lower on the sides of the line down, sprawling them out. Bottom form legs.

The elephant will sit on the hind legs, show them only in the form of rounds.

When the figure of the elephant is formed, highlight all lines. This stage is an interesting trick that will make the image more expressive.

Rush the figure. Elephant can be made blue or gray. Some parts highlight the shadow using a purple pencil. Highlight eyes. Distribute Travinki on the lawn, where the elephant is located.

Learning to draw elephant for children from 3 years old and older

How easy to draw elephant gradually

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Picture of an elephant pencil

Almost all children love to visit the zoos with their parents, knowing new animals for themselves. Of particular interest they cause large and immensity individuals, something similar with extinct dinosaurs. Elephants are exactly the type of wild animals, which despite their enormous weight and large dimensions, tamed people and began to use as an indispensable assistants to harvest, entertain tourists and even buildings of houses and non-residential premises. Picture both small and large part is hardly possible in the dimensions close to the living being. However, the drawing of an elephant pencil can still be portrayed by reducing each proportion to a million times.

Picture of an elephant pencil

In today's article, we offer our small readers to portray an elephant pencil drawing in various motifs. Severally offered step-by-step variations will help show how an elephant can be depicted in light (simple), complex or completely intricate technology.

Interesting facts about elephants

Unlike many other mammals, the elephants sleep standing, and their small young on her side.

Ears of elephants weigh more than 150 kilograms, while the distance between them can reach up to 3.5-4.5 meters.

Elephants eating are also a lot. In one day, they can drink more than 250 liters of water and eat about 400 kg.

They know how to swim, slowly and quickly walk, overcoming long distances.

Tamed elephants succumb to 50-55 teams and possess the largest brain.

Elephant drawing pencil for children, master class with photo

Below the proposed step-by-step instruction that will help recreate a simple and at the same time a beautiful elephant, without artistic skills. It is enough to stick to the step-by-step master class to get the drawing identical to the original.

8 pictorial instructions together with drawing tools will help to make even from the new artist "artist-amateur".

Elephant drawing pencil for children, master class with photo 1 Elephant drawing pencil for children, master class with photo 2 Elephant drawing pencil for children, master class with photo 3

Figure Elephant Phased Pencil

Adults are unlikely to like a simple drawing based on lines. But the "live" similarity, which includes an anatomy, shape and silhouette, is quite suitable for the start of creativity.

The work of the artist always begins with anatomy. Initially, the author studies the structure of the skeleton, the location of each bone, their shape, length, and even proportionality. And only after that embarks on drawing. Initially, the sketch is drawn, which later acquires distinct features and drawing.

The photo below shows where to repel in creating a pattern.

Figure Elephant Phased Pencil Pencil Photo 1 Figure Elephant Phased Pencil Pencil Photo 2

Ready Elephant Pencil Drawings, Photo Ideas:

Ready Drawings Elephant Pencil, Photo Ideas 1 Ready Elephant Pencil Drawings, Photo Ideas 2 Ready Elephant Pencil Drawings, Photo Ideas 3 Ready Drawings Elephant Pencil, Photo Ideas 4

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How to draw a chapter

In this lesson you will learn how Draw elephant Phased pencil. The elephant has a large body and huge, like potatoes thick legs, but unlike other animals draw an elephant is quite simple. True, his big ears, trunk and fangs, easy to appear, is actually not easy to draw that they look realistic. The picture of the elephant will be more picturesque if you draw other elephants nearby, as well as the landscape around him.

1. Draw the main contours of the elephant body

How to draw a chapter

Start the drawing from the original contour in the form of a large circle for the body. On a slight distance to the right, draw the circle of smaller diameter, for the head. Connect these figures, roughly as shown in my drawing, it will be an elephant neck. It is not necessary to observe the geometric accuracy of these contours, you see, I have these contours are also drawn quite casually. These are only the preliminary contours needed for marking the proportions and location in the figure of parts of the elephant's body, which will further be deleted. Just below the main circle, you need to draw two more elongated oval, for the legs of the elephant.

2. Draw contours of trunk and legs

How to draw a chapter

Start this step from the loop outline, it is easier to make it easier, you just need to draw a arc and on her edge of a circle. It will be required to accurately comply with the proportions of the massive head and trunk. Next, from the head contour to the back, draw another arc, it will be the upper border of the ear. Well, now you need to draw a lower stomach line. Elephant is a very massive animal, and it is necessary to accurately convey in the picture, so this line will insure you from an error. Well, at the end of this stage, add two more contours for the legs.

3. Common outline of an elephant body shape

How to draw a chapter

Well, now it will be much easier to draw an elephant, we have the main outlines, it only remains to add foot surface contours. There is a move on our drawing, you can pass this movement using the position of the legs. Draw left legs slightly raised, for this, the contour of the shoulder of the leg slightly lift up a little, and turn the lower part to the left. In the next step, we draw the overall contour of the elephant, and then it will be seen that it goes.

4. Drawing an elephant in detail

How to draw a chapter

This pattern is a picture from drawing a trunk circuit and a huge Elephant ear. By the way, the scope of his ears is equal to the length of the elephant, consider it. It is completely easy to draw a trunk on the existing contour markup, and the ear can be drawn an arbitrary form. Do not make an elephant trunk too thin or too thick. Compare, for example, with thick legs. By the way, the legs of the elephant as the columns, and the feet are flattened, almost round. I hope you will not be difficult to circle the overall contour of the body and the legs of the elephant. You see how simple we could Draw elephant It remains only to add simple small details and the drawing will be fully finished.

5. How to draw an elephant skin

How to draw a chapter

First of all, delete extra contour lines, because I want to see what we do. After that, start drawing from the simplest. Draw your eyes, then you can draw two tails and tail. A little harder will draw an Elephant's ear, but I think you can easily handle it, looking at my drawing. The main thing, please note that the pattern is visible and the edge of the second ear is visible, but you can not draw it.

After when we managed to properly paint the body and the head of the elephant, let's start drawing the skin. In some places it can be covered with wrinkles, folds (trunk). You can do this with the help of strokes with a pencil. And on the rest of the skin, apply a small "grid", in the form of intersecting lines. Do not press hard on the pencil, the lines must be barely noticeable. Try to correctly draw an elephant eye. To better see the details of the eye, you can increase my drawing.

6. How to draw an elephant. Final Step

How to draw a chapter

To this step, you must completely draw an elephant and start painting the picture. If you decide to draw only a simple pencil, then you need to take a soft pencil (2m) and apply shadows. Shadows give volume and Figure elephant It will be more realistic. To accurately draw shadows on the body of the elephant, you need to imagine from which side the light falls or shines the sun. That closer will be lighter. In places connected to the legs with a torso, ears from the shade will be more dense. If you draw an elephant next to his other relatives or a small elephant, as well as the surrounding African landscape, then your drawing will become more alive, realistic and attractive.

Main photo

Friends, this article will talk about how to draw an elephant. These huge animals draw a lot of artists creating children's cartoons, clothes, toys and household items. Be sure to draw an elephant with a pencil easily using gradual drawing techniques. It is enough to highlight the characteristic details: a long trunk, an uneven, barrel-shaped torso, legs-columns and, of course, large rounded ears.

Children already in the senior group perform simple images consisting of geometric shapes. In school, novice artists celebrate details: a brush on the tail, the folds of the skin, the groove on the trot. If the preschooler at 6-7 years old cannot be observed to mark black and white transitions, then in 3-4 class, the child quickly copes with the task.

How to draw cute elephant gradually for children

Figure elephant

Our first phased lesson is designed for kids. In it, we learn from children to draw using geometric shapes. In the center of the sheet of paper, place two elements: the circle (Isson's head) and a bigger (torso). Since the neck of the elephant is very short, the figures must be combined a little. From the lower circle, stretch four lines - it will be legs. Do not forget about the tail!

Step 1 - Figures

The legs of the elephant end with fat pillows, which are flattened at every step. Picture them in the form of semicircles.

Step 2 - Legs

From the center of the left side of the circle, round up. Dorisite trunk. Note the ear of a line that resembles a bracket.

Step 3 - Trunk and Ear

Spend the line of the lower jaw, mark the thickness of the legs and the tail.

Step 4 - mouth, legs

Will erase unnecessary lines, highlight the silhouette, add a smile, fold on the ear, fingers.

Step - Erase Lines

Slightly left from the center. Place an oval eye with a round pupil. Curved lines back up the top and lower eyelids, eyebrows.

Step 6 - Eye and Brow

Finish pencil drawing with light strokes along the trunk, feet and ears. Tabs are difficult to designate the light and shadow with a pencil push. It is easier to highlight the bright parts along the trunk lines, abdomen, back and legs with yellow.

Step 7 - paint

Slide the rest of the body of the elephant body with blue. For coloring, you can use gray, brown, blue, purple and pink pencil. Optionally, you can paint the background image.

Figure elephant

Draw elephant Dambo

After watching the cartoon and the film "Dambo", young artists will certainly want to draw a pencil of an elephant, which from the clumsy and ridiculous kid turned into a circus star. Give this little elephant, create an emphasis on big ears - they made our hero that is popular.


The second step-by-step lesson is designed for children of primary school classes. Phased drawing begins with the head. She is in Dambo rounded, a little narrowed up. Spend a line in the muzzle center, check the start point of the trunk, eyes and mouth. Then draw eyes and eyebrows, smile.

Stages drawing

Detail the trunk and the neckline, then the torso and legs.

second phase

Now step by step add beautifully curved ears.


Color the simple drawing with a pencil or paints.

in pencil techniques

Draw a large Indian elephant in profile

In building a drawing, it is very important not to miss the preparatory stage, to recall the observance of proportions, the laws of perspective. For example, in the foreground part of the figure is depicted larger than in the back . Before drawing an elephant gradually, it is necessary to analyze the structure of the body, the proportionality of all elements.

Pencil drawing of an elephant

Look at the photo or video with the giants of India: the rear of them is much more massive than the front. Even in the animal cool forehead, the muzzle, smoothly turning into a trunk.

Draw the rear, front part of the body and the head of the rounded elements, as shown in the picture.


From the center of the head line, lower the trunk and start it up. Indicate the leg direction, these segments should be placed at the same level and should not come from one point. The hind limbs have a small bend.


Turn on the head of the head: the eyes, ears, resembling a piece of wood, beer, finish the trunk.


Now you need to work out the legs: From the back, lower the line with the bend down, the knee joint is issued in the animal not forward, and back. Stop the sketch of each leg, highlighting the stop pads.


Make the contour of the shape smooth and beautiful, remove the construction lines, correct the shortcomings, if necessary.


Determine the directions of the main folds on the stomach and trot, around the eyes, along the legs and back, on the ears.


Strike shadow sections of the figure: at the bottom of the body, on the head, closer to the ear and behind it, along the trunk, the back of the legs and the back, at the level of the upper eyelid.


Fill in the pencil movements with the detachment of the pencil. Lighted areas can not be stroke. Finish the elephant drawing using strong push to study folds and wrinkles, emphasizing the texture of the skin.

Pencil drawing of an elephant

Draw the head of the African Elephant in Fear

An realistic image of an animal or person cannot be achieved without knowledge of anatomy. Drawing an elephant's head, consider the structure of the skull and skeleton.

Elephant in Afas

Schematically, you can make a sketch as follows:

The upper part is indicated by oval (forehead), slightly lower - oval smaller (the location of the eye). Even below - the upper jaw, which resembles a trapezium, from the basis of which the beer is departed. On the top oval on the sides, take two protrusions, on the bottom - the soccer.

Skull, head

There is a trunk between the elephant's bezens, the tip of which is bent up. The trunk gradually narrows the book and slightly expands at the very end. Under the designated eye places, place your eyes. From the top of the skull on the right and on the left, spend two arcs, then complete the image of the ears.

2 - Trunk, Test

Draw the front legs with your fingers, in the center of the bottom feet, draw a fold.

3 - feet

Spend the right side of the elephant with a semicircle, lower the back leg line under it.

4 - Body

Determine the location of the main folds and shadow areas in the ears, legs, head and trunk of the animal.


Select the darkened parts of the elephant body. The contrast can be emphasized as a pressure of the pencil and the direction of the stroke.


Work this way all the shape. Do not forget to distinguish dark areas with a strong pressure, light - semolot and reflex (gleam from other items in the shadow part of the pattern).

Elephants drawings for drawing

Here you can download the images of elephants and use them for drawing. (Click on the picture - it will increase, and download):

Sketches of elephants in different poses

Pencil sketches of elephants in different poses:

Cartoon elevatyat. Ideas for drawing:

3. four

five 6.

8 nine


12 thirteen

15 14

If you learn how to draw until you do not die, print a few proposed coloring options for a child.

coloring Coloring 2.

Coloring 3.

Coloring 4. Coloring 5.

Step-by-step video tutorials

Clear lesson for young artists:

Lesson for more advanced young artists with an image of a realistic elephant with lightness:

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Elephants are good and powerful animals. The child who saw an elephant in the zoo or circus will certainly want to meet him, touch, fed. These huge creatures cause toddlers and adult sympathy and positive emotions.

It will be great to see the informative film about elephants with children, find interesting photos of elephants in a natural habitat, make a feature from plasticine or try to draw elephant on paper. Pictulate an elephant is easy! It is only necessary to ensure that the design of the drawing takes place in stages.

Light drawing with a simple pencil

You will need:

  • paper
  • Simple pencil
  • eraser
  • Perhaps color pencils (dark and light chandels)

The elephant will be drawn with the right side to us, turning the face in the face.

Step 1. Head

Closer to the right edge of the sheet draw an elephant head. It will be like a stupid to the bottom of the pear. Now, leaving a place for high, wide forehead, we designate round small eyes with pupils.

Next - ears. They must be large - almost the size of the elephant's head. Each ear will look like a butterfly wing.

Step 2. Trunk

It must be below the eye level. The initial width of the trunk will be the same as the width of the distance between the two elephant's eyes. Do not draw trunk too long. Let him bend up! It should also be remembered that the trunk is narrowed by the end.

It will be correct to carry out several transverse short lines (5-6pcs) along the entire length of the trunk, and on the sides, at the level of the chin of an elephant, depict a couple of short-lived testes.

Step 3. Body, Legs, Tail

Finding the Ear of the Elephant, which is to the left of you. Starting from its middle, we spend the rounded body line of the animal. Do not forget! The body size of the drawn elephant should be equal to his two heads.

Next, draw the missing four paws. They must be quite massive and expand a little to the bottom.

The tail at the elephant is thin, untenal. He ends with a small tassel.

Now the resulting animal can be painted. The entire elephant will be dark gray, the inner part of the ears is light gray. And the beer can be left impaired. The lesson is over. It was easy and exciting, is it not true?

Draw a realistic elephant


  1. Here the sketch is needed, which then turn into a plausible image of a good-natured giant. We draw a big lying oval, and to it, on the left, we reinstall the figure resembling an egg. This egg should be filled to rely on the first potato. This is the future body and head. At this stage, you need to make sure that the proportions are correct. Now connect with two lines from below and on top of these two ovals - this is the neck of the future elephant.
  2. We carry out the line from the top of the head down and slightly spin it. It must end where the endings of the animal are planned. Now we have four guide powerful legs. In pairs of their outlines should resemble two unfinished triangles or two printed letters "L". Important! It should not be closed at the top in the sharp corner! Complete sketch of paws with fat pads. You need to trace the width to be the same on all legs. Take the legs to the end.
  3. We indicate the width of the trunk. If you hold the line from the bottom of the neck of the elephant and before the tip of the trunk - there must be an illusion that this line is one. We define where in the animal mouth and teach a small lower lip. The line is planning a non-sleepy tail.

Sketch ready!

Small parts. We add realism.

  1. We remove the unnecessary lines of the eraser. The ear must be like a leaf or butterfly wing. Testing the corresponding bends and carry out the line of the shell. Add a smile, pinned eyes and a short brow line.
  2. Each leg of the elephant should be three fingers. Let them be a round or semicircular shape.
  3. Testing the tail narrowing to the bottom. All reliefs of the word smoothed and bring the drawing to the view you like.

The resulting picture can be painted using a light gray pencil as a primary, and dark gray - for drawing shadows. Figure of this Indian Elephant is ready! And he turned out no worse than any artist.

Elephant Dambo

Sketch of elephant

Elephant Dambo - Cartoon Character from the world of Disney. Fashion for this cartoon has long passed, but children and adults continue to recognize this character. Dambo cheerful and cute kid. Draw it - one pleasure.

  1. Start building the image of Dambo is needed from the outline. Draw two touching circles. One should be slightly higher than the other. That circle that is located below - will be slightly larger in size.
  2. We plan trunk and legs. Curved up short line from the top circle is a future trunk. Lines depicting animal legs will be different. Those lines that denote legs on the other side of the body will be shorter. At the same time, that of them, which finds the front, will be bent in the knee and raised up. It should seem that Dambo stretches somewhere up.
  3. We finish the trunk, which thickens to the base. Also trying the legs. Do not forget about the pillows at the end of the paws!
  4. Draw a tail. It must be closer. The attitude of the elephant is slightly narrowed by the end. At the same time, he lifted a little.

Details of drawing

The elephant is obtained by the half-one. On the muzzle, we draw two semicircular eyes, which should be located near the base of the trunk. Smiling expression will give out the shag outlines and raised short eyebrows.

  1. Ears. They have a big dumble. Each ear in size is almost like elephant. The form is also a bit unusual. Draw two curved lines from the head of the elephant so that the ears are disclosed in different directions. At the same time, if you connect these two lines (removing your head) you can get the wings of the seagull. The line of the left ear should go almost parallel to the lines of the body of an elephant. The right ear line must be shorter, since the ear itself is further from us. Dorisinate the lower parts of the ears. They must resemble a rounded square in shape. The left ear almost completely covers the body of the Dambo.
  2. Detail the picture. We draw pupils, lower lip and paired rounded fingers on the feet of elephant. We remove all the extra details by the eraser, leading the drawing to the finished form. Optionally, you can draw a hat and leaflets in the trunk at the elephant. And also paint the whole body Dambo with light gray or blue, hauling some parts stronger pressed on a pencil.

Ready! The phased master class on the drawing of the cartoon is finished!

So, moving from step to step, you can easily portray any elephant to your taste. In addition, you can give the will creativity! And to add details already drawn figures in order to portray a whole picture with an elephant. For example, put it in the jungle or draw him friends, family. Arm yourself with a pencil, paper and let the will of your fantasy!

Photo ideas and examples for drawing an elephant pencil

How to draw an elephant pencil phased for children

Each child at least once was in the zoo. Of particular interest is the child a big elephant. Children often ask themselves toy in the form of an elephant, some love to paint these animals, others want to learn how to draw elephants. Therefore, we suggest learning information about how to draw an elephant pencil in stages for children, we will provide detailed instructions. Simple drawing scheme

Light simple drawing

Elephant, quite a big animal, but he is kind and afraid of mice. Since few people can draw, but they want to learn - we will tell how to draw an elephant, the fastest and simple way. Figure light, do not be afraid that you will not succeed. The main thing is to focus on instructing. Before starting work, prepare:

  • A set of multicolored pencils;
  • simple pencil;
  • eraser;
  • Album for drawing.

Getting to work: Light drawing (step 1)

  1. We put the album in a horizontal position. On the right side we depict your head in the form of an uneven oval. In the middle of the figure, we take two eyes, in the middle of which pupils are placed.
  2. We depict big ears on the side. We supply them around the circle one more time, and we get a part of the head consisting of two elements. Light drawing (step 2)
  3. Take a big and thick trunk to the head. On it we depict the strips in a horizontal position. From the side of the trunk we have a bearing.
  4. Starting from the middle of the left ear, spend a horizontal line in the direction left. We twist it and spend the line to the trunk. We carry the stomach. Rear draw tail. Light drawing (step 3)
  5. We complement the image with massive paws. At the bottom, put the line. Coloring an animal in gray. The inner part of the ears make light torso. Shadow the bottom of the legs and the tummy. Eyes make black, add glare.

Elephant is ready. This method of drawing an elephant is suitable for the youngest children who only learn to draw. But knowledge about how to draw an elephant stepmate will help to portray the animal for a short period of time and without much effort. Such instructions, we were attached to the drawing of a lion, so try and draw it.

Cute elephant

The first drawing was light, let's a little complicate the task and depicting a cute elephant with markers. For creativity, prepare your album with drawings and a set of markers. Now, you need to follow the instructions, and at the end, make sure that it turned out a beautiful picture of an elephant. How to draw an elephant easy and simple: Cute elephant (step 1)

  1. Put the album. Take a black flanser. At about the middle of the sheet we depict a vertical wavy line, at the end it is spinning.
  2. To the upper edge of the line, ascend the unfinished oval. In the lower edge of oval, we depict an elephant tumper. The second tale is placed near the wavy line. Cute elephant (step 2)
  3. We complement the sketch, the ear mark. We draw a semi-alone eye, which is at the bottom ending with a smooth feature. In the middle of the eyes depict the pupil. We supplement the sketch of the rectangular eyebright, which you can immediately paint black.
  4. Complete the sketch of the head of the elephant, to patted the trunk and the image of the left ear. Now, at the bottom of the head we carry out an inclined arc, draw the front legs.
  5. Next, we complement the picture with the tummy and rear massive legs. Slightly below the top of the head spend the arcuate line in the direction right. End, this feature should be on the hind legs. Cute elephant (step 3)
  6. Elephant add tail with a tassel at the end. On the back we depict a rectangle, result in a circle a bit of a bit of larger size and decorate the edges of the wavy line. On the paws show the location of the fingers. How to draw an elephant, figured out, but you need to paint the picture yet. Cute elephant (step 4)
  7. Take, black felt-tip pen, they sketch some of the eyes. The rest of the paint is blue. Pink, cover withdrawn fingers. Gray felt-tip pen is fully animal. We take the felt-tipper on the tone of the previous one and shadow some areas on the torso.
  8. For coloring the carpet, which we depicted on the back of the animal, you can use any bright colors. And you can paint as with us. Purple, paint a plot in a circle image. Yellow paint stripes in a circle. Red paint completely middle.

Elephant drawing completed. If you accurately follow the instructions, then in a few minutes, you can portray this animal. During the work there will be no difficulty, because preschoolers are coping with the picture of this type.

You can add a picture of palm trees.

Picture of an elephant pencil

Simple pencil, we have already painted the dog, so let's try to portray them and an elephant. Many think that drawings with a pencil complex performed, but will convince you. All that you are required, perform all the steps, and then surprise the final result.

How to draw an elephant phased pencil: Picture pencil (step 1)

  1. In the middle of the album sheet, we depict the eye with the pupil. We will add eyebrows from above. It can immediately shame. Recovering a bit on the right side, depict your ear. It consists of two parts.
  2. Slightly below the eye draw a tumper. We add a second eye and eyebrow on the left side. Next, we supplement the left side of the ear. Pattern pencil (step 2)
  3. Typing the trunk, this time the trunk is sent. In the middle of the trunk, we put the point, and on the surface of the line of the line. We supplement the sketch by the second beaw.
  4. Under the head, we derive massive front paws, they should be divided into fingers below. We draw at once the hind legs and carry the contour of the body. Pattern pencil (step 3)
  5. The resulting picture will result in a fatty pencil. Detailing image. And go to the stroke.
  6. Without a special pressure on the pencil stroke rear and front paws. Similarly, stroke trunk trunk and head. Drawing ready.

Now, you know how to draw an elephant with a pencil and phased instructions for children. If you like to draw a pencil, we suggest learning how to draw a crocodile.

Cartoon elephant

Many children watched the cartoon "On the way with the clouds" and probably they liked the elephant. We offer to portray it in the album. Draw this time will be a black marker. The creative process is very simple and will not take much time, but you need to follow the instructions to get a beautiful picture.

Draw a misunderstand: Cartoon elephant (step 1)

  1. On the sheet we depict a raised trot. The onset of the outline is reinstalled, in the middle, which we depict the tongue. We retreat a little on the left side and depict your eyes. The second eye should be drawn near the nose.
  2. We complement the sketch of eyebrows above the eyes. We derive the outline of the head and draw large ears of an unusual form. We complement the neck drawing. Cartoon elephant (step 3)
  3. Next, draw your hands on both sides. We carry out the contour of the T-shirt and decorate it with horizontal stripes.
  4. We remove the left foot in a standing position, and the right portrait in the raised state, that is, only the sole. On the sole, draw circles. Detail the picture and get all the sketches of a thicker marker. Cartoon elephant (step 3)

Cartoon elephant is ready. We did not paint it, as everyone has their own preferences to flowers, but you can paint the picture so that it is more colorful. Taking advantage of our instructions on how to draw elephant easily and very simply you can portray a cartoon character, even if you are a beginner in this kind of creativity.

Mammont & Mammont Cartoon

Let us continue drawing cartoon characters, and draw a character from the famous cartoon "Mammont Hammock" in this lesson. We will draw a black handle, but for novice artists, we recommend using a pencil instead of a pen. After all, if you are a novice in this work, and allow an error, the handle is no longer erased, but the pencil can always be erased and correct the defect.

Creative process of drawing Mammont Hotel: Elephant from the cartoon mother for Mammont Hall (step 1)

  1. In the album on the sheet approximately in the center, we carry the contour of the trunk. At the end, we draw a small oval. Dorovate the unfinished circles from both parties to the trunk, which we will be brushes.
  2. From the middle of the trunk we spend a vertical arc up. One eye should be drawn from the arc. For the second you need to retreat to the right.
  3. We are complemented by eyelashes. Pain part of the eyes, leaving only glare. We look at the head of the head and depict the wool over the eyes like a character. Elephant from the cartoon mother for Mammont Hall (step 2)
  4. We put on the left side of the outline of the ear highlight the inner part. Take the hair on your head. And depict the second ear.
  5. Starting from the top of the head, we carry a semicircular line that you need to finish with a wavy segment. Under your head, we depict the forelimbs. We complement the drawing with a tail.
  6. Next, on the paws we derive fingers. Detailing silhouette. If you used a pencil for an outline, as we recommended, then all parts and parts we supply the black felt-tip pen, we erase the extra pencil lines. And you can start paint. Mammont & Mammont Cartoon Ilonal (Step 3)
  7. Armed with a set of markers. Dark brown, paint wool. Cream, paint a part of the ears and the posted fingers. The remaining parts of the body are decorated brown. Blue highlight eyes.

Elephant from a popular cartoon ready. Be sure to attract a child to drawing.

We hope that we helped figure out how you can draw elephants with pencils and felt-meters using phased instructions. As you can see, learn how to draw animals is easy, most importantly, adhere to the recommendations and observe the scene, then you will definitely get beautiful pictures!

Phased instruction drawing an elephant and elephant pencils

February 16, 2019.

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Elephants are smart and strong animals with intelligence, a sense of humor and the ability to smile. These giants are devoted to many cartoons, poems and fairy tales. Warning characters are friendly, cute and funny. It is not surprising that children are often asked how to draw an elephant.

The easiest way to perform a complex composition, breaking it into several geometric shapes. View with the child a documentary or photo with an elephant image.

Pay attention to the characteristic features of the structure of the animal, determine which form of ears, legs, todals and trunk. Beginner artists visiting the older group or the first class school can be offered to begin to make a figure from circles, triangles and squares.

Before drawing an elephant with a pencil, determine which genre for you is preferable. Artists depict animals in realistic style, that is, those that they actually have, illustrators and multiple artists change the proportions and draw fabulous creatures. Determine the genre and perform an elephant drawing is quite forces for children of 8-10 years.

No matter how much way you choose, start the composition with the placement of the shape on the sheet. Decide with the technique of execution. You can paint the drawing with pencils, it is a wonderful tool for children's creativity, allowing you to get a realistic image.

From this article you will learn

Elephant drawing in realistic style

There are several types of elephants. The most famous animals of the African and Indian group. The inhabitants of the black continent have a dark gray color, they are high and massive, with huge ears.

Indian individuals are more elegant, with age, their bright skin becomes a pinkish shade.

African elephant

The task how to draw an elephant is simply and easily, becomes performed if you solve it in stages, gradually adding new details.

Step 1

Stage Stage - Make Sketch Figures: Outline all parts of the body. The body of the giant is similar to a huge uneven potato, and the head in shape resembles an egg. Draw these elements in the center of the sheet. Try to determine whether the magnitude of the geometric shapes is chosen correctly.

step 1

Step 2.

Connect the detail two rounded lines - the neck will be. To draw a trunk, drop from the top of the head to lower the line down and slightly round. Swipe guides for the front of the legs and tail.

Step 2.

Step 3.

At the bottom of the legs, the animal has fat pads when it comes on them, the feet are flattened. Give the thickness of the leg and trunk with a pencil.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Draw the lower womb of the elephant. Give the weight of the animal legs: they look like columns. Please note that the upper part of the limb is thicker than in the bottom. In places, the folds of the legs also become bulk.

Step 4.

Step 5.

Remove excess lines. Do not forget about the ears: they resemble the form of a sheet. Add a smile, draw a root eye, eyebrows. In real elephants, eyebrows, of course, does not happen, but this method will make an image of expressive, like a human face. On the legs mark the fingers in the form semi-shaped.

Step 5.

Step 6.

Now you need to paint the picture. In nature, elephants have a gray-brown color, rarely found bright animals albinos.

We will adhere to the gray-blue gamma. The quality of the instrument is important: the child is more convenient to study the drawing with a triangular pencils with a soft blade. First, highlight the light sections with a yellow color along the contour on the left and above, on the sides.

Step 6.

Step 7.

The main surface fill in blue, gently pressing a pencil.

Step 7.

Step 8.

Shadows on the inner part of the legs, ears, trunk and abdomen fuse with gray, enhanced push in some areas.

Step 8.

Step 9.

The elephant drawing will revive the addition of brown - use it in the transition places from light to the shade.

Step 9.

Step 10.

Some children and adults easier to transfer the image through the cells, so you can change the scale of the picture at your own way.

Step 10.

Interesting fact. Some elephants are able and love to draw. In most cases, movements are performed under the guidance of the trainer. There are also individuals acting independently, for example, the inhabitant of the zoo in the Syracuses of Slonich Syria was able to learn how to draw and performs real pictures in the technique of painting.

Stepped image of elephant Dambo

Elephant Dambo is a cute Disney character, loved by many generations. For the first time, the audience saw a cartoon in 1941. The image of the main hero of the tape is popular and nowadays. The circus hero can be drawn on a greeting card, poster, picture for a children's room.


Compared with real animals, animation characters have many details characteristic of a person's image. They are clearly expressed by Mimica, the muzzle is reminded of a face, there are costumes, painting can differ significantly from natural.

Dambo has big eyes, head and ears, and the legs are short in relation to the body. On the head of the elephant, a small cap, and on the neck - a circular collar.

Step 1

Step-by-step pattern begins with image placement. At the first stage, draw two circles, one slightly less than the other. Circles should come into contact.

step 1

Step 2.

From a smaller circle, notice a curved trunk line. Draw the front line of the leg and tail. The right head of the elephant is depicting a raised and curved in the knee, and the left back - directed from the body.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Finish the trunk line, it should be thick at the base. Picture legs with pads at the bottom.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Draw rounded eyes, emphasize the lines of the cheek and mouth, make the folds of the eyebrows. Determine the magnitude of the ears.

Step 4.

Step 5.

Detail Picture: Add pupils, rounded ears. Remove the inside lines of the body and tail.

Step 5.

Step 6.

In the image of Dambo, there are characteristic details: a collar, a hat and a magical feather. Complete the drawing by depicting these attributes schematically.

Step 6.

Step 7.

Now beautifully draw additional elements of the composition: bends of the pen, strip and folds on the collar, fingers on the legs.

Step 7.

Step 8.

The main shade of the skin of the elephant is gray, fasten them the surface of the head, legs and torso. Painted darkened areas by applying an additional hatching and pressing a pencil.

Step 8.

Step 9.

In the same way, put the rest of the details.

Step 9.

Step 10.

To add a picture of the volume, fill out the background around the Figurines of the Elephant Blue.

Step 10.

Useful advice

  • Do not be afraid to perform 2-3 lines in the pencil sketch immediately, in the process of work is easy to erase.
  • Observe step bypass all stages of work.
  • Do not start painting until the silhouette is ready finally.
  • Encourage in the picture the use of different colors, but do not specify exactly what shade is needed.
  • Be sure to note that the baby has drawn correctly and help correct deficiencies if assistance is required.

Drawings for sriska

We offer you several options for drawings of elephant to draw. You can download them and use them as a template.

template  Srissing elephant

 picture with big eyes


Smiles  template

Cute elephant  on the field

in circus

Elephant drawing video tutorials

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