How to throw a video or movie on iPad from a computer

Thanks to the large size of the iPad screen, it is very convenient to use to watch movies and other videos. However, the process of transferring video files to this tablet often causes users difficulties. If you also hit a similar situation, then this material should help you. Here you will learn two ways at once, how to throw a video on the iPad from the computer.

How to throw a video of any format on iPad

First of all, consider the easiest way to throw a video clip or a film from a computer to ipad. This method is to install on the ipad of a third-party video player and download video files into it using the iTunes media combine. The advantage of this method is that the video can be thrown off in any format, no pre-convert video is required.

Step # 1. Installing the video player on Ipad.

The first thing to do is to install a video player from a third-party developer. You can choose any player you like. The only condition, he must support the video formats that you plan to view. In this article, we will use VLC Player because it is very popular and supports a large number of video formats. Therefore, we go to the App Store application store, we find the VLC Player there and install it on Ipad.

Installing VLC Player

Step # 2. Connect the iPad to the computer and go to iTunes.

After the video player is set, you can connect the iPad to the computer from which you want to throw out the video. To connect, you can use a regular USB cable, which is also used and for charging the tablet. If iTunes is configured to synchronize via Wi-Fi, you can do without cable. In this case, it is necessary that the iPad and the computer are connected to one local network.

APADA connection to computer

After connecting the iPad to the computer, launch the iTunes program and click on the ipad icon in the upper left corner of the program.

Icon ipad in iTunes

Step number 3. Switch to the "Programs" section and throw off the video.

Next, you need to go to the "Programs" section, the link to which will be located in the left side menu of the iTunes program.

Program section

After that, you need to scroll through the section "Programs" to the end of the window. There you will find the "General Files" settings block, with which you can throw the video from the computer to the ipad. To do this, you need to highlight the media player with the mouse and throw video files into it using the "Add File" button.

Download video to the selected application

Immediately after selecting a video file, the iTunes program will start throwing it on your ipad. After completing this process, you can find this video in the video player you choose.

How to throw off video from a computer on the iPad through iTunes

This method of throwing video from the computer to the ipad is a bit more difficult, because it requires a preliminary video coding in order to change its format. For video encoding, we will use the free iwisoft Free Video Converter program. But it is not fundamentally, you can use another program for this.

Step number 1. Encode video to MP4 format.

We launch the IWisoft Free Video Converter program and add a video file to it. This can be done using the "Add" button or using the usual drag and drop.

Video File in Iwisoft Free Video Converter

After the video is added, open the "Profile" drop-down menu, which is located at the bottom of the window.

Drop-down menu Profile

And choose MP4 format.

MP4 format

After that, specify the folder to which you want to save the video in MP4 format and click on the "Start" button.

Folder selection and start button

Step No. 2. Add video in MP4 format to the iTunes library.

After you received a video file in MP4 format, you need to add to the iTunes library. To do this, run iTunes and add a video file using the "File-Add File to Medics" menu.

File menu - Add file to library

After adding a video file, it should appear in the iTunes media library in the "Movies - Home Video" section.

Section Movies - Home Video

Step number 3. We throw off the video from the computer on the iPad.

After adding video to the iTunes media, you need to connect the iPad to the computer and click on the iPad icon in the iTunes program.

Icon ipad in iTunes

Next you need to go to the "Movies" section.

Section films

And turn on the synchronization of films. Also, do not forget to mark the video file that you added to the iTunes library.

Synchronization of films in iTunes

Now you can throw off the video file from the computer to the ipad. To do this, click on the "Synchronize" button and wait until iTunes finishes synchronization. After that, the video can be opened in the video "Video" application on your ipad.

How to copy files from a computer to iPad? This question is interested in each apple tablet user, because its use implies the presence of the same data (photos, music, documents, and so on) both on the home PC and directly in the gadget memory. Despite the fact that very often the transfer of files from a computer to the iPad is reduced to synchronization of devices via iTunes, there are other more convenient and rapid data transfer methods.

Using iPad as a flash drive

Many users do not recognize. But the apple tablet can be used as an ordinary flash file for storing or copying information. To do this, it is enough to connect the gadget to the computer, go to Windows Explorer and move the necessary files into the tablet's memory. Thus, our iPad will perform as a very expensive, but ineffective flash drive.

Such a data storage method has one very important disadvantage - without jailbreak access to the files transferred in this way on the device will be absent. That is, in this case, the iPad can only act as a flash drive to transfer files between PC. If the jailbreak on the device is set, this data copying method is the fastest and simple.

Using file managers

Many PC users have used to apply various file managers to store and use the information you need. The same programs are also developed for iOS devices, and their use can significantly facilitate the process of copying data from PC in the memory of the ipad.

Documents 5.

Today there is a sufficiently large number of data managers for iPad, among which you can select such a free tool as Documents 5. Use this application is very simple. For this:

  • Download it from the App Store;
  • We connect the gadget to the PC and run iTunes;
  • We go to iTunes and find documents in the list of programs;
  • On the right side by clicking on the Add button and copy all the necessary information in the memory of the tablet.

It remains to go to the program on the iPad to view the list of all downloaded files and use them. The program has a lot of built-in services, so to work with many types of files, install additional applications will not be required.

We use itools

This application is the optimal output from the situation when it is necessary to move files into the iPad memory, but a folder. Make it using the application described above is impossible. To implement this task:

  • Run itools. We go to the section with applications, find Documents and click on the button with the folder. Run itools
  • Go to the folder of the same name and import any desired folders from the PC. Documents.

Using cloud services

Today there is a huge number of different cloud services, ranging from Yandex.Disk and ending with Dropbox. It is worth noting that in the presence of the Internet, this method of storing the necessary information in order to use it on the iPad is the most optimal, since it does not require the placement of the place in the memory of the apple gadget.

Using cloud services

It remains just to choose the most convenient service, download its clients for PC and iPad and synchronize the necessary files and folders.

Wi-Fi file transfer

Also, the owners of IOS-tablets and smartphones can use this original method of transferring files, as copying them using data transfer through Wi-Fi applications. The algorithm of actions in this case looks like this:

Wi-Fi file transfer

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi Drive feature (depending on the application may have another name).
  • Run in the browser on the computer specified by the IP application.
  • Copy the necessary files.

How to throw a photo from a computer to ipad

Modern iPad models are well suited not only to view images, but also for their processing, which has become possible due to high-quality displays, high performance and availability of specialized software solutions. Taking into account all this, the task of transferring photos from the computer is becoming particularly relevant, and today we will tell how to solve it.

Method 1: Specialized Programs

There are several software solutions that provide the ability to work with Apple devices on a PC, reserving data stored on them and sharing files in both directions. The main and most well-known users are corporate iTunes, but there are also alternatives created by third-party developers and duplicate its functionality or to one degree or more superior to it.

Option 1: iTunes (up to version Inclusive)

Even recently, the photo synchronization was available in iTunes, including the possibility of transmission from the computer to the iPad, but on topical versions this function is missing. However, if you use the outdated version of this program or for some reasons you want to use it for it (for example, to be able to install and update applications, as well as the transmission of sounds (ringtones) from a computer), you can read the following instructions below and execute The recommendations proposed in it. The article is written on the example of the iPhone, but the algorithm of actions that will need to be performed in the case of a tablet is no different.

Download iTunes version More details: how to throw a photo from a computer to iPhone through Aytyuns

How to throw a photo on iPhone through Aytyuns

Option 2: ITools and other analogues

In the framework of this article, the possibility of transferring images from the computer to the i-device is still remained in applications from third-party developers, which are a worthy alternative to Apple's branded product. One of the most popular among users by the representative of this segment of software is itools, on the example of which we will consider the solution of our task.

Download itools.

Note: To execute the iPad statement outlined below and the computer must be connected to a single Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, initiating data exchange between devices will not work.

  1. Run the program, connect the tablet to the PC using the Lightning-to-USB cable. If a notification will appear on the iPad lock screen, unlock it, click "Trust" In the window with a question, and then enter a protective password code.

    See also: How to connect ipad to computer

  2. The main window of the iTools program after connecting iPad to a computer

  3. In the ITools interface, go to the tab "Photo" and click on the button located on the top panel "Import" .
  4. Go to import photos from a computer through the iTools program on the iPad

  5. In the system opened window "Explorer" Go to the folder where you contain the images you want to transfer to the tablet, highlight them and click "Open" .
  6. Add a photo window to move from a computer through the iTools program on the iPad

  7. In the next window, confirm the selection of files by clicking "OK" .

    Preview moving from a computer Photo through the iTools program on the iPad

    Additionally, it is possible to add files from other locations and entire folders. For this, there are appropriate buttons over the list of files.

    Then allow the program to install an additional Fototrans component required to import a photo.

    Consent to the installation of an additional application for transferring photos on the iPad in the iTools program

    Expect until it is added to the iPad.

    Installation of installing an application for transferring a photo on the iPad in the iTools program on a PC

    Next, when an appropriate notification will appear in the PC program interface

    Expectations of importing photo in the application for transfer to the iPad in the iTools program on PC

    Run the application on the tablet

    The fototrans application is installed on the iPad for transferring photos from the computer through itools

    и "Allow" He access to the photo.

  8. Enable access to the photo Fototrans application on iPad to transfer photos from the computer via itools

  9. Immediately after this will be started by importing photos from a computer on the iPad,

    Foto transfer process on the fototrans application on the iPad from the computer via itools

    Upon completion of which they all appear in the standard application "Photo"

    The result of successful photo transfer by the fototrans application on the iPad from the computer via itools

    And will be available for viewing.

  10. The result of successful transfer photo from a computer to iPad through the iTools application

    As we have already said above, ITools is not the only alternative to iTunes, and most of these programs also provide the ability to transfer photos from a PC to Apple tablet. To familiarize yourself with them and choose the appropriate solution to help the reference below the article.

    READ ALSO: iTunes analogues

Method 2: Cloud Storage

In order to solve the task voiced in the title title, it is not necessary to connect the iPad to the computer at all - it suffices to use one of the cloud storage facilities in which you first need to upload photos, and then pump them out from there.

Option 1: ICLOUD

First consider how to transfer photos from a PC to the iPad using the iCloud service standard for Apple Apple-Technology users.

ICLOUD entry page

  1. Open any convenient browser on the computer, go to the link above and log in to your Apple ID account, which is used on the iPad, specifying a login and password from it.

    Read more: How to enter Aiklaud on PC

  2. Authorization in iCloud for transferring photos from a computer to iPad

  3. Further actions should be performed according to one of the two algorithms.

    Creating a folder in iCloud to transfer photos from a computer to iPad

  4. For direct transmission photos from a computer to the tablet, click on the top panel button "Upload in" . So she looks like "Photo" ,

    Adding a photo in ICloud through the photo application on the iPad

    And so - in iCloud.

  5. Button to add a photo in ICloud Drive to transfer them from a computer to iPad

  6. Regardless of which images of the image will be downloaded, the built-in window will open. "Explorer" . Go from it to the folder on the PC disk, where you contain the necessary graphic files, highlight them and click "Open" .
  7. Adding a photo to transfer from a computer to iPad via iCloud

  8. Wait until the images are loaded (in the course of this process you can observe the filling scale),

    The result of a successful photo transfer from a computer to iPad via iCloud

    After which they can be found on the iPad - in the application "Photo" if it were JPEG format files,

    The result of a successful photo transfer from the computer to the iPad through the iCloud storage

    or in the folder you created inside the ICLOUD if they had a different format, to look for in the application "Files" .

  9. Folder with photos on the iPad, transferred from the computer to the iCloud storage

    This option to transfer photos from a computer to the tablet is simpler and more convenient than those considered by us above, however, some confusion contributes that the files of different formats must be added to different applications. The service that we will look at below, this shortage is deprived.

Option 2: DROPBOX

The popular cloud storage that was the first in the market also provides a convenient possibility of transferring a photo from a PC to the iPad.

Download Dropbox from App Store

  1. If the dropbox is not yet installed on your ipad, download it from the link presented above, and then log in to your account.
  2. Running and authorization in the Dropbox application on iPad to transfer photos from a computer

  3. Postpone the tablet, run on your computer a browser, go to the official website of the cloud storage and log in to your account.

    Dropbox entry page

  4. Authorization on the Dropbox website in the browser on the PC to transfer photo on the iPad

  5. Go to the tab "Files" and then open the folder "Images" Or, if there is such a need, click "Create a folder" On the sidebar, set it the name and open.
  6. Go to folder with images in Dropbox for transferring photos from PC on iPad

  7. Next, use one of the items available on the right pane - "Download files" or "Upload a folder" . As you can understand, the first allows you to add separate images to the dropbox, the second is a whole directory with them.
  8. Download files or download a folder in Dropbox from a computer on iPad

  9. In the system file manager window, go to the location of the photos you want to transfer from a PC to iPad, highlight them or folder with them, depending on which option you selected in the previous step, then click "Open"

    Transferring photos from a computer to iPad through Dropbox

    And wait until the files are loaded.

  10. The image is successfully downloaded from the computer in Dropbox and available on the iPad

  11. Once the data synchronization is completed, run the Dropbox application on the tablet, open the folder with the moved images and if you want to save, first click on the button "Allocate" on the top panel,

    Select the photo transferred from the computer in the Dropbox application for iPad

    Then mark the desired files by setting the checkboxes on them, tap "Export" on the bottom panel

    Export transferred from a computer Photo from the Dropbox application on the iPad

    And select one of the three available actions:

    • "Save Images" ;
    • "In the overall album" ;
    • "Save to" Files "» .

    Selection of options for saving photos through the Dropbox application on the iPad

    If saving is performed for the first time, you will need to provide the application to files and / or photos.

    Provide permission to save photos through the Dropbox application on the iPad

  12. If the photos discarded from the computer are located in the folder, and they need to be stored on the tablet in the same form, to move from the cloud storage to the internal, do the following:

    Saving moving from Dropbox photos to the internal iPad storage

  13. READ ALSO: How to use Dropbox

    The only drawback lack of Dropbox is that only 2 GB of free space is provided free of charge, which in some cases there may be little. Much more generous in this plan are Google Cloud Services Disk, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk, Cloud Mail.Ru, working with which is practically no different.

Method 3: Applications and Services

In addition to specialized PC programs and cloud storage facilities, you can use one of Google's services to the iPad to transfer photos to the iPad or file manager from READDLE.

Option 1: Google Photo

Service Google Photo provides unlimited space in the cloud for storing photos and video (however, there are limitations in quality and size), which can be loaded into it from both a smartphone or tablet and a PC, after which they will become available on all devices.

Download Google Photos from App Store

  1. If the application under consideration is still absent on your ipad, install it using the link presented above, and log in to your Google account.
  2. Installation and Authorization in Google App for iPad

  3. Go to the service of the service in the browser on the PC and enter the same account as on the tablet.

    Google entry page photo

  4. Google photo in browser on PC for transfer photo on iPad

  5. Click on the on the right of the label search line "Download" ,

    Upload Files in Google Photos in the browser on a PC for transferring a photo on iPad

    With the help of open "Explorer" Go to the folder in which the photo is contained, select the necessary files and click "Open" .

  6. Selection of files for downloading Google photo in browser on PC for transfer photo on iPad

  7. Wait until the images are downloaded to Google Storage, then run the service application on the iPad and make sure that they are there.
  8. To save photos in the memory of the tablet, highlight them, first shrinking your finger on one, and then marking all the others, then call the menu "Share"

    Share photos stored through Google's application photos from a computer on the iPad

    and select it in it "Save to" Files "» (first you will need to press again "Share" ).

  9. Saving photos from the Google application photos to the internal iPad storage

    Google photo is more than a worthy analog of Apple application of the same name and works on the same algorithm.

Option 2: Documents

Popular file manager from ReadDle provides ample opportunities to work with various types of data on the iPhone and iPad. The application allows you to interact with local files, cloud storage and computers on the network. Just the last function, we will use to solve our problem.

Download Documents from the App Store

Important! To perform the following instructions, you need to use the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera browser. Standard Microsoft EDGE and Internet Explorer do not support the necessary data transfer technology.

  1. Install the application on the iPad if this has not been done earlier, and execute it the first setting. Go to the sidebar to the tab "Computer" .
  2. Go to the Computer tab on the Documenta application panel on the iPad

  3. Run the browser on the PC and enter the address of the site specified in the Documents interface and duplicated below.

    Code for connecting to the application Documents on iPad through a PC browser

    Click "ENTER" To go, after enter the four-digit code, which is also displayed in the File Manager window on the tablet.

    Entering code for authorization in the Documents application through a PC browser

    Note: If the code connection does not work, in the browser interface, click on the link "Show QR-Code to Scan" Run the standard camera on the iPad, scan the QR code and open the result resulting in documents, after which the remote communication will be adjusted.

    The result of a successful connection to the Documents application through the browser for PC

  4. After a few seconds in the web browser on the computer will be downloaded directory "My files" . If you need, inside it you can create an additional folder or open already existing.
  5. Documents application interface in browser for PC

  6. Click on the button "Unload Files" Or open independently "Conductor" , Go to this directory where the photos that need to be transferred from the computer to the PC are stored.

    Unload files to the Documents application via a computer browser

    Highlight them and drag to the browser window, after which you will wait for the download, or click "Open" Depending on which method of moving you have chosen.

    Adding files to Documents application via a computer browser

    Note: In this way, you can not only separate images, but also folders with them.

  7. Once the data exchange will be completed, you can see the images transferred from the PC not only in the web browser window,

    Result of successful download photos from a computer to the Documents app

    But in the application Documents on the iPad. There are no need for their further download or movement - they are already in the domestic storage.

  8.  Transfer iPad files

    The file manager from the READDLE company is endowed with a multitude of useful functions, transferring images between devices and / or storages - only it is from them, and not the most obvious.

You can throw off the photos from a computer on the ipad as by directly connecting devices via USB and without wire, and each of the available methods have several options.

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Many people make a backup copy of iPhone and iPad data on a Windows PC due to a large amount of memory. When you buy a new iPad, you need to transfer files from a PC to iPad. Even if your iPad is disabled or broken, you can store important iPad files safe.

Then the question arises, how can you transmit files from a PC with Windows on the iPad Pro, iPad mini or other iPad models? If you have the same question, you just came to the right place. This article presents all the detailed solutions for transferring iPad files. In other words, you can access all available online and offline methods for transferring files from PC to iPad. Just read and follow.

Перенос файлов с ПК на Ipad

Method 1. : Transfer files from PC to iPad by email

Step 1 Open the email page. (Gmail / Hotmail / Yahoo / etc.).

Step 2. , Attach the pictures you want to convey.

Step 3. Send a letter to yourself.

Step 4. Go to your iPad to upload Attached images

Note. There is a specific file size limit for an email attachment.

Эл. адрес

Method 2. : Transfer files from a computer to iPad using iTunes

Step 1 Connect iPad to iTunes

Update iTunes to the latest version. Connect the iPad to the PC via the USB cable. Run iTunes. Select the iPad device icon to find the main interface.

Step 2. , File sharing request

Click "Sharing Files" on the left pane. You can see available applications to transfer iTunes files. Select a specific application to see what you can transfer to the iPad.

Step 3. , Transfer files from PC to iPad using iTunes

Select the files you need. Then click "Add ..." to copy files from Windows PCs on the iPad. You can also drag files from the folder to the "Documents" list.


Method 3. : Transfer files from a computer to iPad using ICloud Drive

Step 1 , Run iCloud on PC

Download and install icloud for Windows on PC. Restart the computer after installing iCloud. iCloud opens automatically. If not, you can find iCloud from the Start menu.

Step 2. Log in to your ICLOUD account

Log in to your ICLOUD account using Apple ID and password. You need to enable the iCloud function manually. Select "Apply" to save the changes. When you first use ICloud, you can get 5 GB of free storage space icloud.

Step 3. , Transfer files from PC to iPad without wires

Open the conductor. Select "This computer". You can see "iCloud Drive", "ICloud Photos" and other related ICloud folders. After you save new photos and videos on the PC in the ICloud folder, you can also receive and upload files to the iPad directly in the air.

ICloud Drive

Method 4. : Transfer files from PC to iPad via Dropbox

Step 1 Open Dropbox

Download and install Drobox on your computer. You can get the Dropbox folder on the hard disk. Well, you can also visit the Dropbox site. Enter your Dropbox account.

Step 2. , Transfer files from PC to iPad without iTunes

Select files to download from PC to Dropbox. Wait a while to complete the process. Later you can open the Dropbox application on your iPad to receive downloaded files.


Method 5. : Transfer files from a computer to iPad using Google Drive

Step 1 Log in Google Disc

Visit to go to the official page of Google Drive. Enter Google account. You can get a free 15GB cloud storage of Google Drive.

Step 2. Add files to Google Drive

Click "Create" to create a new folder. Nothing terrible if you want to save files to a specific folder. Then select "Download File" to select what you want to download to Google disk.

Step 3. , Transfer files from PC to iPad via Wi-Fi

Select "Open" to confirm. You selected files will be immediately downloaded to Google Disk. Later turn on your iPad. Open the Google Disc application. Enter the same Google Disc account. Select files and click the three-point "yet" icon. Select "Make an Offline Affordable" to download files on the iPad over a wireless network.

Google Drive

Method 6. : Transfer files from PC to iPad using Microsoft Onedrive

Step 1 Open ONEDRIVE on your computer

Visit ONEDRIVE.COM in your web browser. If you want to transfer large files from a PC to the iPad, you'd better download the ONEDRIVE application for your desktop. The maximum file size is 35GB.

Step 2. Upload files to oneDrive

Click the Download icon on the top toolbar. Find and select the file you want to download to Microsoft Onedrive. Direct drag and drop files to the ONEDRIVE primary interface is supported. Select "Open" to close the window.

Step 3. , Transfer files to iPad from your PC with Windows

Enter the ONEDRIVE account on your iOS device. Select "Open" to find new added files. You can save passable files to another backup place.

Один диск

Method 7. : Transfer files with Windows PCs on iPad using iPhone software

APEAKSOFT MOBIETRANS Does not restrict file size or other restrictions. You can get fully customizable features to transmit any file with a PC on the iPhone, iPad or iPod with the latest version of iOS 12. You can easily transfer selected files instead of a folder in the IDEVICE. The most important thing is that he can break all the limitations of iTunes. Thus, you can organize the iTunes library without overwriting data, iTunes errors and other annoying problems.


  • Transferring files from a computer or iOS device to iPhone / iPad / iPod, including file types 21.
  • Synchronize files from your iOS device in iTunes directly.
  • Move the files from the iPhone / iPad / iPod to a PC with Windows or Mac.
  • Preview and select any file for free transmission.
  • Work with iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, etc.
  • File transfer support in Windows 10/8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP.
Download for WIN.

How to safely and quickly transfer selected files from PC to iPad without internet

Step 1 , Connect iPad to PC

Free download, install and run software to transfer iPhone, then connect the iPad to a Windows PC via a USB cable.

Подключите Ipad к ПК

Step 2. , Create a new folder

iPhone Transfer ordered all available file types by category on the left pane. Select the bottom icon "Add". Select "Add folder" or other parameters depending on your needs.

Передача файлов iPad

Step 3. , Transfer files from a PC with Windows to iPad without iTunes

Now you can selectively add files to this folder. All iPad compatible formats are welcome. Finally, you can click "OK" to transmit files from PC to iPad offline in a short time.

Similar tools that can help you transfer files from a PC to iPad, Icopybot, Syncios Manager, Copytrans, Leawo ITransfer, etc., which can also help you successfully complete tasks.


Each IPAD file transfer tool has its advantages. But if you want to get reliable and secure file transmission, Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer will always be your best friend. You can transfer files from a PC to the iPad without limiting the file size, Wi-Fi or other technical requirements. Its intuitive interface is friendly for each user. Therefore, if you want to transfer a large number of files between PC and iPad, you can download the iPhone Transfer right now!

For more about the transfer of iPad, visit here.

Transferring files between iPad and Computer

You can use iCloud Drive so that the files are synchronized and available on all your devices, including PCs with Windows. You can also transmit files between the iPad and other devices using the Airdrop function or sending the attachment by email.

An alternative way to transfer files that support file exports is an iPad connection to a Mac computer (with a USB and OS X 10.9 connector or a newer) or to a Windows PC (with a USB and Windows 7 or newer connector).

Transferring files between iPad and Mac

  1. Connect the iPad to the Mac computer.

    You can set a connection using USB or if you are configured to synchronize Wi-Fi, you can use the Wi-Fi network connection.

  2. In the side menu Finder on Mac, select your iPad.

    Note. To use Finder to transfer files, MacOS 10.15 is required or newer. If your computer has an earlier version of MacOS, use iTunes to transfer files.

  3. At the top of the Finder window, click Files, then execute one of the steps described below.

    • Transfer from a Mac computer to iPad. Talk one file or several selected files from the Finder window to the name of the application in the list.

    • Transfer from iPad to Mac computer. Press the disclosure triangle next to the application name to view the files relating to it on the iPad. Then drag the file to the Finder window.

To delete a file from the iPad, select it in the list called Application, press the Command-Delete key combination, then click Delete.

Transferring files between iPad and PC with Windows

  1. Connect the iPad to the PC with Windows.

    You can set a connection using USB or if you are configured to synchronize Wi-Fi, you can use the Wi-Fi network connection.

  2. In the iTunes application on a PC with Windows, press the iPad button in the upper left corner of the iTunes window.

  3. Click "General Files", select the application in the list, then execute one of the following actions.

    • Transfer file with iPad to computer. In the right list, select the file you want to transfer, click "Save", select the location of the file and click "Save".

    • Transfer file from a computer to iPad. Click "Add", select the file you want to transfer, then click Add.

To delete a file from the iPad, select the file, press the Delete key, then click Delete.

File transfer starts without any delays. To view the files transferred to iPad, go to the "On iPad" section in the "Files" application On your iPad. See View Files and Folders on iPad.

Important! Synchronization does not affect the transfer of files. When performing synchronization, the files transferred to the iPad are not synchronized with the files on your computer.

See Transferring File File with Mac to iPhone or iPad MacOS User Guide or transfer files between PCs and devices using iTunes user manuals for Windows.

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